the snow maiden


A bit of Soviet animation in the blog: this is Snegurochka from The Snow Maiden, 1952 (directed by I. Ivanov-Vano)

The Snow Maiden is based on the traditional Russian tale about a girl made of  snow, who tried to live among normal people. The tale ends unhappily: Snegurochka melts from warmth of a fire (or love, in different versions). 


The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Alaska, 1920: a brutal place to homestead, and especially tough for recent arrivals Jack and Mabel. Childless, they are drifting apart–he breaking under the weight of the work of the farm; she crumbling from loneliness and despair. In a moment of levity during the season’s first snowfall, they build a child out of snow. The next morning the snow child is gone–but they glimpse a young, blonde-haired girl running through the trees.

This little girl, who calls herself Faina, seems to be a child of the woods. She hunts with a red fox at her side, skims lightly across the snow, and somehow survives alone in the Alaskan wilderness. As Jack and Mabel struggle to understand this child who could have stepped from the pages of a fairy tale, they come to love her as their own daughter. But in this beautiful, violent place things are rarely as they appear, and what they eventually learn about Faina will transform all of them.

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Week

To celebrate our wonderful writers, here is a list of some of my favorite works, and less known pieces that are very dear to me. Thank you, to all of you, for your magical works, and your wonderful stories that make our day better everytime <3

EDIT: I finished that thing reaaaally late tonight so I went back to it to add some more fics (because WE NEED fics to survive the hiatus - it’s too long, guys, too long) and correcting some mistakes.

The painful ones

Title: A Wish Never Granted
No pairing, Regina centric
Summary: “She stops to contemplate the stars in the night sky, imagining some of their twinkling lights as fairies from afar. Maybe one of them will help her, she thinks as her eyes begin to droop, maybe this time she’ll be heard.”

Title: Her Voice
Pairing: Outlaw Queen, Swan Queen brotp
Summary: “It’s her voice that haunts me.”

Pairing: Wicked Queen
Summary: “She doesn’t come alive until you cross the door to her room.”

Title: Celestial Bodies
Pairing: Outlaw Queen
Summary: “She goes to that red line every night. Stares at it, toes the paint, the barrier, for hours, and it is starting to show, starting to wear on her body and mind.”

Title: That’s what it means to be the most resilient
Pairing: Outlaw Queen
Summary: Even the heart of the most resilient cannot heal itself from this. Missing Year piece in which Robin and the Charmings have to call Blue to the rescue and old scores are settled.

Pairing: Snow Queen
Summary: AU in which Snow never lets Regina go from her cell in 2x10 and then after a few weeks pass she finds out that Regina (who is still lockep up as a prisioner) is terribly ill and unconscious.

Title: Helping Hand of a Friend

Pairing: Dragon Queen

Summary: “The blood only comes about an hour later; after she finally felt her soul calming down, after she wasn’t constantly thinking about what had occured during the evening, how she had to hurt herself to be able to chase her mother away.” 

The character studies

Title: Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear
Pairing: Swan Queen, Dragon Queen
Summary: Swan Queen / Dragon Queen. During the waning days of the curse Regina Mills and Emma Swan had a doomed affair that was not supposed to mean anything to either one. But things never work out like they are supposed to in Regina Mills life. Flashbacks to the years of her marriage to King Leopold as the Queen is pursued by Maleficent after she helped her remember who she was. Faced with the option of blossoming love or the hate that had consumed her soul, Regina does what she always has… and regrets it immediately…

Pairing: Snow Queen, a tinge of Outlaw Queen
Summary: A Snow Queen look at Regina’s undercover mission and what it means for both women. Understanding, and the lack of it. Taking place from directly after Snow asks Regina to go undercover, through to after the battle is won. Possible spoilers for upcoming episodes.

Title: There is something poetic about becoming just another constellation

Pairing: Outlaw Queen, Beauty Queen brotp

Summary: “The Queen opens her book again and repeats the hollow words she’s been telling herself for the last eight weeks. Words she doesn’t believe but she knows might actually bring the woman before her a modicum of comfort. “Maybe you need to stop believing he’s your happy ending and start believing that you are. That you are enough.That’s what a hero would do.” Belle goes quiet and neither mention it again.”

Title: The Walls Turn to Dust

Pairing: Swan Queen

Summary: “The problem with Regina is that she never opens up. Emma doesn’t know anything about her other than what she’s figured out by chance or a random moment of weakness. She wants to know who Daniel was exactly. She wants to know why the name Henry is so important. She wants to know how the hell she got that scar on her lip.”

The sweet ones

Title: Quiet

Pairing: Dragon Queen

Summary: “Only friends, perhaps. Or lovers, maybe, after a time, after healing. Maleficent seeks no assurances, she doesn’t care what this will be, she only needs this, a moment to care for her Regina. “

Title: Who Needs Angels Anyway
Pairing: Swan Queen
Summary: “Emma’s not sure what’s to blame for what happens next. Maybe it’s the genuine hint of humor in the curve of Regina’s lips, or the tiredness etched into the corners of her eyes. Maybe it’s the way she scrunched her nose before smiling, or the play of shadows across her face. Maybe it’s the scars on her temples that Emma only sees when Regina runs a hand through her hair.

Maybe it’s still just the damn wine.

Whatever it is, Emma finds herself reaching out until their fingers are tangled together on top of the shared blanket. Regina looks down at their hands, then back up at Emma. Her head tilts, a little, dark hair falling against the smooth skin over her bare shoulder, and Emma has to resist the urge to reach out and touch it. Squeezes, instead, the long fingers lightly entwined with her own.”

Title: The Day After The Darkness
Pairing: Swan Queen
Summary: There are all kinds of rumors the day after the darkness comes to town.

Title: Concealed
Pairing: Outlaw Queen, Swan Queen brotp
Summary: Emma’s heart is conflicted after she had seen her magic flip out of her control and harm the ones she cared about. She decides to go to Regina for help but tonight might not be the best night to go inside that vault. Outlaw Queen, Emma’s POV

Title: I Don’t Get It
Pairing: Dimples Believer, Outlaw Queen
Summary: Roland has many questions, which only Henry could answer. 

Title: Embers

Pairing: Dragon Queen

Summary: “Do you really think I’m going to win?” Regina asks then, turning to face her, and Maleficent feels a genuine smile tugging at her lips at the innocence in her friend’s tone as she voices her concern.
“Well, that depends,” she taunts, “Are you a bad girl, Regina?”

Title: Love Song

Pairing: Outlaw Queen

Summary: A little drabble. The best relationships are the ones that still have room for fun.

Title: Changing Worlds

Pairing: Dimples Queen, Outlaw Queen

Summary: Little Roland experiences a different world until he wakes up back in Storybrooke’s forest. It takes place in the Author’s reality in Season 4 finale. Hood family, Dimples Queen, Outlaw Queen from Roland’s point of view.

Title: First Day

Pairing: Outlaw Queen

Summary: Written for the Time Travel/AU prompt for the second OQ Week on Tumblr. OQ fluff with a dash of plot. Ok, a lot of plot.

The AUs

Title: Roads Diverged in a Wood
Pairing: Outlaw Bandit (Outlaw Queen)
Summary: Or: Four times Bandit!Regina and Robin unexpectedly found themselves in close quarters and one time they didn’t. Bandit Outlaw//Outlaw Bandit AU.

Title: Curse Your Name
Pairing: Outlaw Bandit (Outlaw Queen)
Summary: ‘Milady, plans to relieve this particular vault of its wealth on this particular night would be misguided. Apologies for the inconvenience. - Robin Hood.’

Title: From End to Beginning
Pairing: Outlaw Queen, Regal Believer
Summary: A summer romance tucked away in the past has repercussions that make themselves felt twenty-one years later. In fulfillment of a prompt received on tumblr: OQ teen pregnancy

Title: Breaking In
Pairing: Outlaw Queen
Summary: Robin Locksley has hit rock bottom. A rash decision to help his family has lead to him nearly losing them instead, and now he’s woken up to discover he accidentally broke into in the home of a stranger - single mom and ad executive Regina Mills - while stumbling home drunk last night. Can these neighbors overcome their rocky start to find something they need in each other?

Title: something to talk about
Pairing: Maiden Queen
Summary: [AU] Marian’s ex-husband went on one date with Regina Mills, and now every reporter in the country has decided the two actresses are feuding. With every headline she reads, Marian grows more and more irritated, but Regina has an idea that might remedy the situation. Maiden Queen one-shot.

Title: Furious Love

Pairing: Outlaw Queen

Summary: Elderly Robin recalls how he fell in love with his now ex-wife Regina. Deciding that he still feels deeply about her and would like a second chance, he writes to her. Outlaw Queen AU.

Stag and the Maiden: Chapter 16 part 2

Rating: M (violence and some language)

Chapter Rating: M (language)

Pairing: Kristanna and Snow Sisters

Where to read:

[FFN] [AO3]

A sky the color of topaz hovered above the wheat field like an airborne sea, stretching for miles in every direction above an equally vast sea of gold wheat. In the center of the shifting field lay a depression like a blemish and within this depression lay a woman still as a statue. On the flat of her back, she stared blankly up at the blue sky that almost matched the hue of her sightless eyes. They didn’t see the quartz clouds drifting lazily by or the dark shape of a bird slicing through the brightness. She didn’t feel the tickle of wheat stalks against her bare skin, or smell the heady scent of wood smoke riding the back of the same breeze. No, by all accounts the girl laying sprawled in the field was dead and couldn’t feel much of anything….yet.

The onset of awareness came first, as soft as a sunrise. It was an awareness akin to a strong sense of déjà vu. This awareness had substance and gravity; this awareness knew it had tasted life at one point despite there being no evidence to support otherwise. Sensation came next like an ember fanned into a live coal, impregnated with the promise of life. Sharp and hot, feeling returned to previously dead limbs in a wave of powerful pins and needles.

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Love her voice - so huge and heavy and awesome

Mezzo Elena Obraztsova sings Lel’s third aria from Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Snow Maiden

Fun fact: You can’t tell from this video, but Lel is actually a pants role!


Galina Vishnevskaya and Ivan Kozlovsky sing The Snow Maiden

Vishnevskaya passed away today.

The Snow Maiden

Many years ago, in a distant Russian village, there lived a peasant, by name Akem, with his wife Masha; they lived in a small wooden hut, where they spent their days in love and harmony; but children had they none. This was a very sore point with both of them, they used to sit by the window or at the door of their little hut looking at their neighbours’ children playing about, and wished that they had some of their own; but finding that it was no use wishing, they at last became sad in their old age.

One cold winter’s day, when the snow lay thick upon the uneven country roads, and the little village boys were running about throwing snowballs to keep themselves warm, and making snowmen and women, old Akem and Masha sat by their window looking at them in silence. Suddenly Akem looked up at his wife, and said, laughing, “Masha, what do you say to coming out into the road and making ourselves a snowman or woman, like those little boys yonder?”

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“Schlittenfahrt Schneeflöckchen is a small dark ride at Europa-Park, a theme park in Germany. Passengers ride in a sleigh through a winter landscape and pass by several scenes from an old Russian fairy tale.”

Unintentionally creepy, with the soft doll faced characters and the jaunty music for some reason mixed with a constant, atonal howling (?) for much of it. Is that supposed to be the bear that appears late in the ride making the noise? Why is it so loud and why does it sound like the creature in the John Carpenter remake of ‘The Thing’? So many questions.


S podrúzhkami po yágodu khodit from Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Snow Maiden, sung by Krassimira Stoyanova.

mythology studies edit: yuki-onna

yuki-onna is a japanese snow spirit who kills travelers in snowstorms by freezing them with her breath, or drawing them out to die of exposure. sometimes, though, she has a softer side, and lets her would-be victims go. the most famous example is the fairy tale of “the snow maiden,” which uses her image.

in “the snow maiden,” yuki-onna spares a man named minokichi, a young woodcutter, after killing his father, and tells him she’ll kill him as well if he repeats this story to anyone. years later minokichi married a beautiful women with whom he had several children. mysteriously, she didn’t age, and one day he told her she reminded him of another woman he met in a storm in his childhood. yuki-onna reveals herself as his wife, but spares him for their children, and melts to nothing.


Irina Arkhipova sings Rimsky-Korsakov’s Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden)


Animatic for movement one of the independent animation I will be working on in my animation class for the next few semesters. Enjoy.

Music: The Snow Maiden Suite- Rimsky Korsakov