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The Original 7 Dexholder’s Teams at the end of the Gold, Silver and Crystal Arc

Each Dexholder uses sprites for Pokémon from the game they’re name after. (Green(m) uses sprites from the Japanese Red and Green, even in the international release, while Blue (f) uses Japanese Blue and International Red and Blue)

Eating malasada in Alola

kaityboolovesu88  asked:

So I have a problem with my ditto and Im completely at a loss. Its name is Bloobie and weve always gotten along very well. Its never refused to obey orders or anything. But yesterday it saw a snorlax walking by our house and transformed into it. I thought it was cool at first, but now Bloobie refuses to change back. Ive tried everything I know and I cant seem to get it to go back in its pokeball either. Help? (Btw Ive been able to feed it a good amount of food still, so that's good)

That’s the problem. Even though Bloobie transformed into a “Snorlax,” it still has the metabolism of a Ditto. By feeding him as much as a Snorlax would eat, it has learned a new trick to get the extra food. Return Bloobie to normal feeding times, wait for the novelty of Snorlax-dom to wear off, and get ready for the next transformation adventure.