the snitch gif

Imagine Draco inadvertently hurting you during a Quidditch match.
You were the seeker of the house that played against Slytherin and when you were close to the snitch (as well as Draco) your brooms crashed together and you fell to the ground.
Waking up at the hospital wing, Draco would sit next to your bed. He’d rush to your side when he notices that you’re awake, his eyes glimmering with tears inside them. He’d carefully take your hand and swallow before he finally forces himself to look you in the eyes.
“I should’ve been more carefull”, his voice was barely more than a whisper, still husky as if it could break away any moment.
You tried to sit up with a soft sigh, looking at your ankle, that was bandaged, and then inside your boyfriends eyes. 
“It wasn’t your fault, Draco. I knew you would never hurt me”
“I’d never want to, but…”
,his gaze wandered to your broken ankle “..but I did”
You smiled softly, cupping his cheek with your hand, forcing him to look at you.
“It was an accident. Don’t you dare blaming yourself” ,you said, as you planted a small kiss on his cheek.

(Sorry for the long time of not being really active, please let me know if you would like this continued or as a longer imagine)