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Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite

Chapter Summary: You try to dissuade Dain from attacking the elves and the battle begins

Previous Chapter: Chapter 17

Next Chapter: Chapter 19

“Are you alright, y/n?” Bilbo asks as he ushers you away from the gate.

You hated how much this journey had changed. Had you known that things would end like this, you wouldn’t have joined. You would never put yourself through this misery again.

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Pay Me What You Owe Me

Originally posted by ptg

Title: Pay Me What You Owe Me

Pairing: Yuto x Reader

Genre: Gang/Mafia AU

Warnings: Major Swearing, Minor Violence

A/N: Okay, this was inspired by Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna, whoops. It just kinda happened. It got a funny ending and hopefully, it is okay since it’s not my usual fluffy stuff, but I want to try to branch out a little so let me know if you want to see more haha. Thank you!

Strolling into the Casino, gun strapped to your leg you looked around with your men, looking for your target.

Adachi Yuto. The man was in a rival gang and had been avoiding you like the plague knowing exactly what you wanted.


Your eyes lingered on every soul in the casino for any signs of him, only to find him at the poker tables with a girl at his side. Clearly, she was sucking up to him for his money, correction, your money.

Taking a step forward your men followed but you held up your hand. “I got this, stay close but don’t look suspicious,” you mumble as you walk up to the table and smile sweetly at him as you take a seat across the table from him.

His eyes went from the desperate girl to you, he stared for a moment before smirking and shooing the girl away, much to her pouting she didn’t protest, leaving the two of you to play the game. The money game.

The dealer handed you each your hands, his eyes only glancing down for a moment before they were back on you.

“If you don’t mind my bluntness, what would a pretty lady such as yourself be doing playing alone?” he said as he set down his cards and put his elbows on the table, interlocking them so all you could see were his eyes as he tried to read you.

“What? You don’t think a woman can play poker?” you mumbled sharply without looking up from your cards.

A smirk spread across his face, “Is that a threat I hear? Or are you just being cocky?” he said as he handed the dealer his cards.

You followed, your face, flat as you shrugged your shoulders. “That’s for you to decided.”

He smiled as he laid down his hand. “Full House. Your turn Ms,” he smirked, leaning back in his chair already confident he had won.

You scoffed as he put down your hand. “Royal Flush,” you say flatly, clearly getting tired of his cocky attitude.

His face wavered for a moment before he leant forward once more, grabbing your hand and looking at the dealer. “Well would you look at that, You took my money.”

Rolling your eyes, you released your hand from his, grabbing your winnings as you counted it out. “Actually, it’s quite the opposite, I took what is mine. Your money is my money.”

His eyes went wide as he looked around quickly before he looked up at the dealer, the dealer excusing himself for the table.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” He leant in further, whispering out a warning.

“You know exactly why I am Here Adachi. Don’t play dumb,” you said casually as you played with a stack of chips in your hand.

He swore under his breath as he slowly leaned away. “And why would the boss send a pretty lady such as yourself to retrieve the money I owe him?”

Another scoff left your lips as you crossed your leg over the other, folding your arms. “I think you must be confused, Adachi. I am not just a pawn, you are speaking to the boss. I wouldn’t test your limits, I would hate to have to end things here and now. Pentagon needs my gang, you are all too aware of that, and I don’t think your boss would be happy to hear you disrespecting your rival gang’s boss.”

By the time you finish he is snickering. “The bossman a lady? As if, you are just his woman, here to butter me up so things don’t get ugly, I am not stupid. Here,” he threw the remainder of the money out on the table and picked up his drink, standing up and leaning back over. “Next time, I expect to see your boss. And tell him that he needs to keep his little tramp in line.”

Before you could blurt out a response he was walking the other direction.

“Fucking asshole,” you’re second in command, Zuho said as he walked up. “He really thinks you aren’t the leader doesn’t he?”

You sneered as you grabbed the money and huffed, standing up and straightening out your dress. “I hate men like him, he thinks just because I am a woman that I can’t be a gang boss, I swear to God if I ever hear that Pentagon owes us money again, I am gonna make him realise not to fuck with me.”

Driving up to the warehouse you smirked as you stepped out,  walking up to Zuho who was waiting outside for you.

“You are lucky it is him if it wasn’t I would be thoroughly pissed that you interrupted my date night,” you threaten at Zuho before smirking again. “Is he still demanding to see the boss?”

“Yes ma'am, he is pretty pissed off, I would be careful.”

Rolling your eyes you grabbed a pistol from one of your men and swung it around your finger. “Well let’s not keep him waiting shall we?”

Walking into the empty room, you see the same man from a few months ago look up, a scowl forming on his face as he sees you. “I thought I said I wanted to speak to the fucking boss. Not his pet.”

Rolling your eyes you walked up to him and shook your head. “Zuho, tell the man, who is the leader of this gang.”

Zuho steps forward quickly, looking at the tied up man, giving him a warning glance before responding. “You are ma'am. Why would you ask such a silly question.”

You chuckle and pull the gun out of your holster and look at it, “Well, it seems that our little friend here, Adachi doesn’t seem to think so. Do you think we should show him?”

Yuto looks back and forth in amazement as all the men in the room suddenly became uncomfortable, glancing away avoiding his gaze.

“If you think he deserves it, ma'am,” he whispers, following suit of the other men in the room.

Yuto’s eyes widened “are you fucking serious, you pussies let this girl in charge.“

You growled and pointed the gun at his forehead causing him to scream out of surprise. “Shut up Adachi, I will not hesitate to blow your brains out right here and now. Now listen to me clearly,” you say as you grab his chin and forced him to look up at you. “Don’t you ever disrespect my men, or me, or my gang ever again. I am sick and tired of you and Pentagon weaselling your way out of paying me.”

Moving the gun to his temple you stroked his cheek and smirked, clearly you were affecting him, he looked like a nervous wreck. His cocky attitude completely out the window. You had him right where you wanted him.

Pressing the gun into his temple “Pay me what you owe me, Adachi.”

“I-Uh-Okay Okay! It’s in the duffle bag, It should all be there! I swear!” he said, panicked.

“Zuho,” you said, nodding your head towards the duffle to which Zuho quickly walked over and opened it, him and a few of the other men counting it out quickly.

“It’s all here ma'am,” Zuho said and smirked a little, enjoying how scared Yuto looked.

“Good,” you say and let go of Yuto, walking over the duffle.

“I knew you couldn’t do it, you are a horrible leader.” you hear Yuto mumble.

“Excuse me!” you say as you turn and fire your gun, purposely shooting right to the side of his face causing him to scream like a child.

Walking back over quickly you forced his chin up and put the gun to his throat. “What did I fucking say, Adachi!”

He was a sobbing mess “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said it. Please don’t kill me! Please, I will do anything! Please! Are you really going to kill me!!!”

You learnt in so you were almost nose to nose with him and smirked, pushing the gun further into his throat listening to his sobs get even louder.

“Nawwww” You laugh as you step away, the rest of your men, busting up as they watch Yuto start to cry like a baby.

You laughed as you turned and walked towards the exit. “I think you more than died when you started crying like the little bitch you are.”


Injured souls walk among us: Chapter 3

A big thank you <3 to @merlioske for beta-reading and editing. THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 You can read the third chapter of the story here.

As soon as Lance took one step into the hangar, the Black lion raised her barrier shield up making Lance let out a small huff of frustration. Hunk and Pidge did warn him beforehand that she was going to be difficult. She was as stubborn as ever and he knew it was going to be tough convincing the big lady to let down her shield or open up to any of them.

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Tyrell x Clegane...

((Hehe, I actually really liked this one!))

((Word Count: 1,826))

It was no secret in all of Westeros that the Reach was rich, maybe even more so than Casterly Rock. So, of course, it was no secret when your parents threw a big bash for your sixteenth name day. Lords, Ladies, and Knights from all over the reach came to participate in the Tourney, the feasts, and the other festivities that were held on the request of your Grandmother, Olenna Redwyne.

You were the oldest Tyrell daughter and the middle child born to Lord Mace Tyrell and Lady Alerie Hightower. Lords and Heirs of Lords had traveled from all over the Seven Kingdoms to try and win your favor and your hand. It both amused and annoyed you. Just because you were of age didn’t mean you suddenly needed to be married off. You especially didn’t want to be married off to some stuffy Lord who would use you to produce heirs and get money from your parents.

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“Into The Lion’s Den”

There was a clattering sound, a brief commotion, and as Rey’s eyes were drawn to the source she watched as a helmeted Kylo Ren, or what looked to be Kylo Ren (yes, yes, it is him, the tug told her) emerged from the large center structure and stepped up into the middle of the camp followed by several other individuals covered head to toe in black.

One of the party tapped the leader on the shoulder, who he promptly brushed off, until a second more incessant tap got him an annoyed “What?” only to see Kylo Ren slowly approaching them. The leader looked back to Rey and scoffed.

“Pft, looks like you’re getting your wish, little lady,” he snickered with an arched brow.

He held his weapon steady at her face, and Kylo and his party halted on the edge of the scene watching. Rey stared at the armed leader, eyes darting from him to Kylo who just stood there, and just as her hands clenched into frustrated fists and her mouth was about to open, Kylo swiftly stepped forward. Every man in the group visibly tensed. His helmeted head cocked slightly to the side.

“Leave the girl to me,” his modulated voice snapped. Rey suddenly felt cold in the midday sun and a dreadful stillness overcame her at the sound of that vocoder. Her eyes never leave him when the leader sighed heavily and shruged before lowering his weapon.

“Hey, whatever man. Have fun.”

At the sound of a dismissal, several of them were off like a shot, happy and more than eager to be clear of the Knight, soon leaving him alone with her and his cohorts. His attention seemed to linger on her, and she blinked up with a slight timidness at him, trying to read him despite the mask. He was right in front of her, but as she tried to reach out, touch his mind with her own, she was met with nothing but a cold blankness. Walls. Walls upon walls. And she realized she couldn’t reach him.

Her eyes widened as she stared into his visor, and her mind began to race- why? why? why? did he join back with the order? is he their leader again now? has snoke taken him back? has he betrayed us? after everything? betrayed me? betrayed…?

It was then she realized that she had lost him. If he’d gone back, if this was real, then the man she knew, the one who had welcomed her and held her and—

She grit her teeth and instantly her hand was at her hip, yanking her weapon free and igniting her saber. The pain coursed through her, nearly overwhelmed her- when did she become so invested in the idea of him? And as she stared with fury at the black figure before her, she swung the weapon above her head and began to slice swiftly down.

Instantly he stomped up to meet her, and without drawing his weapon he raised his arms and caught her wrists in his hands as she started her downward slash. Trapped in his grip, she struggled to complete her attack, shouted in frustration, screamed, until his hands squeezed hers almost painfully, forcing her fingers to reflexively loosen so he could slowly pry the weapon from her grip.

In his distraction, he never noticed as her knee slammed up to connect with his stomach with a final scream causing him to double over slightly at the blow, but it wasn’t enough. His hands held strong until he finally wrenched the saber from her grasp, flicking it off. Attaching it to his belt, he pushed her hands down and yanked her forward by the arm.

“Execute what we discussed,” he commanded to the band behind him as he pulled Rey forward with him. “Go.”

With a quick nod, they dispersed, and slowly, he began to drag her with him. Tears streamed down her face in silence as they approached the same large structure he’d originally come out of, and as he flicked the door open with the force, he pulled her along behind him as he took the stairs leading inside.

It was deep, she absently noted- the dome above ground clearly serving as a ceiling. They continued down the stairs in silence, and as he touched the last step, his grasp weakened and she yanked her arm away. He didn’t seem to notice, didn’t see the anger on her face as he stepped into the middle of the large open area. He turned around and raised his hand again to force the door to seal itself. There would be no leaving from this place. As his arm lowered, he turned to her.

“What are you doing here?” he finally asked, breaking the silence.

She stood there, frozen on the last step, glaring painfully at him.

“Why are you here?” he asked again.

She stared at him. Stared at the mask. At his clothes. She could feel the pain edging in again, feel her breath start to speed up as her face contorted in pain.

“Why are you wearing that?” she asked bitterly.

He reared back a bit in surprise and, reaching up, pressed the hidden button to release the mouth guard and pull his mask away.

She gasped. He looked…the same. What did she expect? He looked the same, maybe a little more tired than when she last saw him on the base, a little more strained, but…it was him. And he was looking at her with that wide-eyed expression she suddenly realized she’d missed.

Her emotions betrayed her at the sight of him, dissolving her frustration, and somehow she no longer had it in her to fight it off. The tears came as she took him in.

“How could you leave me like that?” she sobbed. “How could you just leave me behind?”

She was crying, but even her own candor surprised her. Asking something like this…it was dangerous.

He gaped at her as his breath caught in his throat. “Did you think I wouldn’t come back for you?” he insisted suddenly.

Rey shook her head, adamantly brushing his words away. “What is going on out here?” she declared, finally stepping down and moving cautiously towards him. “After everything, I thought—” she cried back.

His lip curled and he took a hard step forward. “Did you THINK,” he bit strongly, “I wouldn’t come back for you?”

She stilled, and he approached, his eyes a mix of anger, disbelief, and—

“I will always come for you,” he said, standing before her. She looked up at him with a tear-stained face. “Always.”

Those words. Finally those words, although the last time he said them they held such a different meaning. But he couldn’t understand what they meant to her, those words- he couldn’t possibly— but he did.  He’d been in her head, and he knew. He knew, he knew, he knew.

Tears utterly obscured her vision when she felt his hands on her face, pulling her in, and crushing her lips against his. It had been so long, and the static that pulled them irrepressibly together ignited like a spark and suddenly her arms were around his neck, pulling him closer, bending her back to more easily reach up for him. She couldn’t imagine letting go as he pressed eagerly for her mouth to open for him and she gave in without a thought. His mouth pulled back only to return and consume hers more fully, his hands digging into her sides before one slid up her back and another down across to grip into the top of her thigh.

This was different. All those times before, hiding beneath their meagre cover, they could never meld into each other like this, and every point of contact, every press of his thighs, his stomach, his chest against hers singed her.

She felt his hands shift to her belt, felt them start to pull at the wisps of fabric crossed over her breasts, when she looked up at him. He stopped and pulled away, catching his breath as her gaze lingered on his lips. When their eyes met, his eyes narrowed, almost pleading. His hand let go of her wisps to spread flat against her back. Slowly, taking her own deep breaths, she looked up into his eyes as she leaned into him, and as he accepted her, pulled her closer, his nose nudged hers and recaptured her lips as he pulled the strips of fabric free of their constraints…


jazajas  asked:

Adrinette 8 then 18 & 19. Prompt: Nino hosts a party and they play 7 minutes in heaven. Marinette and Adrien get chosen. After they just cuddle the rest of the time and seem in seperable (can be ladynoir if you want near the end)

Hope you enjoy this one! It took me some time and wound up being longer than I expected!

“You’re seriously telling me you’ve never played seven minutes in heaven?” Alya asked, a bit incredulous as she stared at Adrien.

“Not really,” he said, shrugging. “What is it?”

“You don’t even know what it is?!”

Nino sighed. “Come on, cut him some slack. It’s not his fault his dad is super controlling.”

Alya grimaced. “Right. I always forget you’re just a few missed haircuts away from becoming a real life Rapunzel.”

Rose chimed in to explain to Adrien. “We pick two people to go into a dark room together for seven minutes, and they can do whatever they want.”

“They get locked in,” Alix corrected her, “And they have to make out.”

“Wait.” Adrien glanced over at Alya with wide eyes. “Make out?” It wouldn’t exactly be his first kiss, but given that he didn’t really remember his first kiss, it almost felt like it would be. Besides, he’d always hoped his second first kiss would come from Ladybug.

“That depends on the rules,” Juleka said. “You don’t always have to do anything.”

“Okay, for sweet, innocent Adrien’s first time-” Alya began, reaching over to pat his shoulder.

Adrien grimaced, “Really?”

Alya continued as though she hadn’t been interrupted in the first place, “We’ll go easy on him. You just get locked in the dark room. No kissing required.”

Kim and Alix booed, which earned them a sharp glare from Alya.

“After the first few rounds, we can negotiate some stricter terms,” Alya said, glancing over at Marinette. “Fair?”

“W-What do you mean stricter?” Marinette asked, already worried by the way Alya was smirking at her.

“We’ll see when we get there. Now!” She grinned and looked around the room. “To kick off this party, let’s vote on who goes into the room with Adrien first!”

Adrien frowned, “Hey, why am I first?”

“Because you’ve never played before,” Alya explained, though Nino had to admit he was sure it was because she’d sensed a new matchmaking opportunity. “I propose we send in Marinette.” Nino chuckled. Of course it was another attempt to bring their two best friends together.

Marinette blushed and squeaked, “Alya!” Sure, she’d love to kiss Adrien, given the opportunity, but not like this. She wasn’t ready, and judging by the way he was blushing and looking at her, he wasn’t either.

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AN: I adore this gif to bits, all the colors work together so well and his expression is v emotional. Oh my. This gif pairs with the part of the imagine where Pietro is listening to Thor, just for reference. Thank you anon for sending this request in, and I’m sorry it took forever and a half to get it up! I hope you like it dear! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxox :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!! I know requests are closed buuuut I’ve never requested before and I had a cool idea! Could I get a Pietro x reader fluff(or smut idk) where Piet is in love with reader and overhears Thor saying how he wants to bed reader. Then Piet starts getting jealous and mocks Thor’s accent when flirting with the reader, getting angry and telling Thor to “fuck off back to Asgard”, reader goes to see why Piet was rude and he confesses?? PLEASE AND THANKS LOADS OF LOVE 😘😘😘

Warning: Some drinking, swearing & Smut (as requested by another anon, enjoy!)

((Just FYI~ In this reference (because I actually adore Jane X Thor) I’m just going to write Thor as single. No breakups or whatever, as far as you have to be concerned, Jane doesn't  exist in this one shot.))


“Sokovia Vs Asgard”


“So, Thor, any special someone in your life?”

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fiery-feyre  asked:


Headcanon A: what I think realistically—Kallias and Vivianne are pretty vanilla I mean you heard the guy, he doesn’t like to try anything out of the ordinary (otherwise Viv would have been High Lady a LONG time ago I hope). So I think, their sex lives are pretty average.

Headcanon B: what I think is effing hilarious—But hear me out here!!!!!… Ice handcuffs… and doing it in the snow… “It’s for body heat!!!”
“Of course High Lord *snickering* Lady Vivianne”
“It’s High Lady Vivianne to you, prick” *jaws drop everywhere"

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends—Do me a favor and and envision… Vivianne hearing Kallias’s voice in her head, telling her he loves her, he always has, and to please… protect the people they both love. And at that moment, the mating bond snaps into place for Vivianne. She screams when she realizes what happened and tries to reach out down the bond… nothing… For Fifty. Years. She tries. She tries her best to complete his only request: protect their people. And she tries to reach him. She sends out spies. And volunteers to infiltrate the Mountain. But mostly, she tries to reach down that bond, and tries not to lose hope when there is no answer… OKAY IM DONE NOW

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon but canon sucks so I believe it anyway—I high key hoped that Kallias would be gay. But I mean Thesan is gay so I mean I guess that’s good! But yeah I hoped Kallias was gay. There isn’t really anything canon that I don’t like otherwise!

“I can’t think!” Marinette yells into her pillow.

Tikki quickly jumped off of Marinette with concern. “What’s wrong? You never have this much trouble with designing new pieces.”

“Yeah but Tikki, this is Ladybug and Chat noir! It has to look good. I wish Adrien were here to see it, I need someone who has fashion expertise.”

“Well then I came right on time.” A sly voice called out. It was faint, but she knew who it was.

“Don’t stand out in the cold, you’ll get sick.” Marinette patted a seat next to her, he gladly took it.

“Get rid of the frills here, it would be too hard for you to move around. Plus you would trip on them, shorten it into a bow.”

He began to point out each and every mistake with the new costumes and even praised her for the conveniently placed pockets and weapons.

“Someone sure knows what their doing.” Marinette finish the sketch then handed it over to Tikki and Plage.

“So helpful” She began to nod off, her eyes opening and closing. “Thanks” She whispered before snoring on her chair.

“Such a lady” He snickered. He took a cover and placed it over her.

Mother... [ Gladion x Moon ]

Afternoon buds! Hope ya’ll enjoy this fic while i struggle through my mountains of homework and projects !!

It’s a running theme now that Gladion has to say “thank you” to Moon in every one of my fics

Spoilers !! Be prepared for some angst :)

A door is heard being slammed shut and Moon jumps in her seat.

“Gladion, please!” That’s Lillie’s voice.

There’s a second of silence before Gladion’s voice breaks it, “no, I don’t care if she’s getting better, I’m not going to see her.”

“She’s our mother!” She pleads.

He growls and a thump is heard against the wall, “did you forget everything she did to us Lillie?! How are you so quick to forgive her?”

Lillie’s voice drops as if she’s given up convincing him, “she’s changed. I think she’s finally realizing what she did wrong.”

“That doesn’t give me enough reason to trust her, let alone go to see her.”

The hallway is silent before the door to his room opens and Gladion emerges, slightly shaken. Moon turns her head, blinking at him silently. The boy doesn’t say anything, simply retreats to his bed, covering himself with the blanket. Moon sighs, unsure if she should go and comfort him.

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Run For It (Part 1)- Fred Weasley Imagine

Anonymous asked: Can you please write a Fred Weasley imagine where the two of you had secretly had a crush on each other but that isn’t revealed until after Bill and Fleur’s wedding when he saves you and then breaks down and cries when he realises he could’ve lost you? Fluff???? Thanks so much, you’re amazing!!!

A/N: thanks! And as usual, sorry for the wait :) the Cousin Barney bit was in the books but not the movie so if ur wondering what the hell I’m talking about, know its canon I guess lmao. Paragraphs 6-8 are pretty much all from the book tbh, I just couldn’t think of another way to do it in the time limit I gave myself.

You stood with your back to the afternoon sun, trying to soak up these last few peaceful moments before the yard of The Burrow was flooded with friends and family of the Weasleys and Delacours. Butterflies and bees hovered lazily over the recently trimmed grass and hedges, there wasn’t a gnome or stray shoe in sight. The place was tidier than you’d ever seen it. You were staring at the great white marquee and the rows upon rows of golden chairs inside, when you were joined by Fred, George, Ron, and Harry, who would be going by Cousin Barney tonight. He was a double of a red-headed village boy (all thanks to Polyjuice Potion) that you and Fred had stolen hairs from using a summoning charm.
“Well, don’t you boys clean up nice,” you exclaimed. “Hardly recognized you there, Harry!”

Fred groaned, partly because of your bad joke and partly because he was being made to wear dress robes.
“When w-I get married, I won’t be bothering with any of this nonsense. You can all wear what you want, and I’ll put a full body-bind curse one mum until it’s over.” He complained, tugging on his collar. You smiled at him, but couldn’t help but wonder if he had almost said ‘we’. However, you were pulled from your thoughts when Ron handed you a seating plan. This was the part of the wedding you were dreading, having to seat the guests.
“She wasn’t too bad this morning, considering,” George said, looking at his plan “Cried a bit about Percy not being here, but who wants wants him? Oh blimey, brace yourselves- here they come, look.”

He was right. Brightly coloured figures were appearing, one by one, out of thin air at the distant boundary of the yard. Bewitched birds fluttered about witches’ hats, precious gems glittered from wizard’s cravats. The hum of excited chatter could be heard from where you stood, getting louder and louder as they came closer. The first lot to reach you was a group of pretty veelas, who George quickly volunteered to help. Fred was forced to handle a gaggle of middle-aged women. One tried to straighten Fred’s collar and he shot you a pleading look over her wide shoulders. You laughed at him, but stopped quickly once you noticed an old man, who was very impatient stopped in front of you, asking you to speak up and hurry up, he wasn’t as young as you were, after all! He ambled behind you muttering about the younger generation’s lack of thought and care.

Once you had seated them, you were stopped by Aunt Muriel, biting back a groan, you listened to her complaints of how short your dress was. “Showing off your knobbly knees, I suppose? What good will that do!" 

 You were trying to keep the smile off your face, figuring that letting your amusement show would only prolong her rant. Luckily, Fred pulled you away by your elbow.
"Hope you made the most of that, because if things go my way, that’s the last time we’ll be seeing her until her funeral.”
“Fred!” You laughed “How could you say that about such a charming little lady!“
He snickered. "Come on, we better find our seats before we get run over by the bride.”

You sat down in the second row and looked around. The poles of the marquee were entwined with white and gold flowers, some of which you had put up yourself, without magic to try and get them to look right. The process had been long and tedious and you bitterly hoped the guests were appreciating it. Fred and George had tied golden balloons over the spot where Bill and Fleur would soon become husband and wife.

Music began to play, seemingly from the balloons. Bill and Charlie came up the aisle. Fred wolf-whistled, you giggled along with a few others, but it turned into an “ooooh!” at the sight of Fleur, her father, Ginny, and Gabrielle making their procession up the aisle. Fleur’s simple white dress gave off a silvery glow, it seemed to make everyone it fell on look even more beautiful. Ginny and Gabrielle looked even prettier than usual in their golden dresses. When they passed the second row, you waved at Ginny, who returned it quickly. Once Fleur reached the stage, Bill looked like he had never met Greyback.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the tufty-haired wizard began in a sing-song voice. “We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls…”
“Yes, my tiara sets off the whole thing nicely,” said Auntie Muriel in a carrying whisper. “But I must say, Ginevra’s dress is far too low cut.” Holding back another laugh, you looked around the marquee, watching the guests.
“Do you, William Arthur, take Fleur Isabelle…?”
In the row in front of you, Mrs. Weasley and Madame Delacour were sobbing quietly into scraps of lace. You grinned and nudged Fred with your shoulder to show him, who in turn nudged George. They both rolled their eyes and smirked. Trumpetlike sounds came from the back of the marquee, meaning that Hagrid was also sobbing into a tablecloth-sized handkerchief.
“…then I declare you bound for life.”
The tufty-haired wizard waved his wand over Bill and Fleur’s heads and a shower of silver stars fell upon them, spiraling around them. As Fred and George lead a round of applause, the golden balloons burst: Birds of paradise and tiny golden bells flew and floated out of them, adding their songs and chimes to the din.
“Was that one of yours?” you asked the twins.
They nodded, clearly pleased with the effect.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” called the tufty-haired wizard. “If you would please stand up!”
They all did, Auntie Muriel grumbling audibly; he waved his wand again. The seats on which they had been sitting on rose gracefully into the air as the canvas walls of the marquee vanished, so that they stood beneath a canopy supported by golden poles, with a glorious view of the sunlit orchard and surrounding countryside. Then, a pool of molten gold spread from the centre of the tent, forming a gleaming dance floor; the hovering chairs grouped themselves around small white-clothed tables, which all floated gracefully to the ground, and the band trooped up to the podium.  

“Shall we claim a table before it’s too late?” George asked. You and Fred nodded and followed George, weaving through the crowd.
“Avoid Muriel!” Fred hissed between clenched teeth, for he had seen her heading towards you again. He steered you away by your shoulders, making you laugh. George took three bottles of butterbeer from a waiter and settled for a table towards the back of the marquee so you could see out. Relatives and friends came over to say hello. Having known the Weasleys for quite some time, you recognised a fair few of them. Fred and George introduced you to the ones you didn’t, and told you funny stories about them until the next round of relatives came over. After you finished your butterbeer, Fred held out his hand and said something, but you didn’t quite catch it due to the chatter and the music and the clinking of bottles and plates.
“What was that?” You asked loudly.
“Do you wanna dance?” He repeated. You grinned and nodded. Dancing with Fred was a lot like being knocked around in strong wind, and you loved it. George gave Fred a look, and Fred kicked him under the table before standing and leading you over to the dancefloor. You watched people spin and twirl around on the smooth gold. It looked like it had been like that for years, not minutes. He took your hand and tugged you into the centre of the couples.
“Been a while since we’ve done this.” You said as he started spinning you around in a circle, a full arm’s length away.
“Too long,” He agreed. “Although, last time we did, we broke a vase and two plates.”
“Minimal damage,” you said dismissively. “Especially considering you were involved.”
“I’m going to take that as a compliment.” He laughed, bending his arms so you were closer together. Fred raised one of your arms above your head and twirled you around twice, both of you watching how your dress flared out around your legs. He pulled you back to him, closer again, and swung your arms around between you, still dancing around in a circle.

You watched another couple, presumably from Fleur’s side, elegantly stepping together in time with the music. One of his hands on her waist, and one of hers on his shoulder, the spare hands were held up at chest height. You couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of how you must look compared to them.
“What’s funny?” Fred asked curiously.
“We really are terrible dancers.”
Fred hummed, before replying “What made you realise?” You jerked your chin towards the couple, Fred looked over his shoulder, before looking back at you and laughing.
“They both look like they have something up their arses.” Fred snickered. It was true, their snooty faces were held up high in the air. They both looked like they could smell something terrible.
“Now Freddy, is that really the right way to talk about your new family?” You said, smirking. Fred just rolled his eyes before taking your waist and holding one of your hands up level with your nose. You understood what he was doing and placed your hand on his shoulder.

You both watched the couple, copying their every move (you might have been dramatizing it just a little bit, but what does it matter?) When he bowed to kiss her hand, Fred did the same, adding in a big flourish and bowing down much farther than he needed to. He pressed his lips to your hand (you ignored the blush that had crept up onto your cheeks) and you copied the girlish giggle, slapping your hand over your heart like the lady did. This seemed to catch their attention.

They glared over at you, whispering angrily to each other. Fred also copied this with a devilish grin. They began to move towards the pair of you, so you tugged on Fred’s hand, hissing “Go go go!” and dancing towards the closest exit as quickly as you could without drawing attention. As soon as you were out of the marquee you ran for it, heading to the orchard. You pulled him behind a tree, where you stayed, doubled over catching your breath and laughing.

“Did you see their faces?” He wheezed. “I hope they won’t be coming around for Christmases”

the lady and the scone

Happy birthday, Simon!

So today is Simon’s birthday, and @sncwbaz​ made a post about writing fics for him, so this is what this is.

AU: dogwalker au

words: 2k

(if you find the ‘the foxhole court’ reference i will give you my firstborn child) (i’m sorry but i couldn’t resist putting it in there)

Simon’s birthday didn’t go as planned. It was raining. He was drenched. And Scone was nowhere to be seen. Just what he needed.

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“Look I still think we should go after Balthazar.” You exited the Impala into the cool chilly night, along with Sam and Dean. The sudden gushes of wind forced you to shiver until a warm jacket fell upon your shoulders. You looked up, seeing Sam smiling at you with those loving eyes you cherished.

“But how? Plus he’s with Cas, isn’t he?” You snuggled into Sam’s jacket  admiring his sweet cologne. Your boots crunched on top of the gravel as you neared the bunker. You pulled out your key, entering it in the slot.

“Maybe we should call him? I mean what could possibly go wro-”You pushed the handle and the door opended, shining a bright light through which blinded you instantly. You shielded your eyes and Sam stepped in front of you in a protective manner. Once the light dimmed you looked inside your home noticing it was different.

“CUT, GREAT TAKE PAD, ACKLES AND Y/L/N. 15 MINUTES THEN REGROUP” You saw cameras attached to every corner of the room, you looked up seeing the ceiling was missing and the fact that there were hundreds of people in here.

“What. The. Fuck?” The three of you said in unision. You looked at the two brothers with wide eyes who mirrored your shocked expression. You continued to observe your surroundings, seeing people dressed up like the monsters you kill down in the hallroom of the bunker.

“Do we uhm… do we kill anyone?” Dean asked from behind you and you pulled out your knife in instinct though there was something different about it.

“The hell?” You touched the tip feeling it was bunt and your hand glided downwards feeling it was pure rubber. You groaned throwing it to a wall, it should have stuck but instead it plummeted to the ground.

“Rubber… are you friggin kidding me? THAT WAS STEEL ENCASED IRON.” Your fingers found their way to the bridge of your nose, feeling a headache approach. You felt an arm around your shoulder and you looked up to see Sam smiling at you in reassurance that you were all okay.

“Easy now Padalecki, don’t touch the masterpieces” You heard an unusual croaky voice coming from beside you. You turned your head seeing Cas and you felt relieved.

“Finally! Cas, where the hell are we? and what is wrong with the speakers man? Why do you sound like an old librarian?” Dean asked and Cas stared at him dumbfoundingly. He chuckled and grabbed your hand pulling you into a kiss. You shrieked not knowing what to do, so you lifted your hands in the air and suddenly you heard a roar from behind you.

“CAS WHAT THE HELL?” Sam growled which earned looks from both Cas and Dean. His fists were in a tight ball and they turned slightly pale. He suddenly felt the urge to grab Cas’s hair and punch the heck out if but he didnt, he didn’t do it for you.

“Jeez Jared calm your damn tits. Filmings over, you two can quit playing Moose and Squirrel now. Oh babe come with me, I wanna show you something” Cas pulled your hand even though you were deep in concentration. Jared? Who the hell is Jared. When you realised you were being pulled away from the boys you tried releasing your hand from Cas’s new grip. You mouthed the word ‘Babe?” to the boys but they were suddenly out of your sight.

“Okay seriously what the hell?” Dean asked still unmoved from their original position.

“I don’t know” Sam replied trying to track your and Cas’s trail.

“Jesus Sammy, can you quit being jealous for 5 seconds? She’s with Cas, she’ll be fine.” Sam was about to make a snarky remark but he kept quiet. Obviously he was jealous, Sam’s never seen you kiss one of the boys before and he hoped it would be him… not Cas.

“Look we need to just figure out where the fuc- Jensen right this way” A woman grabbed Dean’s hand and led him down the stairs. He looked up to his brother who was following him.

“Uh who’s Jensen? and where are we going?” Sam asked while the lady snickered.

“Funny, Jared. I am going to get this pretty boy into the chair and you have an interview to do.” On que Sam was taken away and the lady set Dean on the chair. He looked up at the pictures, seeing it was all the times he was brutally abused. There was one picture that hit home the most, it was when they killed yellow eyes. He realised how simple life was, revenge, look after Sammy and hunting. Now it’s all become a massive blur.

“Now lets get this makeup off you” The lady wiped Deans face who chuckled.

“Lady I don’t wear makeu… son of a BITCH” Dean saw the wipe was covered in foundation his colour. Dean stared at the mirror, stroking his face in shock.

“I’m a painted whore.”


“Uhhh Cas where are we going?” You asked your strange friend who was still dragging you to an unknown location. You heard him sigh though you remained confused.

“Y/N… are you, dumb and dumber 2 tryna play a prank on me?” You neared a trailer which had the name MISHA COLLINS on it. You entered the calm trailer seeing your face with Cas’s everywhere. He dropped your hand while he went off to fetch something. You walked around the chairs to the coffee table which had a photo of you and Cas literally kissing.

“What the actual fuck?” You whispered while your eyes travelled to a magazine beside the photo frame. On the front it was you, Sam, Dean and Cas but beneath it their names were different. It read, Jared, Jensen and Misha.

“Misha?” You read out loud.

“Yeah babe?” Cas placed his hands around your waist while his chin was in the crook of your neck. Never in your entire five years of knowing the boys, Cas had gotten this close with you. So currently you felt clean and wrong at the same time.

“Uh… what’s this?” You asked pointing the magazine. Cas sighed and picked it up, nodding in approval at the page.

“Remember when Rob made us do that photoshoot for the peoples magazine? Cause we won the people’s choice awards”

“uh one…. no i do not remember that photoshoot because this isn’t real, and two peoples choice awards? isn’t that an tv award show?” Cas stared at you with an expression you’ve never seen him make before. He was confused smiling and it was creeping you out.

“Yeh okay funny Y/N. Look I’ve got something for you” He handed you the magazine and you put it in your jacket, wanting the brothers to see it. You felt something cool slip onto your neck. Your hands touched the necklace and you looked towards the mirror seeing the loving gaze Cas was giving you. Your heart warmed at it and the necklace was beautiful, you admired it in awe. It was a silver necklace with a diamond crest in the middle of it.

“Cas, this is beautiful” You breathed out and hugged your friend who instead kissed your lips. This was the second time he did that and your eyes stayed wide open. You didn’t know how to react so you simply stood still.

“You can quit calling me Cas babe… filming is over. lets go meet up with the others.” filming?


“We need to find Y/N and get out of this universe Sammy… i bet she doesn’t even know this isn’t earth… well not our earth earth.” Dean mentioned as he observed the entire stage. He saw two people dressed like them.

“Stunt doubles… you kidding me? Where the hell was my double when I was getting ripped to shreds by hounds” Dean complained while Sam’s eyes travelled around looking for you. His eyes landed on your confused face as you walked in the room hand in hand with fake Cas. Dean noticed Sam’s fist’s form into a ball while his stare became deadly. You pointed to the boys and Fake Cas gave you a kiss on the lips, which you replied unwilling to raise suspicion. What you didn’t know was the jealousy rising within Sam. He loved Cas like a brother but right now he wanted nothing more than to tear him apart.

“Y/N i know you’re freaking out but this- isn’t the real world? yeah i got that.” You finished Dean’s sentence and looked towards Sam, noticing his pissed off expression. You ignored it and continued to talk.

“What I don’t get is how the fuck did we end up here?” You asked as a person who looked like you walked past the three of you. You pointed to her and looked at the brothers who shrugged their shoulders.

“Apparently actors don’t get stabbed by dick angels in real life. Anyway what’d you find?” You pulled out the magazine you stole from the trailer and handed it to Dean while Sam stared at your neck.

“No way… nice blue steel Sam.” Dean opened the magazine, reading it in depth. Wow… people actually watch our friggin lives? Why?” Now it was your turn to shrug your shoulders.

“I really don’t know but it’s funny ca- who gave you that?” Sam cut you off by pointing to the necklace Misha gave you. You totally forgot about the beautiful diamond piece and you smiled at the friendly gesture.

“Misha gave it to me… right so where was I. Oh yeah! It’s funny cause not a lot of people watch it but the f- Misha? Who is he… like your boyfriend or something?” You groaned at the constant  classic interruption coming from Moose.

“Sam what’s wrong? Seriously! What do you got against fake Cas?” Dean was so invested in the magazine he blocked your bicker out.

“Nothing! I just think he’s annoying and stupid. That’s it” He folded his arms and your brain clicked in an instant. Sam Winchester was jealous, maybe this could be interesting.

“Right… so how are we gonna get back? First of all, how the fuck did we get here?” You questioned looking around the set, you were truly astonished at the fact that you were in the bunker but not really.

“How much time do these people have?” You whispered noticing every detail.

“I don’t know but we could try praying? to the real Cas?” Sam suggested and Dean closed his eyes, mumbling something under his breath.

“Y/N?” You turned around to see Cas in his original form, the coat along with the gravely voice.

“Finally! Cas what the hell is going on?” Dean asked while Cas broke out into a chuckle. You groaned as you realised it was Misha the entire time.

“You fuckers are still pranking me, arent you? Well Y/N and Jared have a scene to shoot in the kitchen so I’m here to collect you. Good luck babe” Misha dipped his head and his lips met yours for a split second, before Jared pulled you away.

“Sorry Misha, we gotta shoot” You smiled as his hand remained in yours while he dragged you to the kitchen. You were met with the producer who told you how things we’re going to happen but in all honesty you weren’t paying attention to a word he was saying. Your concentration was locked on Sam’s hands molding with yours, like they were the final pieces for a puzzle.

“Kay you got it Lecki and Y/L/N?” Your train of thought was broken and Sam looked down to you with a smirk.

“Kinda?” You pulled your hand away from Sam’s missing the warmth of it.

“Great, POSITIONS” He yelled while you and Sam walked to your marking point. Sam quickly handed you a script and you saw the title of the scene.


You glared at the piece of paper with wide eyes. It’s no secret you and the large hunter have feelings for eachother but the confession of love? That sounded Shakespearean.

“AND ACTION” Sam looked at you while he kept glancing at the paper.

“Erm… Uh. Y/N, we uh… we gotta uhm. What does this say? Oh yeah, we gotta talk” Sam said while he looked at you sternly.

“CUT! Jared put some emotion into it.” Sam nodded and looked back at a frightened you with determined eyes.


“Y/N. we. have. to. talk” Sam spoke as if he was swallowed by a robot. You stifled a giggle noticing how he looked slightly constipated.

“CUT!” This went on for a good twenty minutes until Sam had enough. He rolled his eyes and threw the script away, along with yours. He inhaled a deep breath and stood back onto his mark.


“Y/N… we need to talk. Look I know this has been difficult, for me and for you but I cant keep going knowing we might never be a thing. Seeing you with men who don’t deserve your glances kill me, no one deserves the purity and beauty your provide. No one!” Sam paused before walking up to you. Your eyes melted with his while his hands reached up to stroke your cheek.

“Every morning I wake up with a smile, because you’re singing in the shower and I can hear you. Every minute when I’m not with you, I’m exhausted because you’re my source of energy, my light. Every night I sleep with bliss knowing you’re in the room next to me, safe and sound. But now I’ve become greedy.” You gulped loudly, Sam’s hands reached down to yours and they intertwined.

“Now, every morning I want to wake up with the smell of your shampoo, next to me.” Sam moved his head down to your neck and kissed it lightly, your eyes closed at the pleasure of his skin on yours. “Every minute I want to be energised because you’re gonna be by myside” His kissed trailed to you jawline, leaving kisses there. “And everynight, i want to fall asleep with you on my chest. Because greedy or not, I need you” Sam lips hovered over yours and you pushed yourself further, impatient from the anticipation. Your hands flew to his neck and he pulled you up, wrapping your legs around his waist.

“AND CUT! Wow… that was perfect. Better than what we wrote. PUBLISH IT” You and Sam pulled apart, staring into eachothers eyes. You ignored the people around you and suddenly you felt though you were the only people in this room.

“You can put her down now, Jared. Great take babe” Misha called out which broke you two apart. Your cheeks remained flush while Misha escorted you off set. You looked behind, seeing Sam as flustered as you. Your hands went to your lips and you smiled against them.

“Misha hey, gotta borrow Y/N for a sec. kay thanks bye” Dean pulled you out of Misha’s hand and ran towards Sam, motioning for him to follow. Dean was now ahead of you as you ran outside and past familiar motels you’ve stayed at. Your saw your car you lost four years ago and you almost stopped in your tracks, missing your baby.

 Though you continued to chase after Dean and towards a trailer which read the name “JENSEN ACKLES”. Dean looked back to you guys and smiled, slightly out of breath.

“Behold, fake me must be the star of this show” rolling your eyes you climbed the ministairs and into the trailer. You were astonished at how beautiful and soothing it was, Dean must have been the star. Your eyes travelled around the room and they landed on Misha.

“Misha or Cas?” Sam asked when he noticed what you were staring at.

“What is a Misha?” Cas tilted his head while he asked the question, you broke out into a smile and hugged your awkward friend. He lifted his two arms and patted your back, as if you were one of the boys.

“Glad to see you’re not trying to suck my face” You giggled noticing everyone else wasn’t laughing, so you kept quiet.

“Right well, I’m here to take you back.” With a snap of his finger you were once again outside the bunker, as if whatever happened in the last 2 hours disappeared. You were still wrapped in Sam’s jacket.

“OKAY WHAT THE HELL I’M SO FRIGGIN CONFUSED” Dean yelled out in confusion.

“Balthazar knew you were on him so he threw you into a universe, parallel to ours. My apologies”Cas stated while he nodded towards the three of you,

“Yeah well what’s going on between you two?” You questioned, curious of why they were so secretive. Though the slight flutter of wings portrayed his departure and uninterested in your convos.

“Cas? CAS? dammit.”


After the confusing day you decided you deserved hot chocolate. Your feet padded against the bunker floor while you neared the kitchen. You walked in seeing Sam shirtless with his back-facing you. You’ve seen the boys naked in so many scenarios, whether it was a patch up or anything. But after the fake life you two shared, something clicked within you.

“Heya Sam” Sam turned around with a cup in his hand. He had a whipped cream mustache and you laughed at his panicked expression.

“Don’t tell Dean that i’m cheating on my diet.” You agreed and walked towards him.

“Today was just a really stressful day” You reached up and wiped the whipped cream off of his top lip and you noticed your fingers lingered on there for a few extra seconds. You pulled away and cleared your throat, grabbing a mug for yourself.

“So how are you?” You asked in hopes to attempt a conversation in this unpredictable situation. You grabbed all your ingredients and threw them all in a rush while Sam stayed quiet.

“I meant every word you know. Every damn word. I need you Y/N , you’re mine only and if you’re ready. Then let me be your one and only” You gulped, nervous of the consequences that came from your happiness. You stared into his hazel green eyes and your heart melted at the sincerity.

“I need you too” You subconsciously whispered while he closed the distance between the two of you. His lips met yours again and your head was light and the butterflied in your stomach were too loud.

“Guys… i’m go- NOT IN THE PLACE WHERE WE EAT” Dean walked into your intimate moment and you pulled away from Sam, blushing at Dean finding out.

“As I was saying before you violated our poor counters, I’m going to go buy a damn 6 pack. Pace yourself, damn rabbits” Dean mumbled before leaving the room. You smiled into Sam’s chest who simply kissed the crown of your head.

“Jealous you is my favourite” You heard Sam snicker, like he was going to retaliate but it was purely obvious he was jealous.

“Shut up… you’re mine and mine only” Sam growled seductively in your ear and he picked you up while you giggled uncontrollably. He kept kissing you and leaving soft bites on your body which caused you to moan slightly.

“AT LEAST WAIT TILL I’M OUT OF THE DAMN BUNKER” Dean yelled out before he slammed the doors shut, leaving you with your jealous gigantor boyfriend.