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Cryptid Discussion: Fresno Nightcrawler and Dr. Seuss

Say hello to the Fresno Nightcrawler, first seen in November of 2007. Isn’t he adorable? He even has a friend there in the background. 

Let’s also say hello to the Pale Green Pants, from the popular Dr. Seuss tale What Was I Scared Of?, published in 1953

In this Dr. Seuss tale, originally published in The Sneetches and Other Stories before gaining its own book, the main character is scared of a pair of pants that are walking and moving on their own. Eventually, he realizes that the pants are just as scared as he is, so the two become friends. 

Considering Dr. Seuss and his wife were residing in California in the 1950s, is it possible that Dr. Seuss based this story on a personal experience? Or, did a clever prankster draw inspiration from the popular author? The overall theme of the story is tolerance. If this was based on a personal experience, is Dr. Seuss advocating for the tolerance of cryptids and/or aliens and other species we have yet to discover?

Send in your thoughts, questions, counterarguments, anything you’d like, to participate in this discussion. 

granclaire  asked:

Hello again! I'm cashing in on your offer of cherik with mpreg!erik if you would pretty please be so kind. (Side note:I am all about angst as long as cherik is endgame) :D thanks in advance!!!

Going through my bookmarks and gifts written for me to see what I have…and will be posting this publicly to share the mpreg Erik love with all. :D

August by Red is the #1 best Erik mpreg in this fandom. Hands-down. I’ve read it a million times, will read it a million more.

right here (now again) by lonelyparts is another favorite, a tiny ficlet that breaks my heart in about three different ways on every re-read.

Inheritance by PragmaticHominid is another in my top three - zombie apocalypse AND mpreg, oh my gosh I love this one.

A Minor Mystery (the midnight snack remix) by letosatie is pretty cute!

Hello, Sweetheart by orphan_account is a really sweet granddadneto fic which strongly implies mpreg in the past.

Strictly Business by professor is a great little series where Magneto, King of Genosha, asks Charles, this CEO he usually talks loads of shit about, to father his child.

Nightcap by Cesare is a super cute implied mpreg fic. 

Midnight Snack (The Robe And Slippers Remix) by helens78 is a super cute remix of the above.

The Sneetches and Other Stories by listerinezero is a really sweet fic where Erik has a human baby after the beach, which is why he changes his philosophy.

The Five Of Us Want For You To Tell Him (But He’ll Wait For You To Say) by helens78 is a funny little fic where Erik is pregnant after the beach and dragging his feet on telling Charles.

Come On, Baby by firstlightofeos is a lovely little fic where Erik is overdue and very ready for that baby to be born.

And nearly every fic I have written that is tagged mpreg is Erik mpreg. I think the only one that isn’t is Thanks, Biology, lol.