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What's your favourite head canon for each of the team members?


Yusuf’s doing everything he does to pay for his sister’s PhD in biochemical engineering. He was the one who tutored her in chemistry before he went on to do other kinds of experiments. He goes home to Hyderabad every year for the month of Ramadan. His family thinks he’s a successful chemical dependency therapist, and they’re not wrong.

Arthur is, well, not exactly a street rat, but he spent his senior year in high school not actually having a senior year in high school. He walked out of his house after one fight too many, spent some time flitting between his grandma’s place and his friends’ sofas, got his GED early, enrolled in the military the day he turned 18, never looked back.

Ariadne diligently emails and texts Cobb in the weeks after Inception. She sends him ridiculous MOM FORWARDS like HEY COBB HERE ARE 10 SEWING SHORTCUTS YOU CAN USE WITH DUCT TAPE, V V IMPORTANT! and generally won’t let him isolate himself. And so he just gives in and invites her to come visit and meet the kids after she’s turned in her thesis. It’s nice. And she teaches his kids to make high-tech paper airplanes.

You didn’t ask about Saito but he clearly goes back to his mistress and is like WE’RE DOING THE WHOLE APARTMENT IN THIS CARPET. Also he sends Cobb bouquets of fresh orchids and lilies and irises and snapdragons and queen anne’s lace every day, and plans to send him one for every day they were in limbo, and the cards always say things like “have no regrets and remember,” and cobb keeps them all.  

I have no favorite headcanons about Cobb except that when I think about him after Inception, I think sometimes he drives out to Santa Monica and just stands for a long time with his bare feet in the sand in the water, and stands and stands and then goes home again. and then maybe falls asleep on the phone to Saito like 12-year-olds.

Every year on New Year’s Eve, Eames visits his unofficial next-door neighbor in Prague, Mrs. Svobodová, who is pushing 80 if she’s not there already, and who always serves him the same meal every year of roast pork, sauerkraut soup, and bábovka. Every year he stays long enough to fix the leaky pipe under the bathroom sink, clean the grime in the back of her stove, and make sure the landlord has his updated contact information. Every year he stays long enough for her to teach him a new item on her late husband’s recipe list, which he diligently learns and tries to perfect, even though he doesn’t really get much chance to cook. Every year she pries more and more details out of him about the nice young man he’s been seeing off and on over the years. He doesn’t have the heart to tell her that the only longterm relationship he’s in is with her, and that the mythical man he tells her about has been pieced together out of thin air like one of his forgeries. And if, over time, his fictional paramour has attained a distinctly deadpan personality, a rigid but paper-thin silhouette, and a constantly harangued attitude that occasionally makes the lie start to seem like the truth; well, nobody has to know that but him. 

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