the snake's ok

B.A.P as Snakes







What snakes look like they are thinking judging by their face
  • Garter snake: ok man I mean business
  • Ball python: ...?
  • Common boa: mmmmmmmmMM
  • Blood python: .......?
  • Corn snake: who the FUCK stole my grilled cheese
  • Green tree python: um???? ok?????
  • Emerald tree boa: this is my stick ok if u try to take my stick I will cut u alright
  • House snake: O_O
  • Reticulated python: ok man I mean S U P E R B U S I N E S S
  • Burmese python: ...............?
how people see snakes

type 1 “ophiophobic”: is absolutely terrified of snakes. can’t stand to see them or be around them

type 2 “reptile lover”: owns about 6.4 snakes and other reptiles. loves their faces and likes to hold them

type 3 “snake knight”: only sees snakes as a formidable and worthy opponent. has their sword ready to have a duel.

“Hey, Derek, don’t be so grumpy. We just put the scarf on you because you lacked school spirit.”

“I don’t even go here anymore.”

“But you did last year! Ha! And now you’re here to visit your boyfriend and take him out on a date to Hogsmeade.”

“Yeah, I am.”

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Here’s my recording of snakes from the Toronto ACC show. Sorry for my shaky camera lol. Dunno what was wrong but dan freaks out at the backstage people somewhere in the middle of the song. I’m guessing something was off with the sound?? I guess everyone was under a lot of pressure since this was the first show of the tour. Anyway whoever is going to their next shows I hope you’re prepared for the most amazing visually stunning performance.