the snake shop

a comprehensive list of why i’m gonna fight isak and even

- their wifi password is yellow curtains. who DOES THAT

- even’s text sketch is on their WALL?????? 

- i’m literally not kidding 

- boom there it is 

- gabrielle playing in the background @isak and even i just wanna talk 

- their domestic bickering about laundry 

- “if it’s so important to you i’ll do it” i’m calling the police

- (even ended up not doing it. snake) 

- they went shopping together for furniture at flea markets. i wish i made this up

- this. 

i’m about to snap i really am 

- they’re absolutely the couple who makes all other couples look bad and loveless and they probably have a very thorough mutual support and unconditional commitment kink 

- all in all me n them street corner 11pm tonight i’m settling this


Medusa with poppies on the super tough Sarah. Thank you so much for getting this! There’s a little distortion in the photo due to placement, but I’m super happy with it regardless. 

People who breed animals for fun or profit are scum.

Animals do not exist to make you money. They do not exist for your amusement.

There are too many companion animals. Shelters and rescues are overrun. You are adding to the problem. It is YOUR fault that dog will be put down today. It’s YOUR fault that parrot rescue can’t take in more.

And to those who breed wild animals as pets? Are you kidding me?

Fuck breeders. Adopt don’t shop.


Ouroboros wreathed with hellebore, fern, olive and cedar sprigs. Thank you so much, Athena, this piece was SO fun. Black healed, all color healed except the snake and the hellebore!


Not pictured: Snake only going for a morning jog to get groceries for him and Otacon. The last thing Hal expected was a bloody forearm wrapped in cling wrap to hand him him milk and eggs after three hours.

edit: you guys can open the images in a new tab to read the captions !! |D

I looked at my lizards cage and it hit me

Just imagine

Matsuhana pet shop au.

Matsukawa is this hot guy with an undercut and piercings who works at a pet shop. Cue Makki walking in looking for a snake to adopt and no one else is around but this scary looking worker, right? He doesn’t want to talk to this scary worker, no thank you he doesn’t feel like getting murdered in the reptile section at a pet store.

But then Matsukawa opens the turtle cage and reaches in with like lettuce and food and he goes “time for lunch, my babies!” And he coos as he sets the food down. He doesn’t even see Makki. Matsukawa finishes up and still doesn’t see Makki and Makki just watches as Matsukawa moves to another aisle and coos at the rabbits and ferrets and cats while feeding them-

And oh. Wow. This guy is a fucking dork and Makki has been watching him feed and coo at animals for thirty minutes now why did he come here again?

And then he remembers oh yeah I want a snake. He walks up with confidence- but oh fucking god Matsukawa is so hot??? But Makki has to act Cool™

“Hello, sir, so I want wondering if I could get-” he reads Matsukawa’s nametag- “a Matsukawa today.”

Matsukawa blinks.


anonymous asked:

you can also get water wigglies (albeit probably a bit overpriced) at places like museum gift stores! (my local planetarium of all things has the ones with little fish and dolphins etc. inside) tourist attraction gift stores in general can have some pretty stimmy stuff for sale

Museum and tourist gift stores are often a stim toy goldmine, I agree - and, sadly, also often a little overpriced. But if you have one locally, and you don’t have to pay to go in, it’s often well worth checking out for the unusual toys.

I got a green, dappled, golf-ball-like stress ball as a kid from a tourist gift shop during one trip to Queensland, and I wish I still had it, because it compressed like a squishy and I’ve never since seen one like it. (I may have been checking out every selection of stress balls I come across in the hope I’ll find something similar!) I know it lived in the general toy basket for a while, but I suspect it was donated during one of the many clean-outs. Sigh!

I’ve seen slinkies, puzzles, stress balls, all sorts of stimmy and fidgety things, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find water wigglies/water snakes as well.

Thanks so much, anon!

- Mod K.A.

Venomous words drip from his lips like rubies…

Last sticker done for my series called Eyes and Lies! I wanted to say thank you to all of the support and kind words I’ve been getting from all of you! It really helps me keep going.