the snake shop


Medusa with poppies on the super tough Sarah. Thank you so much for getting this! There’s a little distortion in the photo due to placement, but I’m super happy with it regardless. 

I looked at my lizards cage and it hit me

Just imagine

Matsuhana pet shop au.

Matsukawa is this hot guy with an undercut and piercings who works at a pet shop. Cue Makki walking in looking for a snake to adopt and no one else is around but this scary looking worker, right? He doesn’t want to talk to this scary worker, no thank you he doesn’t feel like getting murdered in the reptile section at a pet store.

But then Matsukawa opens the turtle cage and reaches in with like lettuce and food and he goes “time for lunch, my babies!” And he coos as he sets the food down. He doesn’t even see Makki. Matsukawa finishes up and still doesn’t see Makki and Makki just watches as Matsukawa moves to another aisle and coos at the rabbits and ferrets and cats while feeding them-

And oh. Wow. This guy is a fucking dork and Makki has been watching him feed and coo at animals for thirty minutes now why did he come here again?

And then he remembers oh yeah I want a snake. He walks up with confidence- but oh fucking god Matsukawa is so hot??? But Makki has to act Cool™

“Hello, sir, so I want wondering if I could get-” he reads Matsukawa’s nametag- “a Matsukawa today.”

Matsukawa blinks.


People who breed animals for fun or profit are scum.

Animals do not exist to make you money. They do not exist for your amusement.

There are too many companion animals. Shelters and rescues are overrun. You are adding to the problem. It is YOUR fault that dog will be put down today. It’s YOUR fault that parrot rescue can’t take in more.

And to those who breed wild animals as pets? Are you kidding me?

Fuck breeders. Adopt don’t shop.


Not pictured: Snake only going for a morning jog to get groceries for him and Otacon. The last thing Hal expected was a bloody forearm wrapped in cling wrap to hand him him milk and eggs after three hours.

edit: you guys can open the images in a new tab to read the captions !! |D


Ouroboros wreathed with hellebore, fern, olive and cedar sprigs. Thank you so much, Athena, this piece was SO fun. Black healed, all color healed except the snake and the hellebore!

Bearbomb 2 in a Nutshell

Apparently, this week’s theme is “the trouble caused by being desperate for the approval of others”.

Tote Life: We’ve seen the bears’ tendencies to get obsessed with things get the better of them, but never taken to the extremes seen here. It’s kinda creepy, in an amusing sort of way, seeing their “Tote Life” craze transform their house into something out of Hoarders.

Charlie and the Snake: You have to admire Grizzly’s patience with Charlie and his incredibly awkward “party”; the guy knows what it’s like having trouble making friends. It’s also kinda sweet that the snake seemed to reciprocate Charlie’s friendship and left him a parting gift. Charlie’s a pain in the neck, but for some reason it’s hard for me to hate him.

Video Date: Pretty funny episode (especially the bit with the keyboard and Grizz admitting “I have no idea what Paris looks like!”). Also, you have to feel sorry for Panda, if he’s so nervous around girls he can’t even talk to one over video chat.

Pet Shop: More baby bear hijinks, and wow they were kinda jerks as kids. I mean, who drop-kicks a puppy?

Chloe and Ice Bear: Pairing up the bears’ quietest member with  The Awkward Korean Girl Who Will Never Be Tall Enough to Ride a Roller Coaster is a surefire recipe for awkward comedy. But it’s also pretty heartwarming to see the lengths Chloe went to make sure Ice Bear had a good time.