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With hindsight, Matthew Mercer is terrifying.  An hour into episode 14, Vax asks to insight check “everyone at the table” in council. Mercer comes back with “quick rising in tension, fear, and adrenaline… fear is the main thing you’re getting.  The stakes have just suddenly jumped for what they expected their morning to be, and they’re trying to wrap their head around it.“

Which applies fine to the rest of the council trying to deal with Sudden Evil Artifact, but at the same time, Percy’s sitting there processing the word “Briarwood.”  (And as per usual Taliesin Jaffe’s face is murdering my heart.)

I mean, if over the course of eleventeen rounds of editing, I had managed to write something with such a perfectly terrible double meaning, I’d be smug for a week.  Mercer improvised it live.  With a straight face.


Doing some character shenanigans, featuring my Aequis, Shirk and Dahlia, and Halfcanter, Feldspar.

Aequis are mine, but Halfcanters are the brainspawn of @nhyworks.

Aaaaaand back to the grindstone!

mamamoo scenario- mirror sex.

Solar- Oh my god, she’d go twice as hard as usual to be honest. Would love to finger you, pressed against a mirror and see your cheek up against the glass with a totally fucked out face. Would completely and utterly die at the sight of your bruised lips as you moaned and you can bet that she’ll be touching herself while she’s fingering you, giving you a chance to see her fucked out face as well.

Moonbyul- Wouldn’t be one of the smug little shits. She’d be the one getting wrecked, to be honest. It would be heavenly to see her head tilted back as far as it could as you fingered her, her breath fogging up the mirror as she grips for anything she can reach. She would look to the side and make eye contact with you, her cheeks completely flushed, hair messy and spread out.

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Character # 16 (look at his smug smile)

Name: T.D. (either stands for Technical Difficulty or Total disaster. Or both!)

Age: Like he’s been around for 20 years but physically he’s still 15, I’ll explain at the bottom

Gender: Male

Sex: None. He’s artificially made and they decided he didn’t need anything down there. But don’t worry, his personality makes up for it

Romantic/Sexual orientation: Homo (my first gay yeya)

Species: Definitely not human, more of an artificially created thing that resembles a human

-Like his main dealio is that he can posses people. He was actually originally made for bank robbery (electrically charged to disable cameras and stuff, taking over to read guard’s minds and make them open the vault, etc) 

-He actually spent most of his 20 years in a huge test tube being sold back and forth to organized crime leaders, until one day he decided “heck it” and crashed out, hence the broken giant plug on his back (it was suppose to be taken off once he finished developing but he also decided to heck it)

-He’s like…. an awful person. Poor Yuyo has to suffer 

-Yuyo is his current “host”. T.D. ages with his host so like since Yuyo is 15, he’s also 15

-I repeat, he’s a huge jerk. Save Yuyo

When You Spontaneously Kiss Him

A/N: Anon, I think you’re pretty awesome too.

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)  

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He raises his eyebrows, “Hm, what was that for?” You’d reply with something like, “Just because,” shrugging your shoulders with a smug smile. He’d grab your face and leave kisses all over it, “You sure are cute.”


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I see him immediately blushing and then a smile spreading across his face from ear to ear. He’d probably say something like, “You know what?” He’d ask tapping his finger on his chin. “What?” You’d asked. “You should do that more often.“ 


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I just see him smirking at you and saying something cocky like, “If you wanted me to kiss you. all you had to do was ask.” You’d challenge him and say, “Then kiss me.” He’d immediately oblige grabbing your face with his hands and kissing you.


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I see him giving you a toothy, eye-crinkling smile. “You sure know how to surprise someone, don’t you?” He’d say playfully.

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri) 

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*immediately kisses you back* 

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[NSFW] raph


How interested they are in having sex with them: Mild. He tries not to fantasize about it, especially since he believes Raph doesn’t have that type of feelings for him, but if he did, Leo could certainly consider it. And probably wouldn’t be able to resist.  

If they would rather bottom or top them: It depends because again, Leo doesn’t like to give up his control. Raph can certainly top Leo if he wished, and Leo would learn to secretly enjoy it.  

How good they think they would be: Very good, but he’d be smug and quiet about it.

If they’d prefer kitchen counter, wall, or shower sex with them: What is it with everyone and kitchen counters?! No sex where we eat! Leo likes the shower anyway...Especially FootLeo YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE <3

If they’d fuck, have sex, or make love: Make love and have sex on occasion when either one of them is stressed or upset. I’m looking at FootLeo especially.

If they were going to make it a threesome, the third person they’d pick: Hmm…maybe Casey, or Slash for regular Leo… But FootLeo wouldn’t allow anyone else. 

If they think there’s ever a possibility that it would happen: There is a big possibly but Leo doesn’t realize it and doubts himself.

  • Ouma: nishishishi~ hey Hoshi-kun! How are y-
  • Hoshi: [drains all Ouma's panta into the sink]
  • Ouma: Σ (゚Д゚;)
  • [bonus]
  • Kaede: why did you do that!?
  • Hoshi: he gave me nightmares.
  • Kaede: that doesn't explain anything why-
  • Hoshi: by whispering shits about WHITE.TIPPED.REEF.SHARKS in my sleep.
  • Kaede:
  • Kaede: [pats his back comforting him]
  • Kaede: want me to smack him for you?
  • Hoshi: that'll make me feel better, thanks. And make sure that smack breaks his smug ass smile off his smug ass face.
  • Kaede: d=(´▽`)