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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Thanks grave shift front desk staffers...

Hope this is ok to post here.

In December I was visiting the USA with friends. Staying at a very nice hotel. After a night out on the town we returned to our hotel. Feeling hungry I went down to the lobby to enquire about fast food places that I could walk to.

The lobby was empty (it was about 2am), behind the front desk the receptionist stood smiling. I was a tad tipsy and asked about somewhere I could get some food. She told me nothing would be open close by and I’d probably have to uber a few suburbs over.

We stood talking for awhile, about my country and my vacation etc while I waited for my uber. When it arrived I asked if she wanted me to bring her back something because I was just going to hit drive thru. She declined(prob company policy).

So off I went with my uber. Grabbed my burger & fries and got dropped back off to the hotel.

I decided to have a smoke before heading up. As I’m sitting in the smokers section a taxi pulled up and dropped three older very intoxicated men. They see me smoking and head over. No problems I tell myself, I’m in front of hotel doors, they look happy and probably wanna shoot the breeze.

Sure enough they say ‘hello, how’s my night’, I respond and as soon as they hear my accent get very excited and start talking about my country. Then one of the guys sits next to me on the bench, and another on the other side, the third standing in front of me.

No problems, up until now they’ve been friendly, respectable. I’m reasonably sober at this point and can see directly into the hotel.

Then one guy says 'well go on show us your tits’. Yep I noped the fuck out of there, threw my cigarette down and marched straight into the hotel. Except at that time of the night you had to swipe you room key. The guys follow me, one apologising for his friend, and one still asking to see my tits.

They swipe their card and I basically come into reception yelling out the receptionist name as she wasn’t behind the desk. I probably broke hotel protocol but I went behind the desk because I saw a door open. The last thing I wanted was these guys trying to follow me to my floor.

Just as I hit the door, the receptionist came out, took one look at me, then behind me and said 'Go in’ motioning to the door she came out of. I heard her say 'security to front desk’, before addressing the men asking them if they were guest and what their room number was.

They seem to sober up and one of the guys apologised saying 'sorry just excuse my friend he’s drunk we’ll take him to bed’ & shuffled off around the corner to the lifts.

She came back and asked if I was ok, what happened etc. Secruity showed up, she explained what happen and insisted he escort me to my room. She also told me she’d make a note of those guest behaviour. I know it might not seem like much, they didn’t touch me & they were drunk, but in that moment, I knew I needed help.

The next night I made a point to see her, thank her and tip her. She probably doesn’t realise, but by her being so friendly and engaging with me while I waited for my uber, it gave me the confidence to seek her out specifically when I needed help.

So to all you grave yard shift receptionist who have to deal with drunk people, and obnoxious behaviour, thank you for still smiling and still taking time to help guest even though you’re probably tired and over it.

By: stuckwiththisname

i dread going in to work bc i work 8+ hours a day and im not allowed breaks (lunch or otherwise) and i’m also not allowed to sit down.. im not too sure how thats legal but laksmdfldsf i only work two days within the next week so im nutting but also … i need money :/

연기 = smoke

물담뱃대 = hookah

담배 = cigarette/tobacco

담배 연기 = cigarette smoke

담배를 한 모금빨다 = to take a drag on a cigarette

담배 연기를 빨아들이다 = to inhale cigarette smoke

담배를 끊다 = to quit smoking

담배 한 갑 = 1 pack of cigarettes

담뱃대 = tobacco pipe

시가 = cigar

시가 연기 = cigar smoke

~을/를 피우다 = to smoke

= incense

향을 피우다 = to burn incense

라이터 = lighter

금연 = no smoking

흡연시간 = smoke break

흡연 구역 = smoking area

흡연석 = smoking section

흡연자 = smoker

흡연실 = smoking room

재떨이 = ashtray

재떨이 비우다 = to empty the ashtray

니코틴 = nicotine

건강 = health

몸에 나쁘다 = to be bad for one’s body

건강에 해롭다 = to be bad for one’s health

= lungs

폐암 = lung cancer

인후 = throat

인후암 = throat cancer

중독 = addiction

Dear couple vaping in the smokers section outside LAX,

I’m sure many people inquire with the deepest curiosity about your vapes or maybe not and I was just a crazy stranger that gets too nosey. Either way, you were the most helpful strangers that I’ve met my entire life.

Being a pack a day smoker since I was a kid- I didn’t see anyway out. With both parents smoking- it doubled my risk of becoming a smoker and I fell into the statistic. People scolded me my whole life about my health risks, how nasty it was, how stupid it was… and really- all that made me want to do was get away from them and go have another cigarette. Sadly, my mother died from cancer and the chance that it was from smoking is incredibly high. Even though that scared the shit out of me- I still couldn’t quit.

I’ve been a true prisoner to cigarettes for a long time and have tried every method. Little did I know, that I would walk out for a cigarette at the airport and see you guys. You didn’t tell me to quit, you didn’t tell me how much healthier it was. You were just so nice, so informative, even down to the address of a place in LA you knew and trusted for your vapes.

Well, I want you to know as soon as I got back into town from my trip, I went to The Vape Shop in Koreatown and loaded up on 2 vapes and 2 bottles of juice. Even though I did this- I had no intention to quit- just try it and maybe SOMEDAY quit as I always say. In fact, as soon as I was in my car from leaving the shop, I was smoking a cigarette.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I was sick, and I always have this paranoia (rightfully so) that I have cancer. I promised myself that if I got better and didn’t have cancer I’d quit smoking- and I did. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m cigarette free.

Now, I’m not stupid- I know this vape and the juice still aren’t the healthiest thing for me, I’ve started at the highest level nicotine juice and am going to work my way down with nicotine levels until I’m vaping non-nicotine juice, and then I’ll taper off my the vape all together. Plans like that don’t really exist with cigarettes, why would the tobacco company want to make it easy for people to quit? Lucky for me- many people vape just non nicotine juice (I have no idea why- but thank goodness for them) so there’s gradual nicotine level juices, down to no nicotine at all.

This was not an easy transition, but it is the easiest one there is. The first 3 days of vaping all I could think about was a cigarette. I even got one in my mouth on the second or third day- then put it down and back away. Unlike previous times I attempted to quit smoking- I did not throw my cigarettes away. There are several packs in the drawer along with all the lighters. Ashtrays are put away too. I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t smoke. I like having the feeling of choosing not to. Most of this will probably only make sense to smokers or extremely empathetic people.

Everyday I still forget I’m a non-smoker. I wake up to go have a cigarette and remember I don’t have to. I don’t have to douse myself in perfume, wash my hands every 45 minutes, wash my hair everyday, air out my car… brush my teeth 10 times a day (I was a great cover up smoker in case anyone is wondering).

The things that feel best for me for no longer being a smoker is the freedom to hang out anywhere and not feel constant urges, to be free of the smell and taste and the satisfaction in knowing that I still quit fairly young so my chances for my my body to repair are very much in my favor.

So this is to thank that fantastic couple and to let everyone that does smoke, or if you have a smoker in the family know, that vaping worked for me to stop smoking cigarettes.

Is this trading one addiction for another? Yes. But it’s obviously and without question the lesser of two evils and vaping has a great stepping stone system for nicotine addicts to stop.

The best way to find vape shops in your area are to look on Yelp, Google and Instagram.

The specific one I went to here in LA is:

The Vape Shop

125 N Western Ave LA CA 90004

Oh, and this is coming from someone who had those little electronic cigarettes for years. Every kind I tried them all and nothing works like my vape I have now. In my opinion, if you are a heavy duty smoker- you need a heavy duty vape to help you quit.

My model is the Aspire CF VV+

I have always hid the fact that I was a smoker and it’s not an easy thing to be public about. I’m only sharing this in hopes that it reaches a smoker that’d like to try and quit again and also to encourage people that being nice and informative to people can really change their lives- just as that couple did for me.

hells-maid asked imagineblackveilbrides: i hope you dont mind me requesting again^^; maybe do one about wanting to meet the band, and the meet n greet tickets selling out, but at the concert i/u run into andy out for a smoke, and smoking together he befriends i/u and takes i/u backstage <3 “Sorry, we no longer have M&G’s.” I felt like i was going to cry. “Okay, just give me a ticket for the show.” I said, i gave the guy the money and walked around around the venue. I sat in a corner to smoke, i needed to smoke away all my shitty problems. I felt like i was going to cry but then i saw Andy Biersack walking in my direction. He noticed that i was staring at him like an idiot and then, he walked towards me. “Smoker section, huh?” He asked laughing a bit. “Yeah. I guess” I just couldn’t talk, i was reallly nervous, like, REALLY nervous. “BVB fan?” I caught him staring at my chest, where i had the letters of never give in. I laughed. “Sorry, staring at your boobs wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to see the tattoo on your chest.” He said as he blushed a little. So lovely. “Yeah, i know. It’s okay. And yes, i’m a fan” We talked a little about favorite bands and we found we had a lot of common. “You’re a really cool girl, (Y/N)” He said as he laughed about a funny thing i said. “You too Andy, it was nice to meet you” “Same” he said with his charming smile. “Well. I gotta go, and you must go too, you’re gonna miss the M&G.” And then, my smile fade “Uhh, i’m not going to the M&G. The tickets are sold out.” “Really? So, that means that we’re not going to see us again?” He wanted to see me again?? I fangirled so much in my head. “Wait. Come with me” He said as he grabbed my hand and led me backstage. I met the guys, we talked for some minutes and then i had to go. “It was nice to meet you, (Y/N)” the guys said. I hugged them and went out of the room followed by Andy. “Had a good time?” He asked. “Yeah! They guys are really really cool. Thank you, i just can’t believe it” He laughed. “You’re amazing” He said hugging me. “You too. I think you should go” I said as i watched some guys going to a room where the M&G was. “Yeah, but i dont want to leave” He said smiling. Then, again he led me to a door i didn’t know. He opened. “Go now, before everyone. So i can see you front row” “Aww, thank you Andy! You’re the best” I said as i ran to front row. “See you later (Y/N)!” And i waited some hours till the room was filled with people. The show stared and everything went amazing. All the guys stared at me and made funny faces for my photos.  When the show ended i had to wait until all the people that was behind me went out. When i left the room, i noticed that no one was around the venue. Everybody was gone. I just saw a bus, with the door open. And then, i saw a happy Andy. “Wanna go for a ride, (Y/N)?”

Remember when smoking inside was legal and there were like, “non smokers” sections of restaurants? I’d be much more likely to go to clubs if there were “legit does not need cheering up, does not want to dance, does not want to talk to you” sections.-_- lol