the smiths louder than bombs


1. Half a Person // The Smiths - “16, clumsy, and shy.” the reason why louder than bombs is my top teen angst album. Morrissey, somber lyrics, really all you need on a night holed up in your room.

2. Champagne Supernova // Oasis - Is it cliche? unsure I feel like caring at this juncture, I spent 15 on an oasis revival. I somehow manage to make sense out of the Gallagher’s lyrical trip.

3. I miss you // Blink 182 - two cliche’s and counting. This is everyone’s teen angst song, even if you don’t listen to Blink-also who the hell doesn’t listen to Blink?

4. Jude Law and a Semester Abroad // Brand New - not so much angst as it just makes me want to yell at you

5. I want to be buried in your backyard // Nightmare of you - a band I feel wildly underrated, unless it isn’t and I am just an ignorant ass. “I want to be buried in your backyard, and when the flowers grow just know you’re still in my heart,” is beautifully morbid, an obvious anthem of my own depravity.

6. Hello, I’m in Delaware // City and Colour - this song was how I got by after my dad passed away.

7. Now Mary // The White Stripes - My blogs namesake, “what a season to be beautiful without a reason,” one of my all time favorite lyrics and gives me chills for some reason unbeknownst to me.

8. Lover, you should’ve come over // Jeff Buckley - Jeff sure knows how to induce premature teen tears.

9. All Apologies // Nirvana - listen to this in the dark. And Loudly.

10. Simple Song // The Shins - the one song that actually uplifts me, and makes me nostalgic without needing a reason to be.