the smiths concert

Masterpost of Ryan Ross singing

For anon: Ryan has provided backing vocals for most pre split panic songs. there’s also loads of clips of him singing w/ friends etc, but I’m listing the ones I found noteworthy.

For Afysco his vocals can be heard clearly on Live In Denver

Songs where he’s had major parts on Pretty Odd include:

Iconic Acoustic Versions:


The Young Veins:

Solo Stuff:



Glory // Bastille
Requested by anon


omg so me and my friend won meet and greet passes to see Bastille (my all-time favorite band) and honestly, top 5 moments of my life. I think I was secretly worried they were gonna be kind of stand-offish and in a rush but they were so genuinely kind??? we went into this weird small room to meet them originally and they gave us both hugs right away (also when dan gave me a hug he said ‘hi i’m dan’ and i wanted to be like uh yeah I know lol) (also dan complimented my friend’s purple hair which is a very dan thing to do.)

it was funny because i made a joke about the little closet we were in and said something about them being like powered down in the closet until they got put on stage, and will laughed but nobody else heard because i think woody had said something, but then Will did the nicest thing u can do for another human which is that he looked at me and said “that was really funny actually but I don’t think anyone else heard it” and then turned to the other guys and said “she said something funny, say it again” and I said it and then they all laughed omg and i died

also we told them we had seen them when they came to nebraska the first time in 2013 and they were so nice about it they were like “no way!!” and remembered details about the show. then we went into the hallway for a picture and kyle like RAN over to these chairs and was like “you guys need to sit in these chairs. this is hilarious”. so we took a picture standing up and also what dan referred to as a “theme photo”. but nobody else got to take one in the chairs so we win lol.

oh man they were literally the nicest people ever and I can’t get over the fact that we actually met them. omg. i’m kind of in shock. also, we got lucky because we were there with like 6 other people but we were the only ones that got to talk to them a little before we took the picture :D basically I’m elated and the concert afterwards was amazing as well and so. thank you tunespeak gods for giving me this win lolol