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…In the battle of public untruths versus fact checking, the forces of untruth have more money, more people, and…much better expertise. They know how to birth and spread a lie better than we know how to debunk one. They are more creative about it, and, by the very nature of what they’re doing, they aren’t constrained by ethics or professional standards. Advantage, liars.
'We’re very active in digital. I have Rap Radar, [Danyel] has a tumblr with over 100,000 followers. We live, breathe, and eat off social media. We’re in the conversation. We know what’s going on. But we feel like there’s still a place for the print medium if it’s done in an innovative way. That costs money, and a lot of people don’t want to put money into it because it’s easier to put money into the digital space. We understand [though] that the audience still wants things of quality.'

Elliott Wilson, of HRDCVR


I was listening to multiple recordings of “Svegliatevi nel core” (Handel’s Giulio Cesare) and I stumbled upon this gem.

The Smithian’s version of “Svegliatevi nel core”

Warning: video may cause uncontrollable cringing, krumping, tripping out, and/or death.

time for a li'l vacay. need to refresh the brain cells, plus get a bit of sun.

will be posting only sporadically for the next seven days.

thx for following, for the feedback, for the corrections, for the support. it means the most. big things are in store for #thesmithian in 2012.

happy new year!

It’s not the question of if a major cyber warfare attack will happen—it’s an issue of when and how bad it will be…Some enterprises are facing thousands of attacks a day, while others wonder if they are going to be hacked or not. This will occur across all industries and infrastructures, and we have to think and accept that as a reality…
—  Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab