the smirk and the hair and the sword and the abs

Game | Harry Hook x Reader

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Summary: It was a game between you and Harry. See who could make the other break first. And you were determined to win.

Warnings: Smutty goodness

Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at smut so let me know if you like it!

You pushed Harry up against the alley wall, nipping at his bottom lip as his hands trailed up and down your back. Just when he started to reach for the button on your pants, you pulled away from him, smirking when his hands tried to follow you.

“Sounds like Uma’s calling me. Better run.” You gave him a sarcastic pout and turned to walk away. He grabbed your hand, spinning you back around to face him. “Sweetheart, you can’t leave me like this again.” He gritted out. You looked him up and down, feeling a sense of pride when you saw the tent in his pants.

“Sweetheart, I can and I will.” You mocked, pulling your arm away from him and hurrying back to the Lost Revenge, laughing as you heard Harry swearing at you. 

Uma had you and Harry together training some new recruits. The sun was blistering hot overhead and Harry was training some new girl who wasn’t even paying attention to what he was saying but to his abs instead. It pissed you off. Oh well, she’ll wish she had paid attention when she ‘accidentally’ gets stabbed.

Angrily, you turned your attention back to the guy you were training. “If your opponent strikes first, turn the sword to catch theirs and while they’re pulling their sword back, you can apply a swift kick to either their shin or groin.” You kicked out for emphasis. “But if you strike first, be sure to-” 

“Hey!” You heard Harry bark, stomping his way over to you two. You took a step backwards when Harry grabbed your recruit’s collar, practically holding him in the air. “If you wanna be part of the crew, I would recommend actually listening instead of staring at my (Y/N)’s ass.” Harry growled. 

“Got it?” Harry questioned. Once he deemed the guy was sorry enough, Harry promptly dropped him and grabbed your wrist. “Everybody pair up and duel it out. We’ll be back.” Harry announced, hurriedly pulling you below deck. You grinned victoriously. It wasn’t often you got Harry this riled up.

You nearly stumbled as Harry pushed you into the broom closet, slamming the door behind you. Immediately, he pushed you up against the wall, nipping at your neck, his hands on your shoulders. You grasped at his wrists, already panting.

“You remember earlier? When you just pranced away, laughing?” Harry sucked even harder on your neck. You tried to hold back your moans and whimpers. It would be bad if Uma found out her first mate and loyal crew member left in the middle of training to go fuck in a closet.

“Leaving me worked up in the alley way.” Harry continued, starting to make another hickey on the base of your neck. “You’re gonna regret it.” Harry growled. You screamed as Harry bit down on your neck. So much for being quiet.

“I’m gonna make you scream my name.” Harry grinned maniacally and used his hook, ripping your shirt from your frame. “Then what are you waiting for?” You murmured with a sly smile. His eyes darkened, his grin replaced by a look of pure determination. It excited you.

“If you like those clothes, I recommend you get them off. Now.” Harry growled, undoing his belt. You gulped slightly nervous at his rough voice. You quickly shimmied out of your jeans and tugged your panties down as well. You unclasped your bra and let it fall to the floor.

You looked up at Harry suddenly feeling like a mouse in a box with a cat. He stared at you hungrily. “Come and get it, big boy.” You taunted. Before you could close your mouth, Harry was on top of you, kissing you hard, sliding his hands down to your butt. You wrapped your arms around his neck.

Harry ran his tongue across your bottom lip, demanding entrance which you refused to give him. Suddenly, his hands dipped down low and grabbed your butt hard. You let out a small squeak and his tongue dived into your mouth, quickly finding yours. You rubbed your thighs together to get more friction, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Harry.

“Jump.” Harry mumbled against your lips. You lifted one leg and hooked it around Harry’s waist and jumped. You hooked your other leg around him as he gripped your thighs, holding you up.

You set to work on leaving a hickey on his neck while one of his hands made its way down to your slit. You let out a loud moan as he rubbed his thumb over your clit, simultaneously sticking two fingers inside of you.

“Goddammit, Harry! Pick up the pace!” You hissed, getting frustrated. “Trust me, darlin’. You’ll be begging me to slow down in a minute.” He promised, removing his fingers and replacing it with the head of his cock.

Your head fell limp against his shoulder as he pushed in. You let out a groan as Harry bottomed out, his pubes brushing against your clip. You gripped at his biceps. He was physically shaking as he waited for you to adjust.

Your gazes met, his eyes with love and lust. “Go.” You ordered. Harry smirked, pulling out and stopping, just his tip inside of you. “Harry, I swear to God-” You let out a small scream as Harry thrust inside of you again, your threat falling flat.

It had been way too long since you had gotten to do this. You let out a groan as Harry began kneading your left breast, attaching his mouth to your right. You tangled your hands in his hair, tugging lightly. The knot in your gut started tightening. 

“Harry…“ You whimpered. “I’m-” “I know.” He nodded. His thrusts became less controlled. He stuck his hand in between your legs again, rubbing at your clit. You jerked and spasmed, getting so close… Harry stopped.

“Please!” You whined, trying to rub yourself against his fingers. “Who do you belong to?” Harry murmured in your ear. “You!” You screamed as Harry started moving his fingers even faster. 

“Harry!” You yelled, the knot in your gut snapping. You threw your head back, panting as Harry pulled out. “Ah, (Y/N)!” Harry yelled. You flinched slightly as Harry released himself on your stomach. You put your hands on Harry’s shoulders, massaging them lightly as Harry loosened his grip on your thighs. Damn you were gonna be sore in the morning.

Harry carefully set you down and handed you a rag to clean yourself. You finished and tossed the rag on the ground. You stood on your tiptoes, pressing your lips to his. “Love you.” You mumbled against his lips. “I know.” 

It was quiet as you both gathered your clothes. You held up your ripped shirt. “What am I supposed to do about this?” You questioned. “That sounds like a you problem.” Harry smirked.

“Ok then.” You shrugged. “I’ll just go back up in just my bra, so everybody can stare…” You trailed off, smirking as Harry’s jaw tightened. “Hold still.” Harry ordered, walking out of the closet.

After a minute or two, Harry popped his head in the door. “Here.” Harry tossed you his white tank top he as wearing before you started training. You quickly pulled it on over your head and met Harry out in the hallway.

“I think we can both agree. I made you break this time.” You grinned gleefully. Harry scoffed. “Please. I had you screaming for me. Please, Harry. Please.” Harry mocked. “Shut up!” You pushed him gently, laughing. “You didn’t win.” He declared, crossing his arms.

“You brought this upon yourself then.” You said with an innocent smile. “Wha-” You cut him off by pushing him up against the wall, lips brushing up against his. “Don’t start anything you can’t finish.” You pulled away, making Harry growl in frustration.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game!” You called over your shoulder with a smug smirk. “Fuck you!” Harry groaned. “That’s your job!”

Bad Girls Have All The Fun (Harry Hook x Reader - Smut)

You knew you were in trouble the moment you saw them. You were exploring a different side of the Isle of the Lost when you saw a ship that doubled as a restaurant. Intrigued you entered. You walked into Ursula’s Fish & Chips only to regret it instantly. Everyone’s heads snapped up to survey you; a stranger on their turf. They gave you a once over and went back to work. However, Uma did not. She held eye contact with you and you eventually blinked ending the staring contest. Finally, someone broke the silence; “So, what brings you here, darling?” asked a man with a thick Scottish accent. He sounded close, really close. You scanned the room but could not locate the owner of the voice. He spoke again, closer this time; “I asked, what are you doing here?” His voice harsher this time, and right behind you. You spun around on your heels, accidentally whipping him with your thick hair. “I was taking a walk, but I’ll be leaving now.” you uttered carefully, not wanting to cause anymore trouble for yourself.

“That’s right go back to the rats, the ones who’ll be stuck on this island, powerless for the rest of their miserable lives,” chided Uma. “You’re just like the rest of them!“ she spat. “Excuse me? I am not weak!” you bellowed. She jumped out of her chair so fast she knocked it down. She whipped her swords out ready for a fight, her crew not far behind her. “Prove it,” she challenged you. She charged ready to slice your head off with both her blades when someone blocked her swords with a hook. It was her sidekick. “Before you kill her-,” he interjected “-consider this. She could be useful. We need to gather followers. She can help us fight.” Uma took a moment to ponder her first mate’s idea. She seemed to agree slowly nodding her head. “Fine, I won’t kill you. On one condition. You join us in our fight to regain power,” she offered. You thought it over and really didn’t see any drawbacks to her proposal. Finally something that will show the world what you’re capable of. You nodded your head and shook Uma’s hand. Everyone rejoiced and welcomed you to the cause. The last to do so was the first mate. “Welcome aboard, I’m Hook. Harry Hook, and you are?” he inquired with a stunning smile and sparkling blue eyes. “(y/n y/l/n)” you responded nervously. He smiled, that dazzling smile. “I’ll show you to your new room then,” he stated.

He lead you down a few steps in the back of the restaurant, down a corridor, and opened a door. You stepped inside examining its contents. Against the left wall was a double bed with a porthole right above it, a desk stood against the opposite wall, and against the right wall stood a dresser. You heard the door close behind you and you spun around realising that Harry had left. You flopped onto the bed with a sigh. You crawled under the covers and dozed off, deciding that you would go fetch your things at home tomorrow. You drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of waves crashing against the ship.

Over the past two weeks you had been with the crew you grew really close with Harry. You talked about your parents and complained about them always telling you to be the baddest you can be. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have a crush on him. He made you laugh which no one had done in a long time. Whenever he told you stories his father had told him as a young boy, you listened intently. You were in love with his accent, and his eyes, and his smile…and everything about him. When he was around you, you always had a smile plastered on your face.

You were currently in your room, listening to Harry tell you a story you were no longer paying attention to. You were preoccupied with gazing into his eyes. He suddenly stopped talking and moved to sit next to you on your bed. “Do you know why I stopped Uma from killing you the day we met?” he asked out of the blue. You thought for a moment and answered; “You needed numbers, you knew that you needed more people to join you in the fight to regain power,” He laughed at your response, which earned him a glare from you. “No, love. It’s because I was intrigued by you. And if I’m being honest, I’ve developed feelings for you over these short few weeks,” he confessed. You were shocked. Did Harry just admit that he had a crush on you? Holy shit! You realised that you’ve been quiet for far too long and spoke; “Well, I sort of have feelings for you too,” you mumbled. He smirked and smashed his lips against yours. Your lips molded together perfectly. The kiss was slow but passionate. Your lips moved together in perfect harmony. He lightly nibbled on your bottom lip asking you for entrance. You decided to tease him and denied him access. He moved his hands down to your butt and squeezed making you moan. He took the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth and explore it. Your tongues mangled together fighting for dominance. He won, and further explored your mouth. His tongue gently glided over your teeth, and softly brushed against the roof of your mouth, then twisted with yours again.

His lips abandoned yours only to travel down your jaw, and along your neck, leaving butterfly kisses along your jawline and collarbones. He lightly nibbled a spot near the back of your ear making you moan. He smirked against your skin obviously pleased with himself for finding your sweet spot. He sucked on this spot leaving a mark that would be hard to cover in the morning. His fingers tugged at the hem of your shirt wordlessly asking for your permission. You lifted your shirt over your head and took off your bra along with it. Eager to explore the freshly exposed skin he pulled you onto his lap.

You straddled his lap and he immediately attached his lips to one of your breasts, his hand kneading the other. You moaned at his touch gripping onto his shoulders. You slid his red jacket off his shoulders and he took it off along with his shirt. You had to stop yourself from drooling at the sight of his abs. You’d seen them before when he was practicing sword fighting or training new members of the crew how to fight, which he decided to do shirtless. You pushed him down onto the bed and started leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses down his neck and chest, all the way down to the waistband of his pants. You started to grind against his hard dick, drawing deep throaty moans out of him. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your pants and snapped it. “These…off, now,” he breathed out.

You got up and kicked off your shoes and took off your pants, then got back on the bed, just in time to watch him strip out of his pants. You licked your lips, and with a smirk he asked; “Like what you see, darling?” You only nodded pulling him back onto the bed. He lied down on top of you his elbows at your sides so that he doesn’t crush you with his weight. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he pushed himself against your center. You couldn’t control the moans that escaped your lips. Harry dipped his head down to your breasts and continued down your body leaving sloppy kisses. When he got to the waistband of your panties he pulled them down with his teeth. You kicked them of when they reached your ankles. He pressed a soft kiss against your clit, making you shiver. He pressed kisses up and down your folds making you squirm. He held down your hips and went back to work. He licked a stripe up your folds causing you to breathily moan his name. His tongue delved into your folds and you screamed his name. His tongue started moving faster making the pleasure inside of you build. “Yes, Harry. Just like that. Shit!” you moaned. You buried your hands in his hair tugging slightly which made him moan sending vibrations to your clit. Your orgasm was building and you started to shake, you were so close to the edge but he pulled away. “Not yet, love. I want to feel your tight pussy clenching around my dick,” he whispered. His words sending jolts of pleasure straight to where you needed him the most. He removed his underwear and his dick sprang free. You got even wetter anticipating him inside of you.

He got back on top of you, and positioned himself at your entrance. He slowly pushed in and you both moaned at the immense pleasure you were receiving. He continued to gently push into you until he was in all the way. He pulled back out almost completely and pushed back in. You found a steady rhythm and he started to thrust into you faster each time. He started to pound into you, deep, hitting your g-spot each time. At this point you were screaming his name along with a string of curses. You didn’t care who heard you, it felt too good right now to care. He was slamming into you, both of you nearing your climaxes. “Fuck, (y/n)! You’re so tight!” he growled. His thrusts started getting sloppier indicating that he was close to the edge. “Shit, I’m close, love,” he huffed. “Me too,” you breathed. “Together,” he said and you nodded. He continued to thrust into you, pounding into your g-spot. “Now, love. You can let go,” he groaned. You both came hard screaming each other’s names. He pulled you close as you rode out your highs together. He rolled off of you as you both caught your breath.

When your heart rates returned back to get normal, he pulled you closer. He laughed and you gave him a confused look; “What’s so funny,” you ask. “I guess what they say is true-,” he said with a smile “-bad girls have all the fun.” You giggled and replied; “Yeah, especially with you.”

You fell asleep with your head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat, feeling content.

drowning oceans

[jon snow x reader]

author’s note: i spent a few days trying to write this because i just couldn’t get it to flow right but then today i hung out with a friend literally all day and didn’t get home till almost midnight yet stayed up to write this because i actually got it to work despite being super tired. wtf why am i like this i just wanna sleep, y’all

word count: 2,296

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Jealous Lover

//the One Where Cersei is jealous of Jaime’s sudden drawl towards, Y/N Stark, the beauty of the Seven Kingdoms//

The celebration was filled with lively music, the cheer and chatter echoed through the walls of Casterly Rock. The woman twirled in their colorful dresses that represented their houses. Showing their support to the Lannisters was vital in for survival, one of the most strongest families in Westeros. They were Lions after all and Lions were rulers of the Kingdom.

The room had gone silent at the appearance of Y/N, she was absolutely breathtaking in the sunlit room. Her golden skin glowed slightly showing off the smoothness of her skin, no crater or blemish in sight. Her seductive eyes scanned the room before her, she demanded the attention of everyone in the room without even asking for it. Her unnaturally (eye color of choice) eyes scanned the room, a small smile rested on her features as her attention was turned to her younger sister whom brushed up against her shoulder. “They are all staring” Sansa remarked, her fingers gently brushing on the light grey material that was her dress.

“We are wolves Sansa, they stare because they fear” her voice was strong and soft. Holding so much power and authority but caressed your ears like a soft lullaby a mother sings to her dearest children. Sansa bore the house colors of the Lannisters, couldn’t tell that she was once a wolf. Sansa shyly moved from her sister’s side, her eyes examining the great hall they stood in.

“Y/N Stark” a voice stated behind her, peering over shoulder slightly she caught eye of the Kingslayer, a man who needs no introduction.

“Kingslayer” she speaks slowly, Y/N turns around and faces the man “Its a pleasure” she holds out her hand, he wrapped his hands delicately around her fingers before laying a soft kiss on the back of her hand. His lips lay there before he looks up at her.

“Jaime will do just fine” he responds once his lips aren’t occupied by her hand. “Please walk with me” He held out his elbow for her to grab, she watches him hesitantly before slowly dragging her hand through his elbow. The simple action makes the Kingslayer smile. “You look exquisite, you truly live up your to the title”

“Is that all I am to people, a title? A title that exemplifies my beauty. Am I only known for my beauty to men, what of my intelligence, determination, loyalty, leadership?”

“That’s the first thing a man sees, a man judges is the outer appearance of a woman. Never wants inside, he never knows what lurks in her mind.” She stopped turning in front of him, her eyes scanning him for a moment.

“What do you see Jamie?” She whispers, his finger slowly moving the strand of hair that blocked her face.

“A strong, independent woman that doesn’t need a man to know her worth. A mesmerizing woman whom deserves the utmost satisfaction and respect” he whispers back.

Cersei watched the pair, her eyes burning holes in the Stark that stared loving into her lover’s eyes. Her face began to grow hot, her fist clenching and unclenching slowly. She tried calming herself but the more she watched the two, the more she could Jaime see him slipping from her and Cersei didn’t like that thought.

“The sight sickens me” she murmured to herself, she composed herself quickly before sashaying toward the couple, her eyes darting from Jaime to Y/N. They haven’t spoken anything, just gazing at each other. “Lady Stark, it’s a pleasure having here at Casterly Rock” Cersei gathered Y/N attention with a soft smile she bowed softly. “The pleasure is all mine Queen Mother” Cersei pressed a feigned smile on her lips before her eyes averted to Jamie whom been glaring at his twin, praying that she did do anything foolish.

“I think I’ll retire to my chambers it was great meeting you… both” she said with a smile, she gave a slight smile before sashaying away from the pair.

Jaime grabbed Cersei’s arm pulling her close to him “What is you are intentions??”

She snatched her arm away, glaring at the man “You with that woman! Do you find her attractive?”

“In more ways than one” he huffed before leaving his lover on the floor, he held unto his sword as he traveled the halls searching for Y/N. His eyes turning left and right as he scanned for her picturesque body roaming through the halls. He grunted softly at he pushing against the wall, his hand impelled by another.

“You following me Jaime” a soft voice whispered against his ear, he chuckled lightly as his face was smushed against the extravagant designs of the wall. “Trying to protect me or have your way with me?”

“Would you believe me if I said protect?” He hummed, he watched the Wolf in his peripheral. A small smirk written on her face, her hand slowly retracted away from him. He turned around slowly to face her.

She pushed him against the hall her hands stationary at his abs while her body was pressed against his. Her tempting eyes running over his. “I have to admit Kingslayer, you… are…very easy on the eyes.” Her lips parted while they moved over of his slightly brushing against his quivering lips

Jamie’s hand slowly pulled up Y/N’s leg, pressing their hips together. His eyes running over face.

He leaned forward to connect lips only for her to pull back, her hands slowly running up his armored chest, he regret not wearing thinner clothing to feel her touch. Her index pressed against his lips, slowly dragging it down. “See you tomorrow Ser Jamie” she whispered before removing herself from his touch

“That is one hot piece of ass” he heard a familiar voice let out, he turned his head to Hand of the King, Bronn. He didn’t have any words. He nodded breathlessly before he was left alone.

Carnival Kiss

Just so you know, I’ve only been on a Farris wheel once and I had a full on panic attack on it.

Levy couldn’t believe her luck. Stuck as a 5th wheel with Natsu and Lucy, Juvia and Grey, she had been convinced that she had to go to the fair with them, and Juvia dragged (and she quite literally meant DRAGGED) her older brother Gajeel with them as well. Levy couldn’t even enjoy herself with her green eyes of envy over Natsu and Lucy holding hands, or Grey’s subtle romantic gestures of buying Juvia things she liked when she wasn’t looking and saving them in his backpack for another time. They were the two cutest couples on the planet, and Levy yearned, more than anything for something half as amazing as the love between her best friends.

And Juvia’s brother, Gajeel. Don’t even get her started. The tall, dark, and brooding-yet strikingly handsome and witty, Gajeel. He spent most of his time stalking behind the group with a scowl on his face. She noticed he spent a lot of time admiring the cat related merchandise as they passed through the market, and bought a food and water bowl set that looked like kiwis. He also asked, as they were walking through the 4-h barns with all the cute animals, if they had any cats, and tsked with annoyance when he was told no- they didn’t have any cats in 4-h.

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Dinner For Two

Originally posted by my-favoritess

Request: anon asked “A reader x Jaime Lannister request where the reader is a lowborn girl and works somewhere in Kingslanding and Jaime falls in live with her or at least wants to have something with her. But more smut than fluff please :)”

Warnings: smut of course!  ;)

Word Count: 1941

Notes: i have no idea when this story would take place lets just throw out the timeline of the show and enjoy some porn okay

Your name: submit What is this?

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As He Sleeps (Past!Ardyn x Reader)

Had a bit of a dry spell, but today I need an outlet more than I have done in a while. Have some depressing thoughtful fluff. For those who are interested, I was using the photo that is my banner pic for this one (I love it so much because I have a freckle under the exact same eye he does, hence the self-indulgent reference in here)

Tumblr Masterpost


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Title: An all too pleasant sight

Pairing: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus)

Rating: K+

a/n: Okay so… this was going to be a semi-serious short oneshot called ‘What this damn coat of his hides’ but it turned a lil more serious instead lmfAO. So… yes. I don’t even know. But here. B’)

Laxus narrowed his eyes as he spotted the bunch of females standing in front of the guild’s private training room. Had he missed something? Impossible. Freed had told him to meet him there in five minutes and the blond was actually being a few minutes ealier for once. Now what on earth were they doing there?

Not a single sound could be heard but as he came closer he was able to make out who exactly was gathered before the one window that allowed them to look into the training’s room. There was blue hair from Levy, two white-haired heads that could only be the two female Strauss siblings and a brunette. Cana, undeniably. All four of them seemed way too focused and contented for the dragon slayer’s liking and his orange eyes narrowed even further as a certain suspicion arose.

“The hell you gaping at?” In reality he didn’t have to ask. His gut feeling must be right unless someone had joined Freed for training.

The sound of Laxus’ clear rumbling voice had all four of the females turn their heads towards him, surprise and the slightest feeling of oh-shit-we-got-caught evident on their faces before Cana was the first out of them to regain a grin. “Arriving just in time, Sparky.”

“Don’t call me that,” Laxus grumbled out as he finally reached their side.He hated this nickname and she just didn’t stop using it.

“You can’t really blame us for looking, can ya?”

He could. He sure could. And he was about to respond just that as his own focus fell onto the man in the training room. His boyfriend. It looked like he was finishing his training routine with a couple of sword play moves and stances and the lightning mage didn’t notice how he had fallen quiet before he could give the snarky and protective response he’d actually planned for.

Freed’s long emerald hair was tied up to a pony tail and the only piece of attire that was currently covering him really was a pair of black jogging pants.

Laxus’ eyes wandered. He could see how fingers of strong, calloused hands were holding the hilt of his sword tightly and the blond might as well blame himself for how much of an erotic sight this alone could be. He had felt Freed’s hands before. All over him. His fingers, his grip. The firm muscles of his arms were playing deliciously with every motion he made, chest heaving and tightening with his respiration and abs perfectly exposed. Drops of sweat were covering the beautiful skin telling about successful hours of training and Laxus wanted to touch it.

Mesmerized, the blond ended up focusing his boyfriend’s face. Utter concentration had settled in his expression. He hadn’t expected anything different, not from Freed. If he had taken note of his female audience then he didn’t seem to care.

And well, Laxus had not taken note of his long moment of mental absence.

“Don’t start droolin’ on us, kay?”

It was Cana’s playful and utterly amused voice that brought him back to the here and now and the tall male quickly shook his head before his previously grumpy expression fell back into place.

“Still blaming us,” the card mage asked with a smug mien. And could she spot the slightest hint of a blush starting to appear on the guy’s face? Ha, yes!

“Nevermind. The show’s over,” he growled and turned to the door so he could finally go meet Freed as promised. He heard giggling from the other three women as he did so, and briefly stopped once more when Cana threw another response at him. “C'mon, it happens once in a blue moon that we see him with such little clothing and have the possibility to appreciate it without drawing too much attention. No harm in enjoying the attractive males of our guild, right? You belong to ‘em, too.”

That is what she called not drawing attention? Standing there in front of the window, with four of them?! “Whatever, don’t care.” All Laxus cared for was the green-haired man inside this room. At least his protectiveness was serving to distract him from this slightly hot feeling that had overcome him when watching Freed’s unintended little show. Oh dammit.

But when he entered the room he realized that either the rune magician seriously hadn’t taken note of his viewers or he really really didn’t care and just ignored it. Because his face lit up the moment he saw Laxus coming in and he instantly stopped in his movement, the strain and seriousness easing away from his face.

“Laxus, there you are.” His right hand raised to brush the back of it along his forehead and he was just about to say something else when suddenly he felt two hands cup his face and lips press against his own with an urge he sure as hell had not expected right then and there. His inital reaction was to blink once before the brief moment of surprised tension faded and he relaxed into the kiss, hand that was holding his sword gripped dropping and a pleased hum escaping his lips.

By the time they pulled apart Freed wasn’t only panting from his previous training anymore and he saw his boyfriend averting his gaze for the first moment after the rushed gesture before he scratched the back of his head what had the greenet form a soft smirk. “What brought this on?”

“Nothin’. You finished your trainin’?”

Nothing, sure. “You know, I wouldn’t mind being greeted in such a manner more frequently,” Freed teased as his free hand moved to settle on the taller man’s waist. Greenish blue eyes looked up into orange ones and spotting a certain bit of desire in them did satisfy him.

However, instead of mentioning it, the rune mage withdrew to get his towel and bottle of water. They had agreed to head home together and they would.

Laxus only huffed at this comment, broad muscular arms crossing before his chest as he watched his boyfriend grab his stuff.

“I need to change and I would shower here as well…,” he began with his back still turned on the blond. Then he straightened his body and turned his head just a tad bit. “But something tells me that it would be much more pleasant to shower at home with a guaranteed privacy.”

Oh and this, this was music to the dragon slayer’s ears! Not that he would admit it… Not that he would say something too obvious… But the spark in his eyes and his still existent blush were confirmation enough that Laxus very much approved of this idea. “Hmm… sounds good.”

And how it did. Freed was his only and he was going to appreciate not only his body but soul and the entire being that was him, that was for sure.

Impress Me (Bellamy Blake Fluff)

Summary ~ I wasn’t trying to impress him, but i was still glad i did.

Words ~ 1522

Requested ~ Yes

I sighed sitting down in my shared tent. Today had been tough. The lack of food and sleep was really starting to get to me. I was a little grouchy so I asked Clarke if I could go sit in my tent for 15 minutes. She let me which I was glad about, but my 15 minutes were up and I didn’t want to leave my tent. I heard ruffling and I looked up to see Monty walk in. He saw me and froze.
“Are you hiding too?” I smiled.
“Yeah” He said sitting down beside me, I sighed resting my head on his shoulder.
“I am really starting to hate this” He said.
“I know how you feel”
“Okay I have a plan” He smiled sitting up slightly and turning to me. “At night we pack up all the stuff we need and just leave”
“What about food?”
“We take all the food”
“There are trees”
“We could cuddle” He laughed.
“I like that idea, okay we should meet back here at midnight” I joked.
“Until then we have to face the camp” He groaned standing up.
“No I don’t wanna”
“Come on” He said pulling me up.
“Okay you go ahead I have to get my boots back on” He nodded and walked out I quickly got my boots on and walked out.
“What were you and Monty doing in there?” One of the guys asked smirking.
“Nothing just talking” I said trying to ignore him.
“Are you sure Monty looked pretty happy when he was leaving?”
“He is Monty, he is always happy, dumbass” Before he could reply Bellamy shouted that the hunting team was leaving. I grabbed your sword and went over to them.
“Why don’t you stay here princess, make some tea or brush your hair” One of the guys said before high-fiving his friends.
“I would but then you wouldn’t have a job” I smiled.
“I think you should step back, and know your place” He said.
“I do it is in between your girls legs, when you don’t get her off, which is always” I said walking past them.
“Listen girly-”
“What’s going on?” Bellamy said walking over with his sword.
“This thing wants to come hunt” He said pointing at me.
“You know how to use that sword?” Bellamy asked.
“Yeah right” The guy laughed.
“Do you want me to prove it by chopping something?” I said pointing the sword at his crouch.
“You just want to touch my dick” He smiled.
“I would but I don’t have any tweezers” I replied.
“Let’s go, before Jason starts to cry” Bellamy said walking away. I followed him as we walked into the forest. We walked for maybe 15 minutes before Bellamy told us to stop, pointing to the side. 10 feet away there was a bore standing by a tree.
“Okay how to we capture it” Jason asked.
“Em….Jason you quietly move to higher ground so you can get a good shot with your arrow, I will go over to the other side encase it tries to run” Bellamy said before looking at me and the other two guys. “You” He said pointing to one of the guys. “Come with me encase I need two people to take it down” He pointed at the other guy before saying. “You stay with her”
He walked off with the other guy, and Jason walked the other way. The guy sat down sighing.
“I didn’t come to babysit” He groaned.
“I didn’t come to watch” I said walking over to the other side so that I could get a good shot at the pig.
“What are you doing? Stay here”
“You are not my dad, don’t tell me what to do” I walked over to the perfect position, I had gotten closer to the bore I was maybe 6 feet away stood behind a tree. I turned pointing my sword and throwing it like a javelin. It went through the pig, like butter. I walked over pulling my sword out of the pig, and placing it back by my side. Bellamy and the guy came out from behind a tree and walked over. Jason jogged down from a hill looking angry.
“That wasn’t the plan”
“No it was better”
“I killed it, there was no physical activity that you guys had to do which means you can make me some tea when we get back to camp” I walked over getting a branch.
“That is it” I heard Jason say, I turned around to see him coming at me. He pushed me against the tree wrapping his hand around my throat.
“JASON” I heard Bellamy shout but I was calm. I brought my arm around shoving my elbow it down on his radius, he dropped his hand from by throat in pain, I used this time to slap him across the face knee him in the groin and kick him over.
“Two sugars in my tea bitch” I said walking over to the pig. I tied it to the branch, before standing up.
“I’m impressed” Bellamy smiled.
“If that was my goal of the day I would be happy” I smiled back. I picked up the branch hooking it over each shoulder so the pig was pressed against my shoulder and back.
“Let’s go ballerinas” I said as I started the walk back to camp. I walked back into camp just as it got dark the boys behind me. Everyone looked at me as I walked past the towards the meat shed.
“You made the girl carry the pig” Murphy asked.
“If I killed it, I carry it” I said over my shoulder. I put the pig in the meat shed and walked over to the drop ship. I sat down beside Clarke and she just smirked.
“What are you smirking at?”
“Were you trying to impress someone?” She asked.
“What? Who?”
“Bellamy” She winked.
“Why would I want to do that?” I smiled.
“Oh my God. You were. Look at your face” She laughed.
“Whatever, I wasn't”
“Did it work?”
“Well he did say he was impressed, but that doesn’t matter because I wasn’t trying to impress him”
“Oh I can here the wedding bells” She joked.
“Shut up”
“Wait that isn’t wedding bells, that you moaning later tonight when you share a tent”
“We are not sharing a tent” I said confused.
“Yes you are because Jaspar was sharing a tent with him, but he has gotten sick and so has Monty so they are staying together and you need somewhere to sleep” She smirked.
“You bitch” I said. “You set this up” Before she could reply Jason walked in.
“Em….Clarke I need some help I think I have broken my arm” He said avoiding eye contact with me.
“Okay how did this happen?” He asked inspecting his arm.
“Em…I fell” He said glancing over at me.
“For Gods sake, will you stop trying to kill the male species” Clarke sighed towards me. I laughed leaving the dropship and going to my tent to get some of my stuff. I grabbed my bag and walked over to Bellamy’s tent.
“Bellamy I am coming in please don’t be naked” I said walking in with my eyes closed.
“Wow I really thought you wanted me to be naked” He laughed. I opened my eyes to see he was clothed except for a shirt on his bed. I walked over to the other bed dumping my bag down and searching for a clean t-shirt, because there was blood on mine. I pulled a top out of my bag and kicked off my shoes. I pulled off my dirty t-shirt, and took my hair down from its high ponytail.
“Oh should I leave?” I heard Bellamy say.
“No it’s okay” I said pulling on my clean t-shirt. I sat down on my bed tired from the day.
“You were impressive today” He said.
“I have never seen a girl like that” He said sitting beside me.
“Like what?” I said sitting up.
“You stand up for yourself, you are funny, you are sassy, you are strong, you are skilled, you amaze me, plus you are gorgeous” He started leaning closer to me.
“Well I….Thank you” I whispered as he leaned down. He pushed me back on the bed as he cupped my face. His lips were soft but the kiss was beautifully rough. I ran my hands across his chest tracing his abs. He broke the kiss pulling my top over my head before attaching his lips to my neck. I moaned slightly as he hit my sweet spot. I ran my hands through his hair as he started to kiss down my neck to my chest.
“FOODS READY” Clarke shouted outside of the tent. Bellamy sat up quickly both of us breathing heavily. He looked down at me almost asking if we should stop. I just smirked pulling him back down whispering.
“I’m not hungry”


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The Iron King (Part 8) 

Rated M

Summary:The former warrior prince has claimed the throne and rules his kingdom in peace. But the neighboring King Natsu rubs in his face that Gajeel remains unwed poses a frustrating question. What is a King without his Queen? Natsu’s wife Queen Lucy brings a certain blue friend along with her to the duel between Kings. What will happen when he lays eyes on Lucys friend Lady McGarden?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Thoughts are expressed in this format.

Thundering sounds of hooves echoed off the castle wall’s as the group approached the gates, Lily flying ahead of them and into the castle. 

Two men riding their horses in front of Gajeel and Levy as the group made their way to into the court yard.

Boze and the rest of the men followed behind leading the two attackers chained by their wrists.

Tired red eyes gazed upon the castle, his muscles ached as he shifted in the saddle. Gajeel could feel the exhaustion setting in, just wanting to take all the heavy armor off and rest. 

Taking a deep breath and looking down at the peaceful face in front of him. While the earlier events took a toll on him Gajeel could only guess how much it took out of Levy both mentally and physically.

Her head rested against his chest, mouth slightly open as drool threaten to fall from the pink lips.

Gajeel couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as the horse stopped handing the reins to a guard. Scooping her into his arms princess style before carefully dismounting Karma Demon to not disturb Levy.

Feet landing on the cobblestone and slowly walking up the steps, pausing to look over his shoulder to see the attackers being led down into the dungeon. 

Content that the men would be taken care of Gajeel proceeded to walk past the iron doors as the rest of his men resumed their duties.

Hurried sound of footsteps could be heard coming towards them as he stepped inside the castle.

“Levy!” Lucy shouted out from the top of the stairs, long pink dress trailing behind her as she ran down the steps with Natsu rushing right past her.

Stopping his stride as Natsu stood in front of him, scrutinizing Levy for injuries before moving on to his appearance.

Natsu noted the dried blood splattered on parts of the armor and the tired look on the normally scowling face.

“What the hell happened Gajeel?” His eyes snapping up to his friend as he crossed his arms.

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(Smaug X reader ) His. ( pointless Smut )

Words: 1207

Warning: Smut. PwP 

Fandom: the hobbit, Smaug 

You didn’t remember how you ended up here. You didn’t even know where here was. But it was warm and that was the only thing you cared about. Well, that wasn’t entirely true as you was bothered about the hard things pressing into your back. You looked around and your eyes widened as you stated upon the great treasure of Erebor.

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Cat got your tongue? Part 2 ♡ Bellamy Blake Imagine

A/N: So a few people asked for a second part and its Bellamy Blake so I couldn’t say no. I hope it’s okay, part 2’s scare me 😀💕

Warnings: Swearing


“Bell!” You called from the other side of camp, your armour sticking to your skin as you sheathed your sword, the blade fitting like a favourite sweater.

He smirked at you and sauntered over, sweat on his brow and his arms straining against his shirt. You gulped. Before you could say anything his arm swung over you, sweat drenching you both. You shoved him off, panting, the heat rushing to your cheeks.

“It’s too hot.” You whined, pouting at him.

“You’re too hot.” He replied with ease, his voice slicker than a well greased machine, gravelly and sexy making you shiver despite the temperature.

“You’re on fire recently Blake, you’ve been around me too long.” You laughed in response, still feeling flustered.

“I don’t think so, I think I need to spend more time around you. Maybe in you?“ He grinned, kissing you hard and leaving you speechless.


It was a few days after, a significantly colder day. And after seeing Bellamy your blood went colder, like ice.

He was standing in a circle of sky girls. Their awe filled eyes making you gag, your strides filled with anger as you got closer and closer beginning to make out words being uttered by your boyfriend.

“Don’t worry girls. There’s enough heat here for everyone.” He grinned, lifting his shirt to show the abs underneath. You felt your lip curl and you turned away, not giving him the satisfaction to see you jealous.


You caught him another three times before you confronted him. This fourth time more intense than the others. This wasn’t playful. This was Bellamy’s way of saying to the girl. ‘Come with me and I’ll show you what I’ve got.’

You didn’t wait to here what he had to say, instead you strode up, shoved his chest, trying not to dwell on the hard muscle your palms were met with. You then spat at his feet.

“Nice to know people don’t change Blake. Have fun with your playthings. The cat definitely has your tongue this time Bell.” You hissed, the phrase had become your thing, the two of you often teasing with the words.

But this was the first time the words were meant to hurt. And man did they do their job well. You walked away, leaving Bellamy with wide eyes and sadness on his face.


He left you alone for a few days as well. You couldn’t figure whether it was a good or bad thing, or whether it was just because he was too ashamed to show his face.

But when he did enter your tent you growled lowly in your throat as a warning and he stopped in his tracks.

“Look Y/N. I’m sorry. I really am. I just-” He was interuppted though, the rahe spilling from between your lips.

“You just what Bellamy? You just wanted more than one fuck buddy? Hmm? You wanted to show off to everybody that you meet? You can’t just be happy with me can you?” You seethed, feeling your breathing erraticate.

He looked up and into your eyes, taking your hand wearily.

“You’re everything I want Y/N. And I’m an idiot for not realising. You are absolutely perfect, from your eyes to your smiling to the twisting of your hands to the strands of hair. I am in love with you. Please give me another shot.” He croaked. When you couldn’t find the words to say, your tongue heavy with shock he smiled softly and kissed your cheek.

“Cat got your tongue?” He smiled, and you thought that maybe you two would be okay after all.


SS Fic - Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno.
A race against time for the one he loves most.
Rating: M (language, soon to be sexual content).

Chapter One
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 - this fic will be from Sasuke’s pov; but for this opening chapter, this has to deal with a lot more of Sakura. As I continue, it will be focused on Sasuke and his feelings/views.

“Sakura, you need to wake up!”

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Naughty Samurai~A Saizo x MC NSFW Fic...😆

Yo!! I’m up with another Saizo smut for y'all. Hope you enjoy!

Requested by: 2 sweet anons!!😘 Hope you enjoy, precious buds!

Warning: It’s long and smutty. That’s all.

*Your POV*

I was strolling down the gardens of Nobunaga’s castle, when I heard mh name being called out from a distance. “_________!” I turned around and saw Ranmaru running towards me; an envelope in his hand. He reaches to give out the envelope to me, panting hard. “Hey Ranmaru, why’re you running??” “Lord Nobunaga has told that *pant* these invitations should be given to the *pant*respected people within 10 minutes…” “Invitations?” Curious, I take the envelope from his hand. It was beautifully decorated with flowers as well as swords.

‘This is an invitation card for the grand samurai party held at 6:00 pm. Please be present. It’s an order of Lord Nobunaga. - ____________ _______________.’

I look up, shocked… Completely shocked.

Why am I invited to the party in anyway? I was about to ask when Ranmaru sped off somewhere shouting a 'Goodbye’. Digesting the shock, I go to the Samurai house, deciding what kimono to wear. I enter the house.


Huh?! Usually there’ll be someone over here. Maybe all are out or something? I open my wardrobe and search for a party kimono. I found one, at the corner of my wardrobe. I take the deep lavender kimono out of my wardrobe. Then it hits me.This was the same kimono which I wore at the party which my mom organised when my father came home safely after fighting in his 1st war.

I clutch the soft silky material. I close my eyes as all the happy memories came flooding into my mind. But, my ocean of thoughts were interrupted as I snap my eyes open at the sound of my name. I turn back, only to find Lord Saizo standing there, hands folded; a smirk on his face. My cheeks flush red at the sight of him. Especially when he is smirking

“What happened ________? What were you thinking about this much, that you didn’t even hear me call you a million times by now?” He asks walking up to me. “U-Umm N-Nothing…” I look down to the floor, making sure he didn’t see me blushing. But I was totally wrong. His slender fingers pull my chin up. “Why the blush?” He releases my chin. “N-Nothing.. Really!” His handsome face comes closer and closer.

Is he going to kiss me?

I close my eyes in the anticipation of a kiss. But all I felt was a gentle rustling of my hair. “There was something in your hair. And, Lord Nobunaga ordered your presence.” He spoke the last sentence and went out of the house. 'Ordered?' Yeah. That was so like Nobunaga. I keep the kimono on the bed and walk to the castle as fast as I can. “Lord Nobunaga, You requested for my presence?” I ask as I walk towards him, and stop at a distance of few feet. “Not requested. I ordered for your presence” He corrected.

'Whatever, you idiot!’

He was incredibly good at pissing me off. With sheer annoyance written on my face, I go on. “Y-yea whatever.” That maroon-haired idiot nods and takes a glass of wine from a slave carrying a tray of it. “So, I’m sure that Ranmaru has given that invitation card to you?” He asks, taking a sip of his wine. “Yes, he did.” “I was positive about that. Now, no excuses for your absence. You have to be present at the party and be in time.” He says as he stands up. “But why did you invite me?” I wanted to clear that disturbing doubt from my mind and I finally got the courage to do so. “No special reason. And yea~ Be sure to wear something nice.” He says and walks out of the main room.


I mutter harshly. “Heard that!” Hideyoshi jumps in front of me, blocking my way. Great. Now I’m already annoyed and he annoyed me even more. I give him an icy cold glare and he immediately backs away, giving me way to pass. I thank him in my head and get out of the castle, and head straight to my house. I prepare my dress and all that stuff and head over to do my duties. Time passes like a flash of lighting. And before I know it, it was 5:30 pm already.

*After getting ready*

I give a final touch to my make-up and see my reflection in the mirror. I admitted, I looked pretty. I glanced at the wall clock. “O my god!! I’ll be late!” It was 5 minutes to 6:00. I dash out of the house. I reach the castle within 5 minutes. Loud music fills my ears as I enter the grand hall. It was like as if an intense party was about to begin. Everyone was in a party mood. When I enter, everyone’s eyes were fixed on me. Extremely nervous about their judgemental eyes, I walk towards Lord Nobunaga. “G-Good evening, my Lord.” I bow respectfully. “It’s actually nice to see you wearing something good. I thought you would wear that antique kimonos you wear everyday.” He says flashing me a sarcastic smile. I bite my tongue in order to prevent saying something which will make me regret it later. I give him a fake smile. I glance over at the perfectly decorated room. I look over at Lord Saizo, and our eyes meet, for a mere second. I take a glass of champagne from the table and start talking with a group of maids, who seem to welcome me. The party goes on like this and I seem to enjoy myself beyond extent. It was finally time for the party to get over. Everyone goes and now the hall is again deserted. I thank Nobunaga and leave. But Lord Saizo insists to come with me. I wanted to stop him, but I couldn’t. I had feelings for him.

Strong feelings…

We get inside the Samurai house. “Today Inuchiyo and Hideyoshi aren’t sleeping here. I’m here for tonight.” I stop dead in my tracks at Saizo’s words. “Then where are they sleeping?” I ask, kinda shocked. To be honest, I was actually happy about sleeping with Saizo alone. He was my crush for a looong time. “I’ll change and then we can sleep.” “Yeah. I’ll wait outside.” My thoughts wander about Saizo, and because of that I forgot to lock the door.

*Saizo’s POV*

She went to change huh?! I sit there like an idiot, nothing to do. Why is she taking this much time for just changing?? I decide to sit there for sometime, when I hear a low moan from inside the bedroom.

What the Fuck is going on in there?

My curiosity got the best of me, and I raise my hand to open the door handle.

But, she must’ve locked it…

Trying isn’t bad. I press the handle, and to my happiness, the door is open.

She probably forgot to lock it. Careless woman.

I push the door slowly and the sight before me, sends my body into an utter shock. She’s on the floor, her legs parted, giving me a clear view of her pussy. Her eyes are closed; fingers toying with her pussy. “Ahh!! Saizo! O-Oh My God!! Faster! Faster!!!”


A smirk plasters on my face as I get inside the bedroom, making sure, to lock the door. She’s so engrossed in masturbating, that she didn’t even notice me enter.

Time for some fun.

“Ahh! F-Fuck Saizo!! I’m almost there! I’m there!” She hits her orgasm. ________ opens her eyes and her eyes widen shock. “Lord Saizo! I-I didn’t k-know…” “Know what?” I ask as I hover on top of her.

~*End of Saizo’s POV*

You don’t bother to answer that question. You were waiting for this for a long time. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him down for a mind blowing kiss. The silver-haired sexy beast sucked your lower lip, eliciting a moan from your luscious lips. Saliva dripped from the sides of your mouth, but you just continued the intense kiss. He pulled away, breathless. You see fierce passion in his desire-filled eyes. You flip positions. He was now under you. You sit on top of him, stretching your body. You lean down, untying his kimono. You strip him naked and throw every piece of clothing in your way, including his sword. You kiss and suck his neck, leaving a red mark. You bite the manly flesh of his neck; trailing your warm tongue on the marks to soothe the stinging pain. You leave rosy, hot marks on his neck and collarbone. You trail your tongue downwards till his abs, making his back arch in ultimate pleasure. “F-Fuck!!__________!” He screamed, grabbing your hair hard. Your hand moved down and down until it reached his cock. You didn’t want to take his hard cock into your juicy mouth at this moment. You would love to see him beg for it, until he can’t take it anymore. And that’s what you were planning to do. Your hands caressed his balls and length. The caressing seems to elicit more precum from the tip of his thick cock. “Fuck _______! Just suck me!! I can’t take it anymore!!!” He screams. “Beg for it Saizo. Just beg and I’ll give you all the pleasure.” You say, licking the precum off its tip. “Please ________! I can’t take it anymore! Not anymore. Please _______!” Your hands stroke his cheeks, before connecting them with your hands in a hard slap. “_________?! ___________?!?! I’m your mistress, Saizo… Your mistress!” You shout, biting the tip of his cock, damn hard. “AHH! _____-mistress! Please! Mistress!” “You want me suck that thick cock of yours that badly Saizo?” “Yes! Mistress, please!”

Heaven knows what happened to Saizo. He never acts this way. Never acts this much vulnerable.

You swathe your hands over his damned hard cock, slowly entering it in your hot mouth. The sensation of it wanted to make you moan, but they were pressed 'cuz of his cock in your mouth. His pulsing cock sent shivers down your spine as you took the whole of his member in your mouth, choking your throat badly. You couldn’t hold back anymore. With that thought in your mind, you increased your pace below, shoving his cock in and out of your mouth, a million times. This had become a severe play that includes tongue and teeth. You heard him scream your name loudly, before ejaculating his warm, yet sour seed in your mouth. You pull away, gasping for air, as his seed coated the sides of your mouth. Saizo pulled you up and kissed you, gently, yet passionately, tasting himself as his tongue forcefully entered your heated mouth. After a moment of calming down from your highs, he flips you down, with him now on top of you. “Dirty slut. You made me beg, right?? Now see how I’ll make you beg for me to Fuck you.” He whispers seductively in your ears. To be honest, you were a bit nervous when he said those seductive words. He trailed kisses down your throat till your supple breasts. He sucks on the left nipple hardly, making you scream his name. “Yes. Just like that. Scream for me, baby.” His tongue twirls around your nipple and he does the same with the other twin. He often gave you red, hot love bites on his way. He stops at your most sensitive area. “What do you want your master to do to you?” His hands lift up the lower portion of your body, while groping your ass hard. He’s groping it that hard, that it practically hurts and stings. “I want my master to toy with my pussy.’' 

You say arching your back at the sensation of his tongue running up and down your pussy. "That’s right _______. That’s extremely right.” He says as he attaches his mouth to your pussy, making you moan in utter pleasure. His mouth starts working faster as his hands grope your ass more tightly. “Ahh!!! S-Saizo! P-Please!! F-Fuck me!!” You moan in pain as well as pleasure. You were about to hit your orgasm, but he removed his mouth from your pussy and licked it off clean. “Again _________, what do you want me to do to you?” He asks hovering on top of you again. “F-Fuck me master!!! Fuck me with your thick cock!! Please do!” Your pleas seem to turn him on even more, as he shoves his cock in you, without warning. The first moment was painful for both of you. “ SAIZO!!!” You screamed his name. “Yes my babe. Just scream. Just like that, keep goin’!” He encouraged you. His cock was out of you, and you felt empty for only a nano-second as his cock plunges into you again, this time with much harder force and power, making you bounce on the bed. He keeps on thrusting harder and harder and you keep on bouncing with force, your breasts slightly brushing his face. With a last final thrust, he released his seed inside you, making waves of sheer euphoria race through your body as you release on his still-ejaculating cock. You both shared a sweet passion-filled kiss and you calmed down from your ultimate highs. “_____________. I Love you.” “I love you too, Saizo.” You say, as you drift to a place of dirty fantasises with Saizo, that are yet to come.

anonymous asked:

PART 1 So I know a lot of people see cassian as this really strong male who just loses it around Nesta and is reduced to moans and just at his knees for this one fierce little lady. But what if he actually tries to stay "in character" even when he is alone with Nesta? For so long he has had to train to be better than everyone else to prove to them that he is not just some worthless bastard. He has learned to control his emotions to a certain extent



The first thing that Cassian ever learned was to never show weakness: never cry, never quiver, never make others see you’re scared.

No matter wat happens, no matter who or what is in front of you, fight, make your opponent scared, make him regret he ever crossed your road.

And he survived this way for six hundred years, he became general, he always fought, always hid behind a cocky facade, making few epople see who he really was or how he really felt.

And then there’s Nesta.

Nesta, who can, with just one look, make him lose all the war-crafted control he has, Nesta, who he is so completely attracted to he can’t stay away, Nesta who made her home inside of him, with a burning love and maitng bond strong like unbreakable iron.

But with her, there are other reasons why he tries to protect himself: he has never been in love before now, never felt something like this, and he can’t protect himself from it, this isn’t a fist or a sword, this is something rooted deep inside his heart, something he can’t live without.

And still, he tries to protect a part of himself: his wings.

The first thing every Illyrian knows is this: always protect your wings. You can lose an arm, a leg, but not our wings, never your wings.

And after what happened with Hybern, with all the Healers trying to patch him up, with the stitches and cuts leaving a painting of scars, he is more protective than ever.

And still, he can’t keep himself from imagining Nesta’s touch on them, on him.

They got close and closer, from the first moment he saw her til now, and he wanted her, he wanted her so much.

And he can see it, see it in the way that she looks at him, he knows she wants him too, but he needs her to make the first move, because he is so stupidly terrified of being rejected that all he can do is smirk to her, say something that will rile up, both of them falling in the safe territory of their banter.

But one evening, they are close, so close in her room as she reads aloud to him, stumbling on the words after so many years of not being abe to read a single book and he loves it, loves the sound of her voice, loves the trust she put in him with the gesture.

Nesta moves, her hand going behind him to take another book and her fingers graze his wing.

He bites his lower lip so hard he tastes blood, and he has never, never, in six hundred years let a female or anyone touch his wings, but her touch was like a lightening bolt, and even if her hand move away, he can still feel it all over his body, making him shiver, making him want to beg for more.

But he doesn’t.

He tries to stay as still as he can, to not move, to not even look at her.

“Cassian?” he can’t help the feeling in is chest, the same that blooms everytime he notices how her voice changes when she talks to him, only to him, how her tone is softer, warmer, bu he can hear the edge of worry in it now.

“Nesta.” he answers, but his voice is strangled, he can barely keep himself from shaking but she gets closer, her face so close, her smell all around him and he feels like he is about to snap, finally, completely at her mercy, years and years of training be damned.

Nesta looks at him, and there’s worry in her face, regret.

“I didn’t mean to touch your wings. I am sorry” she says moving away, away from him and he can’t take it.

“It’s-it’s alright.”

She stays near him, but not enough, she touches him again, not on his wings and her touch is soft, so soft and not enough.

But it happens again, the touch light enough to seem an accident, just at the tip of his wing and it’s like she knows, like Nesta Archeron was created with the sole purpose of tearing him apart.

His back arches, his fists gripping the sheets of his bed, is eyes screwed shut.

Do it again, he pleads, but only in his mind, do it again.

But she knows, she must know, she must have heard him in some way because she does it again, her palm, the heat of her radiating through him and he moans, not opening his eyes, his blood following every movement she makes.

He opens his eyes to see Nesta biting her lip, her face and chest stained with red, the black in her eyes pushing the gray into a thin line fixed on him, on his lips.

Cassian waits, trembling, not breaking eye contact, daring and pleading her to come closer.

She moves, but then retreats, doubt plain in her face before she moves again, cradling his face with both her and hands kissing him. He moves, holds her tightly against him and it’ lips on lips, but more than he ever felt in his entire life.

Nesta moves back, a tiny, desperate sound coming out of her lips and it makes his hips snap up “Again. Kiss me again.” he pleads, his voice just above a whisper and she bites her lower lip, “I don’t- I’ve never-” she breathes again, and he knows from the way she is closing her eyes that she’s breathing him in and the thought makes it hard for him to stay calm, to not take her right here, right now.

But he nods and takes her lips with his, taking control of the kiss and she leans into him, her hands in his hair and then back, on his wings and he moans in her mouth, unable to stop himself, unable to protect himself and he doesn’t want to,he wants to feel her, to live her, raw and open and true.

Common Physical Traits of The Signs to Look Out For
  • (based on PERSONAL experience so chill x - will include who I know that's each sign x).
  • Aries: Square/rectangular/broad bodies, average height and weight, confidence, great smiles, flat noses, darker skin, shiny hair that's usually short, not very light on feet/move awkwardly, flat chestedd, nails on fleek tho. (This one nerdy perfectionist chick from my old school, aunt).
  • Taurus: Often chubby, big eyes with long lashes, curly hair or hair that stands out n a crowd, clear complexions, small mouths, heart-shaped heads, obviously insecure but still generally happy looking. (This one chick who was fab and loved astrology too but had the voice of a chainsaw in a meat grinder like leave please).
  • Gemini: Sharp/pointy/little noses, weird necks, long hair, splotchy skin, blushes a lot, generally pretty, but thinks they're prettier than they are, dull eyes, nice teeth, either athletic/slim af or chubby af, short, you will always feel like they're better than you, look intelligent even when they're not, walks around like a toddler when in a mood, otherwise moves around quietly/carefully/gracefully.(frickin sister-in-law).
  • Cancer: Thick af eyebrows, big noses, full/pouty lips, annoying laughter that sounds like crying, long necks, weird/broad shoulders, super facial expressions; they can talk to you just by looking at you, mouths are never still, awkward arms and hands, bad skin, huge smiles, big/bright/expressive eyes with heavy lids, constantly fluctuating weights, disappointing thighs, always the perfect height for you, soft yet nappy hair. (My big sister, this one guy, ME, my nonna, my gandpa, ChRiS pRattt).
  • Leo: Great hair; always an interesting color, average to tall heights, dull or just small facial features, up-turned noses, energetic/expressive eyes, great smiles, average weights/usually athletic, really small ears, washed out skin, undefined chin, super confident, white af teeth, their bodies are mainstream fitness goals, small af lips but the smirks they do make up for it. (A friend/squad member, my first ex, this one guy, this little kid, that little kids mom, my dog. Yea, I know my fcukin Leos).
  • Virgo: Short, boxy eyebrows, still cuter than u, defined af jawline, ability to spontaneously grown goat-tee, pointy head, really stand out in a crowd, hair always wavy, big flat noses, eyelashes on fleek, can be really slender or just plain boxy, full/pouty lips, af, they look lost/worried/naive - but they still look happier and more approachable than you probably. (My big brother, this one kid at school with neckflaps and runs like mario, my friend/squad member, my moon sign).
  • Libra: Looks salty, intimidating af, resting bitch-face, short, thinnn but still got a layer of baby-fat, cute cheeks, eyebrows on FLEEK, weird shriveled up mouths, photogenic af, really big fish eyes, will steal your boyfriend, fuckin amazing hair, actual not confident at all, tries to look innocent, you feel like they're always better than you (they probably are) , really good at make up, uummm UR hAIRY *cries* (this one bitch adsfkdfkdfl,also my rising sign).
  • Scorpio: Long/straight/shiny hair, usually pale skin, tiny heads, either short or skinny, low-key Regina George, prettier than everyone else but gets over looked, weird chins, short limbs, weird af noses like what why is it so small (lele that's what she said), will remind you of a sword-fish at times, did I mention shortttt? (Cousins, Girl-crush/bff).
  • Sagittarius: Smirky, squinty, fashion gOALS, undefined bodies like where are u, cuter than U, round faces, no eyebrows but lol who still has those it's 2015 loser, weird/no necks, fists that look ready to knock u tf out, have their guard up, looks good with lipstick/bright colors, you either try to hard or are too nonchalant, authority figures, you just kinda wanna go give em a high five. (Aunt,friend/squad member, my other dog [yes she no eyebrows]).
  • Capricorn: -PAUSE- y'all know that feeling just after u eat a truck load of TACOBELL and it feels like ur stomach made a 360 and you can practically feel lava dripping from your butthole, down your thighs? Yeah. That's how Caps make me feel - THEY WILL MAKE YOU NERVOUS AF. They are usually better than you even when they suck. Usually curly or wavy hair. Just general great hair. like wow. Kind/innocent/expressive eyes, Sporty AF, average to tall heights, great arms, biceps for days, thick necks, weird eyebrows, babyface/babymouth? Washed out skin, kinda potato (dumb), stocky, usually have abs, big/pug noses, nice profile, big hands, you just feel like curling up to them and talking for hours but if you have a crush on one ur first instinct will be to run FAR away before you look stupid. (my ex who I hate, this guy I liked who liked me and we dated but not officially just made out etc and then we both moved, my crush who is the biggest crush I've ever had, my favourite kickboxer who is also hot af. yea, clearly I have a type).
  • Aquarius: Big/soft/sad eyes, thick hair, freckles or moles, huggable, either really short or really tall, chubby, boxy eyebrows, skin tans easily, nice lips, cute cheeks, stronger than they look (physically nooot mentally), calm af, understanding faces, even when they're old they're nice to look at, not intimidating, how they feel inside will always affect how they look outside. (My mom, my mom's cat, Favourite singer, my first girl crush whose now a bitch).
  • Pisces: TALL AF. Usually waaaay dark, babyface, instant-beard powers, strong af, reminds you of obama, you just wanna shake their hand, sleepy af eyes, grinds teeth when angry, bad posture, always looks up when thinking, judgmental, premature gray hair, generally just a lot of hair, except on the head u bald bye. (my dad... papa if ur reading this hi im just kidding teehee).
Eating the Eye Candy

(Nico goes to the training grounds to look for his boyfriend Percy but finds shirtless Jason instead. Ogling and Jealousy ensues.) 

Nico was bored out of his mind. It happens every time he visits Camp-Halfblood. In fact, Nico would still be training in the underworld if it wasn’t for his boyfriend Percy. Percy preferred camp to the underworld so here Nico stayed. Most of the time Nico spent his days in the Hades cabin reading or training with the undead. The son of Hades was still a bit introverted when it came to socializing with anyone other than Percy, Jason or Hazel. Nico glanced at the digital clock besides his bunk and sighed, it was only 11 AM and he was nearly finished with his book. He had no idea how to waste the rest of the day off.

Nico let out an exasperated sigh, he put down his book and decided to take a rare venture outside his cabin. Walking out onto the camp grounds he made his way towards the training fields where he knew Percy would be. He figured he’d go watch his boyfriend train for a while and maybe even join him, hopefully Percy would be training shirtless he thought lewdly. A light blush crept onto his face when he pictured it but he quickly shook it out.

When the training grounds came into view Nico was disappointed to see that his boyfriend was nowhere in sight. Frowning, Nico simply sat down on a bench and watched the other Demi-Gods train. Nico’s eyes ventured over to his good friend Jason Grace who was sparring with a bronze automaton. Nico made note on how different Roman and Greek sword fighting styles were. Jason’s movements were almost entirely offensive, which made sense as Romans preferred fight rather than flight.

Jason snapped his fingers and the bronze automaton stopped mid-parry, allowing son of Jupiter a chance to catch his breath. Jason wiped the sweat from his brow and peeled off his sweaty t-shirt. Nico’s jaw almost dropped. He had never seen Jason shirtless before. While his boyfriend Percy was built like a swimmer, Jason was built like football player. The only person to out muscle him was probably Frank. Nico adjusted the collar on his shirt as Jason reactivated the automaton and resumed his training.

Nico looked away from Jason, It was completely improper to ogle someone who wasn’t his boyfriend. Nico tried to find other things to look at like the Apollo kids testing blowing things up with exploding arrows but it wasn’t long before Nico’s eyes wandered back to Jason. Whenever Jason rolled away from a blow Nico could see the abs on his stomach contract and flex in accordance to Jason’s movements.

When Nico found that his mouth was watering slightly he admonished himself. Percy is your boyfriend! Percy is plenty sexy he had no need to steal a peak at any other guy! He told himself. Ashamed Nico got up and sat down on another bench, which took away his view of Jason. Nico glanced at two daughters of Aphrodite that were seated at the other end of the bench he was on and happened to hear the two girl’s conversation.

“So like, if chocolate milk comes from brown cows, where does strawberry milk come from?”

“Um, gay cows duh”

Nico promptly got up and moved away to protect his brain cells from death. Gods, how could someone like Piper be related to girls like those two? Nico looked around for any other bench or seat he could sit at. He watched the stoll brothers kneeling down, putting something under an empty bench and then running away in a fit of giggles. Nico decided it was some kind of prank and made a note not to sit on that bench. Another bench had Drew Tanaka seated on it, so that was out. One of Hypnos’s sons was passed out on another bench and waking up one of those guys was a chore and a half.  And the last available seat was occupied by Clarisse and her posse. Sighing he went back to the bench that gave him a clear view of Jason Grace.

Nico pointedly tried to look anywhere else but Jason’s direction. But sure enough Nico’s eyes wandered over to Jason again and got quite the eyeful. Nico watched as Jason’s biceps curled whenever he bought his sword up for a block. He watched as Jason’s back harden and ripple as he fought against the automaton. Nico couldn’t help but drink in Jason’s well-muscled chest as it glistened in a sheet of sweat and his blonde hair was matted to his forehead. Nico adjusted his pants this time, and moved a leg to cover up his rising problem. Nico decided that some harmless man-gazing wouldn’t hurt anyone. Nobody was paying him attention, he look around and his boyfriend still wasn’t here and Jason Grace was obviously too engrossed in his training to realize that Nico was there. So Nico just let his eyes wander onto Jason’s amazing body.

Jason had been training for at least three hours. He glanced at his wrist watch and saw that he had trained past lunch. Woops. Jason decided that now was a good time to take a break and eat. As he picked up his shirt he saw Nico seated on a bench not too far from him with an upset Percy right behind him.

Jason quirked an eyebrow before the scene clicked. Nico had his eyes on him in a daze. But not just any daze, he was looking at Jason with bedroom eyes. Jason could notice a lustful look anywhere, the entirety of the Aphrodite cabin gives him the kind of eyes Nico was giving him right now. And Jason guessed that Percy had snuck up behind Nico unnoticed and realized what was going on. Jason let out a small laugh.

Nico didn’t realize he was watching Jason so intently until he realized that the son of Jupiter had stopped moving and was waving at him to get him out of his man-eating gaze. Nico tore his eyes from Jason’s chest and flushed red when he realized he was caught. Jason flashed him a bemused smile and then pointed at something behind Nico. Nico turned around and was met by some very angry green eyes. Gods when did he get here? And how long as he been standing there? Nico thought.

“Enjoying the view?” Percy said, the jealously was obvious in his voice. Nico blanched, unable to speak up. At that moment Jason strolled past Percy and Nico. Jason gave the son of Hades a playful wink and a cocky smirk. Nico flushed red, Percy made a silent promise to drown Jason later. 

(I might write a sequel. Something along the lines of Percy and Jason having a size contest and Nico being the judge. It’ll be NSFW, what do you guys think? Would you read it?) 

When the Day Met the Night Chapter 5

Hoseok x Reader
Rating: PG-13
Suggestive themes, cursing, violence.
2,316 words (It’s pretty long but I’m making it up to you)
Comments: Sorry I haven’t updated in a while! I was a little busy with school starting up again T-T But I’ll try to post at least one scenario within the span of two days sometimes it’ll take longer because I’ll be busier. Anyways please enjoy and don’t forget to request!

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