the smile that lights my life


You are the light through the trees

Warm and full of life

Dancing among the falling leaves

I can’t feel through the window

I want to dance with you

I call to you, you can’t hear though

The day fades and you’re gone

Loneliness nips at my heart

I sing to you, you can’t hear my song

The cheshire moon smiles down

It’s not you, it’s not safe

And it seems to hear my every sound

I wait alone for you again

Your clouds hide you

Unheard I cry out “when?”

When I see you, blissfully unaware

I know you can’t set me free

One day, you’ll hear, I swear.

I don’t usually post sappy things but..

This ship has helped shed light on me at times of stress over school and having good grades and college applications and anxiety and all that fun stuff. It’s also been really hard for having Asperger’s, especially when it comes to interacting with others.

I just wanted to say a brief thanks to the Reylo fam for helping me smile my way through this stressful yet important time in my life 💜


When one of the Riot guys came over to Sana and said: “Wanna join me in the back of the bus and sit on my face?” So Sana said: “Why should I? Is your nose bigger than your dick?”


because i could watch you for a single minute and find a thousand things that I love about you ♡

Scenario where Keith is almost late for a class he has a major test in and accidentally grabs Lance’s jacket instead of his own (Which had his chew stims that help him focus) and by the time he realizes this he’s already at school/campus.

Keith: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfu- *phone rings*

Keith: Hello?

Lance: Hello Keith, light of my life, beacon of light in the ever pressing darkness, my very reason for smiling every day even if you do have that stupid mullet, did you by any chance take my jacket when you left.

Keith: …maybe

Lance: Okay cool, check the front left pocket real quick.

Keith: *pulls out a few granola bars*

Keith: Why are there granola bars?

Lance: Hmmm check the other pocket?

Keith: *pulling out his chew stims*

Keith: …How

Lance: You always seem late when it’s a test day and forget them at home and somehow “accidentally” steal my jacket in the process so I improvised. Okay I gotta go I think Allura’s calling, love you!




Keith: *calling Shiro*

Shiro: Hello?

Keith: Shiro I’m gonna marry Lance.

I’m proud.

… that I could faint because of staying too long in the shower

… that I could starve until I see the lights flicker

… that I could throw up even the tiniest bit of my dinner

… that I could cut the words in my arms “Kill her.”

… that no one sees my struggle, for it means I am only getting stronger, that they are wrong, that I’m not wrong, that I could continue killing myself



help me. (not)

My scars are getting bigger, the cuts are getting deeper, and my smiles are getting warmer.



I’m no longer ashamed.

The number is going down.

And so is my life draining down the sink like my breakfast in the toilet bowl.

Call me home.

Because here I know, I don’t belong.