the smile that kills thousands

taekook rec: march 2017

if this is what you want, i’ll get closer to you by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)

“You’re almost exactly how you seemed, hyung.”

Taehyung laughed, slinging an arm over Jungkook’s shoulders and tugging him close. Perhaps it was too intimate a gesture for the two of them, since they weren’t actually friends, but they’d known each other for the months they’d been taking dance classes together, so Jungkook didn’t shrug it off. “Then, should we get to know each other a bit better, Jungkook-ah?”

feel it coming by aeterisks

When Taehyung phoned the plumber he wasn’t expecting to have the embodiment of hot sent to his home, but he’s not about to complain.

(Or, Jeongguk is a plumber and Taehyung gets much more than his shower fixed.)

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♥ p3r5on4′s Endless List of Favourite Characters (3/?) ♥

Tales of the Abyss - Luke fon Fabre

“Up till now, all I ever paid attention to was myself… And I’m not even sure I saw myself clearly. I want to change. I have to change.”

Suffer In Silence.- CH

He is your best friend. He is your other half. He is your missing piece.

But he isn’t yours.

He is someone else’s.

You are surrounded with a sea of eyes yet you are only searching for his.

It kills you to see him with her. His smile speaks a thousand words and the touch of his lips on her shoulder makes a chill run down your spine that stops you in your tracks. It’s sad. Everyone around you has had the chance to feel the rush of adrenaline that comes with love, everyone around you has felt what it is like to be loved. But not you. Instead you suffer in silence and let your unspoken words become coated with poison as they build in your head, waiting to be said.

It’s no surprise you can’t warm up to her, instead you flash a fake smile that you have perfected and pray that you have everyone else fooled. You don’t want to be the girl who sits on the side and waits but five years later nothing has changed and you still hope Calum will wake up one day and see what has been right in front of him from the very beginning. You don’t want to be that girl but here you are, holding back your tears as you watch them together and vow to yourself that she will never be able to love him like you do. You don’t want to be that girl but here you are, heart in hand willing for him to take it and call it his. But he won’t. He isn’t yours.

“What are you thinking about?” His voice startles you and it only takes one glance to be knocked off your feet by his mischievous grin. His shoulder playfully knocking yours.

“Nothing. Just like watching you being so happy. I’m happy for you, Cal.” You want to be telling the truth but one glance in her direction and you feel sick.

“See anyone you like? You know I can be a good wing man!” There it is. His eyes are searching yours and he throws a wink in your direction.

Instead you give him your best laugh that you can force and swallow the words that are rising in your chest. You clamp your mouth shut and let them cut you open with their sharp edges. It was supposed to get better but instead it hung over you like a sin, your own dirty little secret that you can’t share with anyone. You look at him and all you can picture is the way he looks at her, how he rung you after his first date and how his voice was filled with so much happiness that it made your stomach sink and your heart shatter. You look at him and ask how is it fair that she has him and you don’t? You were the one to pick him up after every fall, after every heart break and after every hard day. You were there, you had always been there. It is a constant struggle.

A part of you knows she doesn’t deserve him, you don’t deserve him either. How can you when you can’t even be happy for him without having a rage of jealousy surge through your veins. Unrequited love is one of the most potent forms of love there is, every feeling he gives you, she is giving him.

He is your best friend. He is your other half. He is your missing piece.

But he isn’t yours.

He is someone else’s.

But for the time being all you can do is hope, hope that one day he will let you live within the walls of his heart and let you call it home.

The Prince

Originally posted by divinekai

Member: Kai (EXO)

Words: 1339

Status: One Shot (?)


He was beautiful.

But like every beautiful guy in the world, he was off limits.

Kim Jongin, son of the third wealthiest man in Asia and bachelor had stolen the hearts of thousands of females around the world. His smile could kill.

At least that is what your best friend told you.

As for you, it was just another day in the life of being a secretary to Mr Kim. The older gentleman had been sweet, offering you a job after he met you when you worked as a waitress in a popular restaurant.

Mr Kim had never made a single move on you which allowed you to trust the man, and soon became good friends with your boss. Now you were arranging a ‘ball’ to celebrate the success of “Kim Enterprises” that allowed it to last thirty years.

You have been forced to go due to the fact that you’re in charge of everything. The only good thing about the entire thing had to be the food that would be there, as well as left over when the night is done.

At least no one would recognize you, thank heavens for the masquerade concept.

The night had arrived. Like a wedding, you were nervous for the event, and every bad scenarios is running through your head. Yet, every single detail had been planned to the very smallest inch of satin. You know all the running around will be worth it.

Letting Mr Kim network with both his investors and his business opponents, you ‘act’ busy and rush off to the drinks, making sure to straighten the crinkle in the table cloth.

Music was being played beautifully by the orchestra, setting a relaxed tone for the evening. Couples dance around the rented ballroom, while laughter and a soft hum of chatter fills the building.

But the night is slowly heading towards personal disaster when my heels start hurting and the loneliness of the evening started to sink in.

No one had tried to make conversation with you. This may not have been quite a big deal for you normally, but half the day was spent getting ready for this event. You looked amazing! But money seems to be all on any young bachelors mind.

Stepping out onto the nearby balcony, you let out a sigh of relief. The sound of your heels hitting the tiles come to a stop as you reach the end walkway, looking around at the scenery. You let out a sigh of relief when you can finally take off your shoes.

‘Not many people come out here you know,’ a voice says from behind you. Your heart rate speeds up as the urge to scream slowly disintegrates in your throat. Who in the right mind would appear out of nowhere behind you?

‘Maybe they are just worried about being followed by creeps?’ You answer, holding the two shoes in your hand rather tightly.

‘An excellent point! So what made you come out then?’ Heavy shoes start to hit against the tile as he come to stand next to you. A simple black mask is covering his face, stopping you from identifying his features.

‘Just a breath of fresh air, but I’ll be leaving now.’ As quickly as you took them off, you were pulling your heels back on.

‘Please don’t go. This event is a bit extravagant for my taste, and there is no one who is worth my time. Can you keep me company?’

The last sentence surprised you a little bit. Even though it was dark outside and you had barely gotten a glance at the young man, you could tell he was handsome and well built under the formal attire.

Your knee length dress flutters in the wind as a cool breeze sweeps through the balcony. ‘I’m not known for being the best person to have a conversation with. If you can deal with a very awkward conversation, than I’m game.’

For a reason that you could not fully understand, your words managed to make the corner of his lips turn up in a small smile as he continues to lean against the balcony.

Running his fingers through his hair, the stranger somehow manages to look like an angel. The thought sounds laughable, as you never thought you’d find someone who looks so good in moonlight.

‘I’m not the best person to have a conversation with either, from a young age all I’ve been taught to do is use my words sternly and precisely. The one thing I could be good for would be dancing-‘

At that you let out a noise between a laugh and a snort, not actually realizing what you were letting out until it was too late.

If he thinks that I’m a good dancer, he has the wrong idea.

You giggle slightly as a memory pops into you head. ‘I’ve got too left feet I’m afraid. Last time I tried to dance with someone, I knocked him into the punch at the main table.’

From the inside of the ballroom, the once lively dance music changed to something softer and slow. The lively chatter of all those inside remind you of why you’re here and that you should be inside making sure everything is in order, not being where you are with an attractive random.

‘I really do have to go inside, my presence is needed.’

The thought of leaving really upset you, as he seems really nice and even with him being so attractive, you felt that maybe you finally have a chance at getting that boyfriend your friends urge you to get so much.

‘Can’t you spend five more minutes outside here with me? Just one dance, that’s all I ask. Then I’ll leave you to continue as you need.’

‘One dance.’ You say sternly, as a new song continues to play, ‘but please know that if you suddenly find yourself free falling over the balcony, I did warn you.’

Silently, you pray to God that the steps to the waltz were still ingrained into your head. In the moment of the quiet prayer, the stranger walks up to you. The next thing you know is that your hands are suddenly in his as he pulls you closer.

Romantic scenes from movies pop into your head, and a part of you wants to make a fool of yourself and give him a knee buckling kiss.

But movies are always fictional and it never happens the way you want it to.

His strong arm wraps around your waist and pulls you closer to him, resting his head onto your shoulder. Slowly your body moves along to the soft melody of the music, and so far there has been no stepping on toes.

It really is like a fairy tale.

The stranger seems to know the tune as he twirls you around slowly, humming the tune into your ear.

‘So do you charm all the random girls you meet at parties by dancing with them, or am I special?’ The confidence boost you suddenly feel came out of nowhere, meaning that you’re comfortable.

It’s going to be harder to leave now.

He chuckles slightly, the vibrations shaking your body. ‘Usually I never find anyone who doesn’t throw themselves at me, but you have this way that makes you almost a mystery. It’s nice to have someone just talk to me, even if it was a little awkward.’

‘Well, even if we don’t meet again after this dance, can you please tell me your name? I can’t keep referring to you as a stranger in my mind.’

The stranger lifts his head from your shoulder, before looking deeply into your eyes. ‘My name is Jongin, this is my father’s party.’

You could actually feel your eyes widen in surprise, but before you get to answer, a loud crash comes from inside the ballroom. Glass breaking and loud gasps come from the ballroom, causing you to instantly pull away from Jongin.

‘I’m sorry, I have to go.’

Without a second glance back, you rush off to go fix whatever mess had been made.

First Scenario so please be honest.

i always imagine a movie.

a movie thats 1 hour and 30 minutes long of you smiling.
thats all.
it would be nice…you know?
a movie thats 1 hour and 30 minutes of you loving everything around you.

or perhaps hating everything you love.

i always imagine a movie.
a movie made of


with actors as your cheeks and extras as your eyes.
ide smell your loving through the screen, ide hear your screams through all your silence.
ide angle the camera in front of the dinner table where you sit.
ide angle it at all your demons and at all the plastic flowers we grew in our backyard.
the credits would be of no creators but of phrases you’ve
said throughout your life.

so speak
to me

speak your mind but leave those lips closed, for i can hear your smile from miles away.
the monkeys ran the trees and the birds were talking english,
the dogs were making lunch and the fish were making love.
you have the smile of a thousand children.

you have the power to kill all of them.

just like you killed me.

just like you killed all of us.


“i love you
smile isnt meant to be seen
its a disease
love, its a cemetery full of

“its okay..
ill die to see the world through your lips..
just promise to kill me quick..


and with a slow closing of his eyes, and a tight knot between his jaw he whispers back silently…


………its okay love… its okay.”



What Friends are For Part Two

Part 1

Rating: Explicit 

Reader Insert

Word Count: 2,195

Author’s Notes: The long awaited sequel to What Friends are For. I wanted to post it last night but it was taking longer than expected, and I was not enjoying the direction it was going, so I stopped where I was and picked it back up tonight. I enjoy it a lot more now. If you guys have any requests drop them in my ask box! 

(Y/N)’s entire body tingled as she awoke from a much needed nap. Her bare legs poked out from underneath the blankets as she recalled what had taken place the last time she was conscious. She pushed her hair back from her face as she slowly began to freak out.

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Eren Week | Day I: songs for Eren

“You’ve never learned to dance?”

The question took Eren by surprise, partially because it was coming from his Corporal, but mostly because said Corporal’s face was distorted in a strange mixture of trying-not-to-seem-curious, but-I-am-actually-quite-curious, but-it’s-really-none-of-my-business, and I-really-don’t-care-either-way-if-you-learned-or-not. One of Levi’s arm was slung over the back of the chair whilst his other hand hovered between table and lips, his attention having been diverted from his previous task of downing the fresh cup of Earl Grey. 

It was, to be honest, a rather unflattering image of Corporal Levi, so endearingly unflattering that it brought a tug at Eren’s lips. Tiny and unbidden like the warmth that bloomed at the corners of his heart whenever he was around the older man. “There’s never been a reason to.”

“Ah,” Levi agreed as the cup resumed its transition to lips. He supposed there wouldn’t have been a reason for Eren or any of the young soldiers his age to have learned to dance. But even Levi - orphaned, street rat Levi - knew how to dance. There was something blasphemous about this, this barely adult boy not knowing how to do something so simple; something most young men his age knew how to do by fourteen.

And perhaps Eren sensed just that - that something was wrong and maybe he did something wrong - because he was fiddling with the ties of his shirt, eyes a darker shade of green when all there was, was the light of a few candles and the usual shine wasn’t present from said eyes because they were twisted with a confusion so intense that only Eren Jaeger could pull off. 

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Like I Can (Narry)

Words: 3442

the title(which is a song) doesn’t have to do with the story but I was listening to it while I wrote it so

Niall is startled awake by the constant banging on the door of his home. He rubs his eyes and stands up. He furrows his brows when he hears sobbing coming from the other side of the door. He opens the door and is surprised to see Harry crying.

“Jess. S-she broke up with me.” He sobs and falls against Niall’s chest.

Niall is taken aback but he slowly wraps his arms around Harry and rubs his back. He closes the door and gently guides Harry to sit on the couch.

“Jesus Christ, Harry. What were you thinking?” He mutters to himself when he sees Harry’s hands shaking and bottom lip trembling. “C'mon.” He guides Harry to the bathroom where he fills the bathtub with warm water while Harry undresses himself.

He looks for clothes and sets them on top of the toilet lid. He leaves the bathroom and lies on his bed waiting for Harry.

The door opens and a red nosed Harry walks out. His eyes are puffy and red rimmed. He sniffles and sits down next to Niall.

“Do you want tea?” Niall asks softly to which Harry shakes his head.

“Can we cuddle?” He mumbles sleepily.

They shift to the top of the bed and get under the covers where Niall lets Harry cling to him. Harry starts to quietly cry again making Niall sigh.

“You’ll be fine, Haz. Look on the bright side! We start tour in two days and you’ll be busy and get distracted.” The blond reassures.

“You think so?” The Cheshire natives sniffles.

“I know so.”

Harry laughs loudly at one of Louis’ jokes while being on stage. He’s happy that Niall was right. He’s been so distracted he’s barely thought about her. He has barely had time for his thoughts because everytime he looks like he could go deep in his thoughts, Niall is there to distract him. And whenever he does have the time he is too tired to actually think and goes straight to sleep.

After the concert, Liam and Louis head to the bus whilst Niall and Harry go to the hotel. On the way there Niall cringes at Harry’s smell and laughs when the curly haired boy pouts.

When they arrive Harry is the first to shower and Niall follows quickly after. When he’s done, Harry is in deep thought. Niall frowns and sits next to him.

“You alright?” He asks concerned.

“Yeah. Just thinking about some stuff.” He shrugs and attacks Niall in a cuddle, arms and legs wrapped around the blond.

Niall laughs wholeheartedly and ruffles Harry’s hair with fondness. He just sighs and gets as comfortable as he can with Harry wrapped around him. Niall places his bicep under Harry’s head, knowing the lad still needs support. He really loved the girl and they never fought. For him they were like a match made in heaven.

They were perfect. Maybe a little too perfect.

When Niall wakes up, he has a spot of drool on his shirt that could only be Harry’s. He cringes and takes it off before lying down again and snuggling his body into the blankets. He sighs when he realizes they smell like Harry and whoa. Stop it right there.

He quickly shakes his head because it is creepy to think about your best mate like that. But either way he engulfs himself in the blankets and goes back to sleep.

When he wakes up for the second time it’s Harry who wakes him up by jumping on him.

“Christ, Harry.” The blond mutters.

“You need to wake up. It’s mid day already.” Harry tells him.

“Go away. Let me sleep.” Niall pushes Harry’s face away and covers his head with the duvet.

The chestnut haired boy rolls his eyes and pulls the duvet away from Niall’s curled up body. “Get up and eat. We have a day of interviews ahead of us.”

Niall curses under his breath as he gets up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Harry smiles fondly at the blond before plopping on the bed to wait for him. He’s casually scrolling through his Twitter feed when Niall’s phone chimes.

“Niall, you’ve a text!” Harry calls too lazy to get up and walk to the bathroom.

“Who’s it from?” Niall calls back from the open bathroom door.

The brunet grabs Niall’s mobile and sees it’s from Maura. “Your mum. Should I open it?”

“No, I’ll just text her later.” Niall’s voice wavers slightly but Harry doesn’t catch it, too busy answering to his own mother. When the blue eyed boy walks out of the bathroom he isn’t surprised to see Harry hanging upside down from the bed. “Let’s go, loser. I’m starving.”

Harry smiles and follows Niall outside and down to Liam’s room where the rest are waiting. Louis wiggles his eyebrows suggestively but Harry only rolls his eyes and flips him off.

A few days later Niall and Liam are talking to kill time. Niall listens as Liam talks about Sophia, whining about how much he misses her. Niall suggests for Liam to call her or set up a Skype date but Liam tells him she’s busy.

“What about you, Ni? Anyone caught your attention?”

Niall swallows at that because no one knows about the little crush he’s had on Harry for a while now. Way before Harry and Jess had gotten together. He just hadn’t realized it. It had killed Niall to see Harry with her but he smiled because Harry was happy and that was all that mattered to him: Harry’s happiness.

“Kind of.” He shrugs.

“Bird or bloke?” Liam asks once again. Niall’s happy he told the boys he swings both ways and none are bothered about it.

“Bloke.” Niall mutters and sighs at how easy it is to talk about someone you like with Liam because Liam doesn’t judge. He just listens. “For a while now.”

“Do I know him?” Niall nods. “Am I close with him?” Another nod. Liam goes in his thinking mode and Niall lets him because at one point Liam will still figure it out. “Can’t think of anyone right now.”

“We’re like really fucking close Liam.” Niall huffs staring at a spot on the bed.

They stay quiet for a moment until Liam gasps. “No fucking way. It’s Harry!”

Niall buries his face in Liam’s pillow, cheeks a bright red. He curses at how fast Liam guessed and how he will never hear the end of it now. He curses even more when Louis decides to walk in. But he’s never cursed someone more than Liam at the moment because he just had to tell Louis. Louis cooes like the ass that he is making Niall’s cheeks flame up even more.

“Hey, lads. Got someone I want you to meet!” Harry calls as he walks in the room with a pretty brunette who’s hand is on his bicep. “Guys, this is Violet. My girlfriend.”

Niall’s face falls and his stomach churns in an unpleasant way. The girl is pretty, he can’t deny it. She has electric blue eyes and a thousand watt smile. She seems nice and it kills Niall once again. Liam and Louis look at him sympathetically but Niall just shakes his head and smiles at Harry before excusing himself to go to his room. When he gets there he takes a deep breath and rubs his chest to relieve some of the pain. He lies down in his bed and buries his face in his pillow. He yells into it and thanks the gods above that the walls are soundproof.

He’s gone through enough pain already. He doesn’t think he can go through more.

Whenever Violet is around, Niall avoids Harry at all costs. It hurts him to do so but it hurts even more seeing Harry all cuddled up with her backstage and on the bus. He doesn’t want to be mean or anything but he can’t wait until she leaves so he can have Harry back. Whoa slow down there, Niall. He tells himself. But the blond man knows Harry likes the palm of his hand. No one understands Harry better than he does and he doesn’t think anyone has loved him as much as he has.

He sighs as he flops on his bed. He’s alone now that Harry has a room with Violet and it gets pretty lonely in the night. Liam or Louis sometimes sneak in and cuddle the boy telling him how it’s going to be okay. Tonight it’s both of them who walk in, each on either side of the blond. Niall makes a noise in the back of his throat in appreciation. He whimpers quietly when he remembers it was usually Harry who cuddled him at night when he mostly needed someone. Liam shushes him and tells him to go to sleep.

After the blond is asleep Liam and Louis share a look of pure concern for the blond. They both know that it isn’t just a small crush, they know it’s something more. Louis bids Liam goodnight as he stands up and goes to his own room. Liam stays the night with Niall, not wanting the blond to feel alone. He sort of knows what it’s like to feel this way and it hurts that his best mate is going through this kind of pain.

The next morning Niall wakes up with Liam sprawled out beside him. He slightly startles at Liam’s snore and gets up to get ready. When he’s done he wakes Liam up so they can go down for breakfast. When they get to the breakfast bar, Niall steers clear of Harry’s view. He doesn’t want to see how happy he is so early in the morning. It annoys him to no end and he doesn’t want to be grumpy for the rest of the day.

Liam notices quickly and frowns. He smiles at Harry as a good morning and grabs his breakfast before sitting across from Niall. “You know he isn’t stupid right?” He says spreading butter over his toast.

Niall rolls his eyes. “I know he isn’t stupid, Liam.” He mutters. “It just hurts.” His words are just above a whisper but Liam catches it either way.

“It’s going to be fine, Niall.”

“Wanna share a room?” Harry asks Niall as they sit in the bus in silence. Liam and Louis had dozed off a while ago and it’s just the two of them.

Niall looks up from his mobile and sees the hopeful look in Harry’s eyes. It’ll hurt him even more to break that look than to share a room with the curly haired boy so he says yes. Harry beams at him and turns back to his phone. Niall sighs quietly and says he’s going to his bunk to catch some sleep before they reach the hotel. Harry says good night but Niall doesn’t answer; too tired to do so.

Harry wakes him up when they reach the hotel at one in the morning. He rubs the sleep from his eyes and takes his suitcase after slipping on a shirt. They walk inside and are greeted with Sam who gives them both key cards before they find their room. Niall sets down his suitcase and strips to his boxers before climbing in his bed. He ignores Harry and goes straight to sleep, too exhausted to do anything.

The next few days are bearable for Niall. Harry’s barely talked about Violet and things are slowly coming back to normal between them. Although, for Harry nothing seemed off between them, he’s happy Niall is his bubbly self again on and off stage.

It’s one late night that Niall walks in his shared room with Harry that the Cheshire native is Skyping with Violet that Niall goes back to his quiet state again. He only waves and smiles at Violet before going to shower. He walks out in a fresh pair of boxers drying his hair when Harry tells him to be decent and put on a pair of sweats as he turns his laptop away.

“As if you haven’t seen my dick before.” He deadpans as he lies on his bed.

“Niall!” He squeaks as Violet laughs loudly. “Don’t say that around my girlfriend.”

“What? That we’ve seen each other’s dicks before?”

Harry glares at the blond who smiles back before turning his own laptop on and going on Netflix. He’s halfway through an episode of Arrow when Harry plops next to him. He shifts the laptop so the can both watch it and lies his head on Niall’s shoulder. He tenses a little but relaxes because, Jesus, it’s only Harry. About four episodes later, Harry is asleep so Niall turns the laptop off and goes on Twitter on his phone insteadFor a while He opens Snapchat and takes a selfie with Harry curled next to him and sends it to Liam with the caption ‘I win for tonight ! 🙈’

Liam answers with a wink making him roll his eyes and goes to sleep instead.

He wakes up alone and he is not surprised at all. He rolls over to his other side and squeaks in surprise when he sees Harry stark naked. He feels his cheeks heat up so he covers his face with the duvet. “Jesus Christ, Harry. Cover up.” He mutters and smiles when Harry laughs his squeaky laugh.

“As if you haven’t seen it before.” He snorts. Niall rolls his eyes and peeks to see Harry dressed already.

“Why are up so early?” He asks.

“Have to catch my flight to L.A.” Harry answers and that’s when Niall spots all of his luggage by the door.

“I thought that was tonight.” He stretches his arms and back as he sits up.

“No. I have to get going. See ya, Ni.” He tackles Niall in a hug making the blond laugh and push Harry’s kissy face away from his. “You should come with me!”

“No thanks. Got a flight home tomorrow.” Niall tells him giving up completely and just letting Harry lie on him.

Harry pouts like a child and widens his eyes. “Please. I want you to come with me. Please. Please. Please. Please.”



“Shut up and let me sleep for a bit more.”

The brunet boy pouts but gets off Niall after slobbering his cheek with a kiss and runs out of the room cackling. Niall just wipe his cheek and goes back to sleep with a hint of a smile on his face.

After landing in London Niall goes straight home. He greets Willie but goes straight to his room to sleep. A few hours later he gets a call waking him up. He groans into his pillow and blindly searches for his phone. He answers it without thinking twice with a groggy ‘hello’.

“Shit, I woke you up!” His ears re filled with Harry’s voice. “I’m sorry. I’ll call tomorrow.”

“No, it’s fine. What’s up?” He asks as he sits up on his bed.

“How long are you going to be in London?”

The question catches Niall a little off guard. “Don’t know. Why?”

“I’m going home. Think I can stay in for a day or so?”

Niall rolls his eyes. “You don’t even have to ask, idiot.”

“Great! Tell you when I land!” And with that he hangs up.

Niall just mutters under his breath and goes back to sleep as it’s only two in the morning. When he wakes up a second time it’s one in the afternoon. He decides to stay in after getting up and eating something. His plans fail when Harry walks in with tired eyes.

“Thought you said you’d call.” Niall says from the couch.

“Hey.” Harry sighs putting his things down and kicks off his boots. “You wouldn’t answer your mobile.”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear it.” Niall frowns.

Harry shrugs and just lies in the couch next to Niall. He traps the blond in a cuddle and falls asleep. Niall usually forgets Harry is clingy when he’s tired so he lets him be and cuddles him instead as he watches the Derby match Willie recorded for him. Not long after, Harry’s steady breathing lulls him to sleep.

‘Got home safe and sound! :) xx’

Niall reads the text Harry has sent him and his heart stutters at the two x’s at the end.

‘Great ! Tell your mum I said hi !’

He locks his phone and lies on his bed that oddly smells like Harry. He inhales his blankets without shame and sighs at the musky scent. He texts Harry back and forth that day and night. It seems weird because Harry’s been clinging to Niall the few days he stayed and he hasn’t mentioned Violet once. So he decides to shoot Harry a text.

'Are u and Violet okay ?’

'Not really.’

'What happened ?’

'We’re sort of falling apart. She says it’s too much with the distance and that I’m always busy. I know that! I miss her, Ni but I think we’re going nowhere. This is why Jess and I broke up in the first place. I don’t want to go through it again. What should I do?’

Niall thinks it over. He can’t just straight out tell Harry to break up with her. It’ll seem selfish of him and that’s the last thing he wants to do.

'Talk to her, mate . Think it’s mostly fair for you to explain your point of view in this too !’

'What do I say?!’

'Idk she’s your girlfriend harry’

'You’re no help :(’

Niall rolls his eyes at his best mate. Harry can be so thick sometimes.

'How do you feel about it ?’

'Terrible! I miss her loads but she won’t talk to me! I’ve sent her hundreds of texts and I’ve called so many times I’ve lost count. But I just think it’s best if we break up. I don’t want to hurt her like this anymore. And I’ve kind of liked someone else for a while now.’

Niall chokes on the air he inhales and immediately calls Harry.

“You fucking wanker! Why didn’t you tell me?!” He exclaims into his mobile.

“Sorry.” Harry says sounding sheepish and guilty. “I didn’t want to tell anyone until I got my head straight. And I did. I’m breaking up with her and calling the person right after and tell them how I feel.”

“Alright, Haz. Do want you feel is right. Call me tomorrow and tell me how it went. I’m fucking dead on my feet.” He grumbles.

“Whole day playing golf. What else do you expect?”

“Oh, fuck off, tosser. Good night.”

“Good night. Love you.”

“Me too.”

“Say it right, Niall.” Harry huffs.

“Love you, too, fucker.”

“Why do you always ruin the moment, Niall. Here I am trying to have a moment and you ruin it.”

“Oh, shut up. You have stuff to do. Bye.”


The front door of Niall’s house swings open and he’s startled to see Harry shutting it close behind him. He cocks his head to the side confused. “Harry? What are you-”

He’s cut off by Harry’s hands on his cheeks. He looks at the blond with fondness in his eyes and a small smile on his face. Niall’s cheeks heat up under Harry’s gaze, his arms are limp on his sides not knowing what to do with them. Niall squeaks in surprise when Harry bumps their noses together.

“It’s you, Niall. You’re the person I’ve liked for a while now. I can’t stop thinking about you and fuck, Niall.” He breaths out knocking their foreheads together.

They’re both surprised when Niall closes the few inches between them and connects their lips as he wraps his arms around Harry’s waist. He pulls him closer, flushing their bodies together. The kiss is indescribable for both boys. It’s sweet and soft and languid and everything Niall ever imagined.

Harry is the first to pull away with a sigh. He can’t help but chuckle, rubbing his thumb along Niall’s cheek. “I’m guessing you like me as well.”

Niall chuckles and hides his face in Harry’s neck. “Yeah. For a while now. Before you and Jess were a thing.”

Harry gasps at that. “Niall! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“You were happy.” He shrugs. “I just wanted you to be happy. And I didn’t realize it until a while ago.”

Harry hugs the blond closer and plants a kiss on his hair. “You’re an idiot for not telling me before. Would’ve never been with Violet.”

Niall shrugs again and pulls away to close the door behind them. He takes Harry’s hand and guides him upstairs to his room. The two of them crawl into Niall’s bed and cuddle under the covers. They spend the night kissing and cuddling and giggling like the children they are until Niall falls asleep curled around Harry. The lanky boy cuddles into Niall’s chest and falls asleep with a content smile on his face.


sharon carter appreciation day   [september 2016]: 

- i’d face a thousand deaths to save the world from a madman like you.

Behind the smile on her lips, are thousands of suffocating thoughts that will kill no one, but only herself.
—  L.W. // She’s drowning in her own thoughts

i be so confused by folks who ride for joe biden like that turkey head ass wasnt alongside clinton pushing for more prisons and police in poc neighborhoods not too long ago. it’s as perplexing as folks who make cute and funny memes about obama like the nigga aint a trigger happy war monger himself. it’s like it don’t matter what these killers do, even if they killed thousands abroad, if they wip up a smile and cater to a few memes and jokes folks will quickly forget who was waving pens to bomb innocents.

miss me with that “ima miss obabo cus he black” fuck that he a killer.

The Sight


Word Count: 753

Hermione always said seeing the future was ridiculous.  And I always replied, “So is three school children fighting a dark wizard who’s killed thousands.”

She’d smile at me and that would be that.  Never agreeing but never fighting.  She was my roommate and I loved her like a sister, I think she felt the same way.  Though she did always tell me my crush on Fred Weasley might end up biting me on the bum one day.  She was right, as usual. 

I’d had dreams of the future since I was about four.  They started out as little things, conversations that wouldn’t occur until the next day.  The ending of a new book I was reading.  They got worse and more serious over time.

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Andy Fucking Gray

Hey Andy, just wanted to drop by and say happy birthday. I don’t really show up much, but I wanted to say your threads make me laugh, cry, and everything in between. You’re such a sweet, funny, and nice person and you deserve every wish coming your way. Your aus make me wish someone would write a book just based off of the characters and personalities you explore, your makeup skills are to kill for, and your smile could light a thousand cities. You make me smile, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog-it’s made me happier than I could ever imagine. I hope that you have the happiest of days today and every day following because you deserve it.

Happy birthday, Andy Gray. Have a great one.