the smile that he gives her

"Perhaps one day I shall deck ye in laces and jewels,” he said softly.

“I havena been able to give ye much, ever, save a wee silver ring, and my mother’s pearls.”
“You’ve given me a lot more than that,” I said. I wrapped my fingers around his thumb and squeezed. “Brianna, for one.”
He smiled faintly, looking down at the deck.
“Aye, that’s true. She’s maybe the real reason—for staying, I mean.”
I pulled him toward me, and he rested his head against my knee.
“This is her place, no?” he said quietly. He lifted a hand, gesturing toward the river, the trees and the sky. “She will be born here, she’ll live here.”
“That’s right,” I said softly. I stroked his hair, smoothing the thick strands that were so much like Brianna’s. “This will be her country.” Hers, in a way it could never be mine or his, no matter how long we might live here.
He nodded, beard rasping gently against my skirt.
“I dinna wish to fight, or have ye ever in danger, Sassenach, but if there is a bit I can do … to build, maybe, to make it safe, and a good land for her …” He shrugged. “It would please me,” he finished softly.
We sat silently for a bit, close together, watching the dull shine of the water and the slow progress of the sunken lantern.
“I left the pearls for her,” I said at last. “That seemed right; they were an heirloom, after all.” I drew my ringed hand, curved, across his lips. “And the ring is all I need.”
He took both my hands in his, then, and kissed them—the left, which still bore the gold ring of my marriage to Frank, and then the right, with his own silver ring.
“Da mi basia mille,” he whispered, smiling. Give me a thousand kisses. It was the inscription inside my ring, a brief quotation from a love song by Catullus. I bent and gave him one back.
“Dein mille altera,” I said. Then a thousand more.”

-Drums of Autumn

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Oh! Either “I think your perfect. Even with your flaws, you’re nothing but perfect.” Adrienette postreveal or “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?” Marichat!

Enjoy and thanks for the prompt, @maerynn-blog! <3

“I think you’re perfect,” Marinette pressed her lips to the scar on the back of Adrien’s left shoulder where he had blocked an akuma from running Ladybug through with a sword. “Even with your flaws, you’re nothing but perfect.” She moved and kissed the raised white skin along the top of his spine.

“I’m not perfect,” he murmured, head hanging forward to give her more access to the back of his neck. 

“Perfectly imperfect then,” she smiled against his skin. She ran her fingers up his bare sides lightly. “I love your body. I love every single bit of it.”

“I’m not as…” He trailed off, chuckling bitterly. “No one’s asking to take my picture much now, are they?”

Marinette moved to the front of him, hands never breaking contact with his skin. She smoothed her palms up his chest, fingertips brushing delicately along the criss-cross of scars from the akuma who had tried to cut out his heart so many years ago. She traced the healed wound on his lower abdomen from a blow he had taken to protect her when they were much younger than they were now. She looked up into his eyes then, fingers still gently stroking.

“Every mark, every scar, is a reminder of how much you love me.” Marinette moved one hand up to cup his cheek, her thumb rubbing against the scar along his jaw.

“I do love you,” he whispered, tilting into her touch.

“I know you do, my sweet kitty.” She leaned up and pressed a kiss to the scar bisecting his right eyebrow. “I love you too, every last bit of you.”

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for @robertisbisexual, because this little ficlet was 99% her idea anyway.

aaron’s still not used to being a parent, sometimes. otherwise known as that time he doesn’t realise ellen is looking for him.

Aaron’s strolling through the village, phone out, when he hears the first yell. He’s distracted by something Liv is texting him about (something he can only assume is going to lead to another meeting with her form tutor about Liv’s behaviour) and so he doesn’t take much notice.

Until he hears it again.


Ellen’s in her buggy, on the opposite end of the road, Rebecca just rounding the corner from the bus-stop, clearing having had been on a walk with the little girl. Aaron couldn’t help but smile as he noticed Ellen was clutching the elephant teddy bear he had bought her, sticky fingers wringing the already well worn neck.

He gives them a wave, before continuing on his journey down the road toward the cafe. He’s got a list of lunch orders, volunteering to go and get food for Adam, Robert and Jimmy (with Robert’s card, because his husband leaves his wallet lying around the scrapyard and Aaron’s always happy to spend his money, thought the joint bank account they’d just applied for was going to leave that null and void) purely to escape the stifling warmth of the portacabin.

“Papa! Papa!”

Aaron frowned to himself, wondering if Robert had come into the village after all, wondering why Ellen had suddenly decided to call him papa, over daddy, all the while Ellen yelling papa down the main street, Rebecca trying to hush her yells.

And then it dawns on him.

He’s papa.

Ellen had only called him papa for the first time a few weeks previously, and so he still wasn’t used to it.

God, she was looking for him.

Shoving his phone in his pocket, Aaron couldn’t help the flush in his cheeks as he realised half the village was out, and staring at Ellen’s hysterics, embarrassed that he hadn’t realised sooner.

Ellen was straining at the straps of her buggy, cheeks red hot and stained with tears as she looked at Aaron. “Papa!” she called mournfully, waving the elephant at him. “Papa!”

Glancing at Rebecca to make sure it was okay, Aaron unhooked her from her buggy, gathering the little girl into his arms, holding her tightly to his chest. Ellen stayed grumpy and upset for a second, hands hanging at her sides, before she hugged him, tiny arms straining to hook around his neck.

“Papa,” she said unhappily, pressing her cheek against Aaron’s.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” Aaron said quietly, only loud enough for Ellen to hear. “Papa was being silly.”

Ellen beamed at him, Aaron instantly forgiven. “Papa, play?”

“I wish I could, but I’ve got to get your dad lunch, haven’t I?” Aaron said, balancing her easily on one hip. It was funny, really, how quickly she’d become a part of his daily life, how he considered her his, as much as she was Robert’s and Rebecca’s. “Tell you what though, if it’s alright with your mum, there could be a cookie at Bobs with your name on it.”

Rebecca laughed at the delighted expression on Ellen’s face, nodding. “I was heading there anyway,” she admitted, the two of them falling into step beside each other as they headed for the cafe, Ellen nattering excitedly in Aaron’s ear about her morning spent at the soft play area in Hotten.

“Made a house!” Ellen declared, her hair neatly plaited into tiny little braids, a better job than he or Robert could ever pretend to do, tiny little bows knotted at the end of each braid.

Aaron looked at her, bright eyed, and proud. “That’s amazing! I hope your mum took pictures,” he said, nudging the door open with his hip, setting her down on the floor so she could toddle toward the counter. “Tell Bob I’ll be there in a second, okay?”

“You still not used to her calling you papa?” Rebecca asked, not unkindly, shoving the empty buggy into a corner. “Sometimes, when she’s yelling mummy, I think she’s looking for Chrissie - because it still makes more sense to me, that Chrissie’s a mum.”

Aaron laughed, a little relieved, if he was honest. “I cried, when she first called me papa,” he admitted, the word making his heart swell a thousand sizes as he listened to Ellen excitedly gesture at the cookies, a fond look on Bob’s face as she told him her papa was buying her one.

“I’m glad we’re making this work, Aaron,” Rebecca said, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she spoke, half an eye on Ellen. “She’s lucky to have you.”

“Some kids don’t have anyone,” Aaron said, stark reminders of his own, all too often lonely childhood hitting him as he watched Ellen, realised how loved she was. “She’s got three.”

Rebecca gave his elbow a squeeze, smiling. “Send her back to me when you need to head off,” she said, settling herself into one of the couches, looking delighted to have a few minutes to herself.

Aaron couldn’t help but grin as he scooped Ellen up, dangling her upside down, her laughter filling the cafe. “Did you pick a cookie?” he asked, turning her the right way around, Ellen poking him in the cheek with a grin that was oh-so reminiscent of Robert.


“You can have one,” Aaron laughed, rolling at his eyes at Bob. “One, beans.”

Ellen looked thoughtful for a second, before pointing to a chocolate cookie. “Love ‘oo papa,” she beamed, planting a messy kiss against Aaron’s stubbly cheek, scrunching up her nose in dislike as his rough facial hair rubbed against her skin.

It was the most endearing thing he’d ever seen in his life. 

There and then, Aaron decided that ‘love ‘oo papa’ was one of the very best sentences he’d ever heard in his life.

He could definitely get used to being a papa.

Spare Me ~ Stiles Stilinski


#21 Is that gum in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

“Whaddup losers!” you smile walking over to Scott and Stiles. 

“Big talk for someone so small Y/N.”  Scott laughs petting your head. You reply by giving him a playful punch in the arm.

Stiles pulls you into his arms for a soft kiss. “Scott don’t scare her away!” he jokes, rolling his eyes.

You clear your throat as you look up at Stiles, batting your lashes.

“Is that gum in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Stiles looks down at you with a mischievous smirk raising an eyebrow.

“He gave me his last piece of gum earlier” Scott says cutting him off as he’s about to say something. “You can have a piece of mine!” Scott says innocently, offering you the gum.

You and Stiles let out a small chuckle in unison.

“Oh god Scott please him that innocence.” you say trying not to laugh.

“C’mon McCall spare me the innocence.” Stiles jokes. “Will you cover for me at practice?” 

“Sure!” Scott says rushing off as he eyes the time.

Stiles takes your hand as he leads you to an empty classroom. “Stiles what are we doin-” you try to say but you are cut off when his lips attack yours.

He lays you on the desk as he attacks your neck. Your fingers tangle in his hair when he lets out a low muffled moan. You grind against him as he tries to push down his jeans. “Stiles…..quick” you cry, desperate for release.

“Well we’re eager aren’t we?” he smirks as he undoes his belt.

“Yes very!” you exclaim “Now is not the the time Stilinski.” You exclaim ripping both your shirts off. while he fishes around his bag for a condom.

All of a sudden the door flies open.

“Stilinski! Why aren’t you on the f-” Coach yells as he realizes what he’s barged in on. His eyes widen as he notices the condom at his feet.

“Uhhh hey Coach…..” Stiles says hastily zippingg up his jeans and putting his shirt back on.

You scramble to find your shirt, avoiding the aghast gazes of the lacrosse teams.

“What were you two doing in here?” Coach exclaims hoping to avoid the obvious answer.

Stiles gulps. “Ahmmmm…. Biology.”

“Stilinski you better be on field in five minutes or so help me god!”

Although I like the idea of Sul Hee and Joo Man working it out later on when Joo Man starts appreciating her more, I favor the idea of Sul Hee moving on to another man.

I like the idea of Joo Man seeing his ex lover with another guy. Seeing her smile at him lovingly, knowing that she would definitely take care of her man like the way she did to him. Knowing that she would give her very ALL to the man she loves.

Joo Man would realize how much of a grave loss he is in. That he took her for granted and would come to appreciate all that she is when it’s too late. He would realize the reasons why he loved her in the first place.

And as he does, she won’t be there by his side anymore. And that’s what I’d like to see. I want him to see to such an extent that he doesn’t deserve her and the love she has given him.

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Imagine Bucky's been away for a few days on a mission and your five year old daughter really misses him, but you've received a text from Bucky telling you he's on his way. So you whisk your daughter into the kitchen and start playing her favourite Disney songs. Bucky arrives just as Be Our Guest starts and smiles as the two of you sing along making cupcakes. (Pt1)

(PT 2) Soon he swoops in gathering your daughter in his arms as she shrieks in delight as he sings along, only pausing to give you a sweet kiss. Then proceeds to twirl her around the kitchen, he may be sore and tired but seeing his girls happy is the best after mission medicine - Emily (it’s the period hormones I swear)

This is bad because we’re both on our periods and now we’re gonna be emotional about this @writemarvelousthings - Gen

Daddy Wednesday™


I had a request from an anon for this little obsessive Shannon story!

She walks up to the house, unsure she should even be there. Her behavior the last few months has been far from that of a supportive friend.  She’s avoided seeing him at all costs, mostly because she’s been afraid he would pretend that nothing happened between them that night at her place after her date with the boring lawyer she went out with just to make him jealous ended with them tangled in her bed sheets.

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yooooooo, number 39 with Kyungsoo, please? 😌💛 you're writing always gives me the feels ☺

Originally posted by lovinthesoo

Do Kyungsoo: “When your lover rambles about something they love and their cheeks are lifted up in one of those beautiful smiles.”

Kyungsoo was a lover of good books. That was the first thing she thought when his birthday was approaching and she had already gifted him a lot of things in the years they had been dating; clothes, music related stuff, acting related stuff…she didn’t want to be boring or ordinary for he had always given her amazing presents that were well thought out and had marked small lines in her life. Her fingers trace the outline of the present she had wrapped and with closed eyes, she gives it to him but she opens her eyes too quickly, wishing to see the expression over his face in case he liked it. He chuckles lightly at her, always finding amusing how she could be the sexiest woman when she wanted it but then she turned into this shy girl that had his heart racing. His plump bottom lip is in between his teeth as he undoes the ribbon and rips the rest of the wrapping, letting out a muffled gasp as he covers his mouth.

Was the cool Do Kyungsoo surprised?

Now that was new.

Immediately, he turns the book around and inspects it with ease before rushing towards her and wrapping her in the warmest hug, making the two of them stumble back as they landed on the carpet with a thud, her legs wrapped around his waist and his other hand –that wasn’t holding the book- under her head so she wouldn’t hit herself. Kyungsoo presses his lips to her cheeks repeatedly and the way his eyes shined as brightly as the sun almost made her feel like she was the clouds that were beside it. His hair was disheveled now more than ever in that morning and when he pulls away from her cheeks, he kisses her lips. Definitely, the two were in love.

“Did you like it?” She asks as he presses kisses to her lips and the man straightens his back immediately, looking at her with bewilderment as if she had confessed some crime to him, one that would take her to hell and back with ease. Kyungsoo looks at the book once again and then he sighed, the smile on his face never faltering. “Kyungsoo, say something, I am getting scared.”

“I…” He stops a moment to collect himself before his straight and thick eyebrows raised up slightly. “I…can’t believe you listened enough to me to know that I wanted to read this book.” Kyungsoo’s low tone of voice made her heart shake with anticipation and her lips turned into a smile as well, wrapping her arms around his waist. “The synopsis, the slight grammatical changes and the poetic sense hidden behind them, the characters and the psychological structure behind them…this book looks like perfection.” The way his lips moved with ease when he spoke always made her feel cozier than ever. It seemed like he was some kind of prince and the intelligence and sarcasm that spilled from his mouth sometimes surprised her, but now she was used to it and she loved it. “I mean…I may not sleep tonight, I need to know what happens and I need to finish it-”

You are going to sleep tonight.” She warns him as she pinches his fluffy cheeks that were lifted up because of his smile. “You have practice tomorrow and let me tell you, I won’t listen to Junmyeon complain about your lack of sleep ever again.” A shiver runs down her spine when she remembers the maddened leader that gave her a devilish grin after his speech. Workaholics were always the most dangerous.

“That was different,” Kyungsoo’s way of defending himself was always powerful and precise. “That night was our anniversary and we weren’t exactly reading books when we were having s-” Her mouth is covered by her hand and he immediately chuckles against her palm, sticking his tongue out the slightest and making her groan. “The thing is…if you have another gift for me and it is the same gift you gave me for our anniversary, I won’t complain.”

“Do Kyungsoo!”

“What?” He asks with a smile and her embarrassment is calmed down the moment his fingers trace the outline of her cheek.

“You’re so dirty minded nowadays.” She comments and Kyungsoo laughs lightly. “I think you’ve been hanging out with Park Chanyeol a lot more than you should.” It was complete sarcasm when she said that but then Kyungsoo shrugs.

“Ah, I doubt someone really is ‘loving the size’ if we’re talking about Chanyeol-”


“I am the birthday boy, you can’t say anything!”


Kyungsoo smiles before kissing her cheek once again and helping her up. “Thank you, baby, for everything.”

“I’ll always be there by your side.” She promises.

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Prompt: Michael and Sara go baby shopping for their unborn child's nursery, and Michael takes care of pregnant Sara with all the love and happiness in his heart.

“You sure you have enough on there?” Sara teases, looking at her husband’s leaning tower of frozen yogurt, consisting of just about every candy you could imagine, but sprinkled with M&M’s on top that he was picking off individually with his fingers, abandoning the spoon.

Michael gives her a grin, as pops another colored candy into his mouth.

“You’d think you were the one pregnant,” she says with a teasing lilt, licking her own finger, blueberry flavored.

“There’s no such thing as too much, right buddy?” Michael says conspiratorially to his son, whose bowl looked almost identical to his dad’s.

“Hmm,” the boy says with a big mouthful, sucking on the orange spoon with a goofy smile.

Sara just shakes her head, passing a napkin to Mike.

“Where to next?” Michael asks, the three of them having finished their treat.

Sara pulls her sunglasses down, releasing her hair into her face, as her hand comes to rest on the tiniest little bump peeking through her sundress.

The words only just out of his mouth when they pass by a window, an angelic display of a baby’s nursery, as if floating in the clouds.

She can see the excitement dancing in Michael’s eyes, always present whenever the subject of their baby came up.  He looks at her, silently asking for permission to indulge themselves in everything little Scofield.

Sara nods, and his hand finds its way to the small of her back, while opening the door for the three of them to enter the store.

He’s immediately inundated with setups of various themes for nurseries, tiny clothes in soft colors, and contraptions he’s not even 100% sure what their function is, his brain wracking itself for explanations.

Mike reaches out, his fingers gliding across an infant sock that made even his small hand look large.

“Mom, was I ever this small?” He asks her, wonder in his voice, like the idea seemed like an impossibility.

Sara can sense the moment Michael stills, and almost flinches at the question, the thought of having missed a time when Mike was small enough to fit into that size.

Even after all this time, he still refused to forgive himself for not being there, which only seemed to be exacerbated with the new baby, as he stood both determined to do it right this time, and the internal struggle that he was unable to the first time.

“Yeah, baby, you were,” she says with a sad smile.

She’s quick to reach out to Michael, her hands running smooth circles over his back, and he glances back at her with a smile that doesn’t quite convince her he’s okay.

Wandering through the store, she becomes overwhelmed with how much stuff a baby needs, infancy with Mike a hazy blur of adoration and grief that she feels she was almost not witness to herself.  Too present with her son, dedicated to making his life normal and loved, never stopping to take a moment and reflect.

To reflect was to remember, and to remember was a dark hole of sadness that she had refused to sink into like quick sand, one thought quickly leading to a deluge of memories that would ultimately suffocate her into not functioning.

“Mom, what is…this?” Mike asks, picking up what looked like nothing more than a really long, wide scarf, covered in various designs.

“That would be a baby wrap, young man,” chimes in a saleswoman having tracked them down from the entrance.  Her eyes immediately locking onto Michael, despite talking to Mike, and Sara bites back a laugh at the woman, not even the least bit jealous.

Mike steps back a bit into Michael’s space, leaning up against his legs, his head coming to knock against his stomach.  His long fingers immediately coming to comfort his son, wrapping around his chest to tuck him close.

“Would you like to try it on?” The woman asks.

“Do you want to try it, Sara?” Michael asks in his usual whisper, a crooked grin coming to his face, as he makes eye contact with her over the woman.

“I think she’s asking you,” Sara says, amusement tinged in her tone.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s great for dads, you just…” she says, producing a doll out of nowhere, and beginning to strap it around Michael.

“You know, I think I remember how that works,” Sara says, stepping in, a hand on Michael’s shoulder, her brow raised towards him.

“Oh, okay,” the saleswoman says, awkwardly backing away.

He smiles in thanks, as she begins wrapping the material, up, around, and across, her fingers lingering and Michael’s grin turning into a full blown smile by the end.  The all too familiar scene of her wrapping him up, usually with bandages, this time with something that would help him carry their child.  The nostalgia isn’t lost on her, and when both his hands come to rest on her wrist and forearm after she finishes tying the knot, she smiles down at the gesture.

Glancing over she sees Mike’s big brown eyes looking up at them, she coughs before taking a step back, pushing her hair behind her ears.

“How do I look?” Michael asks.

“Like our Dad,” Mike chimes in with a shrug.

A wispy look clouds his eyes, as they flitter from Mike, to her face, to her stomach, the love he has for them never wavering, the comment removing a tiny bit of the guilt he carried around with him.

Sara nods her head in agreement of Mike’s observation.

Although he didn’t just look the part, his actions were there to back the title.


Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

Bktd Week Day 4: Pets

(I’m working on a larger project for day 5, so I can only provide a short drabble today) 

Bakugou glared down at the fluffy cat in his lap, carefully extending his hand in an attempt to pet it. The cat growled and bared its tiny teeth at him, curling its claws into the human’s shirt. Cursing under his breath, Bakugou lowered his hand.

Todoroki smiled softly at his two roommates as he entered the livingroom. “She likes you.”

“The bitch won’t let me pet her.” Bakugou grumbled. “She’s just sitting there, mocking me.”

He settled down next to the fuming man. “Darling just doesn’t want to be pet right now.”

“I don’t give a shit what Darling wants.” He attempted to pet the small cat once more, only to be swatted at. “Your cat’s a fucking bitch.”

“Maybe she’s not letting you pet her because you’re calling her a bitch.” Todoroki suggested, laughing quietly as Bakugou continued to glare directly into the cat’s eyes. “I wouldn’t suggest doing that, she takes that as a challenge.”

“It is a fucking challenge. I’ll kick your cat’s ass.” At this, Darling began to growl. Bakugou looked alarmed for a second before leaning in to look at the cat closer. “I swear she understands what I’m saying.”

“She understands that you’re angry at her.”

“No, fuckface. Just look at her. The bitch knows what I’m saying.” The blonde’s eyes slowly narrowed. “You hear me, Darling? Watch your fucking back.”

“Don’t listen to him, Darling.” Todoroki cooed as he snatched the cat from Bakugou’s lap and cradled her to his chest. She continued to growl, but begrudgingly accepted her fate as she let the boy pet her head. “You’re just a grump, you’re not a bitch.”

“Bullshit.” Bakugou glared jealously at Todoroki. “Fucking bullshit.”

He reached out his hand to join his roommate’s on the cat’s head. This was a grave mistake. The small animal violently shifted in Todoroki’s grasp, scraping her claws across her owner’s chest as her other paw hooked itself onto the blonde’s hand. In the apartment below, the feeble old man weeped internally as the near daily sound of teenagers screaming began.

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five times kissed?


@damnedflame - inspired by this one ask i really loved ♥


      Perhaps it was the feeling of seeing her ex-boyfriend so happy, so quickly that prompted her to kiss him. After all the ‘heartbreaking’ they had gone through, how was he able to smile so vividly, so rapidly with another girl by his side, while she hadn’t been able to leave her room for an entire week. Acting on her emotions she grabbed her friend Sasuke by the collar and pressed her lips to his. Making sure him and the whole student population were able to see them.


       They were together now. Only pretend of course. They didn’t do any ‘couple things’ unless he was around. 

      She had been shopping for textbooks – so expensive by the way – with Sasuke-kun when she noticed him walking straight towards them. Without giving it much thought, quickly, Sakura turned towards him with pleading eyes. As if asking for his permission. Once she saw his nod of approval, more gently than the first time, placing both hands on either side of his face, she brought him down to rub their noses against each other into an eskimo kiss. 


       This premed exam was going to be such a pain; she could feel it. It had been maybe 5 or 6 hours, still deep into studying the vital signs of a heart attack – or was it a hemorrhage? She couldn’t remember – when a cup of coffee was placed in front of her. “Sasuke-kun? Wha–” Whatever she was going to say was silenced by a kiss to her head. And when she saw him in the back ground looking this way, Sakura could only murmur her friend a small “thank you”.


       “Don’t be silly.. He’s not here you know. You don’t have to do this.” She laughed and he only smirked when he grabbed her hand and pressed a light kiss to it, helping her make her way down the stairs of the restaurant. If anyone saw them, so close like the way they were, they would’ve think they were together. And when a few people passed by them, whispering something along the lines of ‘ah young love’ and ‘what a cute couple they made’, Sakura found her cheeks dusting all shades of pink.  


        It had been such a good idea at the start that she had failed to realized what consequences it would led to. “I.. want to thank you, Sasuke-kun. For.. everything. But – I don’t think I can be your friend anymore. I just… I have feelings for you now and –“ Her face contorted and she took a deep breath that did nothing to quell the pain on her face. “ ..and I just… I can’t be your friend.” She expected for him to turn around and run away from her forever, but he solely replied by taking her chin into his hand and giving a kiss to her forehead. 

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Will had moved Nico into a chair, running a gentle hand over his arm. "Yeah," Nico sniffed. Will gives him a small smile. "I think I hear the pups," Will says. At first, Nico thinks he's just distracting him, but then he hears the clicking of toenails. He turns to Will, an excited smile on his face. "They're here." He tries to contain his excitement as Katie walks in, two pups following her. "Hi, Nico. Will." She looks at Reyna. "I don't think we've officially met." She hands Will a leash.

Nico’s anxiety dissipated as the dog jumped in his lap and started licking his hand. “Hello there you beautiful boy,” Nico cooed as Reyna introduced herself to Katie. The dog settled down in Nico’s lap, and Nico took it as an invitation to bury his face in the soft fur. All the anxious and panicky emotions he had felt melted away as the dog let Nico hold him. Nico didn’t see Will smiling at him, but he knew he was doing it. He knew Will was dreaming of the day when Nico had his own dog to calm him down and make him feel better. When words got too much and Nico couldn’t stand to be touched. Nico looked over at Will and smiled. “What’s got you looking like that with those goopy eyes?”

the waves at kealia are so cherry i went out to body surf n i knew a few of the lil local boys out there (they call me dolphin girl) so we’re all play fighting and laughing cause they’re on boards and i wasnt but they still werent catchin waves lol. n a big ass one would come and we started calling them Fritters and we would all scream and they’d yell at me to catch it but bitch i didnt want to get smashed lmao. n an uncle came out laughing and is like “you should see yourself from shore, you catchin all these with no fins and one honu cruisin next to you!” n right as he said that a Fritter peaks in front of us and I saw her, she was young and her shell still colorful. Then he grabs limu floating by, takes half for himself and passed the other to me n says “eat, make you strong. bless you for making these keiki smile and give them good memories” and floats back in.

Undyrus Drabble

(Another little thing I did for fun, might make this a regular thing. I love Papyrus and Undyne as very close friends. And I just happen to also like them as a couple of romantic nerds.)

“Hold still, you nerd.”


Undyne smiled against Papyrus’ forehead as she pressed a kiss there. She’d been peppering kisses all over his face for a good minute now, giving attention to everything but his mouth. His face was trapped in between her hands, unable to quite squirm away from her, but that didn’t stop him from wiggling.

“What?” She spoke innocently, despite the mischievous spark that had lit up in her good eye. He didn’t need to know that though. Papyrus couldn’t see with how he was positioned. “You mean this?”

As she spoke, she dragged her lips right down to his jawline, making sure her voice vibrated against the sensitive bone near his neck. He squeaked in surprise, jerking in her grasp as he broke into giggles.

Undyne couldn’t help her own muffled laughter at his expense. Papyrus was too adorable. For all his insisting that he didn’t make such embarrassing sounds, Undyne knew just how to prove him wrong. His neck was sensitive, and she couldn’t help but use that little bit of knowledge any chance they got.

Always to Papyrus’ dismay, of course, under the ticklish assault.


Her laughter dwindled to nothing as she finally had mercy on the skeleton. She pressed her forehead to his, rubbing her thumbs over his cheekbones affectionately.

“Ok, ok, no more,” she relented. She heard Papyrus breathe out a sigh of relief, relaxing against her. “You know I love you, right?”

She saw the corners of his mouth curl into a warm little smile. “YES! I DO KNOW! AND I LOVE YOU AS WELL!”

“Good.” And she pulled back just enough so that Papyrus could see the wide, dangerous grin on her face. She paused just long enough for that flicker of suspicion to appear in his expression. “Because it’s time for SNOW WRESTLING!”

“WAIT, UNDYNE N–ACK!” It was too late. Undyne wrapped her arms tight around the other and took them both down into the snow. She laughed as he flailed, scrambling in the snow, sitting up to allow him to get up as well.

Papyrus squawked, taking a moment longer to sit up with her.


Grinning unapologetically, she leaned in to press a loving kiss against his mouth. She could feel him press back immediately, sliding his teeth against her lips. Never too indignant to accept a kiss.

“Well that’s your fault, nerd. Next time you won’t let your guard down like that. You’ve always got to be ready, Papyrus.” She tilted her head to give him a wink–or maybe it was a blink, it was hard to tell with her eyepatch.

Always ready.”


Agents of H.E.A.R.T.E.Y.E.S.  😍 😍 😍

Homestuck Pool Party Headcanons

John: Canonballs in IMMEDIATELY, he is yelling and he is fucking excited move out of the way this boy is coming through!! Also, because he has a breath aspect I am 413% certain that he can stay underwater for indefinite amounts of time and you can bet your ass he’s going around grabbing people’s feet to freak them out. He and Terezi have a contest to see who can make the most people jump, I will not say who wins I will only say that it is unfortunate for everyone involved. He and Dave are an unstoppable chicken team, they have never lost and will do Whatever It Takes to make sure that remains true.

Dave: Is just chillin, he cares more about keeping his shades dry than swimming around. He will go hard as hell in Marco Polo tho, if you thought he was too cool to jump at the nearest person faster than the speed of light you were wrong buddy he will do what it takes to WIN. Also, when he is the Marco he will (unfairly) target Karkat. This is frustrating. “I’m not even being that loud” Karkat protests for the umpteenth time Dave tags him. “Bullshit” everyone else says, but there’s still a rule that Dave can’t tag Karkat more than five times in a row because really Dave we know you love hearing him yell but Enough Please.

Karkat: Is Bad At Marco Polo. He is so loud. My son. Please. Is very hesitant to get into the water at first bc he’s sensitive to the cold and would rather angrily sweat than deal with the initial shock of getting in. Dave will patiently chill nearby until Karkat is ready, or Dave decides that Karkat is ready in which he will absolutely drag him in. Karkat does not know how to swim so he won’t go past the shallow end, and considering how short he is, uh, that’s not very much of the pool. Dave has to carry him sometimes which he complains about A Lot but secretly kind of likes it whoops. Karkat and Sollux are the shittiest chicken team, Karkat is too afraid of falling in to have any sort of effective strategy and Sollux is like “Karkat just push him” and sort of plows into the other team which just leads to Karkat screeching and nothing gets done.

Roxy: LOVES SWIMMING WITH HER FRIENDS!!! Real people?? That she’s hanging out with?? And you KNOW she’s excited to wear that cute as fuck bikini she alchemized months ago ‘just in case’ ;) ;) ;). After years of knowing Jane and her silly prankster shenanigans, John will absolutely not get the drop on her no sir, he tries to grab her foot she will raise that leg and pull the boy out of the water and give him the Mom Look™. This is war. John will not win. She loves being with Jane and Roxy and her boys!! She is just full of so much love it’s incredible. She deserves this so much.

Calliope: Doesn’t know much about swimming or why humans (and trolls ish) find it so enjoyable, but Roxy is excited so she is too! Interestingly enough, cherubs Do Not Float. Roxy is waving a nervous Callie into the pool and she’s coming down the ladder and once it gets to her chin everyone expects her to do something but no, she makes it to the bottom of the pool and just walks like normal over to where Roxy is. The water level comes up to just below her nose and she has to tilt her head back to speak. “Like this?” She asks excitedly, ‘uh,,, yeah,,,like that’ everyone responds nervously, giving big smiles and thumbs up because they don’t want to disappoint her.

Jade: A master swimmer, she and Jake grew up on an island in the middle of the goddamn pacific my girl knows how to GO. No one realized how fucking ripped Jade was. Jade is ripped as heck. She’s got back and shoulder muscles like an absolute goddess and everyone is like holy shit? Jade? Have you been benching pumpkins all these years? She likes chilling with Jane and Roxy and Calliope because she has been longing for some gals to hang with forever. Not that she doesn’t love Rose, she does, it’s just, they have such differing personalities and anyways it’s kind of hard being around her and Kanaya bc they’re so cute it makes your teeth hurt.

Rose: She and Kanaya have matching floppy sun hats, they love laying out in the sun because Kanaya is a little nervous around water thanks to a certain sea-dweller *cough* eridan *cough*. Rose doesn’t mind, her swimsuits are more for show than swim anyways. She’s got some really cool and intricate goth-y ones and some nice lighthearted pastel ones, an orange and yellow fancy one-piece and a frilly lavender one. Rose has a new appreciation for sunlight but still religiously applies sunscreen because a home girl may be immortal, but fuck if she is gonna deal with any nasty sunburns after defeating the fucking embodiment of evil.

Kanaya: As previously stated, very nervous around water, but so so happy to be in the sun?? It’s not as bright as the one on Alternia which is fine because that means her troll friends can enjoy it too, but she’s literally just so happy to be around people that enjoy the sun the way she does because she’s felt wrong and different about it for years and she finally found someone that understands her ahhshshsjs. She designs all of Rose’s swimsuits and loves seeing her wear them. When it gets dark out, she likes to turn on the glow a little and all these cute little furry wingbeasts will flock to her?? “Those are moths” Rose tells her. “These are my children now” Kanaya pats Rose’s arm, they’re her children too because that’s how human marriage works she’s pretty sure

Dirk: Is so awkward oh my godddd, a little uncomfortable in his body actually? This boy might have muscle but he is all arms and legs and doesn’t know what to do with them because he’s never fuckifnfnfn been around people before. Doesn’t say “Marco” during Marco Polo, he just listens. Breath too loud? You’re tagged. Splash a little? Tagged. Move? Tagged. He’s never Marco for more than two minutes because he’s so in tune with his reflexes that no one even stands a chance. With Jake on his shoulders, they make a decent chicken team, but they’re too worried about each other to be effective. “You okay up there?” He wants to make sure. Someone is tipping Jake over oh no get him off my shoulders is he okay, oh he’s fine, yes I know how the game works Roxy, no Rose why don’t you get in the pool and do a better job before you come for me like that. Rose and Kanaya, in an extremely rare occurrence, do get in for a round of chicken. They beat Dirk and Jake almost immediately. They return to the deck. This never happened and we don’t speak of it.

Jake: Is bad at Marco Polo, he’s an amazing swimmer but he’s not…quiet. After growing up on that island, fighting and swimming, Jake is also Ripped as Heck. Dirk blushes his fucking ass off the first time he sees Jake shirtless. Jake acts all clueless like oh? What’s wrong Dirk? Is something the matter? But he knows exactly what he’s doing and if he’s subtly flexing in front of him, well. That can’t be helped. He may suck during chicken with Dirk, but with Jade on his shoulders? Hoo boy, they give Dave and John a run for their money. He is also John’s favorite to grab the feet of because his reactions are always so over the top with his phrasing. “Horsefeathers!” He grabs at his foot in panic because his first thought is it was one of the monsters from his island, then he sees it was just John who is laughing his ass off because, horse feathers? Really? “I say,” Jake huffs indignantly even though he’s smiling now. “Warn a fellow!”

Jane: Looks rockin’ in her swimsuits because she’s wearing the whole high waisted pinup style ones and?? She’s super gorgeous? Roxy makes sure to tell her that every five seconds just in case she forgets. She and Roxy make a decent chicken team, usually they’re laughing so hard by the end of it that whoever was on top can’t do anything and they fall off because they don’t care about winning they’re just having such a good time. She and Roxy take turns carrying Callie around when the water gets too deep, not that Callie needs to be above the water per se as she seems to have no trouble breathing, but it just makes everyone a little more comfortable and anyways Callie loves it.

Terezi: Killer at Marco Polo for obvious reasons, sometimes she gets tagged on purpose just to show off how quickly she can find people. The only person she’s never been able to get is John, he uses his windy powers to obscure his scent so she can’t “see” him. He is her Marco Polo white whale. One day, John, one day. She and Vriska are terrifying during chicken, Vriska will plow full speed towards the opposing team and Terezi is ready to Throw Hands. The most intense games are between them and John and Dave, both John and Terezi are on top and they fuckin battle it out so hard that Dave and even Vriska start to get nervous on the bottom.

Sollux: Says the water feels slimy. “No shit,” Karkat tells him. “It’s water you fucking shitstain.” Sollux cheats during chicken by using his psiionics to keep Karkat on his shoulders which only makes Karkat mad because he’s terrified of falling in and holy shit Sollux I don’t care what you think your powers are doing I’m gonna fall in fuck fuck fuck. “No I got you” Sollux assures him. He does not. Karkat is not got. Oh well. Sollux mostly likes chilling on inner tubes, plural. He has a blue one and a red one because he’s too tall to fit in just one. “Get a bigger inner tube” Karkat complains. “Perhaps get one of those long, recliner like ones?” Kanaya suggests. No. Sollux will use two inner tubes. He will make the sacrifice of comfort for his aesthetic.


“And Arya… he missed her even more than Robb, skinny little thing that she was, all scraped knees and tangled hair and torn clothes, so fierce and willful. Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had… yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him.”

Man my mom pointed out I do this thing and now I can’t help but imagine Tony doing it

Tony’s just standing there, talking to Pepper before they’re seated for lunch, and when the hostess finally calls them to be seated he just reaches out and runs the tip of his finger over the edges of the petals on the carnations at her station, and he doesn’t even stop talking, doesn’t even notice he’s done it

Or the Avengers are walking into a charity gala and Tony’s smiling and answering the press’s questions and he makes it to the door and he pauses to trail the tips of his fingers over the edges of the petals of the irises before he gives a grand wave and disappears inside

Or Natasha gets a bouquet for herself because fuck waiting for someone to give her one and Tony tells her it’s lovely and trails the tips of his fingers over the edges of the petals of the daisies before he grabs a bottle of water

The best part is that Tony legit doesn’t notice he’s doing these things and his friends love seeing him do it every time there are flowers around, so they make sure they’re always around

They keep a bowl of flowers in the communal kitchen, vases in the common room, Pepper keeps a mason jar on her desk for a new flower every day and Rhodey always comes to visit with an armful of flowers because Tony has done this ever since he’s known him

Thor even brings a potted plant from Asgard that looks a lot like a peony except the petals are somehow softer and it sends out a sweet aroma that’s never cloying and Thor actually squeaks like a kitten when he sees Tony brush by it with his fingers as usual, then actually turn and walk back to it so he can lean down and let the petals brush over his cheek

The Avengers all want to cry when they’re at a park for a PR thing and a child shyly hands Tony a daisy-chain flower crown and Tony trails his fingertips over some of the tiny petals before he puts it on his head and it’s so cute

Bonus: A Poison Ivy-like villain appears and Tony’s face just softens and the other Avengers are like “DO NOT” but Tony can’t help it, the car nearest him has been covered in rose vines and it’s beautiful, and his gauntlet retracts as he reaches out to touch the petals and then one of the petals falls off and Tony looks honestly devastated and PI Villain feels so sorry for him that she conjures an Everlasting Rose for him and leaves without any actual damage except to that car and a building that needed to be torn down anyway

You’re His Ex Girlfriend and You See His New Girlfriend Wearing Your T-Shirt: Part 3

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Part 2

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If she closes her eyes hard enough, and just at the right moments, Y/n can feel Harry in Dan.

It’s quite peculiar, how she finds Harry in almost anything. It’s something she finds so riveting yet so dangerous at the same time. He’s everywhere, he’s in every breath she takes and in every move she makes, and it’s something that brings her an overwhelming sense of comfort yet an overbearing sense of instability.

Dan—an individual full of insecurities and excitement—who varies oh, so differently from Harry, can feel like him if she really tries hard enough. His arms don’t hold her quite the same, and his lips aren’t as soft and flavorful, but if she squeezes her eyes shut, and she loses herself in the memories of Harry, it’s like he’s almost back again—only in the most minuscule of ways.

Which is why, now, in this moment in time, Y/n can barely keep her eyes open.

It’s the first time Y/n brought Dan to the house, letting him stop by to watch a film after his shift. It’s a little something he’s wanted to do for a while, and after many coffee dates and many pleads from Dan, she finally took the step of being completely alone with him.

Gabby decided to go to a friends house and insisted they take their time together. It started off wonderfully; a bottle of red wine, a box of chocolates, and a bag of popcorn while they watched Jaws.

It was all wonderful, until Dan decided to make the move.

Dan is on top of her, lips connecting to hers in a lustful motion. It isn’t that Y/n doesn’t want to be in this position, but more of her being hesitant to do so. She hasn’t kissed anybody since Harry, and although Dan is one of the nicest people she’s ever met, she can’t find it within herself to keep moving any more forward.

And everything about it feels wrong.

Between all the touching, all the kissing, all the feelings within her, she can’t stop thinking about Harry. She can’t stop thinking about how much she misses him and how much she wants him back. She’s still in love with him, so much so that doing this with someone else makes her feel dirty—makes her feel like she’s betraying him.

And it’s all too much, because no matter how hard she closes her eyes, no matter how hard she tries to feel him, he’s not there, and she can’t help but seem to think that he never will be—not anymore.

“No, no, stop.” She whimpers, shaking her head in an attempt to reject Dan’s restless lips.

He doesn’t stop, however, too engaged in the moment to really understand the words stuttering from her mouth. He continues kissing her, instead, moving down to her collarbones.

At this point, Y/n starts to hyperventilate. Between the sobs daring to escape her chest and the lack of air from her previous activities, everything is straining against her. She doesn’t fully understand how she was able to get this far without it being with Harry.


Her arms push Dan off of her until she’s alone on the couch as he’s panting on the floor. She can’t breathe. Her chest is tightening and her cries are so harsh that her lungs are collapsing inside of her.

She reaches her hands up to the roots of her hair, pulling back on them as she tries to gather all the oxygen she can. At this point, her head feels light and her sight is completely blurred by the tears flowing out of them—ones that she doesn’t even try to stop.

“I’m s—so sor—ry.” She hiccups, her head falling to her hands.

Dan gulps as he tentatively stands from his spot on the floor, his hands up in front of him as if in a panic—trying desperately to figure out how to fix the mess being made in front of him.

He looks around the room, as if in search for something to guide him through this situation, but there’s nothing. All the room occupies is a broken woman, sobbing breathlessly on a couch in front of him, muttering incoherent phrases under her breath.

“Okay,” he huffs out, nodding his head to himself, “It’s okay, yeah? You’re okay?”

He occupies the empty spot next to her, hesitantly wrapping an arm around her shoulders in an attempt to comfort her. In all honesty, Dan is complete shit at helping people during emotional breakdowns, and considering this one had happened so suddenly, he had absolutely no warning that he would be put in this position.

Y/n feels bad, she does, considering Dan doesn’t deserve the treatment she’s given him and surely doesn’t deserve what was once an innocent date to end up a complete disaster. But she can’t help it, and she can’t stop now, no matter how hard she tries.

“It’s Harry, isn’t it?”

His voice is nothing but a whisper, and the words that spoke out from his lips nearly brings every movement in Y/n’s body to a halt. She never told him that it was Harry who broke her heart, and to be honest, she doesn’t even find the strength within her to begin to question how he even knows of Harry—especially his relationship with her.

Of course, their relationship has been publicized for years, but Dan is a very closed-off type of person. He’s not much into music, either—another part of him that differs so drastically from Harry—and spends a majority of his time working or spending time outside rather than succumbing himself in social media.

He looks down at the rose ring wrapped around his pointer finger, twirling it around with the hand that was once wrapped around Y/n’s shoulders.

He knew the moment he saw Harry’s reaction that this ring very much belonged to him. He wasn’t quite sure why she sacrificed it so mindlessly—why it seemed to have no story behind it. But between everything Gabby’s told him and everything he’s gathered from her previous relationship, she wanted nothing more than to get rid of every reminder she had of him.

He doesn’t feel worthy enough for it, though. If Y/n and Harry don’t find their way back to each other, he feels she should at least give it to somebody that she loves, not somebody she needs to help her get over her heartbreak.

He slides it off his finger, placing it gently on the palm of his hand before closing his fingers into a fist.

“We can’t keep doing this, Y/n. Not if you can’t talk to me.” He mutters softly, “Not if you’re still in love with him, we’ll be getting nowhere.”

This makes her cry harder. She still doesn’t have the audacity to look up at him, no, how could she? After everything she’s done?

This is why she always ends up alone. No matter how in love she is, no matter how much effort she puts into a relationship, they always end up leaving her. It’s happened long before Harry, and she was so convinced he’d stay when he came around. She was so dead set on him being her forever, but the same thing happened again. He left, just like everyone else.

And now, Dan is leaving her, and although she can’t exactly blame him for doing so, it’s another wound to her heart—it’s another pain in her chest that only seems to increase with pain.

He sighs sadly at the sight in front of him, upset with himself that he’s probably a partial reason for her soul-shaking sobs and lack of air, but he has no other choice. If he stays with her, he’d be forcing her to love someone she doesn’t. He has to let her go if it means to possibly make amends with her happiness again.

He takes one of her shaking hands away from her face and bringing it towards his lap, spreading her fingers away from her palm so that he can set the ring softly against it.

She sobs at the sight, bringing her opposite hand to her mouth as she tries to quiet herself down.

“This was Harry’s, it always was. This belongs to you, Y/n, not me.”

She nods, trying her best to smile at him as a form of appreciation, but it fails miserably. He understands, though, that she cares, and doesn’t ask her any questions.

“I’ll let Gabby know to come home now, okay?”

He kisses the top of her head, the way he always does, before removing himself from the couch and toward the front door.

“Take care of yourself, Y/n. I mean it.”

And then, he’s gone, leaving Y/n alone in an empty house and her haunting thoughts. She feels the world is closing in on her, only giving her a restricted amount of air and a limited amount of light to see what’s in front of her.

She’s alone—she’s left by herself in a dark room that’s only being illuminated by the television light, where nobody can hear her, where nobody can touch her, where nobody can see her; in a place where she just can’t trust herself.

She’s left alone, as she’s always left, and she just can’t take it anymore.

Her emotions become so strong that her body collapses onto the floor, her head throbbing and throat burning from all the tears and cries. She can’t breathe, her lungs failing to take in oxygen and her chest is pounding.

It’s so bad that if Gabby doesn’t come home soon, she actually believes she’s going to die. She feels the tug on her heart and feels how hard it is for it to do its job properly—she practically feels it overworking itself.

“Oh, God.”

Gabby finds her on the floor, making her immediately drop her purse and run to her collapsed body. Y/n is a withering mess underneath her, completely drenched in sweat as violent sobs erupt from her body.

She’s quick to sit her up properly onto the floor before lifting her back onto the couch, running a comforting hand down the side of her neck as she begins to shush her down to a calm state. However, her attempt falters when Y/n shakes her head to remove Gabby’s touch from her neck.

“I can’t—I can’t—“

She tries to find words to explain what’s happening to her right now. Between the pain in her body and the feeling in her head, her brain is scrambling with so many fearful thoughts that the only thing she can truly comprehend is being saved from this horrifying feeling.


Gabby is taken aback when she says it, completely astonished by just how serious this all is. She realizes this isn’t a situation that she can fix on her own, and it makes her feel like such a bad friend that she can’t give her what she needs.

Tears fall from her eyes in panic, well aware that her friend is undergoing something far worse than a mental breakdown, but also knows that the hospital won’t be able to help her.

Only Harry can.

“Let me call for help, okay?“ She asks softly. “I’m gonna send help.”

When Harry sees Gabby’s contact light up his phone, something inside of him instantly fills with worry. He knows, without a doubt, that Gabby hates him more than anybody ever since what happened. And knowing her so well, she would never reach out to him, especially when her negative feelings toward him were so strong, unless it’s serious.


“You have to do something, Harry.” She cries through the phone, peaking over her shoulder to look over Y/n from her location in the kitchen.

She’s still a mess, holding her hand over her heart as if it were going to mend the pain. Her head is thrown over the back of the couch, her other hand running over her face continuously. Her sobs haven’t settled, only seeming to increase with panic over the unfamiliar reaction occurring over her body.

“She thinks you don’t want her and—Harry she thinks she’s dying. Her heart is so broken. She keeps saying her heart is going to fail her and I don’t—I don’t know what to do. I don’t think there’s anything I can do. She—she was trying so hard. Harry, please, you have to—you have to—“

Harry leans on his elbows over the kitchen counter, huffing out a shaky breath when he hears both Gabby and Y/n’s cries through the phone. He rubs his hand over his face, doing anything to prevent the tears nearly pooling out from his eyes.

He’d be lying if he said that guilt isn’t eating him alive in this moment. And it’s not that he hasn’t felt any remorse or any guilt since he’d broken Y/n’s heart, but he’s now fully aware that he has to look at the damage he’s done. He’ll have to witness all the pain, all the heartbreak he’s put her through, and nothing makes him feel worse.

“I’ll do anything.” He whimpers. “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I promise, I won’t keep doing this to her, you have to believe me. Just—“ he lets out a broken breath, reaching his hand up to rub his eyes to prevent any tears from escaping, “just tell me what to do.”

Gabby wipes the tears from her cheeks, yet again peering over to watch over Y/n on the couch. To her dismay, there is absolutely no improvement.

“Come here, pick her up, and bring her home. Just talk to her, please. Nothing makes her feel worse than believing you don’t want her anymore. Hell, even if you don’t—I don’t know with you anymore—just give her something. You’re the only one that can fix this.”

He sighs, nodding his head before making his way out of his house without much of a response to her. He’s only concerned for Y/n, and is so focused on getting to her so that he can prove to her that he’s changed—that he’s not the same Harry he was and is going to be there for her for as long as his life lasts, even if she doesn’t allow it.

But it’s upon arrival he realizes how much more serious this is than he thought. She’s completely breaking down, every inch of her shaking and fear written on her face. She’s a complete and utter mess, a completely wrecked version of such a beautiful, unbroken woman who had so much love in her heart and surrounded by so much love in the air.

And even though Harry knows she believes she’s going to die, apart of him believes she’s already dead. The life inside of her has burned out and is now just a product of what once was. The Y/n he always known is long gone—so far gone he almost doesn’t believe it’s her.

He looks at her with the most distraught and sympathetic look Gabby has ever seen. She has never seen so much guilt in somebody before that—no matter how much she hates him—she can’t help but feel sorry for him, too.

“Baby, hey. Hey now, it’s alright.” He whispers, kneeling in front of Y/n’s shaking figure and tentatively reaching for her hair so that he can attempt to calm her down. “I’m here now, I’m right here.”

A pitiful sound leaves her lips when she looks up at him; something between a whine, a sob, and a groan. It’s messy from her throat being raw from all the screaming and cries, and it leaves an indescribable pain that only makes her cries stronger.

She can’t even think properly, everything in her body overworking itself. It’s something she’s never experienced before, and all the fears of it being permanent rush through her veins—leaving her with an overwhelming amount of anxiety.

“She’s having a panic attack.” Harry mumbles to Gabby, making sure to rub gently over the back of Y/n’s neck. Although panic attacks weren’t common for her, whenever she was overwhelmed and stressed, this gesture always seemed calmed her down.

“I don’t know what to do. I can’t drive with her like this I—Gabby, how do I focus with her like this?” He cries, the situation in front of him making his body turn to shambles, “Especially when it’s my fault? How do I—do I keep her here until she’s calm? I don’t—I don’t know—”

Gabby shakes her head, reaching her hand over to graze his tense shoulder. She squeezes the muscle softly, almost as a sort of reassurance.

“She needs home, Harry—” she whispers, “she needs you.

He nods, choking back sobs as he brushes the hair out of Y/n’s face. The skin of her face is red and completely soaked, but this is the first time he’s seen her since the morning in the grocery store, and she’s never looked so beautiful.

“I’m going to take you home with me, Y/n. But I need you to breathe for me, can you do that?” He asks, holding her face delicately between his hands, “Breathe with me.”

Y/n sucks in a deep breath when Harry inhales deeply, attempting to rid all the anxiety and pain settling inside of her. Her inhale is broken between hiccups and cries, but as she keeps eye contact with him as she tries to calm down, a little part of her feels revived.

“It hurts.” She whimpers between sobs, referring to the pain in her chest and the throbbing in her head that just can’t seem to heal.

She watches as Harry’s face scrunches with an agonizing cry, and she knows he’s aware of exactly what she’s talking about. She’s been brokenhearted for so long, she doesn’t even think he’s the least bit shocked when she tells him her heart is hurting.

“I know, baby. I know.” He whispers as he kisses her forehead gently. “Let’s get you home, yeah? Make you feel better?”

And as much as she wants to hate him, or yell at him for everything he’s done to her and make him understand just how much of her life he’s ruined, she genuinely feels like her body is going to collapse at any given moment. She needs him, even if it’s just for right now, she has to just focus on everything happening in the now. Harry’s come back to her and she’s about to go back home.

Because if she doesn’t think about the present moment—Harry holding her, Harry kissing her, Harry about to take the both of them back to their house—she’ll never find a way to fix herself. She’ll be stuck in this anxiety and pain for far too long—so long that it could actually kill her.

So she closes her eyes, only focusing on his touch and his breath fanning over her wet face. She forgets the t-shirt, she forgets all the times he’s ignored her after declaring them to take a break, and she forgets about Jessica. At least for right now, she can focus on all that tomorrow.

She nods, and it’s then Harry notices how much more calm she is. Although she’s still crying and still incapable of speaking much from the aching in her throat, she’s breathing properly again and her once undying sobs have turned into soft whimpers.

He leans in so that he can properly wrap his arms around her, hooking one hand on her back and the other under her knees. There’s no way in hell she’s capable of walking—not like this, and in all honesty, he would much rather hold her now than leave her side for another second.

It’s when Y/n is being held so close to him again that the aching in her chest seems to almost vanish completely. And although there is still a weight on top of her lungs, and still a slight uncomfortableness in her heart, she’s finally able to breathe again.

“I’m gonna make this all better, okay? I promise you, gonna fix you.” He mumbles with his lips against her hairline, making sure to keep rubbing the back of her neck softly.

It’s a promise he intends on keeping—a promise he never plans on breaking again. He could never live with himself if he were to keep putting her through all of this pain. She’s the most undeserving person—he knows that—and he knows she’s too pure to go through all that she’s been through the past couple of months.

The car ride is completely silent, only Y/n’s cries and small sniffles filling the empty space. Although she still isn’t completely calm, she’s improved so much since he first came to pick her up and it is able to keep his mind at ease. At least while he drives.

And he doesn’t miss her hand sneaking over the console to intertwine her fingers with his. He doesn’t expect it but he also doesn’t mind it. If anything, it makes him feel better just as much as it does her.

When they pull up to the driveway of their once shared house, every bit of composure she’s withheld in her body is breaking down by the second. Her strength is wearing thin, and knowing she’ll be reuniting in the house where Y/n and Harry once had everything makes her more afraid than ever.

Harry notices her sudden shift in mood and doesn’t hesitate to unbuckle himself from his seat and walk around the car to where her exhausted figure is sobbing, slumped against the passenger seat. He sighs meekly before unbuckling her, as well, and lifting her against him the way he had before.

“Hey there, s’alright, I’m here. We’ll work this out, but you need to sleep first, yeah? Looking very pale and I know you well enough to see you’ve been lacking sleep.”

Although they both know Y/n isn’t going to respond, she wants to continue listening to him speak. It’s something she hasn’t heard in so long, and she wouldn’t even care if he was talking about the goddamn weather, she just wants to hear him again.

He keeps talking, too, because he notices the effects of his voice on her anxiety and how the muscles in her body relax under his words. He’ll stop at nothing to make sure she’s okay again, even if it means having a one-sided conversation.

“You know how you are, too—grumpy and sensitive when you’re tired. Almost take my head off if you don’t get more than seven hours. Remember that one time at my mum’s Christmas dinner party? Barely slept the night before from wrapping so many gifts that you genuinely got upset with me for not knowing your favorite alcoholic beverage.” He chuckles softly. “Funny lil thing.“

Through the nonstop crying and the frown that hasn’t left Y/n’s lips in what feels like an eternity, the first smile stretches from her lips. It’s the smallest closed mouth smile he’s ever seen, but it’s there, and it’s the most genuine feeling of happiness she’s had in so long.

When Harry unlocks the door, he wastes no time making his way over to their couch. He knows very well that she wouldn’t want to sleep on their bed, considering she’s well aware of what he did with Jessica on that bed and he wants no reason to upset her any further.

He sets her down in front of the couch, petting the top of her head softly before gathering a blanket and a pillow for her to sleep on.

He sets it up like a bed, almost, before turning to leave so that she can have her privacy. He doesn’t think she’d want to sleep with him, so he decides to sleep in the guest bedroom since he knows she’d always pick the living room couch over that room.

But before he gets too far, Y/n weakly captures his fingers in hers, pulling him back towards her.

His head snaps down to her finger, noticing the rose ring being worn beautifully on her middle finger. He almost chokes when he sees it on her, eyes wide and lips slightly parted in half confusion and half in awe.

“Please,” she whimpers, “stay.”

He snaps out of his trance at her words, slowly nodding his head as a small “of course” falls from his lips.

He lays comfortably on the couch, looking up at her when he finds a position where she can lay beside him.

“If you want you can take the—alright” he huffs.

His eyes narrow as he watches her lay on top of him—fully on top of him; her cheek nesting right where his shoulder meets his neck as her arms slither around his sides until her hands meet under his back. Her legs tangle perfectly in between his, and in any other circumstance, this probably wouldn’t have been an ideal sleeping position for the either of them. But Y/n is exhausted, both physically and mentally, and she feels this is the only position she can sleep.

Harry doesn’t mind, and easily ignores the subtle uncomfortableness in his back as he wraps his arms securely around her frame.

Although Y/n is already fast asleep on top of it, he’s unsure how he can close his eyes for longer than a blink. This could be the last chance he has to be with her in this way. He’s unsure what tomorrow holds for the both of them and their relationship—it could end entirely or create an entirely new beginning.

With the possibilities almost endless against their favor, he doesn’t want to miss a second of what could be the last of her in his life. So, he embraces the feeling of her tight hold, the little puddle of drool on the shoulder of his t-shirt, and the tickle on his chin from her loose strands of hair, because this could be the last time he feels all of that.

But he also can’t help but feel that small bit of hope still latching onto him. That somewhere—deep down—he knows they belong to each other for the rest of their lives. And that, maybe, if the universe decides that their relationship should end tomorrow, he knows destiny will find a way for the both of them again.

So, he holds her a little tighter, breathes her in a little harsher, and soaks up all the extra warmth in her body, and prays that everything will be okay.