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Blackthorn Beach Day

- Even though they live right on the beach, someone yelling “Beach Day” still gets everyone excited, as they don’t often go as a whole family 

- As soon as the words are sounded everyone runs around frantically “What do you mean you can’t find the sandcastle tools?” “Where are our towels?”

-Helen stays calm and efficient, but it’s hard to keep the smile off her face as she sees how excited everyone is 

 - Tavvy sits on the ground outside in his bathers just repeating “beach beach beach” over and over again while bouncing up and down

 - Livvy is squealing with excitement and lugging tons of equipment into the pile in the garden, with Ty helping her 

-He’s not the biggest fan of the beach, but anything to make Livvy happy 

-Dru’s not sure about wearing bathers, but Livvy knows how to pick exactly the right swimsuit and words to make Dru feel better 

-They hug, and when Dru comes down everyone tells her how pretty she looks (she’s gorgeous, but what’s even better is the confidence and the smile on her face) 

-Julian oversees the whole thing (it’s a little hard with everyone rushing around like whirlwinds) but someone has to get rid of the useless stuff “I mean, do we really need an ice cream maker?" 

-Ty knows they do need all this stuff, after all, it’s better to be prepared than unprepared, and Mark nods in agreement (he doesn’t mind how they convince Julian as long as he gets his ice cream) 

-Julian grumbles but agrees, resigning himself to the fact that he’s going to be the one carrying everything down but how can he say no? 

-When they finally get to the beach, everything is dumped on the sand and it’s a race to the water 

-Livvy gets in first, she can sprint like anything, and she jumps in with a huge yell of joy and a splash 

-Matching her in energy is Tavvy, bounding along, and running away from Julian who holds various safety equipment in his hands

-Julian catches Tavvy and throws him up in the air, then sets him in a life jacket. Tavvy squirms the whole time and the second he’s out of Julian’s arms he’s in the water, laughing and giggling 

-Helen and Dru arrive at a more leisurely pace, setting down their towels neatly before running off to join the others in the water 

-Mark is happy to do whatever, he’s just happy he’s here with his family, and lets Ty take him over to the rock pools where they coo and examine different creatures 

-Eventually Mark slips while walking on some rocks and falls in the water

-He’s not hurt, he just rubs his head sheepishly while everyone laughs

-Then he’s the annoying one swimming underwater and grabbing ankles to scare people. He gives Helen a fright and she splashes him in his face as soon as he surfaces 

-Then it’s a full out war, splashing and shoving each other into the next wave. Everyone is laughing and smiling, and Julian joins them 

-He’s a terrific swimmer really, with gorgeous strokes, but sometimes a wave hits him unprepared and he exaggerates shaking his head to make Tavvy giggle 

-Livvy is the best damn surfer around, body or board, and everyone cheers each time she does something, even if she completely wipes out (she goes down with a spectacular battle cry) 

-It’s Dru who suggests the idea first and then forget about her boards, Livvy is over there instantly, hopping on Mark’s shoulders 

-He staggers a bit and threatens to tip her off, much to her squeals of joy 

-Julian carries Dru, and Helen Tavvy, and the the competition has started for who can knock each other off first 

-Mark and Livvy, Julian and Dru are merciless with each other, but gentle when Tavvy and Helen walk over, tickling their younger brother as he yells 

-Livvy and Mark take advantage of Julian and Dru’s distraction and with a push, knock them over into the water

-They come up spluttering, and laughing with good humour 

- At last Helen needs a break, she goes and lies on her towel as Tavvy builds sand castles 

-Ty comes over to help, and it ends up looking so magnificent they’re loathe to destroy it 

-It’s beautiful, structurally sound, with different decorations on it, and even little sticks and feathers to represent each of them in the family 

-That doesn’t stop Livvy, Dru and Tavvy jumping on it when they leave

-Ty shrugs, it was always going to be impermanent, and he’d rather see his siblings happy 

-Everyone stretches out on the sand for a few minutes, soaking in the sun and the atmosphere, exhausted but joyful at the same time 

-Mark jumps in the water one more time before they leave, after everything is packed up and he’s got his clothes on, and then proceeds to go hug everyone in his now soggy clothes  much to their protests "Mark! I just got dry!” “Mark! Are you in your clothes?” “Angel save me from silly brothers" 

-When they arrive back everyone collapses and the mood is too good for Julian to protest about the amount of sand being trodded into their house (next morning is a completely different issue) 

movie night

The Floor is Lava

Honestly I love playing this game with my friends.
I also got a request for more Julian, so here it is!
Hope y’all like this one <3

Title: The Floor is Lava
Pairing: Julian Albert x reader
Summary: A simple game of “The Floor is Lava” turns into a face-off between you and Julian.
Word Count: 1,356
Warnings: Food mention
Tagged: @kindnesswins @melconnor2007

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            "The floor is lava!“ Cisco suddenly yells, voice ringing in the quiet room.

           Julian, who had just step foot into the Cortex, lets out a yelp of surprise, nearly dropping the water bottle in his hand as the room sprung to life. The rest of Team Flash had scrambled onto the nearest object in a sudden cacophony and looked at Julian expectedly.

           "Seriously?” he asks, setting his stuff on a nearby desk before walking across the hypothetical lava ground.

           "C'mon man!“ Cisco complains as Julian crosses his arms. "We’re all playing.”

           Cisco gestures to the rest of the team. He himself was curled up in a rolling chair by the control panel of the Cortex. Barry sat on the desk across from Cisco, Caitlin took a gurney from the med bay, and Iris occupied another rolling chair. Even Wally and Joe had joined in, respectively residing on a table and chair.

           "Absolutely not,“ Julian replies, shaking his head after seeing everyone in the room. "This is just childish.”

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Perfect - Cisco Ramon Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies… so, I know I have so many stories to update and this was not requested but.. today, I was having a really good day and then it got ruined… so I wrote this one-shot to cheer me up a little… I just want everyone to know that this is a very personal imagine for me, and it was hard to write it and is a bit hard to post it.. it’s ok if you don’t read it or if you don’t like it, I just wrote it because I needed to… it is based on some true events that have been really difficult for me to deal with my whole life and it was written as what I would love to happen when I’m feeling down… I just wish that everyone that has felt the same way as me know that they’re beautiful no matter what and please remember it

I chose Cisco Ramon and Ed Sheeran because they’re my favorite loves and I can’t really listen to this song without crying… so here it goes

Warnings: reader’s low self-esteem and what I would think is a little emotionally abuse

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash

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“Hello, (Y/N)” Caitlin said happily as her friend entered the cortex.

“Hi” the girl replied quietly, with a quick smile making the doctor look at her confused.

“Is everything alright?” she asked. Usually the girl was the happy soul of the team. She was basically a girl-version of Cisco, before Dante passed away, but he was getting back to his old self. So, whenever she wasn’t cracking jokes as usual, everyone knew something was wrong.

“Yeah, I’m just tired” she said with a small smile but Caitlin could see her tired eyes.

“Are you sure-?“

“Good morning, ladies” HR interrupted the girls entering the cortex and Caitlin saw (Y/N)’s look turn a little relieved. “I come bearing coffee” he said politely as he bowed to each one of them offering the coffee in the tray.

“Thanks” Caitlin said politely.

“Thank you, HR” (Y/N) said grabbing the coffee and offering the man a small smile.

“Morning, everyone” Julian said walking in and (Y/N) saw Caitlin’s face brighten up. Just before anyone could reply, they saw a bridge opening for a moment before Cisco jumped out of it, followed a breeze coming in as papers flew away.

“HA! Eat that, fastest man alive! I got here first” Cisco said with the biggest smirk on his face.

“That is not fair! You left when you said two and never said three!” Barry complained childishly.

“Wow, two grown men with amazing powers to save humanity and they use it to compete” (Y/N) said from her place.

“Hey, don’t hate the players” Cisco said walking towards her and planting a kiss on her forehead. “How are you, pretty princess?”

“You’re not getting my coffee” she said grabbing it closer to her.

“Is that really the only reason why you would think I’d call you a pretty princess?” Cisco said pretending to be offended.

“No, you call me princess all the time, you add the ‘pretty’ when you want something like my coffee, or my food” she said with a sly smile and Cisco couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“You picked up on that?” he said sitting on her desk.

“Ever since we were eight” she informed him.

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Bed Warmers

“Mm, Garak.” Julian murmurs into the dark without opening his eyes.

“Yes, Doctor?” Garak replies, his voice quiet with sleepiness.

“Your hand.”

“Mm, can’t help it, my dear.” Garak sighs out against Julian’s back with absolutely no remorse in his voice. Julian smiles, feeling a bit warmer himself despite Garak’s cold body.

“That so?” His tone is extremely satisfied. Until Garak continues.

“It’s the warmest part of you.”

“Ah.” Julian tries not to feel too disappointed by that answer. He feels he ought to warn the man anyway, “Well, this will most certainly get hotter in here if you continue that trajectory.”

Julian feels Garak’s slow smile press into the back of his neck, and a shiver runs down his spine for many reasons. “That isn’t going to dissuade me, Doctor.”

His breath almost caught in his throat, Julian is proud that his voice is level when he asks, “Who said I was trying to dissuade you?”

There’s a pause and Julian has just enough time to realize he may have ruined everything when Garak pulls him closer. “Why, Julian,” and that’s the first time he’s said his name let alone with such sultriness in it, “you could have just said.”

“With you Garak, one can never just say anything.” Julian replies with a smile, turning in his bed until he’s face to face with Garak. Even in the dark, he can see those blue eyes peering straight into his heart, taking him apart with just a look. It’s invigorating, but not nearly as invigorating as the kiss they bridge the small gap between them with.

[doctors orders]

[WowWOwOwOWwowow ok guys, so that update amirite? I’m still dying over the fact that the fic I wrote was STRIKINGLY SIMILAR to what came out like, guys, hire me, we are clearly on the same page. I am so happy and in love. Anyway, this fic definitely follows the end of current Julian route, so there will be spoilers! Also I did not really feel the need to rate my last fic which was probably just a standard PG-13 affair, but things do heat up a lil bit here… so…. just to warn you….. no preview cuz… spoils.]

Rating: [the very top of] PG-13
Word Count: 1880

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moved on || barry allen

prompt: “Can you do a part 2 for “For The Best” it was so good but maybe it’s like he’s with Iris but the character has a new boyfriend and he doesn’t like it? If not that’s fine or you could make another story about it! Thanks” + “For the best part 2?”

warnings: not a happy ending

a/n: i hope you like this imagine ! feedback is appreciated also the readers new bf will be julian bc lol i love him , also im at the beginning of season 3 so if i don’t portray him correctly im sorry.

masterlist + part one

After your breakup with Barry, the two of you parted ways for a while. You decided to leave for a bit, and visit your family. When you came back to Central City, you visited Joe and he introduced you to a new employee who would be working with Barry. When you visited Barry’s lab, you saw a second desk set up and you saw a very handsome man sitting there. He looked up and he gave you a warm smile. “Y/N meet Julian Albert.”

You and Julian had gotten closer, and god you never felt happier. Julian was a nice guy and you liked him and he liked you. That was all that mattered. After a couple of dates, you and Julian decided to become official. You were still kind of hesitant at the beginning of your relationship, since Julian was the first guy you went out after Barry. But after a week, you and Julian were comfortable and loving and everything was okay.

You were making your way to see Julian at work, with two coffee cups in your hands. You greeted Joe with a smile as you passed by and made your way upstairs. You saw as your boyfriend was deep into his work and your lips went up into a smile. You walked over to his desk and put down a cup of coffee on his desk, which notified Julian someone was there. “Hey Y/N.” Julian greeted with a smile, standing from his seat to give you a peck on the lips. “Hey Jul. I got you coffee from Jitters.” You replied, Julian picking up his cup and taking a sip.

After a moment of silence, Julian continued looking at his work and you watched over him as he worked on the metahuman cases. Your attention was brought to the entrance, seeing someone walk in from your peripheral vision. You saw Barry walk in, looking around his office in confusion. “Hello Allen, late again I see.” You hear Julian speak, and you let out grin. “Yeah..” Barry draws out and you look at him in confusion. After a moment of silence, you speak up. “Well I have to get going, I’ll see you later.” You give Julian a kiss on the cheek and make your way out.

Barry was shocked to see you again, he was even more surprised when you kissed Julian on the cheek. ‘Were the two of you dating?’ Barry wondered, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy run through him. Why should he be jealous of your new relationship? Barry was with Iris now, he shouldn’t be jealous. “Are you just gonna stand there and do nothing Allen?” Julian asked, snapping Barry out of his thoughts. Barry shook his head no and went to his desk. God this was gonna be a long day.

When Julian left to go see you, Barry couldn’t help but feel anger and jealousy but he couldn’t understand why. He was happy with Iris, and you and him had moved on, but why does Barry feel this way. But his feelings could probably be related to the fact that Julian didn’t like Barry and that he was annoying. Barry let out a sigh as he stood up to go see where Julian went. Barry had followed Julian to Jitters, him seeing you through the window. Barry let out a smile when he saw you look up from your phone and grin.

Barry entered Jitters and he saw you and Julian sitting and talking. Barry took a deep breath before walking to the two of you, faking a shocked expression on his face. “Hey Y/N! Funny I’d run into you here. Albert.” Barry spoke, giving you a smile and Julian a blank face. You smiled, “nice to see you too Barry. Sorry I left so quickly this morning, how are you?”

“Oh I’m fine, but I was wondering if I could talk to you,” He asked, and you nodded your head, “I mean privately.” You stand up giving Julian an apologetic smile, and walked over to Barry, who was already outside Jitters. “What’s up?” You ask, sticking your hands in your pockets. “So you’re dating Julian now?” Barry asked and you nodded. “Yes I am. See I know the two of you loathe each other but I’ll tell him to behave,” you laugh, “why? Is there a problem.” Barry opened his mouth to speak but closed it. “Yes, yes there is. I don’t want you to date my coworker.”

“Really Barry? C'mon you’re dating Iris West, didn’t know if you could tell, but Joe West, her father, is your coworker.” You laugh, Barry laughing along as well. There was a small moment of silence before Barry spoke up, “I’m jealous okay. I miss you and I’m sorry.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Barry couldn’t be jealous of you and Julian. He had the girl of his dreams, the love of his life. “No no no no no, you can’t do that. You have a girlfriend, the both of us moved on.” You say quickly. Barry tries to take your hands in his but you pull away. “I’m sorry Y/N. I don’t like you dating Julian.” Barry spoke and you couldn’t help but scoff. “You can’t tell me who I can and can’t date Barry. I’m sorry but I do not want to see you right now.” You say before walking back into Jitters and sitting down next to Julian.

Barry observed you, looking happier then you were a few moments ago. Barry let out a sigh and made his way to STAR Labs. He decided not to use his super speed, taking his time and walking. On his journey, he used this time to process the fact that he almost lost you.

lowkey dont like how i ended but im somewhat proud of this. i want to write more angst but i do want to write smut but not really lmao

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everyone's reactions to being called "cute" by the mc?

There was another ask very similar to this one, so in order to clear some space in the inbox I have merged the two😊

- Asra: This guy is a cheeky boy, and would laugh at you for using that word on him. Sure, he’s confident, but you calling him cute is cute too. He would return the endearment (the way he says it is more teasing and leaves you red). He’ll remember it fondly at random moments of the day and he’d have a huge smile on his face.

- Julian: His face would go red, you know the face. He can handle flirty conversation, but you used the word in such an innocent context that he doesn’t know how to react. Any genuine compliment is not sometime he is used to, so be prepared for some flustered Dr. Jules 😉

- Nadia: “Cute” isn’t the usual compliment she receives on a daily basis. She might think you are looking down at her, and her immediate rebuttal would be to call you cute as well. After realizing this was meant to be praise, she would be slightly embarrassed at calling you cute. But she will say she meant what she said, with a slight blush on her cheeks and a smirk painted on her lips.

- Portia: She will literally gush over the word, showering you with affectionate names. A few would be “sweet pea”, “sugar”, and the occasional “cupcake”. If not at work, she would make sure to cuddle you, whispering about how adorable you are every few seconds.

- Muriel: One usually doesn’t say that Muriel is cute. One usually says nothing to him, in fear of conflict. However, he likes you. He doesn’t quite understand the term or the way you used it. So, you would have to explain. Tread carefully. His heart might explode after realizing what you just said.

- Lucio: Cute? No, he gets drop dead gorgeous. Okay, but he might be a bit peeved at your word choice. Though he would accept the compliment, and than return it loudly for all to hear. He will make you regret calling him cute, and tease you until nightfall (to really punish you lol)

- Admin Christmas

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number 9 with julian and mc :3c

9. We’re hiding from the authorities and it’s very close quarters in here, I can feel your body against mine.

                                                  send me prompts!

You barely made it away in time. This part of this city is unfamiliar to you, but thankfully Julian knows his way around it easily enough to pull you out of sight just in the nick of time. 

You both freeze, eyeing the alleyway and waiting for the guards to pass. A breath of relief passes your lips, leaving a grin in it’s wake. You’re safe!

You turn your attention to Julian, the smile on your face faltering as you realize just how… close the two of you are. You can see every detail of his face, count every eyelash. Watch as redness stains his pale skin, gaze dodging yours. Feel the heat radiating off of each other’s bodies as your heartbeats don’t seem to be slowing at the rate they should. 

“Er, I’m- I don’t usually have company when I’m hiding from the guards like this,” Julian says. “So I’m not sure this is quite enough space for two people…”

Your hand finds his, squeezing it gently. The color in his face deepens. 

“I don’t mind,” you say, keeping hold of his hand. He brings your hand to his lips, kissing it softly. A thrill rushes through you at the gesture.

“Neither do I.” 

What little space there is between you seems charged with electricity. You’re acutely aware of his lips and how close they are to yours. You bite your lip. Slowly, your eyes raise to meet his, and in his gaze you find a desire that mirrors your own. 

The next thing you know, your lips are on his. Your arms wind around his neck, pulling him as close as you can as your kiss becomes more passionate. You bite down on his lip, eliciting a moan from Julian.

You press him against the wall, delighting as he gives no resistance, giving in to your touch as your tongues slide into each other’s mouths. 

You may have entered this hiding spot quickly, but you certainly won’t be leaving it any time soon. 


Written by: caitlinsfears

Prompt: When Barry realizes that Catilin might love him too, he decides to confess his feelings

Characters: Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Julian Albert

Beta reader: simplysnowbarry

You can also find this one shot and many more HERE.

Caitlin’s gentle hands touched Barry’s face, where a big wound blemished his cheek. He felt her fingers on his sensitive skin and he knew it should hurt him, but he felt relaxed under the influence of her touch. Her face was so close to his that he could feel and hear her breathing. He had never had such a great opportunity to kiss her. Maybe he would do that if she hadn’t pulled away from him.

Barry’s expression hardened and he scolded himself internally.

“Are you okay?” Caitlin asked, noticing the change in his mood. “It will take some time for the wound to heal. I can give you aspirin if you want.”

He thought that if there were tablets for stupidity, he would swallow them all without hesitation. The wound on his face wasn’t his biggest concern.

He still wasn’t able to understand why the presence of Caitlin had been recently influencing him that much. Every time she entered the room, he forgot how to breathe. When she smiled, he thought it was the most beautiful smile in the world. And when he finally came to the conclusion that it must be love, a new villain kicked his ass. At least that way he could spend more time with Caitlin, although he would rather do something else than watch her patching his bruised cheek.

Since they were alone, he could confess his feelings and find out if she felt the same, but it was not that simple. Not at the moment, when she looked at him reproachfully.

“You know, one day you’re gonna get yourself killed and there will be nothing for me to patch up,” she snarled. “Be careful, Barry.”

He didn’t want to argue with her. Actually, the way she cared about him made him feel like it would be best to hug her. He could add the hug to the long lists of things he had no courage to do. It was because he had a strange feeling that whatever he did, Caitlin would immediately figure out that he was in love with her. At the same time he was aware that it was ridiculous. He had repeatedly hugged Caitlin or held her hand and it hadn’t changed anything. They were still friends. Just friends.

“I’m fine, Cait. I will feel even better after watching a movie,” he suggested, wondering at the same time, if it sounded like an invitation for a date. It was Valentine’s Day after all. “You might want to join? I’ll let you choose.”

Sadness clouded Caitlin’s features and Barry began to be afraid of the answer.

“Sorry, Barry, but I have plans.” She forced a smile, while a flush crept up her face. “Julian asked me on a date and I said yes.”

That wasn’t what he had expected to hear. Silence reigned in the room. Caitlin looked away, pretending that she was looking for something in her purse. Barry attempted to say a few things, but none of the noises actually turned into words let alone sentences. He just couldn’t believe it.

“I was surprised as well, but then I thought that it might be a good idea. We’ll have some drinks, talk a little, I won’t be alone anymore,” she gibbered and Barry couldn’t help thinking that she tried to convince herself more than him. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“What? No, of course not. Why would I?” He was taken aback by the fact that he managed to say something. The pain in his cheek as he spoke only reminded him how bad that day was. “I had no idea that there’s something between you and Julian.”

Caitlin bit her lower lip, still not looking at him.

Apparently not only Barry was upset by this awkward situation. He didn’t even fully understand why both of them were acting strange. He must be jealous, but what was Caitlin feeling?

If he asked her, he wouldn’t get a specific answer. That’s because she did not know what she felt when she was avoiding eye contact with Barry. She knew something was wrong, that Barry wasn’t happy about her dating Julian. She wondered what annoyed her more; the fact that Barry might have something against her date or that he wasn’t able to talk about his feelings. Maybe she was wrong, maybe there was nothing between them. Maybe he was surprised, nothing more.

“We’re only friends, but you know, the best relationships come from true friendships,” she whispered, raising her chin to look at him.

If he needed confirmation that she felt the same, he could find it in her eyes. She waited for him to say something. Something that would make her stay.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Caitlin. Have fun,” he said.

Fighting back tears, she plastered a smile on her face, picked up her purse and left the room without turning to look at him for one last time.

Barry exhaled deeply, only now finding out that he had been holding his breath while watching Caitlin leave. He had made a mistake, he knew it. But he couldn’t stop her by admitting that he loved her. He didn’t want to be selfish. Caitlin was able to make her own decisions and she could date whoever she wanted. That was not his business.

She wasn’t his.

He stood up, feeling pain in the chest. He wasn’t sure if it was a result of the recent fight or his heart being broken.

Heading to the exit, Barry dreamed of a long bath and being buried under several blankets. Maybe his dreams would’ve come true, if it hadn’t been for Julian, who rounded the bend in the corridor.

“Hello, mate,” he said with a smile on his face. Barry still wasn’t used to Julian being nice. “I see that you’ve been heavily battered.”

“Not once,” Barry murmured, massaging the back of his neck. “I heard that you are going on a date with Caitlin.”

Julian nodded, suddenly embarrassed.

“Yeah, you don’t mind? I know that you and Caitlin are close and that-”

“Wait, Julian,” Barry interrupted him, knowing that this conversation was going in a wrong direction. “There’s nothing more between me and Caitlin.”

He only hoped that it had sounded convincing.

“You were a good liar when you pretended not to be the Flash, but when it comes to you and Caitlin, you can’t fool me, Allen,” Julian stated. Barry was ready to deny it, but Julian didn’t let him say anything. “Listen, mate, I’m not an expert of people’s feelings, but everyone sees how you look at Caitlin. And how she looks at you.”

“You think…,” his tone gentled a little, a corner of his mouth lifted, “…you think she feels the same?”

Julian rolled his eyes, feeling as if he was talking to a child.

“It’s pretty obvious. Go get the girl, Barry. I’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure?” Barry asked. His face beamed and his heart filled with hope.

“Yes, yes!” Julian laughed, pushing him to go. “Tell her how you feel.”

And that’s what he was going to finally do.

Barry knocked on the door, shifting from one foot to the other. Waiting wasn’t one of his favorite activities.

Caitlin ran a hand through her hair, making sure that everything was okay. With her heart beating faster than usual, though not as quickly as in the presence of Barry, she opened the door.

Their eyes met. Caitlin pursed her lips, surprised that it wasn’t Julian who was looking at her the way no one ever had. Barry couldn’t tear his eyes from her, because she looked like an angel in a purple dress, with some subtle makeup and her hair being a mass of tangled curls.

“Barry,” she whispered.

At this moment, his huge smile was able to light up the whole city.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said lightly, as if he was talking about something that was commonly known.

Caitlin had no time to even blink. Barry took her face in his hands and made her hold her breath by kissing her. Caitlin felt her body getting pleasantly weak as she threw her arms around Barry’s neck and returned the kiss. Their lips told each other everything their hearts had been hiding without uttering any word, their bodies pulled closer, all of the emotions finally coming to light.

When Caitlin pulled away to catch a breath, Barry tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, looking at her as if she was his everything.

“What about Julian?” Caitlin asked, closing her eyes under the influence of his touch.

“He said that he would be okay and that I should tell you how I feel,” Barry admitted, stroking her cheek.

She opened her eyes so she could not only hear what Barry was going to say, but also see it on his face.

“And what exactly do you feel, Barry Allen?”

“Right now I feel awesome. Like never before,” he giggled, surprised by how easy talking about his feelings became. Speaking about his feelings made his heart lighter, his breath calmer. “It’s because I’m in love with you, Caitlin Snow. I’m sorry it took me that long to realize it. I’m sorry that I had to be jealous to realize that I want to be the man who walks by your side holding your hand, who kisses you in front of people and when we’re alone, who loves you more than anyone else. I want to be your best friend like I’ve always been, but I also want to be your lover. I just hope you want the same.”

Her lashes fluttered, tears shone in her eyes.

“It’s too late,” she said slowly.

Barry’s heart jumped to his throat, when his world fell apart. He began to move back, but then Caitlin burst into laughter.

“I want the same.” The confession left her mouth, her hands rested on his chest, eyes shined not only with tears but also with happiness. “Your reaction was precious, I wish you could see that.”

“You’re cruel,” he retorted, pulling her closer to him.

“Will you forgive me?” She teased.

The door shut behind them.

“If you let me kiss you again.” He leaned towards her.

“I can even let you stay,” she whispered to his lips. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Barry.”

He wondered how much their relationship was going to change. She would still be his overprotective doctor and best friend. On the other hand, however, they would spend more time together, consisting of kissing, cuddling and other romantic stuff.

Their lips meet again.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Cait.”

Everything was going to be both the same and completely different.


The Princess’s Birthday *Neymar imagine* @xisabellaxo


~3 Weeks Ago 

As I pushed the cart through the aisle Neymar and the kids went wild throwing things in and playing with the items. Looking at the contents I chuckled, “You guys do realize that this party is for Amarie right?” I called out

The four boys stopped and turned towards me, “But Mae can’t we get this? Amarie likes it” Davi asked

I looked at him and chuckled, “I don’t think Amarie likes avengers baby” I said to him

Davi gave me a cheeky smile and placed it inside of the cart turning and running off with his other brothers. I shook my head, “Amarie what do you want?” I asked bending down to her height

She walked a little ways down before getting some of the pink little boas and bringing them back to me. And in her baby language she began talking, I chuckled placing a kiss on her cheek before putting them inside the cart along with the other things that the boys had wanted. 

After a while we finished inside of the party store with somethings that Davi, Julian, Miro , Amarie and Neymar wanted and then left. 


I looked around at the house and smiled, it literally only took 2 hours and everything was set and ready to go. The bounce houses were up, food and drinks set out, and the puppies put away. I sighed, everything was good and ready. 

“Y/N!” Neymar called out 

I turned around just as he came up to me, and I raised an eyebrow. “What happened?” I asked

Neymar sighed, “The boys won’t come out of the room” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean they won’t come out of the room?” I repeated

Neymar chuckled, “Babe it’s meant just like it’s said” He said

“Alright let me go see what’s up?” I said going to head over to the bedroom door that was closed. Knocking on the door, I heard some shuffling later followed by talking. “Mae and Pai only care for Amarie” Miro said

“Yeah!” Davi and Julian said in union

“We’re important too” Davi said

“Do mae and pai not love us?” Julian asked

No one said anything, and I sighed opening the door. As soon as I pushed the door opened the boys looked at me and then shifted their eyes to the floor. “Hey boys” I said softly 

They didn’t say anything, and I sighed taking a seat on Miro’s bed and pulling him onto my lap. In which he crossed his arms, causing me to chuckle. “Are you guys really mad with Mae?” I asked

The three of them nodded their heads,  “Yes”Julian said

I pouted, “Can you tell me why?”

Julian sighed, “You like Amarie better” He said huffing

I gave him a little smile moving his hair from his face, “That’s not true Julian” 

The three nodded their heads, and you know what if it weren’t for the different hair colors and heights you would think they’re triplets by the way they move. 

I nodded my head, “It is true, Mae and Pai love all four of you the same” I said

“But-but how come you only by Marie treats and toys and not us?” Miro asked looking at me

I brushed his hair, “Amarie’s still a little baby, so she needs a lot of things. While you three are boys and Amarie’s big brothers that’s why we tend to give her a lot of things.” I explained

“So you do love us?” Davi asked

I chuckle and nodded, “Of course Pai and I love you guys. You’re very important to us and we didn’t mean to make it seem like we don’t love you guys okay” I said 

The boys nodded their heads, and I smiled. “Now where’s my hugs and kisses?”I asked and instantly I was attacked by various hugs and kisses, I smiled. “We love you too Mae” They said in union

I chuckled, “Great now let’s go celebrate Amarie’s birthday and have fun right?” I asked

Julian, Miro, and Davi cheered as they all ran out of the room to find Amarie and begin the long and fun day. When I exited the room, I stood next to Neymar and we watched the kids while speaking to one of Neymar’s cousins. 

“Wow I think this is the first time I’m meeting the kids and Amarie” He said

I chuckled, and right on que the four of them came over. I smiled, “Perfect timing I guess” I said 

Neymar chuckled, “Marco, this is Davi, Julian, Miro, and the Princess of the evening Amarie” He introduced

Marco smiled shaking the boys hands and smiling at Amarie, “Wow they all look so different, and they’re really well behaved” Marco said

I smiled, “Our kids are pretty great”

This is my first story and I hope you enjoy it. Feedback will be appreciated. 

“You know you’re not even a choice when they keep coming to you for relationship advice.” for Julian Brandt. 

Word count: 1,583

“He’s so into you” (y/n) rolled her eyes at the naive words of her best friend while taking a sip of her milkshake.

“You know, I really wouldn’t like to make him the topic of our conversation. We came to have breakfast and forget remember? Not to talk about my issues.” (y/n) stated with irritation in her voice. 

“I don’t know why you think it’s such a big issue! He likes you, you like him. It’s not that complicated.“ 

“He’s seeing someone else!” Her voice raised unintentionally. “He doesn’t like me and it’s never gonna happen.” (y/n) could feel her heart ache as she spoke the words out loud. 

“What if he’s seeing someone else? Look at me and Armando. He was dating my cousin before me and now we’re engaged!”  

(Y/N) shook her head while managing to keep a straight face “You know you’re not even a choice when they keep coming to you for relationship advice.” She managed to hold in the tears threatening to fall. “He cares about her, and if he’s happy I’ll be okay.”

     She wanted to be unaffected. Wanted her feelings for him to fade and to feel okay again. Sadly all she could do was pretend. It wasn’t easy, mainly when he was so happy and (y/n) couldn’t exactly ignore the situation. If it had been anyone else things would’ve been as simple as deleting a contact and cutting communication, but it was Julian. The boy she’d known for years. The one who was there for her during lonely nights and made part of some of her best memories. “How the hell could I let him go?” She thought. 

     The buzzing of (y/n)’s phone against the dining table managed to derail her thoughts for the first time since the morning. She gravitated from the sofa to the kitchen just in time to see a message notification before the screen went black. With a bit of hesitance, she unlocked her phone to see two messages from Julian. Her heart fluttered a bit. ‘He’s just your friend (y/n)! Calm down.’ She took a deep breath trying to calm her rushing thoughts before opening the messages.

  "Hey (y/n)“"Can I come over?”

‘How convenient’ She thought as she read the two short texts. She stared at the texts before quickly replying. 

“Of course :)”  

There’s no way she’ll get over him like this. She couldn’t ignore him and loved having him around. He was one of her closest friend after all. 

“Okay I’ll be there soon and I’m bringing Nala.”

At least there would be a cute dog to calm her nerves. 

(Y/N) took a deep breath as she opened the door for Julian. Almost instantly, Nala was circling around her legs. Julian tried to carry multiple plastic bags while simultaneously holding onto his dogs leash. 

“Here let me help you Jule.” (y/n) reached for two bag and carried them to the nearest table before releasing Nala from her leash. “What did you bring anyways?”

“Chinese. Figured you’ll like some. And more food just because.” He smiled while pulling her into a hug. “I’ll go get drinks, you chose a movie to watch.”

They were sitting on the couch halfway through The Pursuit of Happiness when Julian’s phone started blowing up with messages. After a couple of minutes of nonstop messages and two ignored phone calls he turned of his phone and refocused on the movie. 

“Everything okay?” (y/n) asked genuinely worried something happened.  

He turned his head and smiled while casually throwing his arm around her shoulders. “Everything is fine.”

She continued watching the movie and petting the golden dog laying on her lap. Still, she remained curious of what just happened. 

After starting the second movie,  (y/n) felt her eyes start to close on their own. Julian smiled when he noticed the tired girl trying to stay awake, but to no avail. Last thing (y/n) felt was Julian hugging her closer to his body before she fell asleep. 

(Y/N) woke up laying on Julian’s chest. His arms wrapped around her body protectively as his hand ran through her messy hair. She didn’t want to move. It all felt so perfect. And so she didn’t. (Y/N) remained comfortably in his embrace dreaming of what could be. That was until he began to place soft kisses on her forehead. No matter how much she wanted him she couldn’t let this happen. (Y/N) began to stir, pretending she had barely woken up. 

“Hey sleepy head,” Julian mocked as she lifted her head from his chest. “Did you sleep well?” His voice was gentle and calm. 

“Yeah I did. How long was I out for?” She remained sitting next to Julian as he stretched out his arms. Once again placing an arm around her. 

“Almost two hours I think.” He pulled her closer. His body was warm and (y/n) refrained from leaning into the toned muscles she felt through the thin long sleeve he wore. (Y/N)’s head rushed with a thousand thoughts, but remained quiet next to Julian. “You okay?” Julian asked after a couple minutes of silence. But how could she tell him? How could she tell her best friend that she wasn’t okay because he was happy with someone else?

“Yeah I’m alright.” She turned to Julian with a deceitful smile. Unfortunately for her, Julian saw right through her. 

“You’re lying.” He pulled her into his lap and gently grabbed her hand. “What’s wrong (y/n)?” Her heart started beating faster out of fear of getting caught, but Julian’s warm hand lightly rubbing her own calmed her down enough to look him in the eyes. 

“Nothings wrong,” she placed her free hand on his cheek trying to mask her lie “you’re overthinking Jules." 

"I hope I am.” Julian felt his cheeks warm up with her proximity. He couldn’t seem to stop staring into the eyes he loved so much. (Y/N)’s hand remained in place feeling the light stubble scattered around his rosy cheek. She felt her heart skip a beat when Julian locked their fingers together. Her eyes broke away from his crystal clear ones and looked down at their intertwined hands. She smiled slightly at the sight. (Y/N) looked up to see Julian closer than before. It took him just a second to close the distance between them and press his soft lips to hers. She took a moment to process the situation before kissing him back. Julian smiled into the kiss before pressing his lips harder against hers and pulling her closer by the waist. (Y/N)’s hands cupped Julian’s face before melting into his arms and letting her fingers run through his blond hair. They broke away panting with slightly swollen lips. (Y/N)’s guilt-ridden look contrasted with Julian’s bright smile, causing his features to twist in confusion. 

“Hey hey what’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?” He asked while carefully placing (y/n)’s hair behind her ears. She just shook her head and began to tear up. 

“This is wrong Julian. We can’t do this." 

"Why can’t we do this love?" 

"Because you’re with someone else!" 

"But you kissed back!” Tears began to stream down her face as reality hit her. Julian pulled her closer and buried his face in her neck. He let her cry into his shoulder while he rubbed her back comfortably. He waited for her cries to simmer before talking again. “I ended things with her.” He whispered into her neck. “I wished I never started anything in the first place.” She listened to his words before lifting her head off his shoulder and looking him in the eyes again.  

“You really did?” Her hopeful eyes gave Julian the courage to pour every single word he had been holding in. 

“You remember all those text and calls I got earlier?” She nodded encouraging him to continue. “Of course I broke up with her. She was never the one I wanted. You on the other hand, you’re everything I wish for. Everything and more baby. Hell, she didn’t even care enough to know the team I played for. ” (y/n) giggled at the rushing words he spoke. 

She pushed his soft curls away from his face. “Then why did you even bother to go out with her?" 

"Because I was scared to be with you. My future is so uncertain and I can’t bare to hurt you by moving away. I know that’s still a possibility, but the longer I try to stay away from you the longer I’ll be unhappy. I tried to go out with the first girl I could to forget you, but you’re just impossible to get rid of aren’t you?” She laughed at his last comment while pressing her forehead against his. 

“Well I’m glad you’re choosing to be happy Brandt.” She whispered against his lips. 

“Me too baby.”  She pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss. Julian’s hand wondered down until it rest on her lower back while the other caressed her cheek. (Y/N) lightly bit his lower lip causing a low moan to escape his lips. They kissed for minutes until she pulled away in need for air. Julian laughed at her fast breathing causing (y/n) to slap his chest. Once again she laid against his body, but this time with a smile on her face. Julian kissed her temple before breaking the peaceful silence. “Besides, you’re the only girl Nala likes so my options are narrow here.” She hit his chest again while laughing at her lovers words.

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imagine the apprentice calling julian ‘ilya’ and pronouncing it Right bc 99.99% of people in vesuvia fuck it up and they??? try their best not to.

Julian would be so happy and when he finds out the effort the apprentice’s puts in pronouncing his name correctly he is absolutely flattered and a bit embarrassed at someone would go that far just to say his name. He is so used to people pronouncing Ilya in the worst possible way that he doesn’t bother to correct them but when the apprentice calls him, he almost doesn’t notice it and it’s when they repeat themselves man does his heart skip a beat. Julian has the biggest smile on his face! Keep saying his name how it should be pronounced and he just keeps on smiling whether he is aware of it or not!

Random story time:

Everyone calls me by my various nicknames and when someone calls me by my full name I am so happy? It feels so personal and intimate rather than a nickname that someone gives me. Now I love nicknames but when EVERYONE calls you a nickname of sorts it kinda loses the same special feeling it first did (at least for me, ahahaha)

Draw the curtains
  • Nadia: Draw the curtains Julian <i>*posts a selfie on instagram*</i>
  • Julian: <i>*looks up from his thesis*</i> excuse me?
  • Nadia: I said, draw the curtains
  • Julian: <i>*stares at her before a mischievous smile forms on his face*</i>
  • Nadia: Well?
  • Julian: <i>*flips over a rejected draft and starts to sketch*</i>
  • Nadia: what are you doing
  • Julian: <i>im <b>drawing the curtains</b> what else</i>
  • Nadia:
  • Nadia:
  • Nadia: do you HAVE to drag me into your tasteless humour fine I'll do it myself

If Jemma were mundanes…

-Emma and Julian meet while in their mid twenties at the local community center.

-Julian teaches a cooking class there and Emma teaches various self defense and martial arts classes

-Emma sits in on one of his classes in the hopes of picking up some cooking skills.

-She can’t keep living off of the Chinese restaurant near her apartment, she CANT. They don’t even wait for her to call anymore, they just deliver her usual order on a daily basis…

-Emma’s furious note taking catches Julian’s eye, he can’t help but smile at her determined face.

-Their first date consists of Julian cooking for her and allowing her to help, during which she burns everything she helps with.

-Emma loves the way Julian’s face lights up when talking about his first passion, painting.

-Julian takes Emma to the beach, while she’s too scared to go near the water she does lie still and allow him to sketch her.

-Emma arranges a showcase for Julian’s art as a surprise for their anniversary.

-Most of Julian’s exhibition pieces are of Emma, he seems to find inspiration in all things Emma.

-Emma never has to learn to cook, because Julian always offers (mostly to be sweet but also for safety measures).

-They get married and have a little blonde hair girl with blue-green eyes, who grows up to be one badass pastry chef.

*le sigh*

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Could you do a drabble promt for "How about a hug, hm?" with Julian? Ive been reading these theyre so cute ❤👌

“How about a hug, hm?” Julian asks, opening his arms, a quiet smile dawning on his face. He’s hobbling, and bruised, and looks more tired than they have ever seen him - but he’s alive. He’s alive. 

A laugh bubbles up through the magician’s tears, and they launch themselves into his arms, burying their face into his shoulder. Julian lets out a soft sigh, as if a weight has fallen off of his shoulders, and holds them just a little tighter. He’s warm, and soft, and they’re careful not to hurt him, but they can’t help relaxing into him.

It feels a whole lot like coming home.