the smile of the cheshire


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He was looking directly at you. His blue eyes taking you all in. There was something so fascinating about his gaze that sent shiver down your spine.
He knew he had your attention and gave you a wide grin. It screamed evil.
Your heart raising the moment you noticed him standing up from his table and hopping in your direction. He sat on a bench across from you still having Cheshire Cat’s wicked smile on his handsome face.
“Hi Gorgeous, I’m Jerome. So what a pretty lil thing like you is doing in a terrible place like this?”


Big Hat by Tony
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My grandaughetr out hunting deer, to hide she put on my hat. we did find a large herd of deer and just for us they all crossed over our pathway so close to us.


 “De modo que ella, sentada con los ojos cerrados, casi se creía en el país de las maravillas, aunque sabía que sólo tenía que abrirlos para que todo se transformara en obtusa realidad.”  - Alice in Wonderland. 

Be Careful (Wroetoshaw)

Be Careful

 Wroetoshaw x reader 

Slight angst, but fluff at the end 

Requested? Yes! “Hey, r u still taking requests? Can u write about Harry getting hurt cuz he’s dumb and reader taking care of him and telling him he needs to be more careful? Pls n thx” I hope you like it love! 

Warning: Cussing 

“What’s up guys! I’m here with my girlfriend Y/N, in Guernsey, and on top of my roof… again.” Harry practically screeched with excitement, but slowly trailing off when he realized his current situation. Y/N snorted at his face of realization, a Cheshire Cat like smile on her face. Harry’s eyes trailed to hers at the sound of her laugh, the normally wide eyes squinted into slits. 

 "You’re lucky we’re on top of a roof right now" Harry grunted, but Y/N shrugged, jumping off of the roof, face towards the sky and landed on the mattresses at the bottom, letting out a loud “woo!” when her back hit the soft texture. Harry let out a chuckle as he glanced back down at her, shaking his head.

 "You need help getting back up?“ Harry asked, but he already knew the answer, Y/N was a gymnast, and a pretty damn good one to. Y/N pointed her finger at him as if she was drunk, her body nestled between the the mattresses. 

 "Hey! Do you know who you’re talking to!” She slurred, but then her eyes widened, realizing that she was on camera. “Don’t keep that in”

 "Oh I’m keeping that in" Harry grinned, already knowing how he wanted to edit it. 

 "Harrrryyyyy" Y/N groaned, slinging her head back into the mattress, not wanting to get up. 

 "Come on babe, we need to get this video done" Harry ushered her to get up, and with a groan, Y/N complied. She jumped back into the roof with ease. Letting out a huff and straightening out the hoodie she had bored from Rosie. 

“Right ok! So today, were going to be jumping off of my roof and onto those mattresses, doing tricks and shit, but here’s the thing. We’ve got Rosie and Josh at the bottom, throwing soccer balls at them, and we have to avoid them. Who ever gets hit the least, wins” Harry explains briefly what the idea was of the video was, Rosie and Josh taking that as their cues to throw soccer balls at us.

 "HEY! HEY!“ Y/N screeched, both siblings targeting her. 


 "You’re an idiot” Y/N murmured, stroking Harry’s limp hand. After the pair got done with Harry’s video, they decided to keep jumping off, Y/N taking the time to practice some old tricks, and Harry trying to impress his beautiful girlfriend. Most of the time, Harry’s pretty in touch with his athletic side, but there’s always that one out of many flips that goes bad, and well unfortunately for Harry, he experienced that very flip. The blue eyed boy was trying to impress his girlfriend, attempting a triple back flip off of the roof, but it quite literally, went south. 

     Harry’s body had fumbled when he fell off of the roof, completely avoiding the mattresses and landing on his leg. It was gruesome sight, Y/N almost crying at the state of Harry’s leg, but managed to call an ambulance. Now Harry is in the hospital with a cracked ribcage and a broken leg, knocked out by the overwhelming amount of pain killers. 

 "Knock knock" She heard a quiet voice behind her, two soft taps following suit. She turned her head and was met with the sight of her Cousin, Chris Dixon. “Hey” Y/N murmured, a sad smile tugging at her lips.

 "I got a fairy ride as soon as I could" Chris smiled assuringly, sitting down in the chair next to her, his eyes trained on the limp body in front of him. 

 "I think this is the most still I’ve ever seen him" Chris joked, Y/N giggling a bit. 

“Yeah, always moving, even when we’re asleep. It’s damn well annoying sometimes.” Chris snorted at his cousins statement, taking note of the irritation that lingered in her tone. 

 "Yeah?“ Chris mocking Y/N with a grin, but before she could respond, Harry shuffled, groaning, opening his mouth to speak.

 "Stop talking about me you fucks” Harry grumbled, his eyes still shut and feeling extremely Drowsy. 

 "Fuck Harry, you’ve got to start being more careful" Y/N breathed, diverting her attention to the grinning boy. Harry, slumped against the bed, feeling guilty. “I know” Harry whispered as if he was a child who just got scolded. Y/N squeezed his hand, her fingers coming up to brush his jaw. 

 "Hey, show me those bright eyes of yours" Y/N demanded, her voice gentle, but stern. Harry looked to her, a shy smile tugging at his lips. 

 "Ah, there they are" She coos, smirking at his flustered face. Chris snorts from beside me, trying to contain his laugh, but when he saw how flustered Harry was, he couldn’t contain it anymore, a loud burst of laughter filling the room. 

“Mate, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so vulnerable, oh my god” Chris teased, gripping Y/Ns shoulder to support himself. “Fucks sake. Do you see what you do to me?!" 


 "Alright, slow and steady” Y/N eased Harry into his bed, his body aching in pain. When he was finally comfortable in the bed, he let out a loud breath.

 "It’s been a long week" he muttered, grabbing for Y/Ns hand hanging at her side. 

 "You’re telling me" her body sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to avoid Harry’s leg and rib cage, placing her palm on his chest, rubbing softly.

 "Lay down please" Harry pleaded, whining like a child, tugging at her hand. “I don’t wanna hurt you” Y/N frowned, her eyebrows furrowed as she swing Harry’s hands around, their fingers intertwined.

 "You’re not going to hurt me. I haven’t cuddled with you all week" Harry groaned, pulling Y/N down with a yelp, her body landing next to his, practically on top of him. 

 "Please be more careful ok?“