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Creepypasta #1001: My Boyfriend Loves Traveling Third World

Length: Short

One time, we traveled to deep inside of South America’s countryside. You know, kind of rural area where people have cultivators but have no idea from where they get oil for them?

It was a nice town, though. People were so naive and simple, we even have talked about living in country like that after our retirement half seriously.

Our accommodation owner was also a simple old guy with the kindest smile I’ve ever seen. He cooked us meatball and filled our bowl again and again just like my nanny.

After the lunch, his son showed us around the town. It was peaceful little countryside. Corn farm, chicken farm, barley farm, sugar cane-I guess-farm…We understood only half of his chattering since he could only speak Espanol.

For the last course, he showed us a small pig farm next to his house. It looked like some kind of traditional ranching shack. Every house in the town had one next to it. Pigs in the shack was a breed I’ve never seen before. It was dirty, ugly and had weirdly long neck with croaky voice. Face covered with mud looked more like had been cut flat by something than ordinary flat-nose pig.

“That’s one creepy piggy.” I said to myself in English.

At that very moment, a swine ran- it looked more like crawling with elbows and knees- to us.

And it grunted,

“Dear god, can you speak English?”

Credits to: moloque

concept: anakin kills palpatine and he, padme, and obi run away from it all. they all raise luke and leia on a beautiful planet that’s bursting with green. luke is every bit his mother’s son. he’s gay and he’s not confused or ashamed at all because he’s grown up seeing ani and obi’s love. leia is strong and smart and takes after anakin. luke and leia accidentally wind up dating the same guy, a cocky smuggler who gives leia a beautiful baby boy with chocolate eyes and lovely curls. ani, padme, and obi’s hearts overflow with love for their grandchild. luke falls in love with his childhood friend wedge and they adopt a beautiful baby girl together. her name is rey and she has the loveliest smile and the kindest eyes. when padme, obi, and ani die, in that order, their deaths aren’t a time of sorrow; but a time of celebrating their lives. they never went back to their lives of political or jedi fame, but they raised 2 kind, loving, smart, strong, and beautiful children and they were happy. and that was more than enough.
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after being banished from the cruel kingdom of Jakku, Rey is left living out in the woods, hungry and alone.
She never expected to be taken in by a royal prince, with the brightest of smiles and kindest of eyes. And she never expected that, while staying in his castle and becoming best friends with him, she was to find someone she’s been waiting for her whole life.

Someone that - call it what you will; fate, maybe - Prince Finn has known for as long as he can remember.

Or the Finnrey & Rey Skywalker Prince/Enchanted Forest AU you never knew you needed.

hang the fool stans use the “canon” reyes characterisation as an excuse to put in that racist abusive shit with mccree but blizzard delivered us with that wholesome, chill, friendly reyes who handmakes halloween costumes and has the most kindest smile ive ever seen so where the fucks your excuse now? nice to see ur ugly racist asses exposed lol

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Like literally, you're such a special, perfect person. You have such an adorable smile and the kindest eyes and you sing fantastic. On a scale of 1-10, you're a wow. 👌🏾

That’s so cute thank you

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Ponyboy watched as Johnny was ready to leave, with widened eyes he called for him.

“Johnny wait” he whispered, standing up to shut the door behind them, away from all the eyes that could see the scene unfold before them. “I have to tell you something… but you have to promise that you won’t hate me- I couldn’t stand it if you did.”

“I could never hate ‘ya Pone. Go on, tell me what it is.” He gave Ponyboy the kindest smile that he could muster, trying to let off calming signals.

“I love you Johnny, and not in the friend way either… the way that my dad loved my mum or even the way Sodapop loved Sandy.” Ponyboy looked down, not wanting to see the look of disgust in his friends face, he was thinking about making a run for it, back inside the safety of his home.

What would Darry do if he found out that his little brother was gay? Would he cry? Would he disown him, Ponyboy wasn’t sure that he wanted to know.

“I love you too” Came the words that Ponyboy wasn’t expecting.

Ponyboy smiled softly at him as he closed the small distance between them, his hand drifted up to Johnny’s cheek as he pressed his lips to his sweetly…

The Captains' Pick Up Lines
  • Daichi: *flashes the kindest smile he has ever made* Throw anything at me, it won't matter, I'll RECEIVE it with all I've got and make sure we connect *takes your hand and smiles again*
  • Oikawa: *flips hair and smiles so kawaii* Yaho~ *tries to be cute and does the two peace sign pose*
  • (He probably doesn't need any pick-up lines)
  • Kuroo: *smirks handsomely* Hey there, I don't know about you but I think we're PURRfect together and I seriously CAT live without you, *kabe-dons you*
  • Bokuto: *puts on serious face* I wasn't able to sleep at all last night... Probably because, I was thinking about you OWL night long *licks lips*
Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home
[Simon D returns home to Busan]
Chapter 1

Today was not your day. You sighed walking down the street, trying to gather your thoughts. Your arms full of grocery bags. Another teacher at the daycare you worked at quit because of the pay cuts. Sure you weren’t making a lot, but it was something and you loved your students. You barely made enough to make ends meet as it was but now you had to deal with this. Arriving at the door, you struggled juggling your keys and the bags and ended up dropping them. “Dammit…” you mumble under your breath. You set down your bags to grab the keys.

“Do you need some help?”

You smiled looking up figuring it was your neighbor. “Yeah thanks so much” As you looked up you froze. “K-Kiseok…” you whispered. He gave you the kindest smile and opened his arms up for a hug. You had no idea he was back in town. You slowly moved closer to him and hugged him tight. After all these years he could still make your heart flutter like a school girls, just with a single look. That was just the effect that your childhood crush had on you.

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You were never the boy that made sense. You weren’t the boy I’d known for years, nor the boy planning to go to Cambridge university, not even the boy that got on so well with my Dad that he could spend half an hour talking to him.
You were never the boy that made sense. But my God, you were the boy that made me not care about anything making sense.
You were and you are the boy who makes me think that anything can work if you want it enough.
You are the boy who I will drop everything for. You are the boy who has the most incredible smile and the kindest heart I’ve ever come across.
You are the boy that taught me that a relationship isn’t always logical.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #5