the smile kindest

I don’t play by the rules

Pairing: Peter parker x Stark! reader

Summary: Peter Parker falls hard for the new girl, and while he can’t do anything about it a certain masked hero might.

 word count: 2135

y/bf/n= Your best friend’s name

warnings: slight makeout? 


sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, hope you enjoy it! Please tell me what you thought about it! :) 


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It happened on a Tuesday. A regular day you might say, however it was the day everything changed for Peter Parker. There he was on his chemistry class thinking it was just another boring class, another wasted hour, at least he thought that until the door opened, revealing the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Standing in front of the class was Y/n Stark. Everybody knew who you were, your dad was Iron man, for God sake! You came in the classroom with a designer outfit and bag that was probably more expensive than Peter’s whole wardrobe.

Peter continued to watch you as the teacher told you to seat right at the front of the class. Not only were you a really pretty girl, with the brightest smile and the kindest eyes, but you also had to be very intelligent, since this was the Chemistry AP class. Well of course she is intelligent dumbass! Her father is Tony Stark! She has obviously been in his labs before!

After that first time he saw you everything went downhill. He could never gather the courage to talk to you, let alone ask you out, so he settled for watching you from afar. She probably thinks I’m a creeper, Peter thought, however he couldn’t bring himself to care. He could watch as your smile got bigger when someone told you a joke, and how your eyes will get particularly bright whenever you got a good grade at math. He didn’t care about anything else.

Not long after your arrival to the school he got his so-called “stark internship”,  or his role as Spiderman. This didn’t change much for him. He was still a nerd loser and you were still  a popular girl that was way out of his league.

“Seriously dude! how come you’ve never even said a word to her?” Ned asked Peter as they made their way into the gym.

“Is not that easy Ned! She doesn’t even know I exist!”

“But you are like, totally in love with Y/!” Peter quickly muffled Ned’s mouth, stopping the boy from saying anything else.

“Geez Ned! Don’t you want to shout it to the world?!” Peter started lowering his hand and headed towards the group of people exercising. “You can’t just go around saying that! Someone might hear you!”

“I’m sorry but, like, I still can’t believe it! Don’t you see her everyday? in the, you know, Stark Internship?”

Since Ned found out about Peter being Spider Man he had made questions non-stop, pretty ridiculous questions, if you asked Peter.

“Ned I don’t just hang out at the Avenger’s tower you know? I have to be on the streets! Besides, she is totally off limits I mean! She is Mr. Stark’s daughter! He would kill me if-”

“Shhh- SHhhhhh! Peter listen!”

This time he was the one to shut up as both boys listened to a conversation happening at the bleachers across them. It was Y/n, looking as beautiful as she always did, surrounded by her usual crowd.

“Sooo Y/n, you must be surrounded by all those superheroes at your house right? You know, because of your dad?

“Well not all the time, but yeah, they hang out pretty often” She responded, trying to sound chill about the topic. Not everybody noticed, but Peter knew just how tired she felt about having to talk about his dad and the avengers all the time. None of the people that followed her around really knew her. Yes they knew about her life and her family, but besides that no one seemed to take interest in getting to know her for real.

That was kind of the reason why he prefered to hide his identity. Well, that and the possibility of being kidnapped and killed.

“Are you friends with them?”  “Are they nice?” “Are they hot?” “Is Captain America a real blonde?”

A load of questions were asked at you, however one catched Peter’s attention again.

“Are you friends with spiderman? Do you know who he is?”

“I’ve actually never talked to him, he’s never at the tower when I’m there” she replied shrugging her shoulders. She really was clueless to the hero’s identity.

“Seriously Y/n? Weren’t you supposed to be Spiderman #1 fan?” Y/bf/n asked, as she wiggled her eyebrows at Y/n.

A blush spread to the girl’s cheeks as she smiled shyly. Of course she had a tiny crush with Spider Man (even though she didn’t have a clue of who he was), however he never seemed to hang around the tower as the other Avengers. Maybe he liked being alone.

The conversation was quickly dropped after the coach told them all to get back to work, however Ned was not done.

“Dude! She likes you!” You have to talk to her tonight!”

“She doesn’t like me! She likes Spider Man, not Peter, besides-”

“I swear to God that if you don’t make a move on her tonight I will stop being friends with you! You have to promise me you will try! Deal?


Could it be possible that the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on had a thing for him? Even if it was the suit she was in love with Peter couldn’t stop the smile that crept through his face all day and the knot he felt on his stomach every time he looked at Y/n.

And that is exactly why he found himself later that night ready to go talk to the girl of his dreams. He already knew the crew will be out with Mr Stark in some mission he was not allowed, so that cleared the way for him. And anyways he was always welcomed in the tower, at least that what they always told him.

“You can do this Peter, you got this”

Peter tried to give himself a little of motivation before knocking on your door,however he couldn’t find the strength to raise his hand and knock on it, he felt like a bundle of nerves! None of his previous fights or encounters had him feeling this way, he seriously needed to control himself! Peter tried once again to knock on the door only to be stopped when the door opened completely, revealing Y/n in her pj’s and her glasses, apparently ready to go to bed.

Both teenagers looked at each other with complete shook in the faces, one behind his mask of course. The girl was completely speechless, she couldn’t believe the Spider Man was in front of her! And had seen her in just some sweats! She blushed deeply as she realised her appearance.

Peter tried to think of something, anything to say to her, however he couldn’t seem to find the words. After a long silence Y/n finally broke the silence as she leaned against the door.

“I can’t believe Spider Man is at my door! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

The girl was trying to keep it together, however she was still freaking out, but she couldn’t let her stupid crush affect her! This was her chance to get to know him! She could feel her flirtier side creeping up, trying to smile wider and lean closer to the boy.

“Well- I umhh- I just wanted to- you know- visit my favorite Stark” Peter said as he tried to recover from his initial shook.

“Then I guess you are looking for my dad, however he is not around”

“I actually meant you, I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time now”

The girl was surprised by what the boy had just said. Did he know her? How come they had never met before?

Y/n started moving inside her bedroom once again, looking over her shoulder to continue “Since I’ve got no plans for tonight you might want to hang for a while, you know, to get to know each other and stuff”

Peter did not need to be told twice before he followed her around and into her room. Well, bedroom was an understatement to what her place really looked liked. It seemed more like a apartment of her own, with a big tv are, followed by what appeared to be her studio with a shit ton of books and finally her actual bed. She went into the couch in front the TV as Peter followed her close behind. She finally seated down facing the boy.

“Why are you here with me right now and not saving the world as usual?”

“Can’t a man take a break every once in awhile? Besides, I’m pretty sure your dad is taking care of that at the moment”

“You are probably right, sooo anyways..You said you had wanted to meet me for a long time, so here I am, what is it that you wanna know?”

“Well nothing in particular- it’s just that- you are- you are a really beautiful girl”

The girl felt herself blush at the words of the boy behind the mask. He probably did have a thing for her then? There was only one way to find out the truth.

Y/n leaned closer to Peter, looking into what she supposed were his eyes and took him by the shoulder as she played with the curls in the back of his head.

“So you think I’m a beautiful girl?” She said with a teasing voice, trying to make the boy a little nervous, obviously succeeding.

“The most gorgeous I’ve meet”

Peter could say this without any hesitation. Right in front of him was the most beautiful girl on earth. Her big eyes were looking at him and she was even closer than before, he was getting kind of nervous, but her fingers in his hair kept him just in place, right where she wanted him.

“So if I’m so beautiful, how come you’ve never paid me a visit before?”

She had started talking in mere whispers, now moving her other hand into his chest, playing with the material of his suit.

“I wanted to!- I totally wanted to but- you know your dad’s rules right? I’m not really allowed to”

She started to lift his mask, revealing only his mouth before saying.

“Well Spider-boy, you should already know I don’t play by my father’s rules”

Right after she finished she crashed her lips into Peter’s making the boy let out a surprised gasp. He was kissing her! They were kissing! He couldn’t believe it!

Meanwhile the girl was feeling exactly the same. She didn’t knew where she got the guts to do it, but she was glad she did.

His fingers sanked  into her hair as they continued kissing, Peter finally out of his trance brought his other hand to the girl’s face and cupped it, deepening the kiss further.

He felt himself biting into the girl’s lips, as a quiet moan escaped her lips. Y/n pulled apart only to straddle his hips with her thighs and roll her hips along the way, giving them both a little of the friction they needed, but not enough.

Peter grabbed her waist trying to pull her closer to him, his hand making their way to her legs, touching and stroking her thighs. They were heavy breathing, kissing longer, harder, rougher. Both teenagers tried to take and taste as much as possible, urgent and desperately, fighting for dominance.

He pulled apart and went straight for her neck, sucking and biting, leaving what would sure become hickeys by the morning. His morning somewhat bored with her long legs moved to her hips once again, before sliding under her t-shirt and holding her closer, moving his hand right under her bra.

The soft whimpers that would leave her mouth every time he bite a specific part kept him going. Another movement yet another time they would feel that friction and that need to pull harder at the other.

Y/n as getting pretty tired of that stupid mask getting in the way, so she pulled apart ready to get it off him, however a noise down the kitchen distracted her. She heard her dad’s voice calling for her! The whole team was there already? How had they missed it?

Peter realised the situation as well  as he quickly pull stood up and headed towards the window.

“I really have to get going, I’m sorry!”

“Will I see you again?”

Peter pulled the girl close to him for one last kiss, a long lingering one. A kiss he had dreamed over and over again.

“Sooner than you think”

With this last words the boy pulled his mask down and disappeared through the window, swinging his way from building to building.

Man! He could not wait to tell Ned the good news!


Have time to be away from everything. Rediscover your purpose in life by going to places you’ve never been before. Explore new things, experience different cultures, learn new languages and meet different people. Replenish your soul with excitement and exploration. It will create many opportunities for you, and room for improvement and personal growth. Traveling alone will teach you how to become independent and confident.


This is the perfect time to make your passion your profession. Chase your dreams; follow where your heart wants to go. Do things that make you feel happy. Never settle for good enough, be the best version of yourself. Look for your purpose. Along the way, you will discover things that will clearly define you as a person. Embrace this. And let success flow; everything else will follow.


Choose and keep the right people in your life. Associate with people who you want to be like. You’re not going to imitate them; you will learn from them, grow from them, and discover your true voice. These kinds of people will bring cheerfulness; they will motivate you and remind you that you’re on the right track. Creating a positive environment around you attracts success and it makes your vision clearer. It also creates a healing space that fosters growth that opens a door for opportunity. Everything will become lighter because positivity brings happiness. So never waste a space in your life for a negative vibe.


If you’re tired of where you are right now, reevaluate your situation. Are you just working to live and survive another day or you want something you will never get tired of doing because you love it? Learn to weigh things around you. Pursue what makes you happy. Risk, in order to see the things on the other side of the bridge. Be brave enough to quit and start anew. Don’t be afraid to stop doing the things that don’t serve your path. Risking redefines your thought processes and it optimizes opportunities. So never be afraid to risk because some of the greatest adventures in your life will come from things you never realized were possible.


We only have a 24 hour time period every day, so make every second count. Never waste a moment being unproductive. Master the art of time management. Have time for yourself, to have fun and enjoy things in life. Have time for your family; spend precious moments with people you love. And have time for your professional growth. You have to spend your days wisely.


Make it a habit of saying “thank you” to people when they do something for you. You don’t know what kind of storm they are experiencing, so become their rainbow. Share your kindest smile. Appreciate them. It looks like a small effort from you, but for them, it completes their day. Never keep positivity within you, share it with everyone you meet.


Sometimes, being normal is boring and redundant. You need to stretch out of your comfort zone. Jump, even if you don’t know what lies beyond. Put excitement in your life that you can look back on and laugh hard when you become old.


Drink a shot of happiness every day because the brain works best when you are happy.


Being an adult means a lot of work and stress. Sometimes, you will lose time and balance for everything, including your personal relationship with God. When things don’t go the way we want to or when all hopes are gone, everything seems to drift away. We keep on questioning and doubting God’s plans for us. Switch it over into praise. Use the situation to rebuild your relationship with Him. God wants you to communicate. The reason why He takes something away from you is because He wants you to discover greater things in store. The best way to renew your faith is to surround yourself with God. Pray a lot.


Quit complaining. Do not think about things you cannot change. Focus your attention on things you can act upon. Reward yourself when you have done something great. In order to become successful, you must embrace change and motivate yourself. Remember, people won’t love you just because you love them. Think before you commit. Don’t let your thoughts run in your tongue

—  E.J. Cenita, 10 Things You Must Do In Your 20’s
37. Just A Little Bit More (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Summary: You and Steve Harrington became close over your senior year, but you can’t deny you’ve been attracted to him for a long time. The last thing you want to do is ruin the friendship, so what happens when you choose to confront how you feel?

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1432

Author’s note: My first Strangers Things fanfic. Would love feedback! :) Rating: T! Sweetness and fluff.

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Just A Little Bit More

“Just a little bit more!,” Steve shouts out, furiously clicking on his controller. You’re side by side on your couch with Steve Harrington, both of you glued to the TV.

“Don’t forget there’s a Super Mushroom by that pipe,” you say breathlessly, pointing at the screen while Steve presses hard on the controller buttons.

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your color || joshua

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pairing: joshua hong x reader insert

genre: mostly fluff, some soft angst, soulmate!au

word count: just over 11k

sypnosis: an au in which you’re born colorblind, but as you grow up and fall in love with your soulmates (can be friends, lovers and even family), you’ll begin to see new colors one by one. green is the last color you can’t see until you meet joshua. i found this au idea somewhere, so it’s not mine, but i can’t remember where i got it n i dont have it saved !!

notes: hnG IM FREE! wow this was a long, wild ride and i wanna d*e every time i think abt it. anyway, this was originally meant to be finished on @starshua‘s birthday, n here i am…. posting it over a month later :”) anyway i hope u enjoy it little foot i worked Hard even tho it’s a mess, n happy belated birthday !! also tagging @shuvee, another shua enthusiast !

“So, one more soulmate, huh? Are you sure?”

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A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years

Jefferson (OUAT)

Warnings: swearing

I just think Jefferson needs so much love and I want to give him everything in this world, tbh. 

Year after year, month after month, day after day; Jefferson watches through his telescope. He watches Grace every morning before she leaves for school and every night when she’s sitting down for dinner. God, how he wished he could see her everyday. How he wished she remembered him.

Then, after Grace walks out the door to get to class, he shifts to the other side of the room and leans down to look through his other telescope. And he watches his baby for hours on end.

He watches her wake up and go about her day, puttering around her house just as she used to do back in their realm. He watches as she reads and waters the plants and sometimes even paints when she’s having a particularly stressful day. 

Jefferson watches her embrace her husband with his fists clenched at his sides. He watches her kiss him and hold him and smile up at him as if he put the stars in the sky. How she used to look up at him before this damned curse.

He watches his wife love another man with no recollection of the time they had spent together in the enchanted forest. His wife, his Y/N. She was his and now she was in the arms of another man. A man who angered Jefferson to the point of madness.

And to make it even worse, Jefferson knew the man. His name was Adam back before the curse and Jefferson couldn’t be bothered to learn his new name. And god, he hated Adam with everything he had.

Adam was a piece of shit. He had loved Y/N back home, had even tried to court her well after she was married and had Grace. He was the first man that made Jefferson possessive, the first man who made his blood boil. But that’s exactly why Regina made it so the two would end up together - to torture Jefferson more than she already was.

Regina figured that losing Y/N would just top it off, she didn’t know that Jefferson would react the way he did when he first saw Y/N. Regina knew what losing Grace would do to Jefferson, she knew he’d go crazy trying to convince people that she was his daughter. 

But when Jefferson saw Y/N, he felt his entire world crashing down around him. He broke, became madder than any patient, threatened Regina within an inch of her life. 

Regina quickly learned that Grace wasn’t his vice - it was Y/N. 

So, she discarded her plans for the woman and let her be, only to keep Jefferson from killing her. She let Y/N stay who she was, she didn’t alter her. Regina sure as hell didn’t want to die by the hands of Jefferson.

Y/N hadn’t changed a bit in all the time since she was taken from her home and brought to Storybrooke. She still had the sweetest little smile ever and the kindest eyes - eyes that matched Grace’s in every way. She still wore long white dresses and kept her hair in loose curls down her sides and always, always wore a clip to keep her hair back from her face - a clip that Jefferson had given her long before they were married. 

Sometimes he wonders if she remembers the significance of it or if it’s just mere habit that she places it in her hair everyday with a smile and lingering fingers.

Jefferson sits in the corner booth, a tea sitting in front of him thats gradually growing colder and colder with each untouched minute. This was his spot, he sat here everyday and watched. 

It was almost like clockwork, really. The bus would pull up and Grace would get off, walking right by the window that Jefferson was looking out of. Then, around two minutes later, Y/N would stroll by with a bundle of freshly picked flowers on her way to the floral shop she worked at. He got to see his girls and that’s all that mattered to him.

He swirls the tea in the cup, bringing it to his lips to take a small sip. The squeaky brakes of the school bus catch Jefferson’s attention as he watches, waiting for his little girl to come bounding off. Through the sea of kids, he spots her easily. 

Her golden hair bounces as she skips along with her friends, a smile across her lips and god, it replicated her mothers perfectly. He lets a small smile tilt at the edges of his lips when he sees her happiness. 

Grace walks by, laughing and joking with her friends and that almost makes Jefferson wish he could be right alongside her. But he can’t. Because she has a new family. Because she doesn’t remember him. Because he’s a stranger to her.

His eyes faulted back to his cup when the sadness washes over him, just like it does everyday. 

His fingers tap along the ceramic, his wedding band flashing up at him from his hand. He smiles a little, reaching into his pocket to hold the small, gold band in his fingers. 

Y/N’s wedding ring.

It kept him sane on the days he felt he couldn’t go on without her. It brought him good memories of their days together, of whenever she would twiddle with the band and grin to herself. He kept it with him at every second, never letting it out of his possession.

He pulls his hand from his pocket, placing it back on the cup before lifting his eyes to look outside. And there she was, his Y/N, walking down the sidewalk with a bundle of white roses in her hands.

They always were her favorite flower.

She walks by, a slight flush to her cheeks from the brisk air. He bites his lip, watching her move past the window, her grin turning into a bright smile. That smile could brighten Jefferson’s mood on even his worst days. 

“More tea?” The waitress asks from the end of the table, disrupting Jeffersons thoughts.

“No, thank you.” He mumbles, not turning to even look at the young girl. He wishes, prays, pleads to any god willing to listen, that Y/N would recognize him. He begs, just like he does every second he sees her. 

Just for a minute, just let her remember for a minute so he can hold her again. It’s been so long, he just wants to feel her warmth against his chest again, he just wants to touch her. Just one touch, he’s sure it will silence his mind for the time being.

She’s gone as soon as she came, her white dress too far to see through the crowd of people. 

He drops his head, inhaling before looking at his tea. He startles by the presence of a figure in the booth across from his. “She’s not going to remember you.” Regina hums.

“Leave me alone.” Jefferson snaps, pushing his tea from his before moving to get out of the booth. 

Regina chuckles, shaking her head. “If you really loved her you never would have left her in the first place.” She dares to say, gripping onto his wrist to keep him in place.

“Don’t you ever talk about her again.” He snarls, ripping away from her hold in an aggressive manner. She was striking the correct nerve and she knew it, she was far from stopping.

“She belongs with someone who can make her happy, who can provide for her. You certainly couldn’t do that, now could you? You should be thanking me, I gave her the life she deserved.” She pries, eyeing Jefferson.

He glares down at her. “I loved her more than anything in the entire world, and you took her from me. You didn’t even let me say goodbye - you just took me away to die.”

“It was for her own good.” Regina nods, clasping her hands together. “If you truly loved her you would have gone right to her the second you saw her and told her all about the curse.”

“She wouldn’t have believed me - you know that.” He sighs, anger pulsing through his veins. “You took everything from me, everything.”

Regina shrugs, leaning back. “But don’t you see how happy your girls are? They’re happier without you, you were dragging them down, Jefferson.”

He gulps, pushing from the table and walking over to the door. It jingles when he pulls it open. He steps out into the cool air and takes a deep breath to calm himself.

He just wants Y/N and Grace to be back in his arms. He wants them to be back home in their little cottage, having pretend tea parties and laughing about anything they could. He wants his girls to come back to him.

Starting his short trek to his home, Jefferson takes one more look in the direction where Y/N walked. He knows he won’t be able to see her, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hope.

It happens within seconds, like a wave crashing down on an unsuspecting swimmer. The wind blows past Jefferson, a flash crossing the air. He stumbles back, eyes wide.

People stop on the street, looking around in a confused manner. It takes two seconds for a frenzy to start, people rushing around, screaming out the names of their loved ones. 

“Jefferson!” Y/N’s voice fills his head, his eyes rapidly moving across the flurry of people. He looks to his left, seeing her rushing over to him. His breath all but stops, lungs closing up as he chokes for air.

Tears prickle his eyes as he stretches out his arms, catching her in a bone crushing hug. He lifts her up, burrowing his face in her neck. “Baby.” He gasps out.

“Let’s go find Grace.” She hums into his neck, encasing him further with her arms around the back of his neck, twirling along his shorter hair.

She holds him tight, her feet still off the ground. “I love you, so much.” He breathes.

rain-sleet-snow  asked:

If Rey is a Skywalker, what do Leia and Finn see when they look at her?

Finn sees a girl. He sees a girl with ferocious  eyes and the kindest smile and hard callused hands and an absolutely banging six pack – our homegirl is shredded– and soft brown hair, so soft, oh Force above it looks so soft all he wants to do is touch it –

He sees a girl who, when the wind is just right, seems to bluster and sway, like her skin is just an outline, pressing in something far larger. Imagine a sandstorm, caught in a single swirling instant – or an ocean, contained in a sphere. He gets the sense that there is more of her, tucked away where no one can see. When she snarls at him – thief! – the skin splinters, and a tongue of lightning lashes out and for one moment he is hypnotized.

And then he runs, because he isn’t an idiot.

When she jumps into his arms, he feels like he is holding a girl – and yet being held by something larger, something vast, something as ancient as the desert. When he lets his gaze slide off her face in just the right way, he sees that her hair is lightning-white, extending into oblivion and – 

Then the image fades. 

Rey is more human than those who came before her. She’s worked at it. One of her earliest memories is sitting with a doll in her lap, the doll she made herself, fiddling with the limbs, counting them: one, two, three, four. That is how many limbs people have. That is how many limbs her mother had. If she has that number of limbs then they will come back for her. If she looks human enough, they will return. 

Leia sees her brother.

Oh Luke, she thinks and then, on the heels of that: you bastard. Because here is a girl shaped like a storm. She’s not got Anakin’s fire, or Luke’s bloody teeth – she’s more of this world, shaped from the storms above Jakku, the scour of sands. Her wings – four sets, Leia counts (one, two, three, four, if I get the number right they will return –) – fade in and out of view, one minute dark purple, one minute heartblood red. 

She’s more human than other Skywalkers. Her mother was human, after all. And she’s lonelier. And rather than letting the loneliness make her feral and cruel, she’s used it to carve kindness into her bones. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She keeps her strangeness secreted away. She’s ashamed of it. 

(one two three four)

(if I get the number right – )

She returns from Starkiller Base and meets Leia, fair-faced, gentle-eyed, wonderterror Leia, with teeth and tendrils and wings aplenty, a woman who bursts out of her skin, a woman of white-gold and terrible beauty, a woman who is sure of herself, and her heritage, and unashamed – 

Well. Rey learns. There’s nothing wrong with having more than four limbs. Nothing wrong with who she is. 

And whatever form she takes, Finn still thinks she’s the most wonderful thing he has ever seen.

My Jared photo op story!
This was my first ever convention. I am so so pleased with everything. Thank you Jared so much for this experience.
I was waiting in line, so super anxious and tearing up. It was like everything was hitting me at once. I was seeing Jared posing for all these cute pictures with fans and I was just so excited. I was about to meet my biggest inspiration and hope. I continued to repeat what I was going to say in my head to make sure I made this time worth while, because I was really scared it was going to be super rushed (but it actually wasn’t!). I’m also pretty sure Jared was looking at me through the line, probably because I looked like a wreck and wanted to make sure I was okay 😂. I was almost next and the staff took my ticket. She said “don’t cry yet! It’ll be great, you can cry after” so that made me laugh and feel a bit better. The girl in front of me got her picture taken and I was finally able to go up to him. I said hi and he goes “hi how are you!” He then realized me tearing up so he bent down gave me a hug and I was able to whisper in his ear. (Well I was more like screaming so he could hear me cause they had music playing so loud!). But I got to tell him some personal things, how much he has inspired me, and how I couldn’t do it without him. He immediately turns to me, face light up, gives me a high five, grabs my hand and says “wow! I’m so proud of you. So fucking proud.” I said thank you and started crying again. He gave me another really tight hug, looked at me with the most sincere eyes and said, “I know that’s not easy, I know. But that is so fucking awesome. I am so proud.” He would not let go of me, and we still haven’t even taken the picture yet! But he waited to make sure I was okay before rushing anything. I told him thank you and how much he has inspired me, he had the kindest smile the whole time and just kept repeating how proud he was. I handed him the flower crown and asked if he would wear it. He said of course and put it on. He looked at me for a little bit, raised his eyebrows and said, “look good?” And OH MY GOD HE LOOKED AMAZING. at this point I was finally able to stop the tears, and I had the biggest smile. He noticed, smiled back and asked what I would like for the pose. I asked if he could hug me from behind. He smiles, nods, and says, “of course!” He pulled me in closer and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled so big. I was so happy. After the picture was taken he gave me another tight hug, continued to say how proud he was, gave me another high five and held my hand to make sure I was okay. And he still had the flower crown on! I told him how thankful I was and also how proud I am of him. He gave me a very sincere smile. One of the staff members came and took the flower crown off his head, cause it was looking like he wasn’t going to! 😂 and she handed it back to me. As he gave me another hug goodbye, another staff member held my hand. As he let go and I walked off, she continued to talk with me and hold my hand. She said “I know it’s hard to let go of Jared’s hand and not have another hand to hold.” I told her how thankful I was and continued to tear up again. She told me the picture looks so cute and walked me out of the room to make sure I was okay and found my friend. As soon as I walked out I stopped and broke down. My friend ran to me and gave me a tight hug. I was able to tell her a little bit of what happened. A sweet couple behind me came over to me and told me how cute of picture it was and how Jared was smiling. That made me so happy! Another girl waiting in line saw me crying and said, “are you okay? It’s good, girl! You did it! You did it!” Everyone was so nice. It was an experience I will forever cherish and be thankful for, all because of Jared Padalecki.

toujours { laurens x reader // overprotective!laf }

this imagine was was based off this prompt from @thegirlon5sos !

Big bro Laf getting all protective when he realizes that his baby sis starts developing feelings for John Laurens.

thank you so much for this prompt! it was really fun to write. i have one more john imagine coming up since i need to do more for him that will be up soon! 

the title is “always” in french (thx google translate). 

i’m still taking requests so send me a prompt if you’d like to send one in! also, thank you for 100+ followers!


“(Y/N)?” You looked up from your book when your big brother came in. Lafayette gave you a little smile when you made eye contact with him and peeked into your room further. "The boys are coming over. Just a heads up.“ 

"Thomas and James?” You asked, unsure what he meant by “boys.” Your brother was quite popular. It was something you admired about him. 

“Non. Ah, Alex, Hercules and John." 

 You knew them. You liked them much better than Thomas and Madison. You specifically remembered John. He was the sweetest of the three. He had curly hair that you adored, freckles that reminded you of constellations, and the kindest smile. The problem was your brother was far too protective of you to let that relationship go anywhere. He’d never let you date one of his friends especially. 

"I like them.” You smiled, feeling your heart warm at the thought of seeing John–even if it was just for a little bit. He could always make you smile within seconds. 

 "They like you too.“ Lafayette chuckled. "Who doesn’t love my sweet baby sister?" 

 Unlike most big brothers, Lafayette cared for you deeply. He never annoyed you to the point where you couldn’t handle it anymore. He knew when to back off. He loved and looked after you first–all pranks, tricks, or other nonsense came afterwards. The difference lied in the fact that he was also your legal guardian. He’d been taking care of you since he was small and he was taking care of you now. That hadn’t changed a bit. 

 His words especially made you happy. To hear that they liked you hopefully meant that John liked you too. Even if it wasn’t in a more romantic way, it made you feel hopeful. 

"John included right?” You let slip out then cursed yourself mentally. 

 "Oui?“ Your brother said unsure, giving you a weird look. ”(Y/N), what are you getting at?“ 

 "Nothing. Have fun! I’ll be up here.” He gave you a weird look as you shooed him away, but backed out of your room and left you alone. 

 Eventually, you got hungry and you knew you had to go downstairs. It was inevitable–you had to eat something. You looked over yourself in your tall mirror in the corner of your bedroom. You ran a hand through your hair quickly, fixing it to your liking, and then straightening your (f/c) sweater that went perfectly with your leggings. You looked cute for having done nothing at all today. 

 As you went downstairs, the noise level grew. While it was quiet and cold upstairs, down below it was loud and warm. You tiptoed down the stairs and when you looked in the kitchen, John was there alone, opening up the fridge while the guys sat in the living room. You peeked into the living room first and gave the boys a big smile. 

 "Heyyyyyy,“ you said, grinning at Alexander and Mulligan. "Movie or video game marathon?" 

Both boys peeled their eyes away from the screen and smiled back at you.

 "Video games.” Alex spoke up, holding the white controller as he leaned forward on the couch. Hercules held the other one. They were playing Smash again. Typical.

 "Hey girl, hey!“ Hercules said in a high pitched voice, tilting his head a little as he did so.

“Mon dieu, Hercules please never do that again, mon ami.” Lafayette groaned, shoving Hercules as he sat in between his two best friends. Hercules rumbled with laughter and you smiled at their interaction. 

 "I second that.“ Alex shook his head with a laugh. "Do you wanna get in on this game?” He looked up at you with a playful smile. 

 "Oh no,“ You shied away. "I just wanted to get something to eat and I’ll be out. You’ll be fine without me.” You joked. They all looked a little sad, but you chuckled and made the short walk to the kitchen. 

 "Hey, (Y/N)!“ John said, looking up at you. You looked up at him and felt everything slow down. "There’s some pizza left if you want some. We demolished a couple of boxes, but I made sure they saved some for you.” 

Why does he have to be so thoughtful? You thought. Why are you making this so easy to like you?

“That’s so sweet of you. Thanks.” You smiled, stepping into the kitchen. “Lemme just get a plate." 

 John watched in confusion and wonder as you went to grab a chair from the table and set it up against the kitchen counter. You hopped up into the chair, opened the cabinets and reached up on your tiptoes for a ceramic plate. You could hearJohn chuckle as you finally got your plate. You turned to him with a little smile and a blush and he grinned widely. You were adorable to him.

 "All that for a plate?” He had his eyebrows raised slightly. “You could have asked me, you know. I’m always here for you." 

 Your blush deepened. "Habit. Laf’s too tall and so are the cabinets in here,” you said sheepishly. “He never puts anything in reach. I’m not even that short,” you laughed. “It’s just the way this place was built." 

John took a minute to notice the structure of the house. He understood what you were getting at as the cabinets were mounted up higher. A smile broke out on his face.

 "Lemme help you down then.” He laughed and stepped closer to you. You waited for him to take your hand or rather ask for yours but instead he carefully put his hands on your waist, picked you up gently, and set you down on the floor. Your heart fluttered and he smiled down at you, hands still on your waist. You couldn’t stop staring at him. Even his cheeks were slightly red as well. 

 "Told you I’d always help.“ 

 "T-Thanks.” You said, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear gently and looking away. 

 "No problem.“ He said huskily, dimples prominent as he smiled at you sweetly. You laughed nervously and stepped back slightly. Just as you did so, your older brother came in, looking at both of you curiously. His eyes narrowed in on your red face and bright eyes. John too looked a little flustered. John cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. 

 ”(Y/N), did you get something to eat?“ Lafayette said lowly. He stood up taller, arms crossed over his chest. He took in front of the exit. You knew exactly what he was doing. 

 "About to.” You sighed as you moved away from John entirely as you had to cross the kitchen to get to the island with the pizza boxes on it. You tried not to look at him as you opened up the box. You could still feel Lafayette burning holes into you. 

 "John, the movie is about to start. All the snacks are out there so you probably won’t find what you’re looking for in here.“ Lafayette said in one breath, tone cold and dignified. 

You bit your lip, glancing in between the two of them. You shared a look with John. He looked sorry. Your heart hurt for him. 

 "And if you could keep your eyes off my sister, that would be great. Merci.” Lafayette jumped in again, voice dripping with sarcasm. 

 "Laf, arrêtez!“ you warned him to stop, but were immediately shot down. Lafayette gave you one look–almost daring you to challenge him. You rolled your eyes. 

 "Y-Yeah, okay.” John cleared his throat almost painfully. “See ya, (Y/N)." 

 When he started to walk out, Lafayette purposely didn’t move. The two made eye contact and John was forced to make his way around Lafayette. 

 Lafayette wasn’t happy. He didn’t need to say a word. A simple look told you everything. In fact, you stood there in silence. Seconds felt like hours under your brother’s gaze. Finally, you looked up. 

 "Laf?” You asked softly, shutting the pizza box quietly. “Are you mad at me?" 

"Do you like him?” Lafayette was quick to jump in. Your voices were still low and soft enough so you were sure that the boys couldn’t hear you. The TV was on too loud anyways. 

“No.” you said quickly, taking a bite out of your pizza. 

 Lafayette raised his eyebrows. “(Y/N). Look at me." 

 You swallowed the pizza in your mouth, but coughed as you did so too quickly. You tried to compose yourself and after doing so you protested. "I-I don’t, Laf! I swear!" 

 His look of disbelief intensified. Your brother looked annoyed now. 

 You bit your lip, nodded sheepishly, then nodded much faster. Your older brother sighed. "I’m sorry." 

 "The only thing you should be sorry about is lying to me.” Your brother came closer to you, standing across from you as you reclined back on the counter. 

“Tu es fâché.”

 He sucked in a breath and pursed his lips together. “Non. Not mad, love." 

 "Yeah, you are." 

 "I promise you I’m not.” He said cooly. “But really? John?” Lafayette said, sounding disgusted. “Que diable?!" 

 You blushed deeply and Lafayette tried to hold back a smile of his own. This was cute. "H-He’s always been nice to me and we have a lot in common and he’s pretty cute." 

 "Ew, stop!” Lafayette begged, burying his head in his hands. “Nooooooooooo.”  

You giggled and Lafayette broke out into a little smile too, dropping his hands so you could see his grin. Suddenly, your brother towered over you as he came closer to you. He wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on your head. He kissed your head tenderly as you wrapped your arms around his torso. 

 "Mon petit, I’m convinced that no guy will ever be good enough for you. And whenever John or whoever you end up won’t be there for you, I will. Always.“ He hummed gently, rocking you softly. “Toujours.”  

"Aww, Laf.” You smiled, eyes watering slightly. 

“I really don’t like the idea of you two dating,” he grumbled. “But if he makes you happy, I’m willing to reconsider." 

 Your heart fluttered with hope and excitement. Possibilities flooded your mind. 

Then Lafayette spoke up again, this time is voice low and serious. "Let me know if I have to kill a man." 

 You rolled your eyes but buried yourself further into Lafayette. "Merci." 

 "My pleasure, chéri.”

Dan x Reader - Dan's Wave Sounds

“y/n? You’re still awake?” Dan’s voice asked sleepily and I mentally scolded myself. He probably heard me whispering to myself. It was nearly 2AM and I was still up with thoughts flooding my mind. This rarely happened, but on the occasion it did, I just for the life of me could not go to sleep. Worries, hopes, fears, anxieties and anything else my busy brain could possibly come up with. There was also the crippling fear that I could just mess everything up and I just ugh; I just want to sleep.
“Yeah, barely though.” I lied and pretended to yawn hoping he’d be too sleepy notice. I could deal with making myself suffer, but Dan’s sake didn’t deserve this.
“Oh okay.” He murmurs and rolling his head over.
After that, my mind continued into another crazy frenzy. I was maybe kind of stressed out and worried, so many things have been going wrong and nothing to plan. My brain would not shut up about all the bad things and if not bad, then all the others things that needed handling. I was stressing myself out yet I couldn’t even do anything, oh how I hate this.
“Go to freaking sleep y/n. Just go to sleep.” I told my worried mind frustratingly.
“Are you alright?” His soft natural voice with trickled with concern and I just shook my head, sighing disappointingly. Shoot, I said that out loud. Dan’s tall body curled right back over even closer to me.
“Sorry, I just can’t sleep.” I said exhaustedly but my thoughts still wouldn’t calm themselves.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Should’ve have told me.” He frowned as he pulled me closer to him into a hug, making me smile. He kissed my forehead softly and I sighed. At least if I had be wide awake, Dan was right beside me. His body was cool and breaths calmed, his soft hair was half straight and hair curly from the way he slept. I could feel his smooth cheek against my own, and I turned my lips over to his mouth.
“It’s okay, I didn’t want to bother you.” I said quietly after our kiss.
Sighing peacefully in his arms as we spooned, we were both both content with each other’s presence.
“You know how you like listening to water to go to sleep sometimes? Because you said it’s relaxing and soothing.” Dan’s voice asked suggestively and I nodded. I remember that memory clearly, me lying there with a waves playlist while Dan stared at me in confusion.
“Mhhmmm, it’s nice.” I chirped feeling his breath against my neck.
Dan then kissed my neck before his lips made their way back to my cheek.
A moment of nothingness followed where it just our breaths. He began to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, his fingers were gentle and demeanor loving, as he proceeded to do something completely unexpected.
“Swwhhisshhhh–shhh-swwishh—” Dan’s voice quietly murmurs as I turn my face towards him, confused.
“What are you doing?” I say in a hilarious awe at my dork of a boyfriend.
“Shhh… it’s the ocean.” His voice says deeply due to the time of night it is.
“Whoooshhh-woosh,” his mouth continues to intimate wave sounds. There are breaths acting as clashing, gentle sounds ending in “sh”, followed along with my laughs.
“Drip-drop-click-click-clock-click-clock,” is what his sound changes to and just cringe with a big smile.
“What, is that supposed to be? Rain?” I giggle throwing my head back even more amused than before and Dan nods.
“Whoooshh–swisshhh-wooooOOsh-oh, oh, the waves are back! pshhhh—splash–oh no y/n they’re splashing all over us!” His face has the purest smile along with the kindest eyes that are lit through the dark. The breeze of his blowing breath, acting as the wind, reached my ears and tickled causing me to giggle.
“Oh no!” I roll my eyes and begin to play along whilst smiling like a little child.
“Drip-drop-drip-drop… now it’s raining too,” Dan says with false worry pretending to shake me.
I scoff and just totally lose it and laugh completely. This is what was happening right now, that this was happening right now because Dan wanted it to. He’s literally making water noises for me to sleep, how incredibly sweet yet odd and just completely hilarious could he be.
“What are you laughing so hard at?”
Dan asked looking at me and my dorky grin. Dan was willing to replicate ocean noises just to distract me so I could sleep.
“You and your wave sounds.” I say pecking him on the cheek.
“They’re great aren’t they? ” Dan states curiously with eagerness.
I nod, “Yes, incredible.”
I lay back flat in my bed and hope I can finally rest, but to my surprise the sound returns continues once again and I just put my hands to my face and cringe laughing quietly.
“Whooosh—wooo-swish.” He teases nipping at my ear and I finally turn bring myself to view his shadowed face.
Drawing my mouth closer to his and title gently, our lips collide smoothly as his thumb rubs circles on my hip.
“I love you. Thank you for being my ocean.” I say and he nods reassuringly.
“I love you, and I will be always be your ocean.” Dan says with a smirk while I try not to blush; it’s unsuccessful.
“Aw thanks. Even at 2 in the morning.” I say as I lay my head back into my pillow, filled with ease and joy. Dan chuckles at my statment and wraps his arm around me before continuing with he sounds once more. They were even more gentle and soothing because it was Dan offering his ocean sounds.
As he held me in his arms, I peacefully floated away into a relaxing sleep. There was no more stress since those were carried away by the ocean. There was only love and happiness brought to me my ocean, Dan Howell. He knew exactly what to do when my mind needed soothing and he did it delightfully. I giggle at the thought of it and wonder how I could’ve gotten so lucky?
Before I entirely drifted away in my pleasant and blissful slumber, there was a tender whisper spoken by Dan.
“You’re resting now, but I love you goodnight.”

“The ugliest monsters are the ones hiding behind the kindest smile.”

Hi there!

Your trusty mods Scorpion Ink and Mirrarity are here with the official announcement. We happily present you our first BNHA Villain AU zine!

We know that one of the most important themes of Boku no Hero Academia is hope and reaching for your goals against all odds. But we also know that sometimes reality isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Even the most seemingly good people hide a darkness inside them. So we decided to explore the darkest parts of our beloved heroes. How would they be as characters, if they didn’t want to protect or save people? What events would lead them choosing the path of villainy instead? These are the questions we want to answer with this zine by gathering all of you lovers of angst together~

Given the nature of this AU though, this is going to be a mildly NSFW (not safe for work) zine. We will try to keep things moderated, but we advise our fellow fandom members to prioritize their mental health first. After all, we want everyone to be comfortable and have fun!  

Finally we have most pages up and running! You can take a look at About+Faq, Rules and the Schedule~

Honestly we were blown away by the support for this idea in our original post and we really hope to make this into reality! The plan is for the zine to be in pdf form at first and with enough interest we might consider doing a physical copy with various bundles as well. But we’ll need your help to reach everyone that might be interested in participating as artists or writers. So for now please reblog this post and spread the word about the project as far as you can.

Stay updated by following our twitter, this blog or the bnhavillainauzine tag~

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S.Coups: Gryffindor. Seungcheol is a natural leader. He’s selfless, and would do all he can to make sure the people close to him are safe, even if that meant he had to sacrifice himself. He’s brave and courageous like a Gryffindor should be.

Jeonghan: Slytherin. Jeonghan is sneaky, sly, and can cheat his way through any situation if it would help him get what he wants. Although this can be seen as a villainous trait, it mostly just shows how cunning he is, how he can twist any situation so that it would benefit him.

Joshua: Hufflepuff. Hands down. The kindest, most humble, and modest of all houses. Jisoo is the type to do the right thing because it’s the right thing. He’s a kind person who never loses his temper, and he’s very hard-working as well.

Jun: Slytherin. Junhui is resourceful, and can adapt to new situations and environments, like Slytherins. He’s also very ambitious and motivated as we can see from his past awards and achievements. On top of being a martial artist, he can sing, dance and act as well. An accomplished hard-worker.

Hoshi: Gryffindor. Very out there and daring, Soonyoung belongs in the Gryffindor house. He’s the type to dive head-first into a situation without having a proper plan, but would instead choose to rely on his instincts and improvisation.

Wonwoo: Ravenclaw. Wonwoo is a Ravenclaw because he’s independent and unpredictable. He can work and train on his own, and come back with strong results. He isn’t one to express his emotions freely, so everyone is always surprised with his findings and observations.

Woozi: Slytherin. Could’ve been a Ravenclaw, but ended up being a Slytherin. Jihoon would work his hardest and do all he can to get what he wants, or where he wants to be. He can be a bit scary and sly sometimes, but he’s known mostly for his work ethic and ambition. An all-around hard-worker.

DK: Hufflepuff. Seokmin is kind and full of smiles, belonging in the kindest of houses. He’s a fair player, and always looks on the bright side of things. He never cheats or looks for the easy way out, preferring to work hard and get what he deserves fairly. He’s also the type to avoid conflict in case the problem spreads to those closest to him.

Mingyu: Ravenclaw. Mingyu is curious and perseverant, though he can be pretty weird sometimes. He works hard when he has a specific goal in mind, but it can be done in silly or unexpected ways. Despite this, he still gets the results he was aiming for.

The8: Hufflepuff. Minghao is a sweet and modest person who does his best in any challenge given to him. But while he’s known for being kind and friendly, like Hufflepuffs, he can be strong and vicious when anyone he cares about is threatened or hurt.

Seungkwan: Gryffindor. Seungkwan is one because of his daring and noble personality. He’s the type to do something because it’s morally good or the right thing to do even if it’s against the rules. He’s a strong believer of right and wrong. Sometimes too daring to the point of being reckless, a big Gryffindor trait.

Vernon: Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws are known to be creative and somewhat weird. Hansol can think of an alternative solution in a short period of time, which amazes anyone who learns of this. He also possesses a weird side to him, a known trait in the Ravenclaw house.

Dino: Gryffindor. Chan possesses the Gryffindor spirit with his high energy and charisma. He’s brave and good-natured, being able to get along with people much older than him. He isn’t afraid to intervene if the situation isn’t right, making his righteous personality shine through.

thank you for your request!! ^^

Dangerous Love || Kai Parker Imagine

Originally posted by drunkonkai

Pairing: Kai Parker x Fem!Reader

Plot: Y/N and Kai Parker were doomed from the start. But can love reign over darkness, or will Kai slip further away from her forever?

Word Count: 1856

Warnings: Swearing

Request: No

{2 Years Ago}

Everything in your life had been turned upside down, back-to-front and inside out. You were losing sanity. Damon and Bonnie were trapped in some world, Elena had erased all her happiness and nobody dared to speak their minds.

Nothing was happy. Nothing was safe. And all you wanted was your best friends back for good.

The amount of times you had cried and screamed at the thought of losing everyone to their own minds drove you insane, and it was all getting too much.

You just wanted to smile again.

“Y/N,” Caroline’s voice interrupted your thoughts, “can you set the table please?”

You envied Caroline. She had so much grief, so much hatred, so much anger all trapped inside her fragile body, but she kept it all at bay. She was under control.

“There’s no point Care,” you replied, remaining sat on the Salvatore’s sofa with a glass of Bourbon in your hand, “it’s just us as usual. And nobody cares if we have the good cutlery or not, it all looks the same!”

You heard a scoff.

"Well Bonbon, I’m feeling quite offended at Y/N’s attempts to make us feel welcome in my own home, what about you?”

“I totally agree.”

Whipping your head around with inhumane like speed, you saw your two best friends stood idly by the open front door.

“Oh my god,” you muttered, not believing your eyes. Dumping the abandoned glass of whiskey, you started to run towards the smiling pair and practically jumped into their arms.

“Damon, Bonnie, you’re alive!” You exclaimed, unsure of how you should react and if you were being too OTT. But nonetheless, you felt your own eyes glass over as you embraced the friends you had missed so much.

“I’ve missed you too Y/N,” Bonnie muffled in response, as she was getting crushed by your arms.

“Ok Y/N, if you would please be a dear and remove your arms, I have a beautiful girlfriend to go and surprise,” Damon justified.

You suddenly felt a pang of pain in your chest as you realised that Elena wouldn’t be happy to see him. She in fact would hate him.

“Damon, there’s something- “

“LALALA not listening, off to see Elena!” His voice rang out in a very off-key tune as he scampered through the door and disappeared from view.

Bonnie turned and gave you a puzzled look.

“What was that about?”

You sighed, “Not the time Bon.”

“OH MY GOD! BONNIE!” You heard Caroline yell and within a split second she crashed into the two of you, pulling you both into her arms and jumping in glee.

“I can’t believe your back!” she exclaimed.

You pulled away and look at Bonnie, “how did you manage to get out of there?”

“I think that’s where I come in,” a voice piped up from the corner of the doorway.

Stood with his hands in his pockets, wearing very fashionable attire of black jeans, white top and a black leather jacket, was a drop-dead gorgeous guy.

“And who may you be?” Caroline interrogated immediately.

“Care, Y/N/N, this is Kai Parker. Quick heads up, he is a family-murdering psychopath,” Bonnie introduced.

Kai gave a very childish smile, “Hi! Oh, and Bonbon? I prefer the term sociopath, it gives me a bit more edge, if you know what I mean.” Kai started to stroll towards Caroline, taking in her appearance and let out a stifled giggle.

Oh god, he is the definition of a 3-year-old’ you though to yourself.

As if your thoughts rang out loud, Kais attention was suddenly turned on you.

Trying to be subtle, you took in his appearance. He looked very early twenties, perhaps 22, had perfectly styled brown hair with striking blue eyes…that were looking directly into your own.

Suddenly, you felt a wave of vulnerability take control of your body as Kai took in your own look. Everything you were once proud to look like, suddenly became an imperfection, as if you wanted to look your best just to make him happy.

“Well Y/N, it’s nice to meet you,” Kai smirked, taking your hand in his won and lifting it up to kiss it. But before he could, you snatched it away.

“Can’t say I feel the same Parker,” you dismissed, giving a very sarcastic grin to the charming boy in front of you.

“Excuse me but there are other people in this building, so if you could please stop making googly eyes at one another, it would be much appreciated,” Caroline piped up, breaking the high-tension bond that Kai and yourself were sharing.

Kai gave you a quick smirk before he turned away and started to make conversation with the two girls who were shooting daggers at him with their judging eyes.

But you were too hung up on the encounter on which you had just been part of to notice an of your surroundings.

Because that was the first time you met Kai Parker.

And it was the start of something beautiful yet completely terrifying.


As much as you hated to admit it and lie to yourself, your boyfriend was dangerous.

Inevitably, Kai and you had started to date after prolonged begging from him and much resistance from you. But you couldn’t deny the feeling that was deep inside you, and you knew your heart was telling you that Kai was the once – no matter how crazy he was.

But with each day passing, you could see the boy you loved slip further away into a dark abyss. A place so empty, that you knew if you lost him, you would never get him back again. His anger was too much, he had irrational ideas that would put you and your friends in danger, and sometimes, he would kill for the fun of it.

But Kai Parker would never hurt you. He loved you with every part of his mind, body and spirit. He worshipped you, he would never put you in harm’s way intentionally. It was his goal to keep you safe at all costs.

And you loved him back. You loved him more and more with each passing second. You wanted to believe in him, you wanted to only see the good in him, and trust him whole heartedly, but you couldn’t.  Not when he had just put Stefan in danger yet another time.

Slamming the door to your college apartment, you let out a scream of frustration.

“Umm babe?” You heard an all-too-familiar voice emerge from your bed. Kai. You forgot he was coming over.

Glaring at him with no words, you ignored his presence entirely. After the amount of danger Stefan just went through for Kai’s sake, you weren’t in the mood to talk to him this evening.

But he started to walk over to you, and you suddenly felt his arms wrap around your torso.

“Baaabbbeeee,” he whined like a toddler.

Pushing away out of his grip, you finally exploded.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT MALACHAI?” You screamed, not caring if you were waking the rest of the students in the hall.

Kais face contorted into shock as he witnessed your unexpected outburst,

“Whoa ok, what’s up with you?”

You scoffed.

“Me? ME? I’m just so fucking sick of watching my friends get hurt and put in danger because your too selfish and need to get your own way Kai Parker! Stefan almost died today! And what’s worse, you don’t EVEN CARE!” You yelled at him, aware that tears were threatening to spill.

Kai didn’t say a word. He didn’t move a muscle. He was just letting it all sink in.

But of course, you took this as an opportunity to carry on channelling your anger.

“This is so hard Kai. I can’t keep watching my friend get hurt and watch their lives be out at stake by the one person I love most in the world.”

Kais head snapped up, as took in each and every syllable.

“Because its fucking true. I fucking love you and all you do is hurt people. I can’t be with someone who is willing to sacrifice my friends to get his own way. I’m not even sure I’m safe here with you-“

Kai rushed up to you and took your shoulder in his hands. He had the kindest smile on his face, but his eyes were swimming with pools of tears.

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are beyond safe with me, I promise.”

“How do I know?”

“Because I fucking love you too. I can’t help myself Y/N, it’s like I want to do the right thing. I want to be a good person and perfect for you, but there’s a voice in my head that tells me to something bad. And it’s so loud, that even when I try and block it out, it consumes me.”

You were speechless.


“No, just let me finish please, and then I’ll leave,” Kai brushed a stray tear from his cheek as he leaned down and kissed you on the forehead.

“I didn’t mean for Stefan to get hurt. In fact, he’s the Salvatore brother that I like. But the thing is, I am so in love with you Y/N. You deserve someone so much better than me, someone who does the right thing and doesn’t hurt other people. And that’s why, I will willingly leave your life if you want me to. I won’t be able to hurt you.”

Kais eyes searched yours for an answer, but you didn’t even know it yourself. He had a hopeful smile plastered on his face, and full hope in you that you would allow him to stay. He loved you way too much to say goodbye.

“Malachai Parker,” you began quietly, “It would be best if you leave my life.”

Kais face dropped. He was stunned at your response, and inside he could feel his heart shatter into tiny little pieces, as if it were made from glass. But respecting your wishes, he headed for the door.

“I said it would be best,” you piped up from behind him. “I never said it’s what I wanted.”

Snapping his head around, Kai walked straight back into your arms, and you gladly accepted him more than anything. He was yours, and nothing was going to change that.

“I promise, we’ll get through this together,” You whispered in his ear and you stayed perfectly still, both of you clutching on to one another.

Because as dangerous as he may be, Kai Parker was the love of your life.

And little did you know, he felt exactly the same about you.

A Wild Force

Max was a field of wild flowers, his eyes crazed like the tangling of weeds and an array of flora. They blazed like the hot sun, that beat hard against the growing field, encourage it to grow higher.

His heart was full of untamed demons. Demons that bared there teeth in ugly ways and demons that cowered in the corner. They blazed through in his fiery words that seemed to speak so louder than his actions.

Max was a force, a pushing wind, a disastrous wave, a crack in the earth, and most of all a blazing fire.

David knew this, and realized Max should be approached with a caution.

He always touched him with gentle hands, never pushing or pulling, but asking with every touch.

Questions like, will you allow me to pick you up? Will you allow me too help you?Will you let me hold you close until your tears dry?

Max relished in the behavior of his newfound caregiver, loving the power he had been granted.

He loved to break down David’s walls with his fiery words, allowing his tongue to lash out everything his fists couldn’t convey.

David allowed it, only offering the kindest of smiles after every tantrum and holding out his arms in another silent question.

Max’s destruction wasn’t only focused on the tall man, who was the very bane of his existence, if his tongue couldn’t show the fierce anger that was fanned by the forgiving nature. He would force the lousy excuse of a cabin to endure his demons.

Knocking over lamps and destroying plates, would only be met with a pat on the shoulder and thin lips pressing against his forehead in a show of such love it made Max sick.

Max came to the realization after a particular nasty tantrum, that they were made for each other. That in some sick way the universe didn’t grant David the right to be his true father, but realized its mistake and forced the two to be together.

David was never deterred by Max’s pessimism, only greeting it with bright eyes and smiles. As if Max wasn’t a major source of destruction, as if Max wasn’t to be feared.

Then Max realized that David held no sense of cowardice when it came to his true nature. David was not scared of Max in the slightest when so many had flinched at his wild, crazed behavior.

David was a mountain, with jagged peaks that was covered with blankets of fresh snow. His eyes were like a blizzard, crazed yet calm as it beat against the base of the mountain.

David’s heart was a jungle filled with wild animals. Animals that roared and animals that cowered along the jungle floor. They rarely butted their heads when he spoke, and he allowed them to roam but only under his command.

David was an energy, a glowing green light that shocked everyone to their very core, something that changed their very being.

A force needed an energy and David was happy to fuel Max’s. In time they had to coincide. A destructive force couldn’t match a life giving energy. One would have to break. And a mountain wouldn’t flinch in the face of a storm.

That much Max understood.

“Why are you staring at me?” David laughed as he swept up the remains of what used to be a glass.

Max looked down at his new glass and scoffed.

“You’re an energy.” He says, not caring to explain, he briefly thought of throwing the glass to the floor. But ultimately decided against it.

David laughed again, “And you’re a feeling!”

Max stared hard at David, clearly taken back.

“Hm,” he said taking a swig of his glass and staring past the man and, out of the window behind him, at the patch of wild flowers that was taking over their back yard.