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Imagine: Dancing with Poe

For anon… Enjoy!

It was chaos. All around you dancing Rebel soldiers and pilots twirled and leaped into your path, laughing carelessly and waving their arms in the air. You hurriedly pushed past them, giving a quick smile to whoever shot you a disapproving glance. It was like the seventh circle of Hell in there. Everywhere you looked, another maddeningly boisterous and rambunctious person was yelling a shout of victory in your face. 

You couldn’t help but feel a little twinge of pride yourself. Starkiller Base was long gone, the only thing left of it was hurtling shards of small meteors. No more would they kill millions of innocent lives and destroy unsuspecting planets. 

But the massive imperial space station would still be intact if it weren’t for the captain of the Rebel fleet, Poe Dameron. Poe.

That was when you snapped back into reality, remembering the goal in which you were pursuing. You had to find Poe. You had to see if he was okay. 

You shoved your way through the crowd and almost cried out with joy when the X-Wings came into view. Some of them were in dire need of repair, their wings bent or their windows cracked. Others were blackened by the blast of Starkiller base. Some were smoking from an overworked engine. 

Your eyes darted up and down the row of the fighter ships. All the while, your mind was screaming the word ‘Poe’ at you, banging against your already throbbing skull. 

Finally, you caught sight of him. The handsome Rebel commander was leaning against an X-Wing, talking to General Organa. His hair was a mess, his Rebel uniform torn in some places. But, he looked unharmed. Thank God. 

You practically ran over to Poe and he caught sight of you, excusing himself from his conversation with Leia politely. The General accepted it with a grin of approval before stepping away from him into the crowd. Although you could barely tell, she almost looked… pained. 

Poe flashed a smile at you and stretched out his arms, wrapping them around your shoulders as you collided with his chest. You beamed against him, resting your head on his shoulder for a fleeting moment. 

“I didn’t see you land.” You muttered. The pilot chuckled, a warm and pleasant noise. 

“I was one of the last ships to touch ground.” He murmured back, reluctantly pulling away from the hug and taking your hands. 

Poe quickly led you over to the jostling crowd of dancing Rebels, who accepted you into their ranks willingly. Soon enough, the two of you were swept up into the middle of the mob, your hands interlocked in fear of losing each other. 

Poe laughed heartily, spinning you once, twice, three times in tight circles. You smiled hugely, twisting back and forth on your feet and shaking your hips left and right. It was exhilarating being in the middle of a massive and energetic swarm of people who danced endlessly. Your feet moved in every direction, your cheeks always hurt from smiling too much, and your face was always red from the constant and vigorous energy of the crowd. 

Poe reeled back on his heel and did a little jig, which made you double over from laughing and resulted in a triumphant grin from him. After several moments of fighting for breath, you leaped straight back into dancing, twisting your hips and tossing your hair back and forth.

Poe was laughing, at you or at the mob, you couldn’t tell. Not that it mattered anyway. 

It was almost impossible to tell what was going on when you were in the midst of a horde of whirling and hooting people. 


└ Ah~ damn you Jun for making it impossible for this shipper to behave like a mature, respectable adult. 

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