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Five Shovel Talks That Never Happened (+2 That Did)

1. When Yuuri is practicing his combination spin at center ice at Cup of China and Phichit says conversationally, “So.” His eyeliner is honestly the stuff of legends. Victor should ask his technique. “You should know that at any given time I’m ready to commit murder for that boy.”

Victor hums. “Then,” he says, smiling, “we have that in common.”

Phichit gives him a long, low stare. Then, brilliantly, he smiles back. “Oh,” he says. “I like you.”

2. When Yuuri, leaving the banquet at Rostelecom, is driven to the airport in the Team Yakov van, sandwiched between Mila and the window. She happily, between yawns, relates anecdotes about Yakov, about Victor, along with some jokes about Yuri Plisetsky and some unnamed skater crush of his. Yuuri nods and kneads his fingers and waits for the other shoe to drop.

When they let him off at the airport, Mila gives him a fierce hug and says, “Give Vitya our love?”

“… that’s it?” says Yuuri. Who has not yet grasped that he’s capable of breaking anyone’s heart, let alone Victor’s, but knows, nonetheless, how these things are supposed to go.

Mila’s smile gets a little confused. But she confirms, “That’s it.”

3. When Minako slumps against her chair in the Barcelona hotel bar and sighs, “He’s practically my kid, so I’m biased. But he’s the easiest thing in the world to love, right? Getting him to let you, though.”

“I’m sorry,” is what Victor finally says. He doesn’t know how he feels about any of this, but he especially doesn’t know how he feels about being comforted by Minako, when she should probably be comforting Yuuri back up in the room.

“Victor. You think I haven’t been where you are?” She smiles grimly. “You’re doing fine.”

4. When Yuuri’s parents take Victor aside that last night in Hasetsu.

“That boy.” Toshiya’s smiling as he shakes his head. “He doesn’t trust his heart with many people. You know?”

Hiroko’s holding one of Victor’s hands in both of hers before he can form a reassurance. “We’re so glad it was you,” she says.

(There was a lot of crying that night, is all I’m saying.)

5. When Yuuri learned that trying to match Yakov Feltsman shot for shot is a terrible idea, no matter how nervous you are about your one-on-one dinner with him. Or maybe it is a good idea, if it gives you the courage to spend the evening monologuing how much you care about his surrogate skating son. “He’s always got a lecture in the Kiss and Cry,” Yuuri says dreamily at one point. “Just like you.”

“Katsuki,” Yakov says, sitting very stiffly in the restaurant foyer as they wait for Victor to come collect his trashed fiancé. Yuuri, resting facedown against his shoulder, doesn’t see his face. “You’ve made him very happy.”

“Aww,” Yuuri slurs, smiling into Yakov’s coat. “You too.”

“Your landing on the Salchow today was atrocious,” Yakov says.

“You too,” Yuuri says. Unfortunately, this is the one part he remembers the next day.


When Yurio gives them both the shovel talk within an hour of each other.

Yuuri makes a small, distressed noise after they compare notes. “He’s so cute,” he says.

“Please go tell him that,” Victor says. (For some reason, Yuuri doesn’t.)

Jon "sweet" Snow

We all know that, Jon, is a sweet ball of fluff. So I’m just sitting here wondering, if he’s soooo in love with Miss D., where the hell is the sweetness and the tenderness he’s shown Sansa for the past 2 seasons? Where is the sweetness and tenderness and closeness with Miss D.?

NOWHERE to be bloody seen.

All of Sansa’s and Jon’s scenes, some of them even when they’re apart, had romantic tropes in them, all of them, so if Miss D. and Jon are supposed to be this big romance, where the hell are the romantic tropes, did they happen off screen, or something? 🤷‍♀️😂

They could’ve had Jon compliment Miss D’s dress, since she changed outfits pretty much every episode, but nope, they could’ve showed him jealous of Jorah, and possessive towards Miss D., but nope they didn’t, he didn’t laugh with Miss D., not even ONCE, he’s not triggered and is totally unbothered by Miss D. hugging Jorah, same thing when Jorah kissing her hands, like he is bothered by every man who mentions Sansa, they don’t even need to touch her, just say her name, and he goes in angry kitten mode, but for Miss D. who he is supposedly MADLY in love with, NOTHING. They could’ve had Miss D. give him/offer him a lighter cloak, since his furr one, from Sansa, is clearly way too heavy for Dragonstone, they could’ve shown him ditching Sansa’s cloak for the one Miss D. had given him but nope, they could’ve brought Miss D. up, in the conversation between Jon and Jorah in the wight hunt, but NOPE.

So many missed opportunities, I wonder why 🤔🙃

I asked a friend who doesn’t ship neither Jonsa nor J*nerys, and they said this:

 “The way they shot Jon’s and Sansa’s scenes, the sweet moments, the dialogue, the awkwardness between them, I can see why you ship them, I must admit they are, really cute together. (He ships Arya with Gendry and Brienne and Jaimie, thos are his only ships on GoT, the other ships are just meh to him 🙈🤷‍♀️😂)

Jon and Miss D. on the other hand? Dragonstone has been boring af, the scenes between J and D were pretty bland and dull, if you ask me. IF, I had to choose between the two ships, I’d definitely choose Jonsa, because the dynamic between them is amazing, they have a strong foundation, they have a strong bond, and they are happy around eachother, whilst Jon looked miserable in Dragonstone, and around Dany, who kept shoving “Bend the knee” down his throat at any chance, and he couldn’t wait to leave in episode 5.

Their scenes were boring and just, off, if they meant to show them fall in love, they failed miserably, they did such a great job with Jon abd Sansa, and I don’t even know if they mean to have them end up together, but Jon and Miss D. as a couple, have no depth at all, because the communication, at least to me seemed one sided. They should’ve shot their scenes, the same way they shot Jon’s and Sansa’s, had they done that, they might’ve convinced me, because I’m just not feeling it, at all. I still don’t ship neither, but yeah, Jonsa would be my choice, Jon and Miss D. feel way too forced, sudden and way too rushed, on Jon’s part at least, and that’s all I have to say about this.” 

100% agree with what he said. 👌🙃

Below I’ll list a few quotes and a few scenes, which should not have been in the show, if D&D meant to make us believe their relationship was platonic, and was meant to stay that way.

“New dress? […] Yeah, it’s… I like the wolf bit” 

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“I will never let him TOUCH you again, I’ll protect you, I promise.” 

“If I fall don’t bring me back.” (couldnt find a gif for this one sorry) which translates to, she’s the one who gave me purpose again, she’s the one I’m fighting for, I don’t want to come back into a world, where she is gone, where she killed herself, because I couldn’t keep her safe, because I lost, because I failed her. Let me stay dead, I couldn’t live with myself. 😢 And if, that, is not REAL, powerful LOVE, then I don’t know what is.

I also don’t think we’ve see Jon laugh and smile in 5 seasons, as much as we’ve seen him smile and laugh, in 2 seasons with, Sansa. 

I mean, look:

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Look at this little smol, look at how happy he is for his new Stark cloak, that Sansa made for him, with love, and with her own, lovely hands. ☺️ so Basically Sansa cloaked him

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And Jon cloaked her, in his old cloak, I mean, they’re practically married 🤗😂😂

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Do you know who Jon also smiled like this with? Mhm, yep, Ygritte. 🤗

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“Do you think I’m Joffrey?”

“Until I return, the North my heart is yours.” Most poetic declaration of trust, and love, I’ve ever heard in my life.

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“I love Sansa, as I loved her mother”

*literally snarls and growls like a wolf* “TOUCH my sister, and I’ll kill you myself.” 

Like DAMN that’s pretty wild, it’s literally what a male alpha would do, to mark his territory, if you ask me.

Look at him:

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“What you did for HER, is the only reason I’m not killing you.” *aggressively grabs Theon*

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“Does she miss me terribly?” *cricket sounds* *death stare*

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Where is that with Miss D.? Where are all these romantic tropes? Where are the scenes where they both open up to each other, where they share their hardships, where they bond? WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE?

When does Jon smile again, after leaving Sansa, and Winterfell? 

With Tyrion, when he arrives in Dragonstone, and when does it do it again? With Tormund & co., after, he’s left Dragonstone.

With Miss D.? Nope, nothing, nada. 

But when do we see just a tiny glimpse, but like a tiny, tiny glimpse of Jon’s sweetness towards Miss D., and all of a sudden, might I add? In 7.06, which was such an odd and weird contrast to how he was behaving towards her just an episode earlier, not even turning to look at her one last time, like, again, he did it with Sansa, if he’s sooo in love with Miss D. why not turn and wave goodbye to her too? Jorah turned instead lmao 😂 

So y'all mean to tell me that Jon did a 360° turn, in one episode? Please. 😂

So why the sudden change? 

Well, Jon, bless his heart, saw Viserion die, the moment he sank into the lake, Jon knew, he knew the NK would turn him, just like he turns his horses, just like he turned that Polar bear, so he knows without her dragons, they’re fucked, they’re all fucked, because he saw first hand what her dragons can do, and therefore realizes what an ice dragon can do. You know, for one thing, fly, and second spit blue fire, which according to their legends, is even hotter than normal nice, right? The Night King has a dragon, that’s the last thing they needed. 

He could have an army of 1.000.000 people, and it would be useless against an ice dragon. He’s kissing her ass in 7.06, and the ass kissing will continue in 7.07, and I assume, partly, even in S8, he has to kiss her ass, because he needs her dragons. 

Do you really think Jon would fall/be in love with someone who can’t get her priorities straight? Who is so power hungry, selfish, and entitled, that she puts the Iron Throne before an army of bloody dead men, white walkers and the Night King? “Do you expect me to just leave my conquering of the 7K behind me, to fight the dead?” emh, yeah? idk if you got the memo, but they’re coming to kill us all, you included? Viserion is dead because of her, the Night King now has a dragon, because of her. 

Had she not been so stubborn, the NK would not have a dragon. “No, as soon as I leave, Cercei comes in.”, let her come in, who tf cares, the dead are coming for the North, for the South, for me, for you, for all of us, and the thing you put first, your priority is that damned throne? “I care about the people” she says, she cares about “the people” my ass, she’s a hypocrite, and Jon knows it, she literally confirmed it to him, in 7.05. 

He’s not in love with her, nor will he ever be, he’s playing the game, he’s working as double agent, again, and doing what he thinks is best, he’s doing what needs to be done to save his people and those he loves, he’s doing it to save the world. 

He saw on the beach in Dragonstone, that she listened to him, partly tho, she still went on a barbeque spree, but she “somewhat” listened to him, so here, I think he realized that to, her, his opinion matteres, that he has/could’ve some power over her, that he could use to his advantage. Now, think if he managed to make her fall for him. 

Jon is not stupid, at all, making her fall for him, might not be the honorable thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do for his people, for Sansa, for Arya, for Bran, and for the rest of westeros, he’s basically saving everyone’s asses. But, especially, to protect those dear to him, he’s willing to play dirty, and he will do it, he is doing it. D*ny is in love with him, at this point, that’s obvious, but Jon? Jon isn’t. 

As so many have pointed out, he has kept himself at a distance, Dany has told him things about her, since day one, she opened up to him, but Jon? He hasn’t opened up with her about anything, about himself, about Sansa, about his death, about why he was killed, about who did it, about the dagger to the heart, about Ghost, and that’s because he does not trust her, he’s weary of her, he knows she’s dangerous, he’s seen her in full tantrum mode, and he’s seen she’s very, very impulsive and hotheaded. 

In his eyes, their only chance, is for him to have influence over her, to be sure she will fight with them, no matter what, to ensure that, when the Northerners don’t kneel, because he bloody well knows they won’t, “the Northerners are proud” – Sansa, she doesn’t barbecue them all, she doesn’t kill Sansa, who the Northerners might make their Queen, after word spreads that Jon bent the knee. 

The thought of Sansa, his sister, the woman who gave him purpose again, the Little Bear (Lyanna), who literally made him King, Arya who is his beloved little sister, which he thought dead, and thst he missed so very much, and Bran who is his beloved little brother who he also thought was dead and he missed very much, being burnt alive for not kneeling, terrifies the hell out of him, obviously, and at the same time makes him determined to do what has to be done. 

We’ve all seen that Miss D., can, be merciful, but, only, if she cares about the person, only if it serves her and her “purpose. People who mean nothing to her? They can burn, usually no trial is even needed, ya know? She’s tyrannical like that. lol 

So yeah, his plan has logic, if they refuse to bend the knee, and she’s in love with him, and he has power over her, to control her and manipulate her, for the greater good, if he pleads for their lives, she won’t burn them, kill them, because that would hurt Jon. 

That’s his plan, and it’s a smart one, dangerous, but smart. Our Jonny boy, is finally starting to listen to the advice Sansa gave him, “you need to be smarter than father” he’s leaving his honor behind and doing not the honorable thing but the smart thing, the thing that will keep his people alive, “you need to be smarter than Robb” he’s not falling in love with Miss D, but instead, unlike his father and his brother, he is doing what has to be done, he won’t repeat his father’s, and brother’s mistakes, he has played dirty before, he’s going to have to do it again. 

Jon poured his soul to Sansa, told her he died, how he died, who did it, what he’s been through, everything, and Sansa did the same, told him everything that happened to her, what ramsay did to her. While with Dany he tells her nothing about him, he is weary of her, and keeps her at a distance. 

So yeah, in conclusion, our sweet, tender boy, hasn’t displayed any sweetness and tenderness towards Miss D., until he realized, “The Night King has a dragon now, fuck. We’re fucked, without her dragons, we’re truly fucked and stand no chance.”, and even then, you can’t compare it to how sweet, tender (and mild lol sorry, I had to 😂😂), and gentle Jon is towards Sansa, because what he’s pulling with Miss D., is an act.

The differences in tone, the conversations, sweetness, touches, lingering looks, between Jon and Sansa and Jon and Miss. D., are so blatantly different/obvious, it’s crazy, mostly because they’re pretty much nonexistent between Jon and Miss D. 🙃

At this point, J*nerys is canon, yes, and they will get their b*atbang/sex, but will they ever get the pure, sweet scenes/moments of genuine love, like the ones that we have between Jon and Sansa? No, they won’t, so they can keep and enjoy their boatbang, we’ll have the real deal in S8. ✌️

#JonsaIsComing 💙

Jonsa GIFs bonus round 🙃✌️💙

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I obviously could add more GIFs, there are plenty more, but this post is ridiculously long already, so I’ll stop here. 😚✌️💙

phancy-phandom  asked:

I'm back, because I'm still quaking.... wow. that. live show. it was really really reminiscent of the 2012 one's that he used to do. back when he didnt really talk about anything for an hour, and used to get phil in the last 15 minutes.... honestly I'm ded

youre so right. it makes such an enormous difference in the entire feel of a show like this to have him switching up angles, walking around, drawing more inspiration from whats around him or what he genuinely wants to say rather than the chat. there was so much less formality and he was also in such a great mood, smiling and laughing at everything, like he was literally delighted to be there and to be talking to us??? i don’t get that feeling often from dan and it was such a stark contrast to his usual demeanor and im always happy to see him happy. i know he was joking a lot about how doing a stream on mobile like this was sort of a trainwreck bc he wasn’t sticking to any topic or going on many intellectual/philosophical rants (which like,,, is a v generous description of what the normal live shows entail) but in place of those long-winded rambles we got lots of giggling about silly shit and dan’s more spontaneous/natural sense of humor which was fucking amazing to watch. seeing anything from them that feels more organic, less produced and premeditated and choreographed, is always enlightening and fun just bc of its rarity.

and yeah,,, add in that phil cameo and this stream turned into literal gold. it’s probably bc his self awareness goes up whenever he’s interacting with phil in front of an audience (especially in a live setting) but i feel like w joint live shows dan always starts out a lil nervous and stiff, and it was amazing to see that kind of happen in this one, where as soon as phil comes in dan got a lil quieter and went back to doing a lot of the tight lipped smiles (like he’s fighting his grin) and small laughs and quiet staring while phil talks and teasing/mocking insults (still lol’ing @ the repeated ‘shut up rat!’ lmao!!!) that we also saw in last week’s joint live show. again, its probs mostly due to his awareness of the audience or whatever, but it also just makes me laugh to think about phil himself making dan a little bit blushy and stumbly (which like i wouldnt even be surprised if he still does bc dan is a fucking sap.) so yeah, phil coming in made this so damn cute, i loved watching them play around w the filters and laugh at the up-the-nostrils camera angle dan provided us and spoil the upcoming golf video and talk about nothing but still laugh a lot and have so much fun in each others’ company. theyre so sweet. this whole thing was just so soft :(

Being Good

Summary: Reader knows exactly what Dean needs tonight…

Square Filled:  Dom/Sub

Pairing: sub!Dean x dom!reader

Word Count: 900ish

Rating: explicit (smut (dom/sub dynamics, handjobs), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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“Ever Since New York”

A/N: Used a few lyrics from Harry Styles’s Ever Since New York for inspiration! 

Summary: Unspoken feelings between you and Tom leads to a fateful night.

Starring in a movie with Tom was all you expected and more. Your two characters were main characters and love interests, leading to most of your waking hours together. This had led to unspoken tension; when rehearsing scenes, Tom would always come a little too close or kiss you with more force than the script called for. There had been times when you two would come close to admitting something, but nothing ever materialized. 

After wrapping the movie, you and Tom talked frequently. Even if a romantic relationship wasn’t in the future, your platonic relationship was very strong. But, the amount you thought about him was alarming. His warm hugs, his cologne, his laugh, his warm brown eyes… 

A couple months later… 

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EXO Reaction to you being grumpy in the morning

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Do you need something to… you know… lift your mood or something…” *Always knows how to do it xD*


*Maybe asking you what was wrong was a big mistake* “Ehh.. I’ll just… go hide in the closet….”


*Well… I mean.. he doesn’t help much either* “Kekekeke she’s so cute.. kekekeke”


*He’ll be too deep into his sleep to notice* “baobei… hmmm.. zzzzz.. bao….zzz bei…”


*Tries to make your breakfast to lift your mood but fails miserably* “She’s going to get angry… this is spicy.. I’ll have to eat it all.. no”


*Nothing that a nice coffee and delicious breakfast can’t fix* “JAGI! Coffee is ready! I made your favorite one!”


*Probably being dorky in the morning wasn’t his finest decision* “Yes jagi… I deserve punishment.. I’m sorry… please don’t spank me that hard” *Do you even learn xD*


“Please have mercy on me! I sweat it wasn’t me!! It was Baekhyun the one singing last night… I swear!!”


*Won’t move from the bed until you give him a smile* “Sorry jagi… you are not leaving my arms until I see the smile I adore”


“Do you… need five minutes? It’s okay.. I’ll take a shower.. and make breakfast.. you can rest for a few more minutes” *Goals*


*Really confused* “Wait.. are you angry? Did I do something wrong? But.. last night you were okay… don’t tell me I was rude in your dreams! I gotta talk with dream Lay!”


“Girls are so confusing… I don’t even know what I did wrong.. she said it wasn’t me but… I bet it was… I need some advice… I better call mom”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

anonymous asked:

Do you know any fics with pining and jealousy? I know that's basically every fic ever, but one where they both get jealous at one point or another during the story would be great! It's pretty broad, but thanks anyways!

Hi lovely! Sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy: 

Far Away. by dimpled_halo:

Summary: Harry swallows hard, clearing his throat. “Hi Lou,” he says, looking at Louis reluctantly. He’s even more gorgeous than he remembers, so much, he feels uneasy looking directly at him, he’s so beautiful.

Louis looks at Harry, does a quick once-over and smiles, eyes so bright and blue—just how Harry remembers. “Harold!” He gets up out of his seat and embraces him into a warm hug. It’s a friendly platonic hug; one that ends way too soon. Harry wishes it would last longer so that he can breathe Louis in and memorize his new but somehow still familiar scent. It instantly leaves his body aching for more.

Harry returns to London after five years. Stuck in the past with “what ifs” and “what might have beens”, he sees that his friends and ex (and possible love of his life) Louis have all moved on with their lives while he finds himself questioning his own life choices, past and present.

You Drive Me Crazy (but it feels alright) by MrsStylinson:

Summary: “Harry is not short for Harold,” he corrects, his voice as thick as molasses. He lowers his eyes to Louis’ sequined lapels, rubbing one between two fingers. “Is this small or extra small? It looks lovely.”

Louis breaks away from his grip with a petulant huff and pushes him back with two fingers.

“You’re mocking me. Again.”

Harry smiles and it’s a real honest swoop of his lips this time. Louis’ stomach swoops with them.

Just a Flower Boy by Larryruinedme:

Summary: Harry Styles is a clumsy, flower crown-wearing, openly gay junior with only two true friends, Niall and Zayn. Louis Tomlinson is the school’s attractive, straight football captain, with a small body and a big personality. As fate will have it, Harry has a huge, unrequited, utterly hopeless crush on Louis.

Fate is thrown out the window the day that Harry and Louis find themselves partnered up for a history project. Harry starts to receive notes from a secret admirer, Louis starts to get jealous of Harry’s budding friendship with senior Nick Grimshaw, Zayn and Liam develop a thing for each other, and Niall is the best mate anyone could have asked for. And suddenly, Harry’s crush on Louis doesn’t seem so utterly hopeless anymore.

If You Love Me Let Me Go by Icelandichairdresser_irl_ (Icelandichairdresser):

Summary: Harry loved Louis he really did. He was perfect, for Harry, at least most of the time. You see Louis had this problem with being possessive. Harry had been holding it in, the snappy retorts and the rolled eyes for a while. It was only natural that he blow up. It couldn’t have come at a worse time really. Louis was already feeling insecure about their relationship and this was the tipping point. Louis felt it everywhere he went, that sensation that Harry was in love with someone else. That he couldn’t possible love Louis. That Louis was only a fling to pass the time. And he deserved better, he deserved someone he could love. So Louis tried to do everything in his power to help him get that.

Dreaming of You by Velvetoscar:

Summary: The world is winter and steamed milk and creamy espresso shots. The world is a never ending queue. The world is a Starbucks logo and a pink-cheeked smile from Niall and a bored scowl from Zayn and the world is Louis watching his best mate, Liam, fall in love with their newest customer, Harry. Who may or may not be in love with Louis. The world is cruel.

Loving You’s a Little Different by oakland30:

Summary: “Uh- Jake, I think? Met him at one of Niall’s ‘get together’s. He’s alright. Nice face.” Louis pulls out a paperback book and squints at its small print, “Won’t be calling him, though.“

Harry sighs, but it’s wasted. Why wouldn’t random boys with nice faces approach Louis in an empty library? The circles under his eyes are puffy and his hair is ruffled from a stubborn night’s sleep, but he looks gorgeous. Like he isn’t from this planet.

Harry’s in love with his roommate. Misunderstandings abound.

standing here but you don’t see me by loudippedincaramel:

Summary: “Louis being with a guy is something Harry has always known was a possibility. Ever since Louis told them he was gay, he knew that this would come up at some point. But it was just that. At some point. It’s always been a hypothetical. Harry never thought it would bother him. But now, watching Louis squirm as he watches that other guy, it’s just not a hypothetical anymore. And Harry is very bothered by it.”

or: Harry’s discovery that he like boys as well as girls. One boy in particular catches his eye and he’s determined to get him.

Can’t love, Can’t hurt by Samcgrath:

Summary: Harry is living on Gemma’s sofa after he moved out of his and Louis’ flat because he just couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Louis with his girlfriend during the day and then coming home and curling around Harry on the sofa. So he moved out and now Louis might be losing his mind because Harry’s gone. The lads worry after Harry says something in an interview that he just won’t talk to them about. And Gemma is an awesome sister.

doesn’t have to be a real thing by loupiter:

Summary: In which Harry helps Louis get over his ex and it kind of becomes a regular thing. It’s totally casual – they have an understanding. But what happens to Harry when Nick reappears in Louis’ life?

something lovers call fate (kept me saying I have to wait) by bravefortheboys:

Summary: Okay – so he may have some feelings for his best friend. That’s completely fine. It happens. Except it doesn’t just happen like this. He can’t just listen to a little bit of a sappy speech and realize his everlasting love for his best mate of 10 years, right? That’s impractical. This had to have been a gradual sort of thing and – fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Has he unknowingly been falling for his best friend this entire time? Were those sharp tugs of endearment a secret way of his inside telling him this is it? How unfortunate. How humiliating. Louis could scream his lungs out if it weren’t for, y’know, the wedding in progress.

It’s Niall’s wedding, officially leaving Louis and Harry to be the only unmarried (and single) friends in their group. Naturally, this puts Louis into a crisis. (ft. declaration of love in the men’s restroom, hiding out in the women’s restroom, and plenty of sappy songs with hidden meanings to help the night pass)


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How my kid was ten minutes late to his first day of school when we live five minutes from the campus…a checklist.

  • Conner tells me all of his uniform pants are too short (despite me telling him a week ago to go try them on so I know how many I need to go buy–he insisted he did it and they fit). ✔
  • Unearth a pair of clean but non-uniform khakis for him to wear. . .despite multiple emails from the school demanding only uniform pants. ✔
  • Conner goes to have breakfast and then tells me, “Oh yeah, I drank all of the milk last night, so I don’t have any for my cereal.” ✔
  • Rush Conner outside to take a first day of school picture because I’ll be shunned if I don’t post one…spend ten minutes trying to get one in which his fake smile doesn’t make him look like a serial killer (first picture is the result…¯\_(ツ)_/¯) ✔
  • Drive to McDonald’s like a Nascar driver only to have Conner order an extra hashbrown which results in us having to park and wait for our order. ✔
  • Finally get a decent smile out of Conner–only after threatening to kill him (second picture). ✔
  • Drive home (after being the LAST car in the parking lot for drop off) and see that Conner never put the trash can out last night like I asked and the garbage truck is right in front of our house. ✔
  • Finally have coffee out of a very appropriate mug for this morning and write this book of a post. ✔

Mornings like these, man, if I ever doubt I’m related to this kid…they remind me he is 100% my son. My mother alllllways loved to say that all of her gray hair came from me. Ha!

anonymous asked:

'That chilly red carpet'? Have you actually seen it? Look again without shipper goggles on. Cait is talking to Tobias and Sam is looking out for MM. He mouths something to her and she gives him a wave. Sometimes I think you all look for things to be angry and disappointed about. More anti sometimes than the antis. It was an awkwardly organized red carpet and they were shuffled along like cattle. But yeah, see the worst if that works for you all.

This is going to be a bit terse as I am writing this on my phone.

I did watch it. Twice.

If I had never seen them on a red carpet before, I wouldn’t have thought anything was off. Since I have, I noticed that no one gave a genuine smile. Cait pretended like Sam didn’t exist. When Sophie bumped into a directionless Sam, she didn’t laugh or say anything to him. The mood was tense, ya ken?

The blonde woman in the black dress who waved was a different woman, one that was directing red carpet traffic.

Sam seemed tipsy during the one interview he did on the red carpet. Since no one else stopped to give an interview, I think it was a last second decision for him. Perhaps it was a way to avoid dealing with the situation going on behind him?

Didn’t see him mouth anything.

Curious how no one in the cast acknowledged anyone NOT in the cast on that red carpet. Like, maybe they didn’t like her presence there?

Calling that red carpet awkward isn’t negative. As a former champion of the buzzkill, I think THE worst conclusion you could jump to from that red carpet is that the whole cast hates each other, especially S and C. We all know that’s not true.

Time for a story - Superpowers

“She’s so tiny,” Felicity whispered. She stroked her forefinger up and down Addie’s back, her touch so gentle that her finger barely made contact with the tiny human being that was resting on her chest. “It’s almost like if I touch her too firmly, she is going to fall apart.”

Smiling comfortingly, Oliver sat down on the elbow-rest of the armchair Felicity was sitting in and stroked his forefinger of Addie’s rosy cheek. “She may look like that, but she is a lot stronger than that.”

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kitkat1003  asked:

Imagine Bim and Dark trading places for the day. They spend the morning painting each other the right colors so their skin looks right, and Bim wears contacts for his eyes while Dark wears Bims glasses. The entire is day is just Dark trying not to blow up because Wilford treats him like garbage and because everyone wants to hang with him and he wants to be left alone, and Bim has to act mean all day. They nearly make it to the end of the day

“Remind me why we’re doing this, again?” Bim was looking up, eyelids flickering in fear, as Dark lined the bottom of his eyes with eyeliner. Being this close to Dark was terrifying, and Bim held his breath. Dark’s aura was ringing in his ears. He didn’t know why he agreed to this.

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Picnic ♡ Grayson

Summary: Vacation is almost over which is the reason you are stressing out, starting a new school and all of that. Grayson decides to surprise you by taking you on a nice picnic. 

Word count: 2.020

A/N: This is just a fluffy imagine for those who start school (or have already started) and need a reminder that they will do great! I believe in you :) Do your best and study hard, because hard work always pays off! Xx


The early morning sunlight was the reason you had woken up so early today. You opened your eyes and closed them immediately when you glimpsed at your phone and saw how late it was; 8.30. Too early to wake up at a Sunday morning in your opinion.

After turning around to get comfortable til the point you were wrapped between the sheets, you realized that you weren’t able to fall back to sleep again. But why would you? It was the very last day of your vacation and no way you were going to waste that.

Although it was Sunday and that was mostly one of the days you loved the most, today was the very opposite. The whole week you had been hoping that these last few days of your holiday would slow down a bit, so you could enjoy your last spare time with your boyfriend.

But the thing is; the slower you want things to go, the faster they will eventually. And just as any other day they fly by and then suddenly it is Sunday again. On Monday you were going to start your very first day at college. Yippie.

You were more nervous than excited. A new school, new people, a new city… Everything was going to change. And you were the type of person who liked to stay by the old and familiar things.

You turned around and catch sight of your favourite person laying next to you; Grayson Dolan. He was laying on his chest, head on the corner of his pillow. He looked so dreamy and pretty that your heart melted. He wasn’t wearing anything but a pair of boxers, and as usual you were the one who had stolen the sheets throughout the night. Not on purpose, of course.

You held your hand out and let your fingers trace his back, which was warm from the sunlight. You chuckled softly when you noticed the red scratches from last night on his normally oh so smooth skin.

After a while Grayson woke up and blinked his eyes a few times, before he glanced up to meet yours with a small smile. ‘Wake up, sleepy head,’ you whispered and leaned in to kiss him  on his cheek. 'Hey baby,’ he grunted, his voice a little raspy from the sleep.

He cleared his throat and turned around, so he got to lay on his back. He looked very sleepy with his hair sticked to his forehead, something he always had when he just woke up. You scoot closer and press a light kiss onto his chest.

'Any plans for today?’ he asked, grabbing your hand after you pulled back. You shook your head. 'What do you think of just staying in bed today? Eating pancakes and watching some Netflix?’ you asked. Grayson played absently with your fingers, the look on his face questionable.

'Hm… Not that that doesn’t sound appealing, but what do you think of going on a hike today?’ He gazed at you, and you had to keep your face straight to hide the surprising feeling you felt. 'A hike?’ you asked. You were a bit stunned that he rejected your offer, since that was something you guys did a lot on weekends.  

And if you were completely honest, hiking was the last thing you wanted to do today, especially today. All you needed was to take things easy for as long as possible. As soon as school would start again you were going to be walking a lot.

But it was Grayson’s last day to spend time with you as well, so you just decided to go with it. At the end of the day everything you did with Grayson was fun. 'Yes, sure. Sounds good,’ you said.

❊ ❊ ❊ ❊

'I. Can’t. Breathe,’ you said, gasping for air after every word you spoke. Grayson, who stood a few meters before you, suddenly held his step and turned around to watch you. 'We’re almost there baby, just hold on a little longer.’

If it wasn’t for the weather today, the hike with Grayson had been more than awesome. You had seen many animals and Grayson had chosen a beautful hiking trail. But it was so bloody hot and there wasn’t any wind to make it at least a little bearable.

You were glad you put on some sunscreen and deodorant, but you were sure you were still burned and sweating like a pig. 'Grayson,’ you begged and closed one eye to look up to him.

For a reason you didn’t know he had no trouble with the heat at all and he still looked like a Greek god. He took a few big steps and within two seconds he stood beside you.

'We’re almost there, I promise. Do you want me to carry you?’ Grayson asked sweetly. 'No no, I’m fine. But what do you mean, 'we’re almost there’? Where are we going?’ Grayson grinned and took your hand. 'You’ll see. Now come on.’

Grayson hadn’t lied. It didn’t take longer than five minutes before you finally reached what he called your destination. When you were at the top of the hill after an hour long walk, you couldn’t believe your eyes. You had never been in a place like this before.

'Grayson… It’s so beautiful here.’ You looked around you, taking it all in. You had reached the top of the hill now and there was an outstretched meadow in front of you, covered in sunshine and daisies. Grayson sighed. 'I know right? Ethan and I came here a lot when we were little. Now I come here rarely. It’s a place to just think and clear your mind.’

'I bet…’  you said. 'Wait… what is over there?’ You pointed your finger in the direction where a big tree was standing. You didn’t know what, but there were things spread around the tree. 'That was the surprise,’ Grayson smiled and looked at you. 'A surprise? For me?’ You asked, not convinced.

❊ ❊ ❊ ❊

'Oh my God. This is so sweet, Gray.’ You sat down and Grayson followed. 'It’s nothing,’ he said modest, but his cheeks turned red at your compliment. He reached for the picnic basket and started to get out all the things he prepared and bought for the picnic.

Crispy croissants, watermelon, grapes, a pack of oreos, a bottle of water and a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice. All of your favourite foods. Something you adored about Gray was that he always remembered the littlest of details, such as your favourite fruit, your favourite cookies and your favourite drinks.

Of course, that wasn’t the most important thing for a good relationship, but it was just so nice of him to do this. He also knew you loved picnicking, but it wasn’t something you did regularly because of your busy schedules.

You watched Grayson with a big smile as he grabbed two cups and poured in something to drink for the two of you, his face in a small frown as he tried to not spill on the red and white blanket you were sitting on.

'Cheers,’ you toasted before you took a sip. 'Cheers,’ Grayson smiled, winking at you. It was almost terrifying how big his hands looked compared to the cup and compared to yours.

After you had eaten a croissant and a big piece of the watermelon, you sat back and leaned on your elbows, letting the sun warm your face that was sheening through the leaves. Luckily you had coolen down a bit from the long hike. It was much more enjoyable in the shadow than walking out in the sun.

You catch Grayson looking at you and you give him a sweet smile. It had been quiet for a while now, listening to the birds and buzzing bees around you. Something you noticed was that there wasn’t any sign or sound of a car, a plane or anything that you always heard if you were in the city.

It felt like you were far away from the modern world and no one would ever know. A fresh breeze blowed the hair out of your face and you inhaled deeply. You closed your eyes, simply enjoying the calm feeling you had. You didn’t mind Grayson and you were quiet; it was actually quite nice. It gave you some time to organize your thoughts.

An angelic voice made your eyes flutter open. 'I wish we could do this more often, you know that?’ Grayson said. You nodded and sighed. 'Me too. I still can’t believe you did this, Grayson,’ you told him. 'You make me sound so unromantic, Y/N. I love doing  things to make you happy!’ Grayson said, eating the last piece of his croissant.

'No! I-’ you objected, but Grayson laid his hand on yours, calming you down. 'I was just kidding, baby. I thought I’d do something that would clear your mind before you started at your new school. You have been acting so anxious these last few days and I was worried. I figured maybe this would help.’

You brought his hand up to your lips, pressing a chaste kiss on the back of his hand. He bit his lip. 'It did. Thank you,’ you said gratefully. 'So, when did you set all of this up?’ you wondered. 'This morning,’ he answered proudly. 'Ethan and I went to the store and bought the food. We went to this hill and set everything up, then I went back to the apartment and I pretended to be asleep. I was just five minutes back before you woke up.’

He grinned after he said that last sentence, realizing his plan almost had failed. You narrow your eyes. 'So Ethan is in the complot as well?’ 'Uhuh,’ Grayson nodded. 'That’s very sweet of him. But why? Couldn’t you take all of this stuff up here on your own?’ Grayson acted like he was offended and was about to answer, but you quickly added; 'I guess those arms don’t prove much, do they?’ Grayson laughed his heartwarming laugh. 'Shut up, Y/N.’

'Make me,’ you said softly, watching him with a serious face. Grayson looked like he was atonished by the change of the situation, but he recovered quickly. He raised his eyebrows and a cheeky smile played around his lips. You giggled, knowing exactly to what this would lead.

'C'mere,’ was the only thing he said. You scooted closer, still giggling. He leaned in and you thought he was going to kiss you, so you closed your eyes and waited until his smooth lips would touch yours. Suddenly you felt two hands grabbing your waist and pinning you down.

Suddenly, without a warning, he started tickling you everywhere. You squeeled and laughed, your hands trying to push him away. 'So you think I’m not strong, huh? I guess you should take that back, baby girl.’ You almost weren’t able to speak, still laughing and trying to escape.

'N-Never!’ you giggled. When you were gasping for air and you almost couldn’t breathe, Grayson decided it was enough and he helped you sit up straight, still chuckling in amusement. 'You call that a punishment?’ you challenged him. You were not finished with the fun yet.

Grayson smiled broadly. 'You are unbelievable, Y/N. You want me to really punish you?’ 'Depends on what kind of punishment…’ you whispered and leaned in, kissing him on his soft lips. 'Hmm… No, no,’ Grayson hummed against your lips when you tried to pull back.

He closed his hands around your cheeks to stop you from leaning back. You giggled against his mouth, brushing your nose against his. He smelled sweet and tasted like watermelon.

He parted your lips and let his tongue find it’s way between your lips, wanting to taste all of you. A long minute passed and slowly he pulled back, stroking his thumb against your cheek.

'I love you, Y/N. You are going to do amazing in college. I have so much faith in you.’ Your heart fluttered at his kind words. Grayson never failed to make you feel better. 'Thank you, Gray. I love you too.’

Excerpt from "Buried"

“I used to love when you did that.” Steve said without looking up from the fire. “Used to drive me crazy. Could watch you forever.“

Tony sighed, ran a hand through his hair and braced himself for some more of the surprisingly cutting sarcasm Steve had picked up since they saw each other last.

“And what’s that, Captain Rogers? What could I possibly doing right now at this very moment that used to drive you crazy?”

Steve chuckled at the bite in Tonys tone, and lay back against his pack, arms behind his head.

“You used to sit by the fire and stare up at the stars. You’d whisper the names of the constellations because they were different ones than you see in New York. And then you would smile in this…. I don’t know. Sort of soft way and bite your lip like the stars were telling you secrets. And I always wanted to ask you what they were whispering to you.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Tony snorted. “Stars don’t tell secrets.”

“Yeah but if they did–” a heavy sigh from Steve and Tony hated himself– HATED himself– for looking, for watching that ridiculous chest rise and fall, for wanting to lean closer to that deep voice and into those big arms.

“If they did tell secrets–” Steve said again and he smiled before closing his eyes. “They would tell them to you.”

“Whys that?” Tony asked, even as he told himself not to, even as he tried to convince himself he didn’t care.

“You’re so beautiful Tony, even the night sky wants to reach out and know you.”

Even was awake long before Isak’s alarm went off this morning, but how could he sleep on a day like this?  He watched with a soft smile as Isak’s face scrunched up into a sleepy frown, unimpressed by the racket his alarm was making.

“Morning, sunshine.” Even whispered.

“Too early.” Isak muttered grumpily.

“You’ll be fine once you get up.” Even laughed, burying his face into Isak’s neck.

“No I won’t.” Isak pouted adamantly.

“You know what today is?” Even asked lightly, smattering kisses over Isak’s throat.

“Yes, Even, I own a calendar.” Isak huffed grouchily.  “It’s the day I go back to school, so I have to work around full time education again.”

And yeah, okay, Isak wasn’t exactly wrong on that one.  Even pulled Isak closer in a sympathetic hug.

“We’ll get through it, just like last term.” Even promised.  “But that’s not actually what I meant.”

“Mmm?” Isak sighed groggily, looking up at Even.

“It’s a year today since I saw you for the first time ever.” Even couldn’t keep the smile off his face, or stop his hand from reaching up and ghosting his fingertips along Isak’s cheekbone.

“You’ve grown so much this last year.  You look even more beautiful than the first day I saw you.” Even whispered, searching Isak’s face for any hint that he didn’t believe him.  It was imperative that Isak understood how much this meant to him.

“Ev.” Isak blushed - an expected response - and ducked his head under Even’s chin.

“It’s been a year since I saw the most beautiful boy in the world.  And you know what I thought to myself?  I thought: Even, you have to meet him, you have to know that boy.”

“You did not.” Isak laughed, and Even could hear the embarrassment in it.

“I really did.  I knew from the second I saw you that you were meant to be in my life.” Even rolled them over so that Isak was lying on his back so he had nowhere to duck and hide from Even’s gaze.

He really was so beautiful.  Even couldn’t believe his luck.

“And now here you are.” Even breathed, his eyes skittering over Isak’s face because he really couldn’t choose one place to settle on.  “The man of my life, who I wake up to every day in our bed in our flat.  You make me so fucking happy, Isak.  You changed my life, and it all started a year ago today.” Even could feel his chest swelling with emotion, and he could see Isak’s eyes getting a little bit misty too.

“You changed my life too.” Isak nodded, pulling Even into a hug.

“I have something planned for tonight.” Even confessed with his face buried in Isak’s sleep warm curls.

“Don’t break our budget, Ev, please-” Isak began, but Even placed a hand over his mouth.

“I won’t, I won’t!  But that’s all the information you get, baby.” Even grinned, knowing how much Isak hated being out of the loop.  He could see Isak getting ready to protest, could feel his sharp intake of breath against his palm, but Even was having none of it.   He rolled off of his cuddly warm boyfriend and shoving Isak into a sitting up position.

“Go on, Is!  Time for you to go to school!” Even burst out laughing at the shocked look of betrayal on Isak’s face.

“Even!” Isak exclaimed, goosebumps rushing over his suddenly exposed skin.

“Go on!  Go show Nissen who the top student is!” Even cheered before he shoved Isak off the bed completely.

Even!” Isak yelped.

“Have a good day at school, baby!” Even blew a kiss to Isak, laughing at the grumpy pout he got in return.

“Maybe I’ll see a nicer man to be the man of my life this year.  Someone who won’t shove me out of bed at an ungodly time in the morning!” Isak shouted over his shoulder as he went to shower.

Even snorted a laugh and settled back down in bed - hey, he didn’t have classes yet - marveling over how far he and Isak had come both as individuals and as a couple in the short space of time since they had first seen each other.

Even really was the luckiest son of a bitch in Oslo.

Our Song pt 4

A/n: I really really wanted to write this right after I posted part 3 but I still had to write Class Clown and do a couple requests, so I’m really excited to finally get around to writing this. Hope you enjoy!!!

Summary: School playboy, and jock Jungkook is the last person you’d expect to be a soulful musician, but everybody has their secrets

Jungkook x Reader

Fluff, no smut this time, just super fluffy

The song Jungkook sings, based roughly on this:

part 3   master list  

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okay but like imagine you and peter cuddling on the couch after school tired and about to doze off with the local news on in the background and all the sudden the news lady reports that there’s a hostage situation at a bank in brooklyn and both you and peter suddenly sit up and he looks at you with those eyes and you groan and he’s like “i have to YOU KNOW I HAVE TO” and you’re like “just go” and he smiles all wide and kisses you and stands up and rips his clothes off to reveal the spidey suit cause you KNOW he wears it under his clothes every day, just in case, and you’re like “you better be make it back here in one piece parker” and he’s like “love you too” before giving you one last kiss, slipping on his mask, and jumping out your living room window like the show off he is

I Hear You Knocking But You Can't Come In

Hi everyone.  I’d like to say a big thanks to al, the lovelies that were kind enough to to leave feedback on my last fic sacrificial-friend-part-3

I wrote this fic especially for my 2 lovely anons who leave such uplifting comments that make me smile.  But as I don’t know your names to return the favour I thought one of my silly one-shots might be a sufficient substitution.

Thanks to awesome @madfatty for sorting all my errors, and of all of the general  ficcy advice.😘😘😘💕

I Hear You Knocking But You Can’t Come In 


Rae jumped so high in the air she hit her head on her low hanging lampshade when she heard thumping on her front door.

She’d only lived in her new flat for a week and had been harassed by the same bloke every bloody night since she’d moved in.  

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