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Jonas for the send you an LE character thing you just posted.

first impression of them: “I barely know who this is but they’re so cute and I love his freckles?”
best quality: I think what impressed me the most was… Despite having a lot happen to him and being raised by an abusive father he’s still so,,, Nice? He genuinely finds reasons to keep going, keep smiling, and not be awful. He’s also very emotional and idk I really like that, esp in a male character, to know he still has a lot of humanity and softness to him.
worst quality: i’ve mentioned this before but he has a… Pride problem. Though not his fault since his upbringing from Dean most likely affected him but he feels the need to “prove himself” for things that don’t matter. He doesn’t like asking for help either which makes his problems Worse and avoids confrontation as much as possible. 
ship them with: MITCH MUELLER
brotp them with: sidney and the garbage gang!
orientation headcanon: canonically bisexual
gender headcanon: amab demi boy
mentall illnes / neurodivergent headcanon: oh boy… anxiety, depression, from more personal hcs: has aspergers and forces himself not to stim in public/
one way I can relate to the character: internalizes his issues to the max, occasionally downplays how much he’s been mistreated and even blames himself for said mistreatment
why I like/dislike them: GOD i can go on for hours but I just… There’s so much to Jonas, I adore his complexity and feel for his struggles a lot. He is just a character I can openly love because from his snarky attitude to how genuine he is it’s just… Jonas is so good…

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