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maybe he finally showed us his room to destroy the mystery around it so people would stop assuming they share it. none of phil's belongings were in there besides the mirror.

Oooh, you got me, anon! Imagine me making finger guns at you right now. 

All I get from this ask is ‘buzzkill likes going onto other people’s tumblrs to make buzzkill-y statements.’ I published it, do you feel proud now? Is this what you were just sitting there on the other end of the computer daydreaming about? 

(Except his shoes were also on the dresser, and we only saw half the room. I mean we also only see three or four things of Dan’s that we know from his old room - the mirror, the moon chair, the teddy bear lamp, and the rug. Shit, does Dan even sleep there? It’s all a lie, it’s all a fake. Dan and Phil don’t even exist, and I am the coolest smartest person ever for being more skeptical than those silly people that think they’re real. Gah. Go me. Better go find someone to send this anonymously to on tumblr.)

Shiro x Reader: That Was Me

Author’s Note: I’m sorry for the shitty title. Anyways this was a request for @shiros-wife and I hope you enjoy! 

Laughter filled the air as you and the Paladins of Voltron sat around and laughed on and on about the mission they had just completed. Joking, and poking fun at each other, you know, just the usual things.  All was well, all was joyful. For them at least. You stood up and excused yourself, saying that you needed to use the bathroom. It was getting harder and harder for you to smile there, with them. The Paladins were all so amazing, and you? Well, you were a healer, but they had healing pods for that, they didn’t need you in the least.

As a sigh left your lips, you locked the bathroom door with a faint frown gracing your lips. It was difficult to keep up this facade, especially around your boyfriend, the space dad Shiro. He could read you like a goddamn book, and you hated how much you had to lie to him so he wouldn’t worry about you. He had so much on his plate already, he didn’t need to worry about a depressed girlfriend on top of it.

Noticing that your eyes gave away all of your current sorrow, you knew you wouldn’t be able to go back into that room without your cover being blown by one of them. Then, a knock at the bathroom door.

Casually, you answered back to the knock. “Yes?” you called out curiously. You washed your hands, so the sound of the running sink made it seem like you were using the bathroom for actual bathroom purposes, instead of trying to patching up your cracking walls.

“Everything okay (y/n)?” Shiro’s voice sounded from the other side of the bathroom door. You could hear the concern in his voice, that wasn’t a good sound to hear from him, it made you sad, knowing you were the cause of his unhappiness.

Is it that noticeable? You thought to yourself curiously. Forcing a smile, you made sure your eyes looked a bit brighter as you opened the door and looked up and your lovely boyfriend. “Yeah, I’m just getting tired.” You replied warmly. Why would you say that moron? You don’t work nearly as hard as they do! You’re just the eight wheel! Your thoughts were getting more bitter and filled with rage with each passing day, you needed to figure out a way to tell them, and ask them for help to stop the bitter rage. Help? You want help? You would burden them with your issues. You need to leave!

Suspicion filled in Shiro’s eyes, but he blinked it away. “Alright, I’ll head off to bed with you.” He said and smiled warmly. “It was a long day.”

Golly it sure was a long day…for them! You have no reason to complain! Oh, I have a grand idea! You should di- “Shut up!” You screamed, falling to your knees as you covered your ears. “Shut up! Shut up! Sh…shut up…” Your throat tightened painfully.

As expected, Shiro was shocked at your panic attack, and he quickly kneeled down beside you. “(Y/n)…” his voice was deep, calming, you leaned against him heavily and choked back on your tears. “It’s okay…you can cry it’s okay…” Worry laced his words, and he held you close, kissing the top of your head as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.

You were yelling at yourself mentally, this wasn’t okay. You shouldn’t be doing…you know what? It was okay that you were doing. You were human, it was natural to feel this way. You gave up, and slumped against him weakly, sobbing into his chest as you held onto him tightly. There you two were, just outside the bathroom door, sobbing your heart out.

For what seemed like hours, Shiro sat there, making sure he told you how much he loved you almost every minute, desperately trying to calm you down. “Can you tell me what’s gotten you so upset my love?” He asked softly.

Of course he had to ask that, you weren’t ready to come clean to him. He’s going to laugh at you, he’s going to leave you. “I…I don’t belong here Shiro…” You mumbled softly as sighed a little bit. “You, and the others…you’re all so strong and you do things, amazing, wonderful, courageous things…” You took a deep, shaky breath, not wanting to cry again. “And me? I’m a healer, sure, but that’s what the pod are for…I’m useles-”

“Really?” Oh here it is, he’s going to do it. He’s going to leave you right here and now. “(Y/n), you’re the most needed person here.” What? What?! “(Y/n), you’re easily the smartest person here.”

Keith and Pidge were sent to look for you, but they saw what was going on they retreated, knowing you two needed your time alone. Worry filled both of their eyes as they shared a glance, but they knew you were strong, and you would be alright.

Even if this is true, he might not love you at all. “You’re lying Shiro…” You murmured softly and shook your head a bit.

“I never lie (Y/N).” Shiro’s tone was serious, and loving all at the same time. “When the ship broke down, who used her awesome chemistry skills to chemically combine melted scraps to replace the gas it ran on?” Me. “When we were all separated, and I got attacked by those creatures, who healed me?” Me… “And who helps calm me down when I have night terrors? Who’s there to be the space mom? Who’s the one who puts herself before others to make sure all the others are happy and smiling?” Me, I do those things…I’m the one who does those things…

“That…That was me…” You murmured softly and looking up at Shiro. You smiled, a bright, real smile for the first time in a few months. “I did those things!” You said and bounced up with excitement. “That was me!” No! No! Stop being happy! You need to be miserable! “I-I helped…I…did those things…I do things…” You smield and tackled Shiro in a hug as he got up. You kissed him lovingly and nuzzled close to him. “Thank you Shiro.” You felt it then, all of the negativity the Galra brainwashed you with when they kidnapped you, it was all fading away in a blink of an eye.

Hugging you back happily, Shiro pulled you in close to him. “There’s my (y/n)…” he said, kissing the bridge of your nose gently. Everything is going to be alright. “Now come on, our space children are probably wondering where we are at this point,, we’ve been gone for a while.” He helped you stand up, and spun you around a bit, just to hear that wonderful laugh he loved so much. Everything was going to get much better now, and everything was going to last forever as he pulled that little velvet box out of his pocket as you got back to the others.

Let Me [Mature] ♕

AN: okay hi this probably sucks ass & it’s super duper long, but anyways it was inspired by my own personal struggles and anyone else who has exams coming up! but y'all got this! but if you wanna procrastinate instead, i wrote this so you could waste your time :) warning: this is unedited and probably has a shit load of typos if you see chick it was probably supposed to be dick but whatever

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Use of profanities; sexual content.

Summary: teach me, teach me; all this learning here is by you (+) // the one where Justin wants you to stop studying and go to bed

Justin Bieber

“Just one more chapter, then I’ll go to sleep, promise.” [Y/N] said.

Only thing was she said that six chapters ago.

I admired her perseverance, but she’s worse than my mom. And I love my mama, but Pattie Mallette never does anything when she says she’s going to. Always says we’re gonna leave the house, but we never do.

I fidgeted under the sheets. It had to be after ten, even close to eleven by now. [Y/N] had been studying her ass of for over four hours. Intelligence is sexy and it looks especially fitting on her. [Y/N] has to be the smartest person I know, but I can’t watch her waste away studying while her boyfriend pouts for her to turn the lights off and cuddle.

I won’t lie though, a part of me liked watching her study. I love the way her glasses are too big for her face and sit on her cheeks and how she bites her pencil when she reading or solving a problem. The way she twirls her highlighter when reading and the little crease between her eyebrows that forms when she doesn’t get her math homework. I especially love her handwriting. Weird, I know, but it’s so neat. Maybe because she’s a righty, but it sure beats my left-handed chicken scratch by a mile.

The amount of concentration she put into her schoolwork was admirable for sure, and she looked good as hell while doing it.

Sometimes I would ask her a question I knew I would never understand, just so I could hear ramble. I love hearing her talking with passion and conviction about the answer. She made calculus and cellular respiration sound hot. But cells and math were getting too much of her attention right now.

“Baby, come on, stop reading now. I wanna go to bed. You know I can’t sleep with the lights on.” I groaned.

[Y/N] shushed me and flipped a page. She sat up in our bed with a thick textbook on her lap. She held a highlighter in her hand and had too many sticky notes to count all over her book.

Her left hand scratched a spot below her neck while she licked her lips. Her thin, white cami barely covered her boobs, which looked great with the cheetah print bra she had on (one of my favorites, might I add). A dog tag she had stolen from me sat right above her cleavage.

Something about the way her chest stuck out when she reached up to fix her hair made me wish I wasn’t such a horny little shit, but also made me want to turn her around and have my way with her.

I touched her here and there; tracing along her stomach or running my hands up and down her legs – anything to distract her. Anything to get her to give up the damn studying and pay attention to me. I wanted her all to myself and I refused to let a textbook be my cock block.

She scribbled on her paper and sighed. I looked at her nightstand and as the clock struck eleven, I decided that work time was over.

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inspired by pixieknight10805’s post here

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any?? steve and tony have a serious talk about lies

interesting things happened here, i’m a little nervous!

Steve is staring at Tony when he wakes up.

“That’s not at all creepy,” Tony says and blinks at his surroundings. He vaguely remembers Steve guiding him to the bedroom.

Steve blushes. “Sorry. I was drawing, but I got distracted.” He winces as he says it, aware that it doesn’t sound better. There’s a sketchpad in his lap though, so he’s not lying about that.

Tony smirks at him. He’s got a slight headache, but he actually doesn’t feel too bad. “How long was I out?”

“Little over three hours,” Steve says. He’s fiddling with the spiral binding on his sketchbook.

“Sorry,” Tony says curtly. “Probably isn’t how you envisioned your day.”

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