the smart eddboy


Kevedd Long Distance Relationship Lesson 1:  Insecurities

Page 1: I love my boyfriend Kevin…though we’re a few miles apart.

Page 2: One day I plan to see Kevin at his hometown. He’s so kind and wonderful, the love of my life.

Page 3: But sometimes… Kevin’s life tends to get the best of him…

work…family…friends… over time he’d hardly have time for me.

Page 4: I tried not to care…but it always did when he started to do it often.

Soon, I started getting lost in my thoughts…Does he still love me? Does he even care?

Page 5: My thoughts…My insecurities… My fears… would start to get the best of me..usually the cause of our fights…

Page 6: I’m sorry. Sometimes… our insecurities do get the best of us…it doesn’t mean you have to give up…Insecurities can be improved they can be dealt with.

Please be patient with me…

Page 7: Don’t give up on me…

Page 8 : Thank you for not giving up. We’ll get through this. Promise.

(I dedicate this to all relationships near and far. Romantic or not…insecurities are hard but they can be dealt with just be patient and understanding cause we all have them. So, don’t give up the it’s hard but sometimes we just need to understand we have them like it or not.)

art done by meh: the-smart-eddboy