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Angel in the Darkness pt.5

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 

The bright sunlight behind the curtains, stirs you awake from your deep sleep. There’s a faint smile stretched upon your lips, as you feel as if you’ve had one of the best naps in the longest of times. Your eyes are still closed shut as you try to flex your stiff muscles; only you can’t.

As soon as you tried to lift your arms, you hit something very hard and muscular. Huh? That’s weird. You can also feel that your legs are entangled, and something wrapped around your waist.

You didn’t mind the feeling, as you were still too tired to process things, and because it brought great warmth, but then you heard it; a faint grunt. Your eyes instantly shoot open, and you blush hard when you realize you’re wrapped up into Jungkook.

His face is mere centimeters away from yours, and his eyes are still closed shut, indicating he’s still asleep. You can feel his hot breath, gently tickling your red face, as his hair is all over. You peer downwards and see that his left arm is securely wrapped around your waist, as both of you were laying down on your sides. His long, thick legs were clumsily tangled with yours, and you were finding it hard to breathe since you were so close to him.


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Hide and Seek

Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader -A/B/O

Summary:  You’re a bonded Omega who left your human family when you were turned. Now, a year later, your mother and father have hired an interventionist to extract you from what they assume is a cult. 

A/N: What are a/b/o dynamics

Words: 5300+

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: Pregnancy, kidnapping, dominance, violence. References to: claiming, choking, oral sex, unprotected sex (obvi), biting, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

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It’s not that you didn’t love your family, in fact it’s quite the opposite, love is the reason you disappeared. Being bitten by a werewolf meant that life as you knew it was over. You had nightmares of killing your mother under a full moon, unable to control your base instincts: ripping out your father’s heart and eating it raw under the night sky.

Telling them the truth wasn’t an option; your father’s a physiologist, your mother a nurse. They’re level headed people who at the first mention of lycanthropy would have had you committed.

You couldn’t stay. You couldn’t see a way out, so you ran.

You wrote a note. Most of it was lies, but you wanted it to seem plausible. It wasn’t in your character to just abandon the people you loved, so you had to make it seem real. You had to hurt them so they would let you go. You wrote about meeting someone you wanted to start a life with, about how they’d suffocated you for twenty five years and you just couldn’t take anymore. You told them they drove you to leave.

You cried as you set the note on the kitchen table early one brisk autumn morning, then walked out the door falsely assuming you’d never seem them again.

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When They Can’t See (Part 3)

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Summary: When the reader is injured on a hunt and has trouble sleeping at night, she discovers that Dean has a lot more hidden pain than he let’s on…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Hope you enjoyed!…

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I’m so upset right now, I don’t know what to do.

Yesterday my five year old (read that again, I said five… it’s important) and I were in the car and learning about directions. North, South, East, West. My rear view mirror has an indicator in it and every time we turned we talked about which way we were headed. She seemed like she was struggling to remember even after getting it right several times. She’s been doing this more frequently with a lot of topics she knows backwards and forwards and it’s frustrating but I try not to let her know I’m frustrated. We turned again and the indicator changed to SW and she immediately shouts out “South West!!” I get super excited and congratulate her because YaY she gets it but then I hear a muffled “Oh No.” from the back seat and look to see her covering her mouth with her hand like she said a bad word.

After a lot of questioning about what the heck just happened, she finally admits.

“I didn’t mean to be smart. Girls aren’t supposed to be smart.”

Y'all. I almost broke down into tears right then and there. I asked her what she meant by that, girls are smart! Mommy is smart right? My FIVE year old was getting so upset because she had let it slip she knew things and I didn’t seem to be able to make any difference. Eventually, we got to the kicker….

“But boys don’t like girls who are smart.” She tells me, clearly distraught.

“Fuck boys.”

This, at least, gets the little light of my life to laugh again. She knows mommy has said a bad word and it always makes her giggle. I’m seething in rage that she has been taught to hide her intelligence already, but at least I’m not keeping her mood down in the dumps… I guess.

I’m not one hundred percent sure where to go from here. Honestly, I’m not even ten percent sure. I let the topic drop yesterday because I was too upset to make rational decisions and we went home and played Snipper Clippers… a game that requires you to think… and worked on the puzzle she got for Easter.

And then I read her a story about a bunch of puppies trying to feed themselves while their owner is sick because she is FIVE and can’t read on her own yet. She can’t read, but she knows boys don’t like girls who are smart.

We try so hard, to teach her to think, to problem solve. We encourage her when she’s interested in ‘brainy’ things like the set of gears she loves to tinker with. But I can’t control every aspect of her life. I work. My husband works. In a few months she will be in kindergarten and around even more people and children of various ages than she is now at day care.

And I can’t help but think about this child, who KNOWS boys don’t like girls who are smart…

What else does she know?

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I've already sent idea about Saeyoung organizing BD for Saeran. There is other idea: while everybody planing birthday for Seven (before RFA party) Saeran kidnaps MC as a birthday gift for himself and takes her to very innocent date (he threatening her, but is very cute while the date). I hope my English wasn't very bad and this idea had sense.

Countdown to the Cake: 5

The Match


“Don’t you dare take the blindfold before I allow you to, you heard me?”

Yeah, you did. You heard all his continuous threats from the moment he showed up in Rika’s apartment and made you get inside this car right now , telling you to follow him or he would blow up the restaurant where RFA was meeting to throw Seven a little birthday party. Deep inside, you knew he was bluffing, but would you really risk it?

“You’re quiet. Talk about yourself.”

“I have the feeling you already know a lot about me… Unknown.” He laughs.

“What a smart girl! Yes, you’re right. I already know everything about you.”

“And I don’t know anything about you. Don’t you think it’s unfair?”

“Oh my… so feisty! Maybe you’re not that smart if you think you can talk back to me like that when you’re clearly in disadvantage here.”

“I’m just assuming you’re not stupid enough to do anything to me before the RFA party, you need me more than I need you.” Oh my God! What are you doing? Shut up!

“So fucking smart… how did a clever girl like you end up tricked by me to go into that apartment, after all?” Ugh… he has a point. “Why so quiet?”

“I’m sorry if I don’t see the point in talking to my kidnapper.”

“Kidnapper? Try rescuer or, better yet, savior.”

“Hmm… last time I checked, taking someone against their will is kidnapping.”

“It’s just against your will because you don’t know how much of a favor I’m doing for you, but you’ll thank me later, I’m pretty sure of that.”

“So maybe you are that stupid.” You mutter, already regretting what you said. You can almost foresee a hand hitting your face or a fist against your stomach or… is he laughing?

“You’re so mean! How cruel of you being so harsh on a guy’s birthday!” what the fuck is he talking about now? “Yes, MC. Now you know something about me, today it’s my birthday!” is he serious? Probably, why would he say this so out of the blue?

“Good for you, I guess?”

“No Happy Birthday wishes? You really are mean, ain’t you? Be careful, MC, mean girls don’t make it to heaven… or paradise.” You wish you had the blindfold out just so he can see your eyes rolling.

The rest of your… ride is silent. You don’t know if this is better or worse than when he was threatening you. You should not have called him stupid, what’s gotten into you? You don’t know if the guy has a gun, your cellphone stayed in the apartment, you don’t even know what he wants from you. And neither of the possibilities you’re thinking can be good for you, so pissing the guy it’s a very dumb move.

“We’re here.” Here where? Is it a dark alley? You’re so sure it’s a dark alley. “Don’t make a move yet or I’ll shoot your brains out!” Oh, so he has a gun, there’s your answer.

You hear the passenger’s car door being open and the cool air from outside meeting your skin.

“Out.” He commands, and you obviously obey because you don’t want your brains being shot out. “I still don’t like you’re so quiet, it feels like you’re up to something.”

“I… don’t really have anything to say to you.” Actually, you do, but none of it it’s polite.

“Ahh, not so feisty anymore? Too bad, I was having fun when you were teasing me.” Teasing? Oh my God… what is he thinking? “Walk.”

“I’m not seeing anything, how am I supposed to walk?”

“Fine, then I’ll escort you.” He takes your hand forcibly and makes you grab his forearm. “Now who needs who more, huh?” Shit…

Judging from what you can sense, you’re on a street, now you passing through a door and it’s quite chilly inside, okay, it’s more like freezing, actually. Like you’re inside a… fridge. A fridge where your corpse will lay beside many others this fucking weirdo probably killed.

“Take the blindfold off.” And meet your corpse friends, you’ll be joining them pretty soon.

You take it off and… no corpses. Good, so you’ll be the first victim, what an honor! Then you see these giant white tubes, it looks like…

“Ice cream?” you ask, he doesn’t answer and just throws a jacket in your face.

“Put this on or you’ll freeze.” He says already dragging this tube out of its place. “Hurry! Help me with that!” you put it on. And since it looks so baggy, you can only assume it belongs to him.  “I’m not asking you twice! Help me!”

You pull the tube while he pushes it, it’s so heavy! How many kilos of ice cream are in there? And why does he want this? You make one stronger effort to bring it towards you and he stops pushing it, making you fall in your ass. Another laugh from him, and now you can finally glare at him since you don’t have the blindfold anymore. You get up rubbing your hands against your butt.

“Ahh, poor thing, do you want me to kiss it to make you feel better?” he chuckles, looking straight at you. Are his eyes really minty? It’s so unusual…

You help him carry the tube out of the fridge and put it on this dumpster in the alley. You knew there was going to have a dark alley, didn’t you?

“Now what?” you ask.

“Now we eat, obviously.” He says, offering you a spoon. Did he steal these too? “You don’t want it? Good. More for me, then.” He lifts himself up to sit in the dumpster and takes the lid out of the tube. You observe everything as an outsider, what the fuck is happening here? “What are you staring at?”

“I… have no idea what is going on here.”

“It’s my birthday, I like ice cream. I want ice cream for my birthday. Simple.” He takes this full spoon of ice cream, looking at you again. Is it that cold here? Why are you shivering?

“And where do I fit in all of this, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I needed someone to help me get this tube, I’ve been studying how to take it for a few days now.  You’re helping me because you belong to me. Again… simple.”

“Belong to you? I… what are you talking about?”

“You do. You have belonged to me from the moment you entered that apartment.  And yes, you’re right, I still need you planning the party for a few more days, but today I made an exception, since it’s my birthday. So… feel honored and consider yourself as this tube of ice cream: a birthday gift.”

“I’m feeling a lot of things, honor is not one of them.” It’s fast, you just feel your body slammed against the wall, his body boxes yours while he holds your wrists next to your shoulders.

“Tell me what you’re feeling, then. Anger? Fear? Excitement?” he whispers the last word against your ear.”I like when you talk. Mean girls always have something salty to say, until they end up against a wall and are reminded of how weak they are. You’re so mean, MC. Why is everybody so mean to me?”

He presses his body against yours, one of his hands lets you go so he can grab your chin and force you to look at him. You can smell the sweet scent of the ice cream, you can even feel the coolness coming out from his mouth, he’s close, too close. Well,it’s not like you didn’t know this was coming, you only regret you didn’t even try to take any information from him to share with Seven if you could have escaped. But now… you won’t escape, will you?

“All I wanted for today was a little fun, MC. I never had fun on my birthday, everybody was mean to me, my mother, my brother… and now my gift.” He lets go of you, turning his back and going back to the dumpster. “You can go if you want.”


“Go. I already have what I wanted. You’re free to go.”

That’s it? Easy like that? No, there must be a catch, he’ll definitely shoot you in the leg if you run out of there. No… but he already confirmed he needs you to proceed with whatever he’s planning. Okay , there’s this part of you who yells at you to run and never look back, but… there’s that other part who can’t forget the hurting in his voice and the sadness in his beautiful mysterious eyes… You groan and sit next to him in the dumpster, he looks at you, surprised.

“What? You can’t really eat all of this by yourself!” he tilts his head as you’re doing something suspicious, but when you take the spoon and bring it to your mouth, he looks down and smiles. No, not a mischievous grin, just a sweet, soft smile.


“Out.” He says bluntly, stopping the car in front of Rika’s building.

“I know that there were no candles, or cake, for that matter. But did you make a birthday wish?”

“Birthday wish?”

“Yeah, it’s tradition. You blow out the candles and make a wish.”

“I…” he looks for something in his pockets. “I have matches.”

“Okay, light one up and blow it out.” He obeys, obviously he doesn’t understand shit about birthdays and is trusting your knowledge on it.

“I wish…”

“You… can’t really say it out loud or it won’t come true.”

“That makes no sense.”

“I don’t make the rules, dude. It’s just how it is. Do your wish inside your head.”

“Fine.” He groans and looks at the match, blowing it out. “Done. Now get out and go back to plan the party. Go back and act like nothing has happened, you heard me?”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m not dumb, you know?”

“I still have a few things to go over before moving on with my plans to destroy RFA, so be a patient girl for me, ok?”

“Does that have to do with your wish? Destroy RFA?”

He chuckles, “So mean and so disobeying, you don’t follow the rules not even yourself invented, huh? I can’t tell you my wish, or it won’t come true, right? So get out of here if you know what’s good for you!” he starts calm and finishes the sentence reaching for his pockets, yelling. You don’t know if he’s looking for the gun, you’re not even sure if he has a gun, but , again, will you risk it? Well, maybe a little…



“Happy Birthday.” And you get out of the car, running inside the building.

He rolls his eyes, what an annoying pert little bitch you are! He’ll make sure to tame you when he brings you to Mint Eye. Yes, he was planning on just locking you in one of the dungeons, but maybe you’ll be useful if you stay beside him. Well… it is something to consider, he still has time before reaching you out again… he can’t wait for it!

What? He has to meet you again, you stayed with his jacket and he needs it back, after all.

You can see the other days here!

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Can you do "this is the last chance we're ever going to get" with tikki and plagg. Please and thank you ^_^

“This is the last chance we’re ever going to get,” Plagg muttered, looking down on Adrien and Marinette studying at the library table.

“You’re being dramatic.”

“I am not, Tik! These two are denser than a pair of bowling balls. How is it not completely obvious to them?”

Tikki sighed. “They’re young. Do you really think it would be for the best if they knew? They work so well together right now.”

“You don’t have to hear Adrien pining away after her all the time. It’s obnoxious.”

“Believe me, I get my share of ridiculous pining. ‘Oh, Adrien, you’re so wonderful! Will you ever be mine, love of my life?’” she mimicked. “It is a little frustrating.”

“So you agree! We should tell them to reveal themselves,” Plagg said happily.


“No?” he whined.

“Plagg, you know we told them to keep it secret for a reason. What happens if Chat is possessed again and reveals Ladybug’s identity? That would put her parents and friends at risk.”

“Yeah, but…look, Adrien doesn’t have a whole lot going on for him, okay? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the kid is living in the lap of luxury, but he’s lonely. Some days it’s all he can do to wait until it’s time to patrol. Ladybug is his life.”

“That’s a bit troubling.”

“It is what it is,” Plagg shrugged. “He’s a smart kid, but when it comes to that girl right there, he’s out of his depth.”

“Except he’s doing just fine with that girl right there because he doesn’t realize who she is,” Tikki argued. “This is what I mean about messing things up.”

“It could make them an even stronger team.”

Tikki watched Adrien glance over at Marinette and smile fondly as her nose scrunched up in concentration. She blinked up at him and Adrien’s cheeks flushed. “Actually, Plagg, I think you might be on to something,” Tikki smiled.

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How could you see vegeta as Batman and bulma as catwoman? Why ?

Well, I could actually see that…

Batman (Bruce) has suffered loss, just like Vegeta did, and I’m sure he’s also haunted by thoughts about the past, his family, revenge, etc., so I can definitely see the similarities.

And Bulma is one smart cookie, and so is Catwoman, right? She looks like a clever girl that does whatever she has to do to survive, and I could picture Bulma doing the same thing under similar circumstances.

Also, those two are some pretty sexy characters, and so are Vegeta and Bulma, so…


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Note: Haha this is a really cool request :) Mafia!au requests are quite popular lately. Happy you like them <3 


You were currently sat at the couch in the livingroom, warm lips pressed against yours as shownu and you were making out rather passionalty. The moment was perfect. That is untill  you heard someone clear his throat behind you. Both you and shownu jumped up finding your father, probably the most dangerous man in the city, standing behind the couch with a blank expression and arms crossed over his chest. Shownu was visibly embarrased.

Shownu: “I..It`s not what it looks like… we..well it was but I assure you I am treating your daughter with respect..sir..”

His rambling kept going on and also you were rather tense fearing your father was gonna kill Shownu then and there. He walked over to the two of you, putting a hand on Shownus shoulder who had now stopped talking. And then he… started laughing? Your fear was replaced with confusion and then you relaxed as you father spoke again.

Your father: “A man has to show his girl that he loves her. My daughter is old enough to make her own choices. As long as you treat her right I don`t have anything against this, however I`d appreciate it if you kept this private.”


This was not how you had planned this to go but you weren`t complaining either. The meeting dragged on and so you and minhyuk had snuck away into a little more private corner of the hallway were his lips were currently deliciously massaging yours. Completely lost in the moment neither of you noticed the figure leaning against a wall only about 5 meters away. Once you saw your father however you pushed minhyuk off you. That would also be the moment minhyuk would make his last prayer. 

Your father: “I was wondering what was so much more interesting than the meeting.”

At this point you were trying to explain yourself to your father. Trying to calm down the situation as you were certain your father wouldn`t tolerate this. He made you stand behind him as he walked towards minhyuk who was now apologizing frantically. 

Your father: “Sorry? Why would you apologize for this? Is this not what you wanted? If you`re going to kiss my daughter you better stand to it.”

Minhyuk: “Y..yes of course. I.. I just felt like I had to apologize.”

Your Father: “Listen boy. A father never wants to give their daughter away like this to anyone, but if this is what she wants, who am I to interfere?”

He started to walk away when he turned around once more.

Your Father: “Just, keep it private will you?”

Minhyuk: “Yes, absolutely!”


Making out with Kihyun in secret has become a regular thing. Getting caught by your father red handed however was definitely not. Just moments ago everything was perfect as Kihyun was making your head spin with his gentle yet passionate way of kissing you. Now the situation however was tense as your father was standing a few meters away, hands in his pockets and looking as calm as you`d expect from a mafia boss. Kihyun started to explain himself but was cut of by your father.

Your Father: “I`m guessing that this isn`t the first time for this rather intimate encounter?”

Kihun: “ sir.”

Your Father: “And this is how I find out?”

You too were afraid of your fathers temper and what he would do with Kihyun now. But just as you were about beg him not to kill Kihyun you heard him laugh.

Your Father: “So teenagers these days haven`t changed from my time huh? I`m rather impressed you were able to hide it for so long. Well, I think I`ve interupted for long enough, I`ll take my leave now. I`m sure you know how to treat my daughter with the respect she deserves, if not however you also know what we do with disrespecting people around here.”


“This is heaven”, you thought as your lips moved against Changkyuns. His arms secure around your waist and your hands tangled in his hair. “This is hell”, you thought as your father, one of the most feared mafia boss in this country, opened the door and stepped through, now starring at the both of you. You tried reading his gaze for any sign of what he was thinking but his face was expressionless. 

I.M: “Th..this is.. We..were just… you know.. I was just showing her something.”

Your Father: “Yes, I know. The inside of your mouth apparently. And judging by the length of this showing something I presume it was rather interesting.”

How did he know the length of it? You and Changkyun were both equally confused untill your father pointed towards the corner where a camera was hanging in plain sight and you mentally facepalmed yourself. How did you not notice that? Expecting your father to go crazy on Changkyun you were again surprised as he instead turned around and left with a small chuckle.

Your father: “Kids these days. Keep off cam if you don`t mind. I don`t need to see another elabortion of how to show someone something.”


Could a moment be any more perfect than this? Wonho`s lips gently dancing on yours, one arm around your waist the other tangled in your hair while yours were lazily laying on his shoulders. Well to answer the question. Yes, yes it could be more perfect if your father, who happend to be an intimidating mafia boss, wasn`t standing a few meters away from the two of you starring at the two of you. 

You: “ It isn`t what it looks like.”

Wonho: “R..right I was just.. w..well.. we were… um”

Your father took a few steps forward now standing directly infront of Wonho, who was admittedly quite afraid at this point. The poor boy jumped a bit when your father put a hand on his shoulder, making him look up and your father chuckle with amusement.

Your Father: “There`s no need to fear me as long as you treat her right. Y/N is a very smart girl who is capable of choosing her partners by herself. Of course, If I happen to hear anything bad I will be back to have a talk with you. Understood?”

Wonho: “Yes. Don`t worry, I will treat her like a queen.”

Both you and Wonho almost dropped to the floor after your father left.


You: “Not so harsh Jooheon. You`re gonna ruin my hair.”

You whispered as he pressed you against a wall, kissing you passionatly, in the process managing to get a few strands of hair loose from your updo. The music from the party inside still very much noticeable from the balcony you two escaped to. However this frenzy of a fast and heated make out didn`t last for long as you both heard a voice from behind you.

Your Father: “I was just searching for you to check up with you. Seeing if you were feeling alright and well judging by.. this.. I`m sure you are.”

You were both stunned and shocked not being able to get out a word. Just as Jooheon was about to ramble out his apologies, which honestly by his level of fear probably wouldn`t have been more than a series of stumbled and unfinished words, your father made to leave.

Your Father: “I trust you are in good hands y/n. If I find out you weren`t however.. well.”

Both you and Jooheon were more than able to understand what he was pointing to despite his open ending.


He was sweet as sugar as he made his plump lips move over yours in such gentle matter you thought he was afraid to break you. Yet you could feel the passion and love behind every kiss his lips granted yours and it felt like a drug you just couldn`t resist. You were sure nothing could ruin this moment but you were dead wrong. The door into the small room you and Hyungwon were making out in was suddenly opened and in came none other than probably the most dangerous man in the city. Or your dad as you called him. His face was blank as he stared at the two of you, slowly figuring out what he had just walked in on. Those seconds were torture to Hyungwon as he tried to think of words that would make your father spare his life. Then it clicked for your him and he broke out into laughter, dragging Hyungwon out of his thoughts completely.

Your Father: “Oh god, I`m so sorry. I didn`t know you two were.. well… anyway continue, I`ll leave quickly. Maybe you should lock the door next time though.”

Hyungwons rather confused and shocked face made you giggle as you told him you had told your father about your relationship and that he was okay with it as long Hyungwon treated you respectivly. 

A Hello From Dean Winchester...

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“Hey. I wanted to pop by for a sec and talk. You got a sec? All right. Good.

First of all, cut the shit. No, you know exactly what I mean. All this shit you keep going off on, talkin’ about how you’re not pretty as those other girls, or as thin as those girls: It’s horseshit, you get me?

Don’t you even start thinkin’ I’m sayin’ that to be nice. You and me both know I don’t do that. I don’t lie, I don’t bullshit, and I don’t play nice. I’m sayin’ this ‘cause you apparently don’t hear it when the rest of the world says it, so let me lay it out nice and clear for you.

You’re beautiful.

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And I mean just… fuckin’ gorgeous. You walk into a room and heads turn. Just… they turn. I can’t explain it. I see you comin’ and I stop. Always takes me a sec because I feel like you’re finally gonna realize exactly what’s goin’ on. You’re gonna realize just how gorgeous you are and run off with someone better.

Don’t go dismissing me, OK? That’s not fair. You don’t get to tell me I’m wrong here. You don’t get to do that. My opinion? My thoughts? This thing in my chest? It’s tellin’ me you’re the most amazing woman in the world. I could watch those hips sway for hours. Or your eyes. Fuck, Y/N, those eyes. You know what they do to me?

It’s cheesy, I get it, but you’re captivating. Oh, shut it. I can say it if I wanna. You’re goddamn captivating. When your hair falls by your eyes like that? Or when you laugh at one of my lame-ass jokes? I’m done. Just mail me home, I’m finished.

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It kills me when you hate on yourself the way you do sometimes. I wish you could see what I do. All those pictures you take that you delete, or the way you look at someone else and compare yourself… fuckin’ kills me every time. I wish you knew what I saw. What everyone sees. I call you princess because you are. Ain’t no other chick I’d rather spend my time with.

So put the phone away and come with me a sec. Ok, stand in front of the mirror. Yes, I’m serious. Look. Just look! Quit bein’ a smartass.

Ok, you know what I see? Beauty. Hey, don’t laugh! I’m bein’ honest, sweetheart. That’s what I see. That stomach you hate? It’s perfect. Or those hips? God, again with the hips… those thighs. I see these things and I love 'em. So I want you to look at 'em and see what I see.

Keep lookin’, I ain’t done. It’s not just the physical, you know that. You’re smart. Not every girl can keep up with Dean Winchester, right? I’ll grin at you if I wanna, I’m on a roll here.

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You’re funny, with a sense of humor that knocks me out every time. You put Cas to shame. And those brains… Sammy wishes he was half as smart as you. And you’re strong. Not just physical but emotional. You’re standing with me, right now, after everything you’ve been through, and you’re here. Not just here, but amazing. You get how that’s not a small thing?

I’ve been through hell, but so have you. And I’d say you look a hell of a lot better than me. You get up every morning and you keep going. Beautiful woman like you kickin’ ass every day? World doesn’t stand a chance.

Get back out there, gorgeous, and tell the world Dean Winchester sent you. Better yet, tell the world to watch out because if they piss you off, I wouldn’t wanna be in your way.”

Because sometimes we need Dean Winchester telling us how beautiful we are.

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Cracked Eggs

“Daddy! Daddy look! I found another one!”

Lisa ran up to me, holding the white and pink printed egg. I laughed and held the basket forward. “Good job, pumpkin! That makes how many now?”

For a few seconds, Lisa counted up each one before she straightened herself and beamed.

“Six! I found six!”

“That’s right! That’s my smart girl!”

And there were still dozens more it appeared.

Ever since I was a kid, our church has done an egg hunt. Some years it would be lucky if there was five or six little ones popping about searching for egg shaped goodies, but this year there was decently large group. I think there was around maybe fifteen or twenty kids, all under the age of eight, running around the church green. Eggs were positively everywhere this year, from plain sight on the green to hidden in the garden that was donated as according to Ms. Louis’ will. She’d always appreciated the love of God through nature, and a garden was the best she could do.

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Unintentional Domesticity

Summary: Judith is sick, and you’re tasked with taking care of her while Rick and Michonne are away. Good thing someone picks that time to pay you a visit.

Warnings: Just pure fluff and Negan’s potty mouth.

Thank you @lovingzombiechaos for this idea XD it was so much fun to write!

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