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Reeve Carney is my face claim for Alim Surana. I picked him because (and Reeve, please forgive me if you ever read this) he’s got a sort of ordinary pretty boy face. Not a ton of character yet (you’re young Reeve, it’ll come) and if you stick him in a fast food restaurant uniform he might not seem any more than small-pond pretty (jfc, I’m sorry Reeve). Cleans up well though. 

It’s abysmally hard to find good Alim-y pics of him though because he’s entirely too hip and cool and alim is not. 

Bonus (he just made a joke about bear nuts):

Anywho, I’m tagging EVERYONE who want to do this because it’s a really fun meme. Just make sure you tag me in your post so I can see it!


Imagine: Playing with Malia in the woods in her Coyote form, not knowing you’re an evolved wolf and the next day in school - she recognizes you in your human form by scent.

Malia Tate x Reader

You bumped your wet nose against the small coyote’s frame and she cuddled up under your chin once you’ve stopped your motions for a while, drinking some water from the small pond in the forest.

The coyote and you’ve been running back and forth in the forest, both chasing and side by side during the evening and when the forest darkened, the coyote decided to head home to her den.

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Imagine: Going swimming with Daryl

Summary: You and your boyfriend Daryl are out on a run when you find a small pond, and you try to get your boyfriend to swim with you

Words: 1,018

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: None

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*Not my gif*

“Oh c’mon grumpy! Let’s swim!” You urged your boyfriend as you looked at him with a big grin on your face “Nah. Don’t know what’s in there,” Daryl grumbled as he held onto his crossbow “We should probably head back to the prison.” He continued as he turned around on his heels “No, c’mon. It looks clean enough and I haven’t gone swimming in forever.” You whined as you pouted your bottom lip out for an extra effect on your boyfriend.

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Crown Prince and The Servant | Changgu

Group: Pentagon
Member: Yeo One/Prince!Changgu
Genre: royalty!au
Summary:You were a lowly servant and you break your courtship with Changgu since you know what’s best for him. 

A/N:hope you like Changgu is prince material no joke. I rushed a bit because I rerwrite this like 5 times. 

You gulped looking at the dark night sky the stars bright while the moon illuminated your hanbok. A nervous feeling was creeping on you while you waited to meet your lover on this night.

You stood in the private garden the small pond and dancing imported koi fish in them. Trying to get your mind off of Changgu only for a moment.

Needing to talk to Changgu about a subject that was heartbreaking you needed to end this make shift relationship.  And needed to end it quickly.

Working in the royal palace was great. Your job wasn’t a dirty job. Your job in this palace was to follow around the princess.
The pay was good enough that you got to send money for food to your family when they had none.

You walked behind her, got her the best food, and made sure she always you and the other 5 girls with her. Incase of emergency or she needed something.

“Hello beautiful” a deep voice said behind you. You whipped around quickly to see your lover. Yeo Changgu or should you say Crown Prince.

“Hello” you smiled and bowed to your lover a nervous feeling always creeped inside you when you met him. He always told you he was Changgu first and Prince Changgu second.

Changgu looked regal under the moon light from his black bangs caressing his face to his little glint in his eyes. His addictive smile. His expensive blue robes that were of a higher quality then most of everything you owned. His cute black hat showed his status as a prince and a educated man.

You shook your head, Changgu stepped closer and took your hand gently his touch soft and his skin clean.

You gulped and nodded “Changgu” you said taking your hands away from his hold. “Yes” he laughed at your awkward composure. Your shaky fingers took out the beautiful hair ornament from your pocket.

A pretty little thing Changgu gave you months ago as a courtship present. You remembered the time you were so jealous that he was going to give it to another female but he gave it to you.

And you had to give this up.

He frowned suddenly at your hand “is it broken” he asked holding his hand out. Your heart almost broke hearing Changgu say these things.

“No Changgu it’s not broken I’m returning it” you told him dropping it into his palm. Changgu little glint in his dark brown eyes vanished replaced with pure confusion at you.

“Returning it but it’s yours” he said laughing like this was a joke he was making this harder.

“No Changgu it’s yours I’ve made the decision that we shouldn’t meet anymore” you told him swallowing the sadness that was stuck in your voice.

“Why” he said taking it and clutching it in his hand. His eyes were shaking with the unknown. “If anyone found out we were in courtship with each other” you paused and wiped the warm tear away from your eye.

“I would be executed I’m just the servant, I’m suppose to not fall in love” you said. Which was true our jobs was taking care of the princess.

Not falling in love, so many older servants have escaped at night with another worker. Escaping palace away from there jobs and leaving the city.

You couldn’t leave the city with Changgu if you wanted, he is a prince. Your beautiful Prince.

Changgu eyes went wide “no you wouldn’t I would make sure you were protected” he said taking a step closer. It was almost begging at this point and you pitted him.

“You’re not the Crown Prince your power is nothing to this Kingdom” you paused again. And Changgu stayed quiet he wanted to say something to change your kind but everything was going to quickly.

“They will marry you off as soon as possible and you’ll be token to another Kingdom just like your brothers” you said tears slipping from your eyes.

He glance at you his hand clutching the gift. “I’m sorry Changgu I want to stop this before…you get married” you said.

Changgu once large smile face was gone “Please leave my site” he commanded you. You bowed and whispered a “good bye” to him and you slipped back to your sleeping compound.

Changgu stood there on the dirt path in the dim lit area you guys always met. He chocked a sob back, his legs stiffened as he walked back to the Crown Princes court. His mind a buzz.

A few weeks after the incident with the Crown Prince Changgu he hasn’t shown his face around you. Deep regret always filled your head but you pushed it away with what could have happened if you continued your romance.

You missed him dearly. You missed the nose kisses and the hugs. His soft kisses and his funny jokes you just missed your Prince.

You poured the tea for the princess she was looking out into the small lake enjoying the warm sun. “Y/N” she called your name. You looked up quickly “yes Princess” you said.

She sighed and ruffled her pink Hanbok up “my brother Changgu has been acting rather down lately he won’t choose any princess as his companion and doesn’t eat with us anymore” you nodded in understanding.

“I’m sorry to hear that” you told her nodding. “I miss seeing him happy” she sighed looking down at her lap. “I’m sorry you could draw him one of your beautiful pictures to make him feel better” you smiled at the princess.

She grinned “what a positive idea can you go to the library and get me the ink and paper” she grinned.

You got up and bowed “yes my lady” you said hurrying off to the library thaw was a few buildings away from the small lake.
Getting to the library the paper books laid across the shelves nicely organized. You hiked up your hanbok to search around the area for what the lady needed. Ink, paper and probably some quills you thought to yourself.

You checked almost ever area of the library until you stumbled on Changgu. He was leaning on one of the walls a book in his hand.

You paused looking at Changgu he glanced uo and put his book down. “Just the person I wanted to see” Changgu said he didn’t look different.

His robes were changed into deep red ones, your eyes widen he is becoming a official.

“Crown Prince why did you want to see me I was just getting you sister some supplies” you said taking a step back. He gave you that deep look of passion “well she’ll have to wait I need you now” he said grabbing your wrist and pulling you out the library.

He pulled you out and kept walking you tried to get out “why” and “what” he was doing until we reached the main palace room. He stopped in front of the door.

Changgu looked at you, leading you into the room. There sat 9 other boys all the Crown Princes. They glared down at you from there large throne.  From the youngest playful three ones to the more serious Princes who were already in a way the Kings in training.

They were the Princes brothers. Inside you were freaking to you got on your knees and bowed toward them. “Hello” you said keeping your head towards the floor bowing to them.

“At ease” they said commanding you looked at them then at Changgu and he smiled at you. You raised a eyebrow at him wanting to mouth what was going on.

“Now Lady Y/N” Crown Prince Hui said looking at you “our brother Changgu came begging to us about his situation with you” he said.

Starting to feel nervous thinking were they going to execute you for rejecting there brother. “And we decided that he can not court a servant” you closed your eyes inside hating that word servant remembering you’re only a servant in this palace.

They paused again as you stared at them waiting “but we love or brother and we want to give him a chance at true happiness” Hongseok said.

You nodded in agreement “now tell us lady what is it about Changgu you love so much. His money? His status? His name?” Hongseok said.

You gulped while glancing at Changgu he was a few feet away his eyes felt like he was talking to you “I love about him” you whispered and gave a small smile.

You sucked in some air “I love his kindness” you said your voice weak. A small smile graced you “I love his kindness he gives the poor children in the town apples and food often and it warms my heart” you said looking at the Princes not breaking contact with them.

“I love his glowing smile it lights up the room and warms my heart” you broke your stare and looked at Changgu. His wide smile looked so happy at you and his eye glint returned.

You thought again “I love when he sings for me after a long day of work”. “I don’t care about his money or anything like that I would love him if he was poor” you said.

“And Princes I love how he begged for me he really loves me because it’s hard to love a low servant like me” you said standing there awkwardly under all these stares.

The oldest one nodded and whispered to each other and nodded.

Jinho started talking “Even though you’re a servant to this family we see the genuine love you hold for him”. You heart leaped at his words “If Changgu would like to court or wed you we accept this courtship” he continued.

A breath you were holding let out and you felt Changgu grab you and pull you into a hug. “Y/N” he said holding you tight.

“I love you so much” He smiled giving you a rather passionate kiss. Tears were slipping from your face when you held Changgu. “Are you mine now” you ask touching his smooth skin on his hand.

“Yea I’m your Prince” he laughing holding you tight.

Bellamy Blake imagine: Accidents

Summary: Reader gets hurt accidentally because of Bellamy. He then brings her back to the camp and blames himself. Reader unintentionally confesses her feelings for him and he’s happy because he has loves her as well.

Word count: 2634

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I sighed from relief once I had reached my favorite place- little clearing with small pond. I had found this place like two weeks ago and since then I had been coming here to wash myself and relax. 

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Thanks to @gray-card for the end-of-year-special “top-five”. Its a wonderful opportunity to scroll through the year.

My favorites of 2016 are:
- Blue. The Baltic Sea at Bansin/Usedom (July)
- Solitude. Musician in the Arcades at the Place des Vosges (November)
- Sunset at the port of Hamburg (September)
- Young eagle owls in the Duvenstedter Brook/Hamburg (April)
- Foggy and cold day. Small pond in the Duvenstedter Brook/Hamburg (December)

With all my best wishes for 2017

Blood and Alchemy

Episode 2 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood shows the time when Roy offered Ed a place in the military. But there is so much more to that scene.

Roy had heard of the Elric Brothers, a pair of highly skilled alchemists in Resembool, and he had been given the assignment to go recruit them to the State Alchemist program. 
From what he’s heard, he imagines they must be older than him, and he wonders why he never heard of them before. 

He knocks on the door of the house he was told they live in. The address the military provided seemed to lead to a small pond, so they had to ask the locals to point them in the right direction. 
There was no answer the first time, so he knocks again, hoping this is the right house. He knocks a bit harder this time - maybe they’re older than he thought and didn’t hear the door - and the unlocked door creaks open. 
He calls into the house for them, announcing himself and Riza. 
There’s no answer. Riza tells him she’ll go around the back to search for them while Roy looks inside the house. She has an uneasy feeling about all this.
After she disappears around the side of the house, Roy steps inside, again calling for the Elrics.
He notices a small brownish red splatter in the main room, and his stomach flips when he realizes its dried blood. It looks like it dripped down from the ceiling, so he heads upstairs, ignition gloves ready. 
This is the room above the main room downstairs. There’s no noise, but he’s still cautious. 
When he sees what’s in the room however, he can’t make sense of it.

There’s the blood, and there’s writing on the floor. It looks like a transmutation circle, but he’s never seen one like this. 

Blood and Alchemy.

Why is there blood? What kind of alchemy was this?
He’s suddenly attacked with memories of Ishval. He remembers the horrors that alchemy did to people. He remembers what he did to people using alchemy. He sees bodies burning in front of him. His demons are blinding him.
He knows what alchemy can do to people. And he was staring at another example. 

Blood and Alchemy.

These men must be sadistic. Heartless. To have performed this kind of alchemy - he still didn’t know what happened, only that alchemy hurt another person. And he wouldn’t tolerate that. Not again. 

Riza calls to him “have you found them?”
She follows his voice. “They’re not in back either”
She sees it. It’s alchemy. 

Blood and Alchemy.

 Again. No, please, not again. The body of the Ishvalan child comes to her mind. The boy that was missing part of his chest as a result of Kimblee’s alchemy…
Then she sees Roy. The Roy from Ishval. The Roy that burned humans with alchemy. The Roy that burned humans because of her. Because she let him learn the secrets of Flame Alchemy. She burned those people. Roy burned those people. 
Oh no, Roy. 
She forces herself to stay calm. Seeing alchemy and blood again is almost too much for her. What must it be doing to him… 
One of them has to keep it together. They can’t both lose themselves. 
She can fight her demons this time. It’s her turn to be strong. Besides, it won’t be long until he returns the favour…

Blood and Alchemy.

He can’t waste any time, he needs to find those men. Now.

They ask the first people they see. It’s all Riza can do to keep calm and not charge into the house with the sign “Rockbell Automail.” Roy is barely holding it together. They both know that if she weren’t there, he would lose the fight completely.

That must be them.

He lost the fight. The demons won. All that matters is making them pay. 
It didn’t even register in his mind that it was a child sitting in the wheelchair.
These must be the Elric Brothers. And they’re going to pay for what they did. Alchemists be thou for the people. He’s not going to let anyone else use alchemy the way they did in Ishval. No more Blood and Alchemy.

Blood and Alchemy.

He grabs the front of the man’s shirt, he needs to know what happened. He needs to know who was hurt. He needs to make this man pay. But this man was a lot lighter than he was expecting. He lifted him up easily.

Wait. He’s too small to be the man who performed that alchemy.
This is a kid.
He’s a child. no more than 12 years old.
Was this the right house. He was so angry, there was so much going on in his mind, he might be in the wrong house.
This can’t be one of the Elric brothers.

This was the right house. These are the Elric brothers. But that’s a kid…

Blood and Alchemy. 

His demons.

What was he doing? He would never be that rough with a kid…

Blood and Alchemy. 

Seeing that transmutation circle triggered Roy’s PTSD, and he was no longer himself. The effects of it are so hard on him, he almost assaults a wheelchair bound 11 year old child. 
We know Roy would never do that. Roy is too caring. 
This just goes to show even more how caring he is. He was so affected by what he did in Ishval that his PTSD is this bad. He was so traumatized by using his alchemy against innocent people that he forgets who he is when he’s triggered. 

Bless this show. Bless this show for portraying the realities of PTSD.


Returning to his eyrie the same way he left, traveling secretly through the water’s song, Aymeri is surprise to find Merrin, who had gone with the others to hunt, sitting on the bank of the small pond.

“There you are,” the other water dragon says, “I thought I sensed you in the water, but I wasn’t sure.”

“Is the hunt over so soon?” Aymeri deflects any questions Merrin might have about his activities over the last hour by answering with his own.

Merrin shakes his head heavily, “I turned back before we reached the mainland,” he says, “I had hoped that flying would clear my head, but once we were out over the open ocean, it just got worse. Louder.” The older dragon bites his lip, glancing warily at Aymeri, “You hear it too, don’t you? The song has changed, and I can’t make myself focus on anything else.”

Aymeri climbs onto the bank to sit beside Merrin, welcoming the opportunity to open up to his fellow water dragon, “Aye,” he reassures him, “I hear it. And I listened.”

Merrin casts him a sharp glance, but says nothing, waiting for further explanation.

“We are taught to fear the song from the moment we are able to speak, taught to silence it beneath the clamor of our thoughts, to direct our attention outward, and never within. But I listened to the song, and I followed its call.”

“This has something to do with your disappearance, doesn’t it?” Merrin realizes.

Aymeri nods, “I found the source of the song.”

“What have you done, Aymeri?” Merrin groans.

“I need to speak with Morrillyn,” Aymeri answers, feeling he has reached the limit of what he can safely tell his clansmate. Even if Merrin could be persuaded to listen to the song and accept Icovellauna’s magic as his own, they would still be alone in their understanding, sharing a secret they must both keep hidden. Only the Daughter of Water’s influence could make the other dragons accept the truth and allow all their kind to share in the gift of the water.

Merrin sighs, reluctant. “She needs to know,” he agrees, “But you have been barred from flight.”

“I don’t need to fly, I can travel through the water,” Aymeri begins to explain, only to be cut short by Merrin’s snorting chuckle.

“You mean to swim to the water eyrie? You of all dragons should know it is too far.”

Aymeri shares in his laughter, reminiscing at the most terrifying day in his life, when as a child, before he was old enough to take his dragon form and fly, he attempted to swim across the ocean to the mainland where the adult dragons would hunt. The distance proved far greater than the young dragon had imagined, and he became lost at sea with no land in sight. It was Merrin who had come to his rescue, using the water sense shared  by all water dragons which helps them locate underwater prey.

“Not swim,” Aymeri explains, “The song is the voice of the waters, and we can use it to travel instantly from one body of water to another. I can go from here to the water eyrie in less than a moment, and none would know I was gone.”

Merrin rubs his hands wearily over his eyes. “That sounds like magic,” he warns, “And the entire water eyrie would know you hadn’t flown there if they don’t see you land.”

Aymeri bites his lip. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. “I must speak with her, even if it means defying Anaia.”

“We can go together without defying her,” Merrin says.

When he had turned back from the hunt, Merrin had told the others only that he was feeling unwell. Now he turns that excuse to getting permission for Aymeri to fly, telling Tyrrhen that his mysterious ‘illness’ has something to do with the water, and that he wishes to consult with Morrillyn.

“I don’t want to make the trip alone,” Merrin concludes, “I’d feel safer if I had Aymeri to accompany me.”

“All right,” Tyrrhen agrees, “Go, and I’ll deal with Anaia.”


Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part V

The days passed by quickly, almost as if Jack were watching a movie. Time seemed to have its own mind, speeding up or slowing down at certain moments. From afar, he saw the amount of love that grew between (Y/N) and his past self.

The first date they had was a simple walk through the woods, Jackson showing her his favourite place outside of town, a small pond. He had promised he would take her there in the winter to skate.

Which brought up concern in Jack, his past self didn’t know what was going to happen, nor was there any way to change the past.

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Zutara month: day 14

Something There

For Zutara Month day 14: Beauty and the Beast

This one’s dedicated to my Zutara readers, especially @kdinthecity, who keeps me motivated and inexplicably seems to enjoy my writing.

A little fluff is good for the soul.

The plot, of course, belongs entirely to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Not an ounce of originality here.

The sun beats down on Ember Island’s white sand, and beneath the sweltering heat, Katara watches Zuko out of the corner of her eye. He’s sitting by the small pond in the garden, tossing breadcrumbs at the turtleducks.

It’s an unnerving sight.

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