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Title: Back to the Future (Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The reader is sent on a mission by Howard Stark to travel seventy-one years into the future to collect all of the information that they can without having their cover blown. Is it possible?

Word Count: 1604

A/N: THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. I’m actually obsessed and I’m SO PROUD OF IT LOL. I hope you guys enjoy it! and let me know if you want a part two? 


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What We Left Behind In The Past (1/?)

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Bucky Barnes x Daughter! Reader

THIS IS LITERALLY GOING TO BE MY NUMBER ONE THING TO WORK ON FOREVER. lol jk jk, this is a fanfic I’ll be writing while also filling out requests!!

Genre: Angst, Family, Friendship, Mystery, Humor, Adventure, Action, Suspense


Warning: Swearing, Angst, MORE TO BE ADDED


The night time was young when the National Icon got home to his abode in Brooklyn. The soft noise of the record player playing some old classic vinyl filled the room as Steve sat down in his chair. He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. It had been hard. So hard. Trying to fit in to a world that he never knew was like trying to run a machine he had never seen before. He felt like a baby. However, he knew he wasn’t. His memories proved it all. His old, skinny self, his best friend. There was nothing short of painful. The past had ripped him up and he was trying to rise out of it to become someone else. Saving the world helped, being a good person helped, but it never truly put the hurt away. Steve sighed and leaned his head back. When he had found out his best friend was still alive, he had been working his tail off to find him. Especially before SHIELD and the government did. Bucky hadn’t remembered him and HYDRA was to blame, that much Steve knew. Steve sighed and then cursed inwardly when his phone rang. He stood up and walked to the old fashioned phone, asking. 


“Mr. Rogers?”

Steve frowned at Coulson’s voice. 

“Agent Coulson, what are you calling me so late about, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“You need to come into SHIELD’S secret base…you need to look at this.”

He frowned and the line hung up, the door sounding as knocking rang through the old apartment. He shut off the record player and walked to the door, Coulson himself standing there and gesturing to the black SUV. Steve followed obediently but suspiciously. When he got into the car, he asked. 

“Agent, what’s going on?”

“I think it would be best to show you…”

Steve sat back and nodded, watching as the night time started to mature, the moon high in the night sky.


When they got to the base, they both stepped out and the Agent showed the guards his badge and Steve showed his ID. He was let past and Phil said. 

“We found this place abandoned and found that this had been Howard Stark’s old lab. We had went through the place but never found anything. We knocked down a wall and this is what we found.”

They stepped into the broken wall, showing a hidden room and Steve widened his eyes. There, in the middle of the room, was a machine. It looked a hell of a lot like the thing that injected the Serum into Steve and Phil looked at Steve. The outside of it was gold and white, frost and cold steam rising from it. Phil said. 

“We estimated the time that this has been here and the lab reports say that this has been here for over 73 years.”

Steve asked, walking up to the strange device.

“Have you tried to look inside of it?”

“That’s why I called you. We couldn’t get the crowbars into the ice and the window is too frosted over on both sides to see in. We thought…with your strength and all that you could open it.”

Steve nodded and grabbed a crowbar. The agent stepped back and Steve wiped the melting frost off of a little plaque. 


He widened his blue eyes. Why was Bucky’s last name on the device? Steve frowned and set to work, slamming the end of the crow bar into the side of the device. ice broke off with every hit. Working around it, he managed to dislodge a bunch of ice and he panted, handing the crowbar to Phil. Taking the handle, which almost burned, it was so cold, he yanked the thing open. It popped, ice flying every where and steam rolled out in waves. Steve slowly opened the vessel and what was inside made his heart stop. There, in the ice, was a girl. A teenage looking girl in a navy blue, knee length dress. She had dog tags around her neck and was barefoot. (H/c) (H/l) hair pinned up in a classic, vintage hair style hung around her like a halo and her wrist bore a bracelet he had seen many times before. The fifteen year old girl looked peaceful and Phil said in awe. 

“Oh my god…Who could that be?”

He said it more to himself and Steve took a step back. Steve whispered. 

“Oh my god…that’s Bucky’s daughter.”

“I’m sorry?”

Steve spun to look at Phil, blue eyes wide in awe and a little in excitement. 

“That is Bucky Barnes daughter!”

He looked back at the girl and said. 

“You have to get her out of the ice. Now!”

Phil nodded and before they wheeled it away, Steve grabbed a note that was frozen solid on the inside. 

‘Dear Steve, 

When you get this, I will most likely be either old or dead. I knew…I knew you weren’t dead. It’s in your genes. You can’t die. I knew Bucky had been taken by HYDRA. In one of their documents you had recovered with the Howling Commandos after the train incident, I found that they had decided to take him and freeze him. I couldn’t imagine you without your best friend nor his little lady. So….I froze her. She had asked me to when I told her about it all and I knew it would be a long time before someone would find you. I made this device so she would be asleep for as long as she needed to be. After that, I sealed the wall. I was hoping someone would notice something about the wall was out of place and I hope they noticed quick. I don’t want her to be frozen for years and years and years, long after you and Bucky live your primes. I hope that everything works out for you in the end. You deserve it.

H. Stark. ‘

Underneath it was another note and he carefully pried it off, noticing that this one looked a lot older. 

‘My Little Hero and Steve,

You idiot! You freaking idiot…I can’t be mad at you, not ever. I know that it’s wrong to be mad but I can’t ever get your last words out of my head. Howard informed me of everything….i’m still astonished. And that little girl, what a charmer. Bucky would be so proud of her. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? I wish you and Bucky could of been able to see her grow into a beautiful young girl. She’s gonna stay fourteen for a long while, a long, long while. If you are reading this, my little hero, it means that you have woken up. I’m sorry I couldn’t of been there sooner…I wish there was more that I could of done for your father and your Uncle Steve. Promise me, one thing, love. You won’t ever let go.


Peggy Carter

P.S. You give them hell, Barnes and nothing short of that….that’s my final order for you.’

Steve was astonished. Peggy and Howard had known? They had known that Bucky wasn’t truly dead and suspected he would have been killed and froze his best friends daughter at her request? Looking up at the girl, Steve smiled and had tears sting his eyes and he put his hand over the one that had been raised, evidently to touch the inside. He whispered to her. 

“I’m gonna get you out…I’m gonna tell you about everything and then we’ll find your father, Honey B….we’ll be ok..”

They wheeled her away and Steve looked at Phil. Phil had a small smile and he replied. 

“When we found the plaque and saw the name, I knew it would of been something you wanted to see. After all, not a lot of people have the last name Barnes. I never knew the Winter Soldier had a daughter though.”

Steve whispered, loud enough for Phil to hear but still quiet, looking at the block of ice as it wheeled farther away.

“Of course you didn’t….no one did…she was me and Bucky’s little secret until we had to take her to Howard and…Peggy so they could protect her and raise her while me and Bucky left for HYDRA…no one else in the world knew about her…”

Steve looked at the note and whispered. 

“No one did…”

'The Blacklist: Redemption' Finale Recap: The Hargraves Hash It Out
Tom Keen cannot get a win

For those who want to “catch up” on what happened on Redemption (watching or not watching) before this week’s 2 hour return, I thought this week’s EW recap of the Redemption finale was both hilarious and spot-on:

The last two lines of Thursday’s Blacklist: Redemption read like one of those six-word “Hemingway” stories. “Where are we?” asks Howard, who has (of course) been working with Whitehall to destroy the world (or whatever) all along. “We are operational,” Whitehall replies.

And at the end of Thursday’s finale, that’s where we are with Blacklist: Redemption too. We’ve arrived at a pretty satisfying endpoint that could potentially propel us into more, hopefully better, seasons. But the means of getting to this operational endpoint were… rocky. The main problem with this series seems to be that it doesn’t allow its characters to be very intelligent, usually for the sake of narrative convenience. The best example of this is taking the season’s strongest episode — Howard’s reveal to Tom that Scottie was potentially killed and replaced by a Russian doppelganger spy — and then never really mentioning the repercussions of it again.

I think Tom gave one tepid, “It doesn’t really seem like she’s an imposter,” and then just completely forgot that his not-dead-dad accused his maybe-mom of being his not-mom ever again even though she was very clearly his real mom, all in the name of having him stick with Howard. If, like me, you nearly vomited in your mouth every time Tom said “Dad” with the desperation of a small child wanting to be told that everything will be all right, then the twist that Howard was the villainous mastermind all along probably wasn’t all that surprising.

But that it became clearer and clearer to the audience that Howard was just playing the role of well-meaning tech whiz with a wicked wife, while the show’s characters simultaneously fell for his shtick more and more (sometimes happening all at once in split-screen!) was a clever way to tell the story. If the sacrifice of making their main character look like a dumb-dumb is making me seem smarter, then I guess I shouldn’t complain.

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Protection (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: 1940s Bucky saves reader from a PURSE SNATCHING PIECE OF CRAP outside of a diner?

I also had a mobster AU prompt somewhere, but I can’t find the actual ask :( 

A/N: So this is probably gonna be a fic in multiple parts because who doesn’t enjoy the idea of Mobster Bucky? Or at least, part of the mob. Also I just love 1940s!Bucky, but you all knew that anyway. I hope that you enjoy it- and thank you to those who requested it!

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Title: Housing a Time Traveler (Part 7 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The Reader wakes up in a mysterious HYDRA facility where they’re trying to fish for information on why Tony is housing a teen.

Word Count: 1913

Warnings: slightly a spoiler about peter’s suit from hoco? that’s all!

A/N: OMG IT’S MY BLOG’S SECOND BIRTHDAY! I had to celebrate by writing in my favorite series i’ve ever done, I hope you enjoy!

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Fortunately, the tag on the back of the child’s shirt did yield a clue as to a name.  Small, but it would be enough.

His little nephew balanced in one arm, Mycroft Holmes fired off a quick text to his assistant.

Suggestions for male names beginning with 'H’, please. MH

Within seconds came the reply.  Mycroft smiled.  He supposed his request was among the strangest he’d asked of her, but perhaps Solaris (or was she Niamh this week?) had come to expect and be prepared for anything.

Hugh, Harris, Henry, Howard, Harley, Hal, Hector

Hmmn, Hector.  He liked that name; Mycroft had always believed the illustrious Prince of Troy was the true hero of the Iliad.

“Little goldfish, would you like to be named after a hero?  I rather think 'Hector’ would suit you,” he remarked.  For an answer, his nephew frowned and yanked hard on Mycroft’s knitted tie he’d been fiddling with.

Well then.  Definitely not.  And definitely his father’s son.  Coughing and laughing ruefully, Mycroft loosened the knot then swung his naughty goldfish of a nephew high in the air, enjoying the boy’s excited and happy shrieks.  For the next few moments, Mycroft Holmes played with his nephew much the same way as he did long ago with another bright eyed and curly haired boy.

Caring might not be an advantage, but there were times when it worth taking the risk.


Mycroft ended up calling him 'Locky’, Sherlock’s childhood nickname.

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So.... avengers... magical girls? How would you handle this now if you revisited it, what reasoning do you remember behind your choices in the past,

I’ve always meant to rewrite Magical Girl Avengers, I’ve just never really found the time. The biggest problem was that I wasn’t willing to commit to how brown and gay it was. I wouldn’t want my Magical Girl AU to be too out there, thought me, a fool.

But the idea, generally, was:

Thor and Loki were sisters. Thor was tall and strong and golden. Loki was dark and quiet and clever and she lied like she breathed. The only person she couldn’t lie to was Heimdall - Heimdall who could see a blade of grass wave on another world, Heimdall who could hear her heart flutter, Heimdall who was deaf in one ear. Heimdall who drove a knife into his own head because he could hear the very future, and he heard his death at Loki’s hand.

So, of course, they fell in love.

Stephanie and Bucky were like brothers. She was Irish and he was Jewish and they were poor, and the only lie she ever told him was that she was a boy. It was only a lie half the time, only sometimes did it grate to hear him call her Steve. But life was hard enough without being a girl, so she was a boy.

Bucky went to war. Steph wanted to follow. He warned her against the recruiters in bad neighborhoods, their neighborhoods, looking for guinea pigs more than soldiers.

So she went.

Dr. Abarrane Erskine had no trouble escaping the Nazis, because she was only a woman. She escaped men who wanted to be great, was rescued by men who wanted to be great, surrounded by men who wanted to make great men. All she’d ever wanted was to help girls like the ones she’d known, the ones who couldn’t make it out, the ones who weren’t strong enough. Instead she kept finding strong men who wanted to be stronger. She could tell immediately that Stephanie was a girl.

So she lied.

It all came out after the transformation, of course. Tall and strong and maybe her muscles still could have passed but her new hips couldn’t. They sent her overseas as a show, as a novelty, as a joke. Even our girls could kick Hitler’s ass. She wasn’t the only one, women and girls who’d done their damnedest to get to the front lines only to get left behind.

So they went.

Showgirls and mechanics and women who should have been pilots and women who should have been snipers, and they descended on their enemies like Furies.

(And later a woman who’d been a girl called Nicolette would call herself Nick and as much as she loved her family no family would ever be as important to her as the fact that she, too, was a Fury)

At first Bucky thought that his fantasies of Steve saving him and his fantasies of beautiful women had gotten some wires crossed somewhere but he came around without much fuss. Captain America asked Howard Stark for a new costume and he gave her the old one with better materials because hey, c'mon, it’s iconic. Great big orphan Annie, the people love ya, you’re in papers. We’ve got all these posters, you’ve got that sillhouette, don’t you want people to know you’re a girl?

Sometimes, she did.

She kissed Bucky and she lost Bucky and she kissed Peggy and she kissed Howard and she went down with the ship and it was years before Howard would stop looking.

It came down to a girl named Maria.

She was everything that Steph wasn’t, she was small and dark and class and femme and selfish and brilliant and when he looked at her he couldn’t have seen anyone else even if he wanted to. They had a daughter, and they named her Antoinette, and sometimes he called her Annie but only when Maria couldn’t hear.

SHIELD wasn’t a secret, not from his little girl. This is not an organization of babysitters, they tell him, but he asks them what they think he might do for someone who had his daughter and they keep their mouths shut and new recruits learn to dread babysitting duty.

Nick ends up on babysitting duty a lot. She has a problem with authority.

So does Toni.

(The less said about her sixteenth birthday, the better. Technically, it’s classified. Toni still remembers a speech about masks and Western imperialism and falling a little bit in love with the faceless girl-King of Latveria.)

Rebecca Franklin was an unparallelled genius in her field, and so Brian Banner stopped teaching her and married her instead. She never got her degree; how could she, with a child to raise? It was better this way, he told her. She was Black and she was pretty and who would ever take her seriously, ideas like hers? He was doing her a favor, putting it all in his name. He needed results, he needed them faster, was she even trying? Ethics boards were a nightmare, he needed experiments, he needed a guinea pig.

He had a daughter.

Maria’s doctor told her she was sick. He told her there was no cure. She knew, though he didn’t say, that it wasn’t a disease for women like her. It was a disease for soldiers. She thought of her husband and how he would blame himself and how he would throw himself at fixing it, but he made weapons and he couldn’t save her and she’d wither away into helplessness and all the while she’d watch him break.

So she got in her favorite outfit, in her favorite car, and she took a wrong turn on a road to nowhere.

It broke Howard, anyway. Maria might have known that it would, but this way she never saw it. She’d never pretended to be anything but selfish when it came to that kind of thing. Toni didn’t blame her. She blamed Howard, instead. Howard moved them to New York and she almost never got to leave the tower and Nick changed her codename to Rapunzel.

Howard started looking for Steph again. They’d never found her body, after all. Maybe he could still save someone. Maybe every woman he’d ever loved didn’t need to die. He didn’t let Toni help with the business. She was exactly as smart as any Stark ever is, but she was a girl and Howard’s always had trouble with girls, surrounded by amazing women but he tells himself they’re special and they’re not like other girls but he knows what happens to special girls who aren’t like other girls and he buys his daughter pink dresses and hopes to god she’ll stay home. She spends her days at the top of Stark Tower with nothing but an AI she built herself and a girl named Jane to keep her company.

When Brian Banner kills his wife they talk about how tragic it is and how much good he could have done if only he hadn’t done this one single terrible thing, what a shame it is. His daughter Blythe is small and frail with dark skin and wrists like glass and poison in her heart, and she moves in with her cousin Jessica and she learns to keep her anger quiet because girls like her don’t get to let the poison out the way men like Brian do. She is smarter than her father ever was and she picks up where her mother left off and she says nothing when they tell her what a great man her father was and she says nothing when they talk about what a shame it was and she says nothing when they talk about how rare it is to see a girl like her doing work like this and someday it will be worth it because someday she’ll be Dr. Banner and he’ll be nothing but a footnote.

The day of the experiment she says nothing when they talk about how famous they’ll be and how much funding they get and they say nothing about how she’s been carrying them and all of this is hers. But there’s a woman in the desert, left there to die, left there to hide the evidence of someone else’s violence and she says they need to stop but they say who knows when they can do this again, they need to do it then and there they don’t have time to admit their test ground is a crime scene. She didn’t care so they started the countdown because they didn’t think she’d call their bluff, but they couldn’t stop it and she was caught in the blast as she watched someone else’s mother die in her arms. Her skin turned green and her wrists grew heavy and her bones were steel wrapped in concrete and she became untouchable, she never lost her mind because she’d been angry her whole life without losing her mind and the poison in her heart burst out of her and her anger was a honed blade and she’d wield it against the world.

Hank Pym died in a tragic accident. It was tragic, the accident. It couldn’t have been helped. It’s hard to say how it happened. It’s hard to say what went wrong. Jean Van Dyne was there, but they don’t remember much. It was all such a blur. Such a sad way to lose a husband. The bruises are older, the scars in their bones. Didn’t they used to go by Janet Pym? For Hank’s sake, for a while. But Hank’s gone now, isn’t he. So tragic, the accident. Jean was caught in the middle of it, that’s why it’s such a blur. They don’t remember why they were there. Hank probably asked. Jean learned a lot, that way. Post-accident, they can become small, so small that they’re almost invisible; but they’ve always been pretty good at that, really.

Hawkeye doesn’t know her real name, because she was taken from her family before she could know it, like so many little girls like her were. She was a sideshow and she was a weapon and by the time she escaped all she wanted was to take back everything that evil men had ever taken from girls like her.

So she did.

She took relics and artifacts and bones and jewelry and she took them back to the tribes that had never agreed to give them up. She refilled tombs and she restored altars and she broke into museums with a bow on her back, until a woman named Fury came to her and said: do you want to help us save the world? Because some of those relics were buried for a reason and some of those relics were in high-demand, and some of those little girls still need saving from sideshow lives traveling through other peoples’ towns.

Barton is as good a name as any, but she prefers Hawkeye. She wears no medals, but she earned the feathers in her hair.

The Black Widow, raised in the Red Room, descended of princesses escaped through Kazakhstan with the blood of the steppes. Death in red lipstick and uncomfortable in their own skin and when Agent Barton meets a man who introduces himself as Romanoff instead of Romanova she assumes it’s part of a trick. She realizes she’s wrong when the Black Widow panics and tries to kill her.

A woman named Fury says that Barton lived, that it’s impossible to hide forever. A woman named Fury says: I don’t know what we’ll do with you, but I’ll never ask you to be a man’s trophy.

He changes his name to Brown Recluse because he wouldn’t destroy you if you left him alone, and sometimes he is still death in red lipstick. He looks fantastic in a suit and he wears his hair short and no one puts their hands on his waist and tries to tell him he’s a princess.

Howard Stark died when Toni was seventeen, when it became clear that he’d be leaving her everything, when it became clear that she would tear down his empire and build something new from the wreckage. When it became clear that she’d never let Stane touch her because she remembered the way her mother stiffened when he entered the room and she remembered the way her father said she was imagining things but Toni Stark trusts her instincts. She blames Stane and Hydra lets him take the fall and Toni gets the company she never wanted.

So Stane tries to kill her.

Rhodey loses an arm and Toni loses both her legs but Toni’s been working for years now on building better people instead of better bombs. Rhodey gets a right hook from hell and Toni gets legs that are works of art, no aspirations at all of looking anything like human legs, they are blades and needles and rockets and wheels and she has legs for every occasion, and at first it’s just the gloves to help her balance but she can’t stop thinking about heroes.

She moves her company’s headquarters to Detroit, because New York was never anything but a gilded cage and she needs warehouses and factories and she needs to make things, beautiful things and terrifying things but none of it is ever built to kill.

She discovers this material, it’s not technically a metal and technically speaking it’s a non-Newtonian liquid alloy but it acts like a metal and it acts like armor and despite all the millions of other things she can do all she can think of is that sillhouette. That waist, those hips, the flare of a skirt because she’s been raised in a world where that is what a hero looks like. So she calls Jean, the famous Jean Van Dyne, Jean Van Dyne who could turn old bedsheets into haute couture and who made their own costume years ago. And she says: I want to make a dress.

She didn’t intend for the first trial run to be when Stane broke out of prison but no one expected Stane to break out of prison and no one expected him to be a giant bio-mechanical spider but so it goes when you have a man who never knew how to do anything but steal and a girl who never made anything but interesting new concepts for robots and androids and prosthetic legs.

(JARVIS has a body by then, he’s a million miles away from the little beige tower Toni built him in; Pepper wears her hair short and she is only a little bit a girl and she got the job because she was the only one at the interview who introduced herself to JARVIS and had a conversation with him.)

Loki has her sister sent to Earth because she truly believes she is not yet fit to rule. In the process she realizes a terrible truth: though she could never lie to Heimdall, he could always lie to her. She is Loki Lie-Weaver and yet they’ve lied to her for her entire life, hypocrites all of them and she’ll have her revenge and she will show them her mercy when she fixes the mistakes they’ve made.

Jake Foster used to be Jane and he’s still on the small side when he hits a giant woman with his car in the desert. I would spin a story here, but listen: it’s basically the same. Thor is Thor. Darcy is still impressed by the abs and Thor still gets tasered and Coulson isn’t any nicer just because this huge viking is femme.

They find Stephanie Rogers frozen in ice and Toni Stark has never hated anyone in her whole life the way she hates the woman her father loved.

The Hulk doesn’t like to be touched but she learns to make exceptions for Iron Lass and Hawkeye because they are the smallest and sometimes they need a boost.

Jean makes the women costumes with that distinctive heroic sillhouette and Captain America still sometimes yearns for pants but she’s accepted that it is what it is. It’s iconic, Annie. She misses him sometimes but who is there to talk to about him but Toni, Toni who hates him, Toni who isn’t even wrong because he was an asshole and Steph told him so on multiple occasions but damn if there wasn’t a good man in there somewhere if only he hadn’t lost so much to that goodness.

They learn to work together and they deal with their issues and they keep adding new members because there’s no shortage of women who want to be heroes.

That’s the idea, anyway.

Darcy Stark

Alright, Darcy headcanon number two. I came up with this one after reading Iron Man Yes, Tony Stark… Not Recommended in which Tony gets completely misunderstood and bullied by Steve, Clint and Nat, and wishing my Shield Darcy had a reason to explain to them why they were very wrong. I mulled over this and played with it for a while and came up with this, where Darcy is actually pretty different from Shield Darcy.

The basic idea is that Howard Stark was not always the most discreet or careful. This resulted in two half-siblings for Tony, one older, one younger. Darcy is of course the younger. Her mother worked with Howard in some fashion, usually as his secretary/PA, but sometimes she’s a scientist, depending on what’s more interesting for the scenario I’m playing with. What’s more interesting is the older sibling.

See, one year, around the anniversary of Steve’s death, Howard and Peggy, who at that point weren’t really speaking, ended up getting drunk and nine months later Phillip James Carter was born. And yes he does end up going by a different last name and working for Shield, but that happens later. Seven or eight years after Phil, or Pip as his family calls him, Tony is born. And then another seven or eight years after Tinker, Darcy is born. Tony soon dubs her Bit because she’s so small.

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Howince Head Canons, because it’s Cully’s Birthday!

Approximately a million years ago, the glorious culumacilinte prompted me for a number of Howard and Vince head canons… and I am slow as molasses, but I still have them all and have been plugging away. Today, in honor of her birthday, I am pleased to present the very first of those head canons, this one devoted to the subjects of Howard Moon & Childhood and Vince Noir & Family.

I hope you have fun with this, Cully! I felt like nothing could be a better present than the gift of tons of character thoughts and feels to roll about in, so: Happy Birthday! I got you a bag of assorted Feels and Thinks! Have the best day! <3<3<3<3

Howard Moon and Childhood

Howard was the very much wanted and loved child of very responsible, very comfortably middle-class, very loving parents… who really were not all that adept about openly expressing that love.

Howard’s parents gave him a tidy, safe, comfortable, liberal-minded, well-organized place to grow up and a terribly stable, structured home life (some would say boringly so), but they were never all that comfortable at doling out affectionate hugs and cuddles or gushing with effusive, encouraging praise and cheerleading and pride. Which is not to say that they weren’t supportive–quite the opposite–but Mr and Mrs Moon were just a bit too private and reserved and, frankly, too Northern to really feel comfortable with that sort of thing, beyond comforting pats on the back or a good clap on the shoulder, the kind that spoke a thousand words that would kill them all of embarrassment if ever expressed aloud. On the whole, this suited Howard rather well, because he himself is rather Northern and reserved–at least when it comes to certain things–and has the same instinctive wariness of too much open, genuine emotion. Or touching. He’s more inclined to handshakes than hugs in most cases, and he always was.

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Hi, did you lose your porn script?

AUs that need to exist #3

#1 - #2 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 - #8

Title: Hi, did you lose your porn script?

Genre: fluff (I think)

AU: the script for a porno that you’re starring in fell out of your backpack in class and i’ve been trying to figure out how to return it to you but i’m really embarrassed and that’s why i’ve been awkwardly following you around campus all day au

Word count: 1.3K+

Warnings: like swearing and stuff + you have to keep in mind that this is about a script for a porno so yeah..

A/N: original post with the AUs!! This is the longest one yet and it was very fun to write. I hope to get one of these out every week, since school is beginning again soon. Also, I went on holiday so it was a bit of a wait on this one, sorry!

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Fic: Untitled 1/1

I probably don’t know tastyrepulsorboots well enough to blame this on her, do I? But she was talking about polyamorous soulmates and what a jerk Howard is and then this happened so you guys can draw your own conclusions.

(It’s totally your fault, I hope you like it)

Title: Untitled Soulmate Fic
Pairings: Peggy/Steve/Bucky, Tony/Steve/Bucky, unrequited Howard/Steve, Howard/Maria
Summary: Howard Stark never had a soulmate. Not one he would ever accept. 
Warnings: internalized homophobia (NOT STEVE), class discrimination, imperfect soulmates

Thank you to ylixia and kahn-on-tumblr for beta reading! 


Howard Stark was born with a man’s name etched into his skin. It’s a bold, sloppy cursive, more a scrawl than a proper signature, but it is undeniably a man’s name on the inside of his right ankle.

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Stony AUs to ruin me please and thank you :)

orpheus and eurydice au:
Tony willingly gives his life to save Steve from Hel after some assistance for Thor goes wrong. He makes his way through somehow, without a suit per Hela’s requirements, all the while with a mere specter of Steve following after him trying to plead with him to give up the entire way. Tony can’t look at him or he will lose the one chance Hela has given him to return Steve to the world of the living, that needs him. But unless the myth that inspired the idea, Hela is not so kind of Hades - she needs a soul and Tony’s suits her just fine. Either of them are easy to torment. And unlike Orpheus, Tony does not fail. He leads Steve all the way back to Asgard and entrusts his revival to his friends. No one else forgets the scream Steve wakes with back in his body to find Tony gone.

moulin rouge au:
Tony ends up falling for Steve who works are stealing hearts. Only it seems to have worked out for Tony in the end, who just keeps coming back and only ever touches Steve when he starts it. Steve who keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop and hides his own sickness while soaking up all the time he has with Tony. Steve who broke the first rule of the profession - never fall in love. Gregory finds out what is going on and goes to Steve to the proposition of giving Steve his freedom if he never sees Tony again. Despite Bucky’s attempts to convince him it doesn’t work and Steve turns Greg down, but it’s too late. Tony catches his brother and Steve together and it’s down hill from there. Greg makes certain of that. Greg who whispers all kinds of little things to Tony to poison he and Steve against one another. Steve and Tony both are heartbroken. There is no happy ending. Tony only ever finds out about Steve’s death by post from one of the other members of the cabaret. Tony never forgives himself and spends the rest of his life in mourning, avoiding any flicker of personal romance.

ghost!Tony au:
After the kidnapping Tony dies but because no one knows where he is no now knows. Instead his ghost comes back after everyone starts to really panic and reassures them he’s okay now. Doesn’t try to hug anyone, but he does apologize for making them worry. Steve is a little miffed about the stretch of radio silence that got them all so panicked. Tony apologizes and manages to tell all of them what he thinks of them and how he cares about them all. It takes him about two weeks to work through everyone of them. Two weeks of his scattered appearances, mostly at night. Lets all his friends know he loves them. Lets Pepper know she needs to change SI for everyone’s sake, that Tony already has all the paperwork to put her in charge, signed and everything. Steve is the last bit of his business to put in order. Steve has caught on that something is up but he hasn’t sorted out just what it is. Tony does tell him, confesses to him, the last of them. Apologizes and has to watch Steve cry. Only able to tell him that he loves him, lead him to the ring he never found the nerve to give him. Tells him to take it, keep it if he wants and move on with his life because Tony only wants him to be happy. The funeral they have for Tony is small and quiet. Steve wears the engagement ring to it.

dimension hopper!Tony au:
It’s something he’s born with that thankfully doesn’t manifest until he’s ten. When it happens Tony is confused and will activate when he’s in danger. But again and again Tony finds Steve Rogers, a name he barely remembers hearing from his biological father (he’s met a few Howard Starks now). They’re all just slightly different. One is a soldier in France who sweeps him up and runs, tucking him behind a shield while the air raid siren screams. Another is an old man who squints at him and snorts out a laugh saying he reminds him of a particular pain in the ass he knows. Another is a sheriff who looks equal parts confused and amused to make his acquaintance, shakes his hand and blames his sleepless nights when the boy disappears. One Steve is a stick skinny thing that Tony helps pull up out of the garbage in an alley who grumbles at Tony for the help. Some of the Steves are angry at him, scream and shout. Others hold too tightly onto him and sob against his shoulder or chest. Many don’t recognize him. Some barely think they do. Like one skinny Steve who goggles at him and asks what kind of artifact he’s gotten into now. There are so many Steve’s and Tony wonders if where he first came from, a memory so distant now, would have met him too. Which Steve he would have been like. 

Anon’s prompt: As I haven’t found any fics that have dealt with this, what about a story based on how the kiss in 8x24 started? Who started it, how, was it spontaneous or planned etc. Maybe switch the ending to a more fun ending, so the gang walking in on them rather than the argument? (I love when that happens in tbbt fanfics, is that weird? I would love that to happen in the show just because you never see them be affectionate in front of people so I think its always going to have to be getting caught!)

“What did I tell you, Amy. That restaurant was great,” Sheldon praised as they walked up the flights of stairs.

“It was okay, their pasta wasn’t as good as I had hoped,” Amy said as she walked in front of him.

“It would have tasted better if you didn’t put so much parmesan cheese in it,” Sheldon whispered but Amy was able to hear it.

“I’m sorry, Sheldon, but that restaurant was just okay,” Amy said as they arrived at the fourth floor.

“Just "okay”?! Woman, do you even hear yourself?“ Sheldon asked as he stood in front of his apartment door.

"I do. How about I take you to another restaurant next week and let’s see which one is better,” Amy offered.

“It won’t be as special since it won’t be our anniversary next week but you’ve got yourself a deal. Would you like to come in for some tea?” Sheldon asked as he pointed towards his apartment.

“I would love to,” Amy said as she waited for him to open the door. As soon as Sheldon opened the door, there was no sign of Leonard anywhere, making him feel relieved. He waited for Amy to get inside before closing the door behind him.

“What would you like, Amy?” Sheldon asked as he pulled her towards the kitchen island and tapped the stool for her to sit on.

“Lemon with honey, please,” Amy answered and gave him a sweet kiss before sitting on the stool and rested her chin on her palms.

“Amy!” Sheldon tried to sound violated but the smile that was plastered across his face betrayed him.

“What?” Amy asked trying to sound as innocent as possible. Sheldon stood beside her and lifted her chin before kissing her once more.

“There, now we’re even,” Sheldon said as he walked towards the kettle and started to heat it up.

“You always have to have the last say, don’t you?” Amy teased and made her way towards Sheldon and gave him another kiss. “Not this time,” She smirked and headed to the couch. Sheldon sped walked to her before she reached the couch, he grabbed her by the hips and spun her around.

“Can’t I kiss you when you kiss me?” Sheldon asked teasingly as his hands ran up and down her sides.

“You can, I just like it when you look all surprised, and sometimes speechless, when I do,” Amy pointed out as her hands rested on his shoulders.

“I don’t look surprised and speechless when you ki-” Sheldon was cut off by a pair of lips on his. When she pulled away, Sheldon’s eyes were still closed, making her giggle.

“You were saying?” She smiled.

“Uhh…” Sheldon tried to say anything but his mind was blank.

“I thought so,” Amy winked and kissed his cheek. “Compose yourself, Dr. Cooper. The night is still young,” She said as she searched for his hands and intertwined their fingers, “And there’s more kissing later,” Amy whispered.

“You little vixen,” Sheldon said.

“The one and only,” Amy winked and smiled.

“My one and only,” Sheldon said sweetly as he kissed her forehead. “I love you. So, so much,” Sheldon continued.

“I love you too, Sheldon. More than you could ever imagine,” Amy said as she pulled him down to her to their lips could meet.

“I’m a theoretical physicist, so try me,” Sheldon smiled before making their lips meet and gently sitting her on the couch.

“Well… Do you… Know… How big… The universe is?” Amy asked in between pecks. “I love you more than ten times the size of the universe,” She said as she pulled away.

“I love you more than a hundred times,” Sheldon said, feeling competitive. “No, I love you more than science. I love you more than physics,” He continued without twitching making Amy’s jaw drop.

“Don’t lie to me, Love,” Amy said, Sheldon loved science more than anything in the world.

“As you know, Amy, I’m not good at lying,” Sheldon said.

“Do you really feel that way?” Amy asked seriously.

“Yes. So much so that Science might get jealous if it knew,” Sheldon said, making Amy smile. She placed one of her hands on the side of his cheek while the other rested on his shoulder, pulling him close like before. She pecked his lips over and over again before their lips stayed together in a long passionate kiss.

“Can you believe it’s been five years since our first date?” Amy asked in astonishment as she pulled away.

“I know and I’m more in love with you than the moment my eyes saw you. Well, I fall deeper every time I see you,” Sheldon said, feeling nostalgic.

“You loved me back then?” Amy asked.

“Yes, I just didn’t know it was love, not until three years ago, when I asked you to be my girlfriend,” Sheldon said, remembering their first interactions. “Can I tell you something?” He asked.

“Of course,” Amy answered confidently.

“I knew about you even before Howard and Koothrappali showed me your profile. I have been following your work for a long time, and as you know, I have a small liking to neuroscience and when I first read one of your works, you showed me a more interesting side of it. Ever since then I have been reading all your papers and I wanted to meet you in person but never had the guts to set up an appointment,” Sheldon paused and smiled at her.

“Then, for some reason I still don’t know, Howard and Koothrappali signed me up for this dating site and matched us up. When they told me they found a woman who was compatible for me, my mind was screaming your name, you can say that I have a big crush on you, and when I heard you name, I couldn’t believe it. That was why I was so easily convinced to meet with you.” Amy’s jaw was hanging open for she couldn’t believe it.

“Wow. I don’t know what to say,” She said, her jaw was still open.

“Are you mad?” Sheldon asked.

“No, no. I’m just shocked. How long have you known about me before we met?” Amy asked.

“Two years,” Sheldon answered.

“That’s a long time,” Amy replied.

“It is. I was just a fan and now you’re my girlfriend,” Sheldon laughed.

“I can’t believe you have known about me for two years,” Amy said, “Good thing we met each other, huh?” She asked.

“And we fell in love,” Sheldon added.

“And I hope it stays that way,” Amy winked.

“Of course it will. We make a great team, and we’d make a great family,” Sheldon said.

“We would,” Amy agreed and gave him a peck.

“Stop teasing me with you lips, Love. I might be able to control myself,” Sheldon smirked.

“Go crazy, Cooper,” Amy winked as she waited for Sheldon to make a move.

“As you wish, Love,” Sheldon said as he leaned until their lips met. It was a stiff kiss at first but then their lips started to relax and moved on their own. Sheldon traced her bottom lip with his tongue, asking for entrance, which she gladly accepted. When their tongues met, Sheldon began to push her until her back was against the couch. Amy pulled away, breathing heavily and blushing deep red, and smiled at him.

“I love you,” Amy said before pulling him by his collar and kissing him once more.

“I love you more,” He said as he kissed her collarbone, making his way to her neck, looking for her sensitive spot. Amy gasped as he found it, making him smiled against her skin.

“Holy crap on a cracker!” Penny said in shock, as Sheldon and Amy looked at her with a shocked expression, “Shamy make out session, wow,” She added. Sheldon gave Amy a quick kiss before getting off her and helped her up, both looking flushed. Apparently, Penny wasn’t the only one at the door but the whole gang too. Sheldon couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the inconvenience this was and just crossed his arms and waited for them to leave.

“Woah, am I dreaming?” Howard asked himself.

“Whats with all the making out, I thought that wasn’t your thing?” Penny asked as the couple fixed their clothes and hair.

“It’s our anniversary today,” Amy explained as she leaned against Sheldon’s shoulder.

“Happy anniversary, you two. Sorry to disturb the love but we were wondering if you guys would like to join us for a late dinner,” Leonard said.

“Thank you, but we just ate. Maybe next time,” Amy declined politely.

“Okay, have fun, you two. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and use protection,” Penny winked at Amy as she pushed the others out the door, “And happy anniversary,” Raj added before Penny closed the door completely.

Amy looked at Sheldon and smiled in embarrassment, biting her bottom lip before saying, “Well, that was just untimely.”

“You’re so adorable when you smile like that,” Sheldon complimented and opened his arms for her.

“Well, I’m in love with the cutest man in the world,” Amy replied.

“Now, where were we?” Sheldon winked before attacking Amy’s neck with kisses.


Self doubt becomes a form of self defense.

I’ve been reading a book called ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. The book extensively discusses success, leadership and how men and women are viewed in the work place. It helps you understand just what hinders women towards success and the praise they deserve and why it affects them. Although the book’s general audience are those who are working, it’s also very suitable for students.

While reading, I came across a paragraph that really made me think.

“…for women, 'self-doubt becomes a form of self-defense.’ In order to protect ourselves from being disliked, we question our abilities and downplay our achievements, especially in the presence of others. We put ourselves down before others can.”

As much as we don’t want to admit it, it’s true. Most, if not all, women are like this. We frequently hear other women, and ourselves, say things that belittle us and make us seem smaller. We fear that if we talk about our success — whether at work or school — it would make us sound arrogant, people would say we were bragging no matter how modestly you talk about your achievements. As compared to most men, who gladly and openly discuss their achievements with the SAME amount of modesty a women uses when talking about the same thing, people don’t judge them and call them out for bragging. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying men are unfair and that women deserve more praise because they are much better than them. No, I identify as a feminist and feminism does not mean putting men down. Its not about telling everyone that women are better than men. It’s about equality for both men and women.

In 'Lean In,’ Sandberg refers to something called the Heidi/Howard study. Two professors asked half of the students (from what I understand, students from Harvard Business School) to read about a person named Heidi Roizen, a very successful woman. The exact same story was to be read by the other half of students, except they changed one, small, crucial detail; they renamed Heidi and called her Howard. The two professors asked both groups what they thought of Heidi and Howard (depending on who they read about). From what I read, they agree that Howard, the male, 'came cross as a more appealing colleague’ and Heidi 'was seen as selfish and not “the type of person you would want to her or work for.”’

If you haven’t yet understood the result of the Heidi/Howard study, it’s simple; in the words of Sanberg, “The same data with a single difference— gender— created vastly different impressions.”

Stereotyping is one of the worst things. No matter how much you try to change the way people view you, you’ll still be stereotyped. This doesn’t just go with gender, but with race and others as well. But times are changing, fortunately. More and more women are rising to the top, becoming world leaders and most are getting payed the same amount as men. Also, men are more supportive of women and their goals, their success and their achievements.

Let’s end this women-can’t-do-as-great-as-men mindset that’s been around for as long as the world can remember. If you’re a woman, strive to be the bet you can be! Not only in terms of work, but at school, at sports, etc. You don’t have to be better than everyone or beat everyone else. Just do your best, give it your all, don’t doubt yourself just because of a stupid stereotype. If you’re a man, support the women!! As much as we’re fully capable, we DO need help and support at times.

Believe in yourself and remember that self doubt just holds you back, don’t let it.

-Kyra (

(disclaimer: 1) this is my opinion so please keep it to yourself/don’t tell me I’m wrong if you disagree 2) I frequently quoted Sheryl Sanberg’s Lean In and re-phrased some parts of the book (especially the Heidi/Howard part). For those parts of this article, all credit goes to her book)