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Random thing I just noticed: I'm listening to Emily's music right now and her album cover for Rockstar reminds me of boots. I'm pretty sure it's just black converse (like the song says) but it's so shadowed and literally just her ankles and shoes that it brings back the imagery of Boots. Just a parallel that hit me right now. She also talks about "unreleased Walking Dead episodes" in the song. 😬

Great catch, anon! I think you’re onto something. Here is the single cover for reference:

(picture credit to @allatariel)

While she’s wearing Converse shoes for the cover, the shadows do obscure the laces, making the shoes look more like boots. Footwear has been seeded since season 4. Carl lost a shoe to a walker, and he left a note about it. Then Beth found a child’s shoe, and she thought it belonged to Luke. This continued throughout Gimple’s overarching arc in small things like eggs. It’s not unreasonable that they had the bones of Beth’s return in mind by the time Coda aired. Her album cover for This is War also invokes comic!Andrea. TPTB would want to to connect Emily to the show as much as possible, so using her music as a platform for promotion makes sense. They can promote Emily’s role as Beth while Emily gets promotion for her music and financial support for her This is War tour. It’s a win-win.

Rockstar was Emily’s first project post-Coda. The song came out less than two weeks after the episode aired, and she received marketing-support from TWD (X). It makes sense that they would soak her most immediate projects with Beth-connections, like the Bulletproof Picasso video. Furthermore, Entertainment Weekly premiered the song, with Dalton Ross covering Rockstar (X). Dalton Ross is the writer for EW who covers TWD, and he normally doesn’t write about music. Except when it’s Emily. Emily is an independent artist, so it’s odd that she would receive so much promotion and support from something as big as EW. (I’m not saying that she’s talented, she is; it’s about her being independent and not having the kind of label support that big-name artists do.) You want to know what the first line in the article is? “Beth is alive!!!”.

TPTB are not being subtle about this, and they never have been.


if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet

Just a brief list of the realities of life with an eating disorder.
• hungry all the time, even if you just ate a snack
• eating something even as small as an egg can make you bloated
• lying to everyone, even the people you love
• not being able to do well in school or at work because all you can think of is food
• not being able to climb a set of stairs without feeling like you’re going to pass out
• compulsive exercise, sometimes to the point of complete and utter exhaustion
• fear of foods you used to love
• avoiding social situations that will involve food
• avoiding social situations because you don’t want people to see your body
• wanting to cry every time you look in the mirror
• weighing yourself every morning, even though you know if you don’t like the number, your day will be ruined before it has even started
• hating the people close to you who try to make you stop
• hating yourself for hating those people
• being cold all the time
• almost passing out every time you stand up
• constant fear that someone is going to find out and make you stop
• feeling so alone because you can’t tell anyone what you’re going through
• thinning hair
• knowing that you’re literally killing your body, but doing it anyways
• counting calories the the point of obsession
• constantly comparing yourself to everyone around you
• ruined relationships


-Based on the AU Overwatch Story “Claws That Snatch”. by @mizuaoi​                Link to story:     (It’s an amazing story, go read it…like, now. Not five minutes from now-now, right now as in right this instance now!)

I gotta say, I had a lot of fun with this one! Only issue I really had was posing the ears for Tracer, I wanted to stay consistent with the story’s continuity of having tracer wear a beanie to hide her wolf ears. But since every SFM model of Tracer has her human ears un-editable, I went ahead and placed headphones where in any other circumstance her “normal ears” would be. Other than that, it was an entertaining challenge to recreate the pub from the story, and I think I did well for what I had to work with. 

[I don’t own any of the models used, as they are all owned by their respective creators.]

Diamond City’s littlest detectives

dear jack

Thank you. Just thank you so much. 

I know no one wants to hear a backstory, but I’m going to tell it anyway to make this make more sense.

 I have dissociative disorder (A literal curse from Hades himself. I wouldn’t wish this stupid illness on anyone ever.) and for the past year I haven’t been able to feel any emotions. I watch you for smiles and small bursts of happiness but it’s not like a huge difference. 

But then you brought in Anti. 
When you first brought him in during your first Sister Location I actually spat out my Sprite I was shook. I absolutely LOVED the fanmade anti and you making him cannon in a way made me scream. 
Ever since then I’ve been engrossed in the theories, hc, and small easter eggs and waiting for the 31st for what felt like an eternity (For once!) This brought me closer to the community and I am so glad you brought him into the picture. You helped me feel again. 

I doubt you would want to read the whole thing, but I just needed to put this out there for me and the entire community. WE LOVE ANTI :)

@therealjacksepticeye we love you <3