the slow walk matched the beat


Summary: Professor Negan simply offers one of his students a ride home.

Author:  Multireality

Pairing(s): Professor!Negan x reader

Word Count: 1436

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, slight Daddy and Sir kink, swearing

Author’s Notes: Sorry for taking so long, I was busy with exams. Requested by @ask-kakashihatake I hope you like it.

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“Does anyone have any questions?” Professor Negan spoke, his voice deep and gravelly. Nobody spoke so he continued to clean the blackboard while the rest of the class began to pack up their things and begin to leave the room.

I was at the back, as usual, trying to avoid the attention of others. The girls that surrounded me always teased me for being the quiet one who always gets the highest grades. Sure, I always got A+’s but I worked for it.

The girls that surrounded me were the popular girls who were effortlessly beautiful and were caked in makeup whereas I preferred a more natural look. They were loud and giggly and always tried to gain the attention of Professor Negan. He was foul-mouthed and perfect. His black hair, graying beard, and hazel eyes were the combination to my heart. Yet I was shy remember and therefore have never spoken to him, except one time when I stuttered my way through it and then ran away embarrassed and have yet to speak to him since.

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Shoulder to Shoulder, Side to Side | Peter Parker x Star-kid!Reader

Description: You always seem to be at Peter Parker’s side, whether it be on rooftops after a hard day or at a celebration. 

Notes: This is a mini-bit from the “It’s Hard to Balance” series, and the reader is Star-kid, Lumin, or Starling. Please read this series if you want to read this imagine without spoilers.

Words: 1784

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Stan Lee.

Ships: Avengers x Superpowered!Reader, Peter Parker x Superpowered!Reader


It was one of the quieter nights, you noted. New York was a rowdy place, but tonight, everything was as silent as the dark. As were you and Peter, your cape draped over his back as you stared shoulder-to-shoulder at the city below. His fingers lightly carded through your hair, your masks bunched in a ball atop two empty pizza boxes. He was close to sleep, and your hummed lullaby wasn’t helping to wake him up.

It had just been one of those days. With your identity revealed, you were bully-free, but the same couldn’t be said for Peter. Flash teased him, the football players threatened him, he had to do both his and his partners work in bio. But miserable days at school led to afternoons swinging around the city, guiding old ladies home, taking pictures with fans and playing chess with the homeless at Central Park. The night was saved for you, the adoring silence thickly layered around you both and protecting from you the city’s high winds.

You hummed another verse of the slow song, your head leaned into Peter’s chest. His suit was soft and warm, the light patterns catching on your fingers as you trailed your hand across his chest.”I’m sorry I haven’t been staying with you at the facility as much,” Peter murmured into your hair, caressing your waist. At that moment you were concentrated on fitting your hand against Peter’s, comparing the sizes of your hands with quirked interest,”It’s okay. I’m sure May worries about you.”

“Not more than you do sometimes.” Peter smiled, folding his hands over yours. You gratefully sighed out of your nose when he pressed a kiss to your temple. His lips lingered there for a moment, before you giggled and he parted from you. You turned, taking his face in your hands and blinking up at him like he was the whole world. He would go through a trillion more school days full of bullies, work, and anxiety if it meant you did this with him each night.

Peter gently held your arms, gliding his gloved hands to rest at your wrists as you pulled him in. This, like every other time you kissed, was slow and loving. Peter progressed it by pushing in further, your sweet taste a luxury in comparison to the rest of day. It was a freedom he’d die for. It was a freedom you’d die for.

“Mr. Parker,” You pressed your brow against his, pulling from his lips reluctantly,”You are sugar personified.” The way you looked at him, with your E/C eyes swirling with love and your touch combing along his scalp, Peter felt the air he breathed was thicker. Thick with emotion. Oh, if the rest of the team could see you now. Peter, they believed he was innocent and precious. They viewed you as an infinite powerhouse. Right now you were puddles, collected in one another’s hands.

“Good thing you have a sweet tooth.” Peter laughed, wrapping his other arm around your waist. Your cape slipped off his shoulder as he shifted, and you tenderly righted it while going on to explain your recent prank war with Pietro and Clint.

At first, Peter was a little jealous. The rest of the team could be themselves at the party, but if he wanted to show up and get credit, he’d have to be Spider-Man. Which, at first, wasn’t really a problem. But Starling, or Y/N L/N, was with Peter Parker— not Spider-Man. So either he can go to the victory party and get credit from everyone, or he could go as Peter Parker and dance with you all night. He made his decision when you winked at him that morning. Besides, most of the team had a date. Wanda and Vision, Pepper and Tony. So if you, the Avenger that had clearly publicized your relationship, didn’t have a date… that would be bad.

Pietro and Bucky gave him tips. Bucky was more helpful even if he’d forgotten most of what he was going to suggest, but most of his ideas were more gentlemanly compared to Pietro’s. They were all pretty traditional, but reminded Peter to have courage; kiss your hand, offer your jacket, pull out your chair.

The victory party was going to occur in Malibu. After defeating Galactus, most of the team needed a pick-me-up, and Pepper and Tony were already arguing about having a taco bar or not. Tony threw a party after every major mission and now was no exception.

The music had started but barely any guests had arrived. You were finishing up in the bathroom while he looked around your room. You had a room in every one of Tony’s homes, but this and the one in the New Avengers Facility were more crowded with your personality. There were polaroids of you and him plastered on a corkboard, posters of objects of your interests, a mini-fridge loaded with your favorite snacks. Peter found himself smiling at the photos, his heart beating anxiously in preparation for the night. He was never really one for parties.

You exited the bathroom, desperately trying to reach for the zipper on your dress. With a grunt of distress you gestured behind you,”Pete, can you…?” Peter stuttered at your appearance, the (color) dress glowing in time with your skin-tone, wrapping around your body like a second skin. It was tight… but in all the right places…

“Yeah, um, sure. Come here.” You turned around, guiding your hair over your shoulder as you waited for his assistance. Peter took the pull tab between his thumb and forefinger, gently dragging it up the chain and over your spine. You shivered beneath his touch, curving around to face him. Your arms came up to fold around his neck, one hand gently stroking his jaw as you took in his appearance,”You need to wear suits more, Spidey.” You whispered. Peter blushed, gently pressing you against his chest,”May-maybe, yeah.” With a flustered shrug, Peter pointed to his undone tie,”Can you…?”

You took the tie in your hands and began to tie it, folding and knotting as Peter admired your face. You glanced up at him, smiling sneakily at him as soon as the knot had been finished. You tugged on it to make sure it was perfect, pulling Peter’s face closer to yours with the pull, before you kissed him as fiercely as you could manage. Peter responded with unhidden enthusiasm, pawing at your back and waist as you messed up his hair.

“You know I love you, right?” Peter asked breathlessly, following your lead down the hall to the main areas of the event. You slowed your walk to match his steps, flashing him a dazzling smile,”I love you too, Peter.” You both smiled like idiots in that instant, legs jello and hearts a flutter, shoulder-to-shoulder as your shoes clipped down the hall. The music began to steadily grow in volume as you entered the heart of the party… which wasn’t beating as loud yet.

“Hey, Dad!” You called out across the way. He was leaning against the bar, and nearly did a spit take as the pair of you approached.”What?” You questioned in response to the face he made. Tony gestured to your outfit,” Sorry, I thought you were just some random kid that broke into our house and called me ‘dad’. Since when do you wear dresses, Star-nerd?”

“That’s Quill’s title,” You defended your name,”And I wore them since Peter started liking them.” You laughed. Tony’s eyes flashed to Peter’s, the teen’s hands suddenly clammy and face paler than the moon,”I just… I just thought that she’d, uh, be able to fight better in them, sir… wha-what with her legs being more… free?” Peter tried to save himself, but you shook them both off with a snigger,”I’m just joking. Where are the others?”

“Either here or on their way. Even T’Challa RSVP’d, so everyone should be coming over. We’ve got a few other guests too, I think Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Speedy Gonzalez are bringing some friends from your school.” As Tony relayed the news you and Peter exchanged a mutual glance of anxiety; that could either mean Michelle and Wanda chilling by the punch bowl skeptically, or the entire Midtown football team hiking after Pietro. Hopefully not both.

“Oh, well, where’s mom?” You wondered. With a start, you suddenly flushed and rushed to correct yourself,”PEPPER! I said Pepper, good ol’ Pep. Not mom. I didn’t say mom. Peter, did I say mom?” You turned to him, hoping for his assistance in your embarrassed state. You’d referred to Pepper as “mom” to him in private, as a code-name for when you were discussing your surprises for her and Tony’s wedding.

“What? No, you didn’t say mom! Yeah, no, she didn’t say mom. What are you talking about, Mr. Stark?” Peter flushed along with you for no apparent reason, squeezing your hand in hopes to convey his second-hand embarrassment for you. Tony shook his head, smiling at the thought of Pepper,”You two are made for each other. Now go get some punch or something.” He chuckled, watching you and Peter skitter off like startled animals.

“Hands above the waist, Parker!” He added in parting. Peter’s hand immediately shot up higher, fearfully retracting his touch. You put your hand over his and slid it back to your hip, shaking your head but internally thanking the distraction,”C’mon, Parker. Dance with me before the dance floor’s too crowded.”

Peter couldn’t say no, he didn’t want to say no, and thus collected you in his arms.”Ay, Lee!” You shouted to the DJ. The elderly man pulled out an earbud,”Yeah, Stark?” You gestured to your and Peter’s dancing position,”Can you play something slow for the gentleman and me?” You said teasingly in a “rich person” voice. Stan aimed a pair of finger-guns at you,”You got it, kids!” He punched a button the laptop in front of him, one of your favorite slow songs beginning to play steadily.

“Nice DJ.” Peter complimented quietly as you began to sway.”Good guy, but I don’t know much about him.” You responded. Peter sighed happily, whispering something about how he wasn’t one for parties. You agreed, resting your cheek against his shoulder. Giggling, you nuzzled into his neck, draping your arms over his shoulders. Guests were just beginning to arrive as the chorus started in.

Peter gently began to whisper the lyrics of the song in your ear, his lips grazing your skin with every word. Breathing in his scent, you exhaled peacefully. Oh, what a night.

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Just Friends (part eleven) - Stiles Stilinski

You bit your lip, staring intensely at your reflection in the mirror.  You’d tried on the dress you’d gotten for Prom, which was in six hours, and you were suddenly re thinking everything.  So you did the only thing you thought you could do when you were contemplating your look.

“Hey it’s Lydia Martin!” A happy voice said through the receiver.  “Is this y/n?”

“Yeah, it’s me” You said shakily, fingers brushing over the fabric of your dress.  “Lydia I don’t know about this dress I need help-”

“You still at Stiles’ place?” She asked, you nodded, then remembered you were only on the phone.

“Yeah” You said aloud.

“I’m on my way.  Stay where you are.  Don’t let him see it okay!?” She scolded.

“Alright, I’m in the upstairs bathroom” You huffed.

“Already in my car.  See you soon” She said, and hung up.  You set your phone on the counter, which was covered with eyeliner pencils, shadow palettes, lipsticks, lip glosses, everything under the sun of makeup.  You had one eye done with a pretty cat eye look, but you were unsure about it so you didn’t do the other.

“Hey y/n?” There were knocks on the door as Stiles tried to open it.  “I need the bathroom”

“Liar” You called back.  He’d been trying to see your dress all day, and every time was a new lame excuse.

“Am not, I need to pee!” He exclaimed.

“Well luck you, you have a bathroom downstairs, now I’m having a crisis so if you could go do your business somewhere else that’d be great” You said.

“Crisis? Need help-”


“Alright alright!” You could tell that he’d thrown his hands in the air.  “Hope you don’t burn your air with the curly stick or anything”

“Curly stick?” You repeated in a mumble.  You figured he meant the curling iron.  “I’m fine Stiles” You said, and heard him walk down the stairs.  Again, your attention was brought to the mirror.  What if he thought you looked ugly? There was a knot tied in your stomach at the thought, because what if he did.  What if he thought-

The doorbell rang.

“ANSWER IT!” You screamed, and Stiles yelped a little, falling off the couch before rushing to open the door.


“I’m here on a fashion crisis” She pushed past him, walking up the steps without another word.  Stiles shook his head, going back to the couch.

As soon as you heard Lydia’s heels clicking in the hall outside the bathroom, you opened the door for her.  Revealing her with her giant bag of makeup and hair supplies.

“You look gorgeous what seems to be the issue?” You smiled for a brief moment, but frowned shortly after.

“I don’t know what I’m doing, I tried makeup but I’ve got no idea what I’m doing, no idea Lydia, I’m losing my mind, do I do my hair? What if I over do it-”

“Wow you need stress relief first” Lydia chuckled.  She put her hands on your shoulders, sitting you down onto the closed toilet.  “Be right back” She left the room, and came back in quickly, rolling Stiles’ desk chair into the bathroom in front of her.

“Lydia what’s wrong with me” You sighed with a bitter chuckle.

“Nothing.  You just want to impress someone that get’s their breath taken away by the mere mention of your name, has a mini heart attack” You giggled a little bit as she gathered some makeup supplies.  “Mind if I do your other eye?” You shook your head, and shut your eyes so Lydia could do her thing.  “You did very well on this one” Lydia said, and you just nodded.  Your hands were twisting together in your lap as you grew more and more nervous.



“I’m kind of scared”

“Scared? Why scared?” She asked in concern, focused on your sharp wing as she dragged the brush along your eyelid.

“I’ve never… I haven’t really..” You searched for the right words.  “I’ve never really liked a boy this much before” You told her.  “Like, a lot” Lydia smiled, though you couldn’t see it.

“Want to know something that will make you feel better?” You nodded slightly.

“Yes please”

“God Stiles is freaking out too” Lydia giggled.

“SCOTT YOU’RE SO INCREDIBLY UNHELPFUL!” Stiles yelled in the McCall living room.  “All I need to do is learn how to slow dance.  How can I go to Prom with her if I can’t even dance with her?” He asked, and his friend chuckled.

“Yikes, you don’t know how to dance?”

“No- well not like that” Stiles said, and Scott laughed again.

“Alright, I’ll teach you but only because if you’re dancing at Prom, then you aren’t bothering Kira and I” Scott said, standing from the couch.  Stiles sprung up immediately.  “I’ll be y/n, you be you, got it?” Stiles nodded his head rapidly.

“What do I do”

“Hands on my waist” Scott said, wrapping his own hands around Stiles’ neck.  Stiles held Scott, and he began giggling.

“What?” Stiles asked.

“It tickles” Scott said, still grinning crookedly.  Stiles rolled his eyes.

“You’re unbelievable-”

“Hey, eyes on mine.  Eye contact is romantic” Scott instructed, holding Stiles’ jaw and turning his face to his.  “Then all you have to do is sorta sway around” Scott demonstrated, twirling them in slow circles.  This continued for a minute, when Melissa walked in.

“Boys are you getting ready for Pro-” She stopped in her tracks when she saw her son dancing with Stiles, making very romantic eye contact might she add.  At least before the realized her presence, and snapped their heads to Scott’s mom.

“I can expl-”

“Don’t wanna know” The woman said, putting her hands up and walking out before Stiles could explain to her what was going on.  He sighed, pulling away from Scott.

“Time to get changed?” Scott asked.  Stiles looked at his phone.  There was an hour until they had to go get the girls, who were all at Lydia’s house at the moment.

“Yeah, yeah that’s a good idea” Stiles said, taking in a deep breath.

“Nervous?” Scott asked.

“Nervous is an understatement” Stiles replied.

“Well would you like a piece of advice?” Scott asked.

“Is it legitimate help-”

“She’s probably a thousand times more nervous than you” Scott chuckled.  “Kira texted me, said she was worried about tonight”

“Worried in what way?” Stiles asked, and Scott shrugged.

“Kye said she didn’t trust me to keep my mouth shut.  That’s all I got for ya” Scott said.

“So we’re back to you being incredibly unhelpful” Stiles groaned.

You sat on Lydia’s bed, all ready and done up.  Your makeup was finished, your cat eyes showing off your stunning y/e/c eyes, and your hair was done.  Lydia had straightened it, then curled the ends into beautiful ringlets.  You wore white pumps with your dress, which were tapping on the floor nervously.

“Would you stop that? It’s making me anxious” Kira said as Lydia was putting on a clear protective coat of paint on her electric blue painted nails.

“Yeah, and a nervous Kira shakes, and I’m trying to make these look pretty” Lydia said, not looking away from her work on Kira’s finger nails.

“Sorry” You said.  “I’m gonna go get a drink of water” You said, and quickly excused yourself from the room.

Sneakily taking your phone out of Lydia’s purse, where she’d confiscated all of your phones.  Just to make sure it was solid girl time.

You went down the steps quickly, pressing the phone to your ear as you’d already clicked on the first contact in your recent calls section.

“y/n?” Stiles picked up on the first ring.

“Hey” You breathed, instantly feeling a little relief.

“Hey, everything going good with the girls?” He asked you.

“Yeah yeah fine just… just tired honestly.  I’ve never dressed up this much” You said with a nervous laugh.  Stiles reciprocated the sound.

“Yeah I don’t think that I have either to be honest with you” He said, and you smiled a little bit.  “But I’m excited to see you” He said, and your smile grew big, a warmth settling in your chest.

“Yeah, I’m excited to see you too” You responded.  You turned to check the time on the oven.  “Ten minutes right?” You asked.

“Yep” He responded.  Then you heard foot steps.

“I’m not supposed to have my phone I gotta go” You rushed.

“Okay bye-”

You hung up, shoving your phone into your bra as Lydia and Kira entered the kitchen.

“Drinks anybody?” Lydia asked.

“Nah, the punch is probably spiked” Kira said.  “I’ll just ask Scott to sniff it out.  He probably do that, right?” You laughed a little.

The three of you stood in the kitchen for a little bit, mostly talking about the Prom theme, which was A Night Under the Stars.  Cheesy, yes.  But you all had wondered if the decorations were as beautiful as they potentially could be.

“I’m gonna go get our phones and check our hair, they’ll be here soon” You said, excusing yourself up the steps.  You pulled your phone out, and grabbed Kira and Lydia’s as well.  Then went into the bathroom to check on your hair.  Your fingers messing with it.  Tucking strands behind your ear, then pushing them back forward unsure on which looked better.

The doorbell rang.

You heard the girls rush to the door, opening it with excited squeals. 

 “Scott! Stiles!” Lydia said excitedly. 

 “Kira, you look absolutely stunning” You heard Scott say, and figured she’d kissed him in response. 

 “Okay guys break it up” Stiles said, and your heart skipped a beat. You stood by the staircase, but out of view of the others. “Hey, where y-” You walked out, taking a big deep breath and walking down the steps. Your pace slowed when you saw him, dressed in a tux with a black tie, deciding to somewhat match you, in a more classic way. You licked your lips, and Lydia mentally scolded you. You could tell through her eyes that she didn’t want you messing up your lipstick. 

Time seemed to stop for Stiles the moment he saw you. The room was silenced, except for your heels clicking down the steps. Your long legs shown off, soft hair cascading over your shoulders in waves of y/h/c. When you reached the end of the steps, you stared up at him, a nervous glint in your eyes.

“Pictures!” Kira yelled before either of you could say anything to each other. “Okay, but just a few” Lydia said. “I want most of em to be taken at the school” The next three minutes were all of you taking selfies and pictures of each other. Lydia took a picture of you and Stiles, his arm comfortably around your waist. It lingered there a few seconds after you finished. 

 “Hey um" You turned, blinking as you looked up at him again. Stiles released your arm. 

 "Hi" You said back with a sweet smile. “Exciting, isn’t it?” Stiles nodded, looking up at the ceiling as he searched for words. 

 "Yeah, look um I think tonight you look-“ Stiles looked back to you, seeing you walking out to Rasco. 

 "Coming?” You called with a slight smirk. 

 "-really beautiful" Stiles sighed, but smiled as he ran up to you and the others.

Stiles got in the driver’s seat, you already were in the passenger’s seat.  Kira Scott and Lydia sat in the back, with Kira in the middle.  Soft music played, and everyone chattered about how excited they were.

“Oh my God Scott our Prom pictures are going to be so cute I can just see it now” Kira said, eyes wide with awe and giddiness.

“I’m not doing Prom pictures, I’m flying steady” Lydia said, moving her hand in the air like it were a wave.

“And how bold of you to do so.  The Lydia Martin, without a date to the Prom”

“It’s overrated anyways”

“Is that why you turned down the hundred boys that asked you?” Kira asked, and you giggled, watching their encounter through the rear view mirror.

“First of all, it was six.  Not a hundred” Lydia said, checking her lipstick in her phone camera.  “Second of all, there will be a line of boys begging to dance with us.  And I’ll be the only one who can say yes” Lydia grinned at her reflection.  “You and y/n will be a little busy with your dates, don’t you think?” You blushed, but looked over at Stiles as he was sneaking a glance to you.  He was smiling.

When you parked at the school, Stiles practically ran around the car to open the door for you.  You giggled as you unbuckled your seat belt, taking the hand he offered you and stepping out.

Kira squealed, excitedly grabbing Scott’s arm and tugging him towards the squeal in such a fast pace, that they were practically running.

“Come on you losers lets go to Prom” Lydia said, following after her friend to the school.  Stiles looked t you, hooking his arm out.

“Shall we?” Your eyes were torn from the mass amount of students going inside, looking over at him with a gentle smile.

“We shall” You said, slipping your hand into his arm.  You walked with him like this, holding onto him for dear life until you reached the entrance.  Stiles opened the door for you, and you paused, staring inside.  The halls were decorated with streamers, leading to the gym, where the dance itself was held.

“You okay? He asked upon seeing your hesitation.  You swallowed before licking your lips, eyes on all the couples, holding hands and kissing sweetly before going into the gymnasium.  

“Can I have your hand?” You asked, and he nodded, holding the door open with his opposite hand, and taking yours with the one closest.  You intertwined your fingers with Stiles’ easily, squeezing onto his hand, and he squeezed back.

“Ready?” You nodded, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.

“I’m ready” You affirmed.“Come on y/n, please? One dance.  Just one that’s all please?” Kira begged in front of you, holding both of your hands as you sat at a table.  Your eyes scanned the crowd with an unsure feeling.

“I don’t know Kira…” You said quietly.  “There’s a lot of people out there-”“They won’t be watching” She promised.  

“No one watches, they’re too busy enjoying themselves” Again you looked at the crowd.  Scott, Lydia, and Stiles dancing around and jumping to the music.  A certain caramel eyed boy with freckles and moles scattered on his cheeks caught your eye.  He grinned widely, and waved you over.  You crinkled your nose and shook your head.  “Come on, even Stiles wants you to dance with him” You tucked your bottom lip between your teeth to keep from smiling.

“Kira-” You stopped when Stiles looked over his shoulder again, and began walking over to you.  “Shit” You mumbled, and Kira giggled, nd released your hands.

“Come on, come dance with me” Stiles said, holding his own hand out to you.

“Stiles I can’t-”

“Neither can anybody. but does it look like anyone cares? No, they don’t” Your brow furrowed a little.

“Whatever happened to me making my own decisions?” You asked, and Stiles chuckled, taking both of your hands now and pulling you up to stand.

“Too bad” He said, and your feet ended up following him to the dance floor.

“y/n you came!” Scott cheered, spinning Kira around in a circle to the beat of the fast song playing.  You wrung your hands together, looking around quickly in the big crowd of students.  Your eyes landed on Stiles, who was swaying around aimlessly.

“Yeah” He replied, holding onto your hands again.  “But who cares” Stiles added.

“I do… it’s like… three hundred people watching me” You said uneasily, your gaze darting around the room again,

“Hey” Stiles said softly, and you looked to him.  “It’s just me” He told you.  “Breathe y/n, it’s just me, I’m the only one looking at you” He said.  You nodded shakily, and taking a few breaths like he told you.  When you felt more relaxed, you smiled up at him.  “There she is!” Stiles said ecstatically, and he spun your around my your hand.

You and the others danced around to the upbeat songs, feeling a lot more carefree and happy.  Jumping here and there with Kira, joking around with Lydia as pretended to ball room dance to a rap songs that you’d never heard of.  But your favorite thing was when Stiles would twirl you around, your dress flying out a little bit, swaying around your legs when he’d pull you back into his chest for a short moment, both of you bearing big smiles.  Everyone had big smiles actually.

But eventually you all grew tired, and Kira and Scott took the opportunity to get their Prom pictures taken.  You watched them walk off, and met eyes with Stiles.

“Do you want to go do that? Or-or not it doesn’t make a difference to me” You said, shrugging like it didn’t.  But you really wanted him to say yes.

“Yeah sure, why not” Stiles smiled sheepishly, and you followed after Kira and Scott.

“Thanks!” The girl was saying to the photographer, ogling over the photos that he’d given her and Scott.  “These are so good!” She said happily.

“Let me see” You said, looking at the romantic photos of the couple.  “You two better win King and Queen” You said with a sweet smile.

“Undoubtedly” Scott said with his own big smile that made you laugh.

“Next” The photographer said.

“That’s us” Stiles told you, and you walked with him to the little area with a pink backdrop.

“Alright, here’s the poses.  Pick one” He handed you a card stock printout of different poses the two of you could choose.  One where you were kissing, one where he sat on the stool, and you sat on his leg, and the last one was him standing behind you, arms wrapped around your front, and your hands intertwined.  You both agreed on the last option.

“Alright, I’m gonna count own from three, and do it twice so you’ll each have a copy” The woman said, and you pulled on Stiles’ arms.  Your eyes on your feet to make sure they were placed properly, while you wrapped Stiles’ arms around your torso.

“You good?” He asked, and you smiled with a nod.

“Perfect” You replied.

“Three… two….one” Flash.  Picture one printed off at the table to the side.  “Second picture” She announced, and you smiled big again.  “Three… two… one” Flash.  Picture two printed over top of the other one.

“Thank you so much” You said to the woman, releasing Stiles’ hands to go look at the pictures.

“My pleasure. you’re the cutest couple I’ve photographed today” She replied with a smile.  Neither of you bothered to correct her, just smiled back as you both inspecting the pictures.  You and Stiles headed to the table to leave them there for safe keeping.

“She’s not wrong” You jumped when you heard Lydia, not knowing that she’d been with you.  “You guys are an adorable duo” The strawberry blonde winked, and you blushed, looking down at your feet.  Before anything else could be said, a slow song began to play, and Lydia lit up.  “Excuse me lovebirds, but I need to go find myself a cute boy” She said, and strutted off in search of an unsuspecting prey.  You giggled, laying your photo sheet down on the table, still standing with Stiles and pretending to be interested in the tablecloth.

“Do you wanna dance?” He asked unsurely, and your head snapped up.  “Or not, that’s okay-”

“No no I’d love to it’s just.. I have no idea how” You said with embarrassment in your tone.

“Well lucky you, Scott just taught me” Stiles said.  And again this night, he held his hand out to you, awaiting your answer.  You bit on your lip.  “Trust me, if either of us is going to be humiliated tonight, it’s going to be me.  I guarantee you I will run into a table and get food all over this suit” You giggled, and slipped your hand into his.

“You make a convincing argument Stilinski” You said softly, and he walked backwards, pulling you with him to the dance floor.  You kept your eyes on his, wide and full of curiosity for this boy.  Even when his hand wrapped around your waist, holding your one tightly by your shoulders, it was difficult for you to process what was happening.

And suddenly, it really was just him.  It was just him.  Staring at you, and dancing with you, and holding you like you were the most fragile thing in the world.  And you smiled.

“This is real” You whispered, your free hand laying up on his shoulder.

“Mhm” Stiles hummed, smiling down at you.

“We’re at Prom” You added, smiling a little brighter, and Stiles chuckled.

“We are indeed” He said.  A hook came in the song, and he spun you around.  But it wasn’t as quick and playful, it was slow and elegant.  He pulled you back, both of his hands on your waist now, and your arms wrapped around his neck.  You were much closer, chest to chest.  You took a few moments to just look up at him again, but long enough to have him question you through a raised brow.

“Nothing” You said softly.  “I’m just really glad I came here” You told him, and laid your head against his collarbone, still swaying to the music.  “With you” You added, and Stiles smiled, rubbing a hand up and down your back.

“Yeah well I’m really glad I came here with you too sunshine” He murmured into your hair, and in a bold move, kissed your cheek.  A long kiss, not just a peck this time.  He felt you smile before he pulled away, leaning his head against yours.  “I didn’t get the chance to tell you” He said quietly.  “But you look really beautiful tonight” You giggled silently into his shoulder.  “I mean- you look beautiful every day- not that beautiful is a strong enough word really more like stunning, or gorgeous but-”

“Thanks Stiles” You said, pulling back from him to look him in the eye, your eyes crinkled by your smile.  “I guess I did end up impressing you” You whispered, and Stiles smiled despite himself.

“You impress me every day y/n, you don’t have to dress up.  You could literally be in pajamas and drooling on my blankets like you do in the mornings, and I swear, you’ll still take my breath away” You cheeks grew hot in a blush, and your heart rate sped up.

“Really?” You whispered, the word barely audible, he only knew you said it because he was so focused on your lips.  He brought a hand up to brush along your jaw.

“Yeah, yeah really” Stiles murmured back, and your eyes grew wet, as you just stared at this boy in front of you.  Something you’ve been doing a lot of lately.  “I did ask you to Prom, didn’t I?”

“Well your friends did pressure you into it”

“No” He shook his head.  “They helped me when I thought they were throwing me under the bus.  I wanted to ask you, but I didn’t know how” You smiled a small little smile.

“Really?” You asked again, and he nodded.  “Why?”

“Why?” He repeated, brows drawn together at the question, and you nodded.  “Because y/n, if I didn’t, a million other guys would’ve and-” He stopped when you started laughing.  “What’s so funny?” You shook your head.

“Sorry it’s just- no one else was going to ask me” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be like that y/n”

“Like what?”

“Like you don’t know how fucking perfect you are” Your eyes widened at his sudden profanity.  “Because you have to know” You opened your mouth to say something, but no words came out.  “How many times am I going to have to tell you how amazing you are? You’re hilarious, you’rs brilliant, you’re sweet, even if you don’t want people to know it, and you’re beautiful, y/n you’re so beautiful-”

“Stop” You said quietly.  “Stop you’re going to make me cry and then Lydia will strangle both of us” His thumb brushed along your jaw, hand still laying there.

“y/n” Stiles said softly, and you blinked your watery eyes dry.  You barely realized he’d leaned forward, looking from your eyes to your lips, then back to your eyes, as though unsure if you were okay with it.

You answered by leaning up on the tips of your toes and capturing his lips with yours in a searing kiss.  Both of your eyes were shut tightly, scared that when you opened them, you’d wake up, and it will all have been a dream.  When you parted, Stiles quickly opened them to look at you, though you kept yours shut.

“Tell me that was real” You whispered, and he breathed out a laugh.

“It was real” Stiles said, and leaned down to kiss you again, arms tightening around your waist, you grinned against his lips, and he did too, until you couldn’t kiss anymore.  Your fingers played with the ends of his hair, and you were blushing hard.  “Definitely real” Stiles breathed, and your smile softened.

“Stiles” You whispered.  “I don’t do… I don’t do the boyfriend thing-” Stiles’ face immediately fell, and it broke your heart.

“I know I’m sor-”

“Because I don’t know how it…works” You said nervously.  “I’m not good with talking, it takes a lot and relationships are based on trust and how could you trust me if I take forever to-”

Stiles cut you off, cupping your cheeks and pulling you in for a long kiss.  His lips lingered against yours, brushing them softly as he spoke.

“y/n I trust you, one hundred percent.  With.  My.  Life” Your lips quivered against his.

“I trust you too” You said, hands splaying on his cheeks, fingers brushing over his skin as they curled and stretched.  “A lot, it’s just… I don’t know what if something happens?”

“Well then I won’t let anything happen” Stiles whispered, placing a light kiss on your lips.

“You can’t promise that” You said as he kissed you again.

“Yes I can” Stiles replied, giving you another kiss.  “I can” Kiss.

No you can’t” Kiss.

Can too”


Can not”


I love you”

No kiss.

You stared up at him with awestruck eyes.

“I love you” He said again, the same genuine look on his face.


“y/n come on! They’re announcing king and queen!” Kira grabbed your arm, already pulling you out of Stiles’ grasp, but you tugged away.

“No!” You yelled.  “No! I’m so done with not being able to finish for myself, I always get cut off and I’m tired of it happening” You said, standing your ground.  Kira looked at you shocked, having had no idea what was happening before she’d tugged on your arm.  You took in a deep breath, regaining your stability again.  By now Scott and Lydia were around you guys too, and you turned back to look at Stiles, who hadn’t moved a muscle.

He looked like a mixture of emotions.  Sad, scared, hopeful.. you could go on.

But you turned completely, facing him and breathing in again, hoping to steady your voice.

I didn’t say it back” You said, and you both seemed to move at the same time, colliding in an earth shattering kiss.  Sure, your first one was passionate, but this, this was ground breaking.  Stiles lifted you up around the waist, spinning you around for a second.  When you were set back down, you stood on the tips of your toes.

You didn’t have to” He responded in the brief moment you parted, and in seconds your lips found each other again, in a much more soft kiss, yet long and meaningful.

You wished you could take a picture of the feeling you had.  He was warm, and tasted like the vanilla cupcakes at the snack table.  His arms were protective, chest a firm pillow to lean against.  Kissing him was better than any high, any drug, better than any sweet treat.  It gave you butterflies that fluttered relentlessly in your stomach.

“Scott McCall, and Kira Yukimura!” 

You and Stiles pulled away wen your friends were announced.

“Good for them” You hummed, watching for a short moment as a crown was placed on each of their heads.

“Yeah mhm” Stiles hummed mindlessly, hooking a finger under your chin, and turning you back to bring your lips to his.  You hummed a quiet sigh of content, wrapping your arms loosely around his neck.

You could do this forever.

“Alright, thanks for the ride guys I had a great time” Lydia grinned, and squeezed your shoulder before getting out of the jeep.

“Bye Lydia” You called collectively with the group, then drove off.

“So” Scott smirked into the rear view mirror, his eyes then landing on yours and Stiles’ intertwined hands resting on your leg.  “Are ya a thing now?”

“Define thing” Stiles said, shooting you a secret wink that made you smile.

“Ya know are you guys like-”

“Are you boyfriend and girlfriend or not.  We can’t wait forever” Kira spoke up, and you giggled.

“I’d say so, yes” You answered, unable to help a smile to yourself.

Kira was gushing and squealing all the way to Scott’s house.

Even as they both got out and walked to his door, (neither of you questioned them staying together.  Too afraid of the honest answer) you could hear her going on about how cute double dates and babies would be.  

You and Stiles drove back to your house, you having decided it was time to be back in your own bed.  Even if his arms were much more cozier.  Besides, you had to gush to someone that wasn’t Kira, and your mom seemed like a good bet.  Maybe it’d begin to stitch up and wounds left in your relationship with her.

He parked the jeep in your drive, and you looked over at him, watching as he leaned over the console, placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

“I might take advantage of getting to do that” He told you, and you smiled softly.

“I think you are already Stilinski” You hummed back.  “Walk me to my door?” He nodded, and as expecting, jumped out of the jeep to run around, and get the door for you.  “You’re hopeless” You said, and he lifted you up, setting you down dramatically.  You giggled nonetheless, loving this randomly romantic side of him.  Stiles’ hand was clasped around yours as you walked together to your doorstep.

“Well, I had a lovely night with you y/n” He said, turning to face you, and you smiled with a nod.

“I had a lovely night with you too Stiles” You said, leaning up on the tips of your toes, the briefest moment of hesitation before you pressed your lips against his in one more sweet kiss.

“Goodnight” He whispered, nose brushing yours as you parted.

“Goodnight Stiles” You murmured back, and opened the door.  He squeezed your hand before letting go, and walking a few steps to his car.  “Stiles?” He looked back at you, and you smiled.  A beautiful, soft, angelic smile.


“I love you too”


ok but i’m legitimately emotional bc i gained so many followers and friends and i feel like people really liked this story, but i hope that i can improve from here, so thank you to EVERYONE for support and love and notes and ah i’m just so happy to have you guys.  i also hope i borke your hearts at some points, and that this chapter made it better lol i’m a monster

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Accidents Happen 2: Avoidance

Part Twoooo! Hope you guys enjoy! I know I did ;)
Reader x Jeff Hardy
Word Counter: 1,702
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUTTY SMUT, anger, fighting, dominant Jeff Hardy.
Jeffs been avoiding you since the kiss. Will you finally find out why?

Six days, you think to yourself, laying in your hotel room. Six days since the last text message from Jeff. Might as well get sleep, tomorrow is RAW. You roll over in your bed, swiftly closing your eyes.

The Cajundome. Lafayette, LA.

You roll up into the parking lot in your midnight blue Chevy Tahoe, parking close to the door so you don’t have to walk far. Thank god there was a spot runs through your mind. You grab your duffle bag and get out of the truck as Matt walks up to you. He squeezes you in a tight hug.

“You ready to kick some French ass tonight?!”, Matt yells excitedly.

“I’d rather have french toast but hey, french ass is good too”, you say, trying to bring any other emotion than anger up, your head swings up as you stare up at him, the twisted look in your eyes speaks volumes. He knows, and the expression on his face is enough to send you into a quiet rage. He’s been purposely avoiding you.

Spinning on your heels, you walk through the back entrance doors, damn near knocking the security guards out of your way. Matt follows behind you as your phone buzzes. 2 Text Messages: Jeffro. Stopping in the hall, you stand still, staring at your phone. Your stomach turns, taking a deep breath as your finger drags across your screen. Touching the envelope icon, you read the messages with a knot in your throat.

Jeffro: (½ 6:30:43pm) Hey, I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you. I needed time to think about what I did, and what I did was wrong. Good luck in your match and I promise that

Jeffro: (2/2 6:30:50pm) it’ll never happen again.

Your heart starts beating out of your chest, the sound of a melancholy drum pulses through your entire body. It’ll never happen again. Event security, referees, and staff walk by you in slow motion as you begin to hyperventilate from anger. Your head turns slowly as you look to the older Hardy brother.

“I’m gonna go get into my gear”.

You walk away, heading towards the women’s locker room. As you burst through the door, you instantaneously lean against the wall. You take few deep breaths and begin to get into your gear. The black leather shorts and a bright purple top for tonight’s edition of Raw. You glance in the mirror after you’re dressed and take a look at the faint scar on your head. Why did he kiss me?

You walk out of the locker room, and notice Matt was waiting for you. He stands up off the ground as you both heard towards the curtain. You turn the corner, “I don’t know Matt, why did h-“, you sentence is interrupted as you run into Jeff who is walking with Bray Wyatt. Bray stops talking about the cage match between them later and nods, walking away, leaving you two in complete silence.

“(Y/N), I..”

You reach back and push your hands to his chest, shoving him backwards so hard, your hair flings around your face.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You kiss me and then avoid me for a week! A week Jeff”, your face scowls with anger as you turn your head to the floor, “you don’t just get to fuck with my feelings like this!”

Jeff pushes his face into his hands, pulling them down against his skin. He then begins to rub his temple, trying to find the right words. You both snap out of the heated moment by the sound of the Hardy Boys theme starting up.

“We’ll talk later. After my match. So stay close or I’ll come find you.”

You turn on your feet and exit the hallway through the big black curtain. Jeff leans against the wall as the crowd screams for his older brother and his closest friend. He leans his head against the gray wall and looks over only to find Seth Rollins staring at him.


“You are in sooo much trouble”, Seth laughs as he walks away, leaving Jeff alone. He pulls off his dark gray hoodie, tying it around his waist as he waits, knowing better than to leave.

Your match isn’t long, a couple few good shots, some high flying action from both you and Matt, and an old Hardy Boys era Poetry In Motion set you up long enough for Maryse to pin you using the ropes as leverage to win. The start of an interesting rivalry between you and Maryse.

Walking back through the curtain, you see Jeff still where he was before you left, his hands in his pockets, his legs crossed, and your heart flutters at how amazing he looks. Stop, you’re supposed to be angry. He looks over at you, not saying a word. Matt takes off to the locker room before the claws come out.

“What did you want,”, he asks bluntly, the lack of emotion hurts you, “and if you could walk and talk, that’d be great, because someone has to get ready for a headlining cage match”.

“Explain the reason behind you kissing me”, you struggle to get out as you slip off your wrestling boots.

Jeff turns and leads the way down the hall, “because sometimes I’m an idiot who makes mistakes”, he turns around to you, walking backwards, “I may look and act like an alien but you know, still very much human”. He spins back around as he reaches his locker room.

“Jeff, I love you”.

The four words hit him like bricks, making him stop still by his door, his breathing slowed, “…what was that?

“I love you, you idiot”.

He grabs your arm, pulling you into his room, locking the door behind you. You’re pinned in the corner of the room behind a six foot tall Hardy boy, with tattoos covering his upper torso and arms.

“You love me, huh?”

You nod, quietly.

“You really shouldn’t”.

In one swift motion, he tugs your purple top up from your abdomen and over your head, leaving you in nothing but your white lace bra and leather shorts. He places his lips to your shoulder, softly biting up to under your ear lobe as he slips a finger underneath the hem of your shorts. Wasting no time, he slides them down and off your body, your matching panties to the bra contrast against your sweat soaked skin perfectly.

He takes a step back, looking you up and down before wetting his lips with his tongue, “I definitely like making mistakes”.

You saunter up to him, unzipping his pants. You pull them down to the floor, leaving them in a dirty pile next to his feet. He smirks, “less to do when I need to get my gear on”. He pulls his white t-shirt up off his body, then sits down on the shiny wooden bench. You stand back up, then throw a leg over his, straddling him on the bench. Running your hands through his freshly, multicolored hair, you pull his face towards yours. Pulling him for a kiss gently, he wraps his hand in your hair, pulling tight before the kiss gets hungrier, parting your lips so he can slide his warm tongue against yours.

You grind your hips against his, feeling him get hard underneath you. His hands slowly reach around your back, unclasping your bra, letting it fall to the floor next to his pants. He buries his face in your neck as he cups your breast in his hand, tweaking a nipple with his free fingers. You moan softly at the feeling, the blood rushing all over your body.

You feel him grin in your neck, the sweet smile you love, as he pulls his head up. His beautiful green eyes look deeply into your (Y/E/C), before moving closer to your face. “This is as gentle I’m being with you”. He pushes you off his lap, his bulge straining against his briefs, desperately wanting to be freed. Jeff takes his fingers and strokes you through your panties before finally removing them.

He stands back up, slowly walking behind you before guiding you to the floor, bending you over the wooden bench. You hear him groan in pleasure behind you as he slides off his own briefs, throwing them in the corner a few feet away from you. You instantly grip the bench, awaiting what comes next when..


A strong hand against your ass sends shivers up your spine as you glance behind you. He kneels behind you, placing one hand on your hip before rubbing his hard cock against your wet slit. Your head dips low, preparing yourself as he slides himself into you hard. You moan loud, and he chuckles softly, enjoying it. Giving you no time to adjust, he begins thrusting into you at a bruising, hard pace. The slaps against your skin give you almost give you as much pleasure as he is.

“You’re mine”, he growls low, pulling your hair once more, “aren’t you, princess?

Your moans are the confirmation he needed, letting go of your hair as he grips your hips with both hands, pulling you back into each thrust. “Mmm, Jeff..

His fingernails dig into your skin, “this was”, his breathing becoming wanting pants, “all I could think of”, he removes his left hand from your hip, placing his two fingers against your clit, as both of you begin reaching orgasm, “after I kissed you”, he rubs circles agonizingly slow against you, “you can see why I avoided you”.

“Jeff!”, you nearly scream out, the coil in your stomach tightening with every second. An evil grin plays out on his beautiful face, “you’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck you like this”.

Those words send you over the edge, your breathing strained as your orgasm hits, your pussy convulsing against the thickness of his cock.

Fuck, (Y/N)”, his orgasm hits almost instantly after yours, spilling everything in him out, which brings him to a flurry of explicit sentences. He slowly pulls out of you, finally laying down on the cold floor, pulling your arm down so you can be next to him.
He kisses your forehead.



You didn’t recognize the man you saw through the peep hole, but he was exceptionally dressed and it made you nervous. No one in this part of the city was ever exceptionally dressed…unless they were a businessman. And this guy was the boss of all businessmen. Then you knew, there’s no doubt. He looked different enough, but his eyes were the same. Those icy eyes are staring back at you, like they can see you through the peephole even though you know they can’t. You could never forget that feeling.

“Come on, open up Y/N.” He says with a rash voice.

You fumble to open the lock. You’re hands are sweaty and you can’t get a grasp on the handle. You take a step back, take a deep breathe, and open the door.

“Thomas Shelby, to what do I owe the pleasure?” You try to say in a steady voice, leaning against the doorframe. He looks you up and down with those stormy eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Hayama, Kurokiba, Isshiki, Shinomiya, and Takumi accidentally entering the room while their girlfriend is changing their clothes

Hayama Akira: Hayama raises an eyebrow but doesn’t visually react, telling you that you should learn to lock your door before swiftly closing the door behind him. It’s only when he’s out of sight that his cheeks darken, twitching at the embarrassment he feels as he doesn’t know whether or not you were truly upset with him.

Isshiki Satoshi: Isshiki chuckles, covering his mouth as to not leave a bad impression on you, though you’re already upset that he walked in on you changing regardless. He makes an offhand comment on how cute your undergarments are, saying he’d always thought they’d look like that, but quickly ducks out of your room before you can hit him with the heavy object you picked up.

Kurokiba Ryou: Kurokiba blinks a few times as he notices he’s seeing more of your skin than normal, his reaction still slow as you throw a pillow at his face (which successfully hits him) and he closes the door behind him. He asks if you always wear matching underwear when you’re out, unperturbed as you beat him with the pillow you had thrown at him earlier.

Shinomiya Kojirou: Shinomiya stares but says nothing, not exiting the room but instead closing it behind him as he makes a comment that you should learn to lock it. When you go to argue back, he pushes you back onto your shared bed, holding your arms above your head as he growls, “You were just waiting for me to pop in, right? You should be punished for not being straight-forward about your intentions…”

Takumi Aldini: Takumi stares like a deer in the headlights and doesn’t hear you asking him to leave as he’s in his own little world at the moment; he apologizes loudly once he realizes that you’re talking to him, slamming the door behind him due to his haste and waiting outside, rapidly apologizing to you the entire day until you grab his face and tell him that you forgive him.

Fabled VI

Originally posted by kai-tastrophe

//Sehun x you ❤️

Word count: 3,413

Part I

“Really. Fucking really?” You ask not exactly coherent, but a little bit pissed.

Or more like: definitely pissed off.

You gather yourself and stand up, for once being able to evade his hands. Because he doesn’t lay still, he tries to keep you on top of him. You look around the room, searching for your cap and glasses, which is not that easy in the mess you have made.

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The Music of Chance

Just as I promised, here is a scenario to mend your broken hearts.

Sorry for the wait, love! I hope the little beagle hasn’t completely destroyed your bias list yet. (He threw mine in a shredder before stomping on it with wet rain boots and burning it in holy oil.) If he has… well then I’m so sorry for your loss. 

P.S. This is just my second time writing smut, and I have a long way to improve, so I’d appreciate any feedback/constructive criticism.

P.P.S. If you recognize the movie that this scenario is named after, you’re awesome and I love you. 

P.P.P.S. Why are you still reading this? There’s smut under here!

- Admin I

**Smut warning!**

The crowd streamed out of the gymnasium, the sound of their chatter fading, as the entire place fell silent. Y/N’s sighs bounced off the walls in echoes. She shoved her tennis racquet, stupid thing, into her duffle bag, threw the bag over her shoulder, and sauntered toward the locker rooms.

You blew it. You made it to the semi-finals, and you blew it.

Her head bowed, and her eyes tired and half-lidded, it took all her strength to turn the door handle. She knew most of this exhaustion was from disappointment.

Stepping inside and putting her stuff down, she slumped onto one of the benches. She could hear the faint sound of water running, someone was taking a shower.

Y/N threw her head in her hands and groaned under her breath. I can’t believe I lost by so much. That was utterly humiliating.

She stood up, unhurriedly, pulling her hair out of its ponytail, and stripping down to her underwear. Just as she unhooked her bra, pulling it off and placing it aside, the shower stopped running. Then, there was the soft sound of footsteps against the tile floor.

Someone cleared their throat behind her, and Y/N turned around. Her eyes met with soft brown ones, the colour of coffee, they were warm against his pale skin. His hair was drenched, the dark strands sticking to his face. Droplets of water ran down his hard, chiseled chest and a white towel wrapped around his waist was all that covered him.

“Woah…” she breathed, gaping like a fish.

“Uh… I mean, wh… what?” she quickly composed herself, crossing her arms over her breasts, as she tried to keep from blushing. “What are you doing in here? This is the women’s locker room.”

“Sadly, no,” he said, an amused smile on his face. “Did you not see the sign on the door?”

He walked past her nonchalantly, opening one of the lockers, and pulling out his things.

“Ugh,” Y/N groaned again. “Fucking fantastic.” She glanced over at her clothes, wondering how she could put them back on without exposing herself.

The man wasn’t bothered by her nudity, nor did he leer at her. He looked into her eyes when he spoke, trying his hardest not to look anywhere else.

“Hey, aren’t you one of the tennis players? How’d your match go?”

Y/N narrowed her eyes in contempt.

“Are you being serious right now? Or are you just mocking me?” she said.

“I was being serious… but judging by your unwarranted hostility, I’m going to guess it didn’t go well?”

“You could say that.”

He gave a low laugh, his voice sending shivers down her spine.

“Yeah, and what would you say?” he asked, raising a brow

Y/N glared at him, suppressing the urge to punch his beautiful face.

“I’d say I’ve completely ruined my athletic career,” she frowned, the memory of the match making her nauseous. She looked back at the idiot. “It was awful from start to finish. I don’t know why anyone stayed until the end.”

“Isn’t it obvious,” he replied. “Pretty girl, sweating in a short skirt and tank top. Why wouldn’t they watch til’ the end?

“Awh,” Y/N cooed, finally smiling a little. “Was that an attempt at cheering me up?”

“Yes,” he said, smiling back. “But I’m not one to lie.”

“What are you doing here anyway?” Y/N asked. She noticed there weren’t any other men around. “Are you a tennis player, too?”

“Uh, no. I volunteer here at the recreation centre.”

“Ah, court mandated community service, huh? What did you do?” she smirked.

He laughed again, this time sarcastically.

“I’m not a felon, and I’m not even going to ask why you would think that.” That bod, duh. “I coach youth soccer.”

“Ah, so you’re a babysitter.” she said, trying to get a rise out of him.

He poked his tongue in his cheek and raised his brow again, something he seemed to do a lot.

“Only on the weekends.” he said, smugly. “The rest of the week I’m a firefighter.”

“Wow, that’s attractive.” she said, unable to deny that she was somewhat turned on. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to impress me.”

He gazed at her intently.

“Then, I’d say you don’t know better.”

Y/N’s breathing quickened, and she squirmed under his scrutiny. Her plan to fluster him backfired, and she hated the fact that she’d lost again.

“Okay. Well, Mr…”

“Minseok,” he said, his voice thicker than before. “My name is Minseok.”

“Right,” she said, slightly annoyed that even his name was beautiful. “Well, since I’m already undressed, I’m just going to take my shower here. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I’d be a fool if I did.”

Y/N bent over her things. She struggled to pick up her shower items and keep concealed at the same time. Minseok watched her, amused. Finally, she sighed, giving up and using both hands.

Whatever, it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before.

She headed toward the row of showers, each had a wall between them, but no curtains.


“Hey, listen,” Minseok said. She turned to face him. “Don’t beat yourself up over that match. It’s just a game.”

“I know,” she replied “I just really would’ve liked to win.”

“Well, I’m sorry you didn’t. I don’t like seeing people upset. I wish there was something I could do.”

Y/N bit her cheek to keep from smiling. She gathered her courage, and looked him hard in the eyes.

“I think there’s a lot you could do, Minseok.”

She ran her gaze up and down his body, slow and purposefully.

“Here?” he said, nearing her. “In a public locker room? Where anyone can walk in on us?”

“You’re the one who charges into burning buildings for a living. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little risk, babysitter?” she said, smirking.

He mirrored her expression. In one smooth motion, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a shower stall, throwing off his towel and turning on the water.


“You were going to take a shower right? I thought we’d kill two birds with one stone,” he said, grinning.

He captured her lips in a heated kiss, and she pulled away.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like that expression,” she said, dead serious. “It’s mean. And it condones the killing of innocent–

“Sweetheart,” Minseok cupped her face in his hands, trying hard not to laugh. “I would love to hear the rest of that passionate speech, but we really don’t have the luxury of time right now.”

“Oh, right.”

She shot forward, kissing him urgently, exploring his mouth with her tongue. The water cascaded over them, as he pulled her closer, pushing his hips into her panty-clad centre, and grinding against her.

“Shit! Wait!” she cried, pulling away again.

“What now!?” Minseok groaned.

“I forgot I was still wearing my underwear. It’s all wet!”

Minseok smirked and leaned forward, pressing her between the wall and himself. He rubbed the heel of his palm against her core.

“Come on, darling. Let’s not pretend you weren’t already soaked before we got in here.”

He slipped his hand under the material and rubbed her slit with his knuckles, stroking her heat. He found her opening, and eased two fingers in. She whimpered, as he pulled out and roughly plunged back in, her mouth falling open in a silent moan. His hand kept perfectly still, as he traced Y/N’s open mouth with his own. Then he curled his fingers inside her, causing her to gasp.

She licked her lips, watching as he brought his fingers to his mouth, and sucked them clean. Immediately, Y/N grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him against the wall, giving herself leverage. She wrapped her hand around his hard-on and stroked him, painfully slow. His eyes grew wide and his breathing became ragged, but he still had that smug grin on his face.

Y/N pressed her lips to his, pulling away before he could kiss her back. She moved lower, hands roaming his body as she grazed her teeth along his jaw, tracing her tongue down to his collarbone, and lightly sucking. His breath hitched in his throat, and he shivered as she trailed kisses down his chest.

“Wait,” he said, his voice husky. “I just realized that I never asked you your name.”

Y/N laughed. “Well, I guess I might as well tell you, since your going to be screaming it in a few minutes.”

Minseok chuckled. “I’m more of moaner, actually,” he said, putting his hand under her chin.

Y/N raised her brow, eliciting another laugh from Minseok as he realized she was imitating him.

“It’s Y/N.”

“Pretty,” he murmured.

“I know. Now shut up, and get ready for the best blow job of your life,” she said, sinking to her knees.

He chuckled again. “That’s a little cocky, don’t you think?”

She didn’t reply, just looked up at him as she took a hold of his member, feeling him swell under her touch. She flicked her tongue over the beads of precum gathered at his swollen tip, all the while, staring into his eyes.

Then she parted her lips and swallowed him down her throat. He sighed, leaning against the wall for support, and swallowed hard as Y/N slowly pulled up. She circled the head with her tongue, and blew along the skin. He moaned softly, reaching down to tangle his fingers in her hair.

“Fuck,” he breathed.

She sucked on the head for a few moments, and then slowly took his length down her throat again, pressing her tongue against the underside of his hard-on. She held it there for a moment, before coming back up, repeating the movement, going slower each time. He threw his head back, moaning louder, his hips instinctively thrusting even as he tried not to move.

“Ahh, Y/N,” he groaned, his grip in her hair tightening.

Y/N glanced up at him. His face was screwed up in pleasure, his brows furrowed, and his eyes tightly shut. His free hand was clutched in a fist at his side. She took him in her mouth again, moving faster, her moans sending vibrations through his flesh. He made a strangled groaning sound, his legs shaking, as the small of his back tightened.

“Stop… stop,” he panted, pushing her away. “Holy shit.”

Y/N stood up, smirking at him in an “I told you so” way.

“Another second and this would’ve been over too soon,” he said, flushed. “You weren’t kidding.”

“I’m not one to lie, Minseok,” she whispered, pressing her body against his.

He bit his lip, running his gaze over her.

“I am so attracted to you right now,” he said.

Minseok pulled her closer, shifting so that she was the one leaning against the wall. He waited for her approval, then he rid her of her underwear, practically ripping it off her body. He lifted one of her legs up, hooking it around his waist, and eased in slowly, rubbing himself against her slick folds, before filling her to the hilt.

He started to move, driving into her with deep, languid thrusts. Y/N wrapped her arms around him, her fingers sliding into his hair, and her eyes rolling back in pleasure.

Minseok throbbed with need, fighting the animalistic urge to pound into her until he came. Y/N arched her hips, trying to move against him, but he held her still, knowing he wouldn’t last long if she did. He reached down between them, pressing lightly on her swollen clit, before circling it with his thumb.

Waves of pleasure coursed through her body as he rubbed tight circles over the sensitive nub. She moaned in bliss, and then his mouth was on hers again, hot and desperate, as he brought her closer to the edge. Y/N clenched around him as he hit her in all the right places, gasping with each hard thrust.

Heat prickled their skin even as the cold shower poured down on them. Y/N’s chest rose and fell as she struggled to control her breathing. She whimpered as Minseok nibbled on her lower lip, before kissing her deeply.

He pulled back to watch her writhe against him, his eyes dark with lust. Holding her by the back of her neck, he tilted her head up, raining wet kisses down her throat.

“Minseok!” Y/N cried out, arching into him.

Minseok sped up, his thrusts becoming faster and more sloppy, losing tempo. His body trembled and he felt as though his legs would give out at any moment. He growled softly as Y/N bucked against him, forcing him deeper inside, her walls tightening around him as she approached orgasm. She clawed his back as he rammed into her relentlessly, his hips twitching in involuntary jerks.

“Y/N,” he breathed, his voice strained. “I… oh fuck.”

Unable to hold off any longer, Minseok came with a groan, one hand bracing himself against the wall and the other wrapped around Y/N’s waist, pulling her down onto him over and over, as he emptied himself into her.

His pulsing release triggered her own, and Y/N convulsed around him, moaning, as a flash of white heat overtook her senses. She gripped onto Minseok’s back, burying her head in his shoulder and riding out her orgasm.

Minseok muttered a string of profanities under his breath as he came down from his high. He pulled out of her and Y/N whimpered, making small noises of contentment as he pressed his face into her neck, scattering kisses across the slope of her shoulder.

She steadied herself on her feet as Minseok pulled away from her, her eyes bright and her cheeks flushed with warmth. 

Minseok smiled, leaning back and slumping against the wall, his breath coming in short, hard pants, as he tried to slow his pulse.

“That was…”

“Amazing,” she finished.

“Thank you,” he said with sincerity.

Y/N laughed softly. “Shouldn’t I be saying that? You did, after all, cheer me up.”

“Really?” he said, grinning. “In that case, can I ask for something in return?”

She pretended to think about it. “That depends. What do you want?”

He lifted her hand in his own, playing with her fingers. For a moment, Y/N thought he actually seemed nervous. Then he looked back up at her with that self-assured smirk.

“Let me take you out for coffee?”

It was prom this Saturday, and you know what that means… a Prom based fic! I’ll also post some photos of me in my dress a little later if anyone’s interested:) So here ya go!

Amy had heard about “Prom” from Eggman actually. In one of their FuzzyPuppie turned counseling-sessions, Eggman had been blubbering about his days in the human world, and how when he was in ‘high school’ he had wanted nothing more than to be ‘Prom Queen.”

“Prom…Queen?” Amy had asked, confused by both terms. Queen certainly wasn’t a word she would have ever associated with Eggman.

“It’s a lovely evening!” Eggman sobbed, “Where you wear beautiful dresses that go down to the floor, and- and fancy tuxedos…” He sniffled, “All of it… not just the suit jacket…” 

“What exactly do you do at prom?” Amy probed, as if the idea of floor length gowns didn’t excite her enough

“Dance…and stuff…” Eggman was recovering, sitting up off the couch and preparing to leave. He got up. “And then at the end of the night, the most pretty and popular girl gets to be Prom Queen,” He sighed dramatically and threw open her door, “Oh I’ll never get to be Prom Queen!” He threw his hand on his head.

“Wait wait, so you’re telling me-”


He had left as dramatically as he had come.

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Just One Kiss

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Ladybug/Chat Noir
Rating: G
TW: none
Synopsis: As they wait on a rooftop, Chat Noir asks Ladybug a question that’s been burning in the back of his mind. 

Although Chat Noir was standing beside her, the cold rooftops of Paris seemed bleak and isolated, as if the freezing temperatures had somehow separated the two. Marinette, transformed into Ladybug, leaned against a brick chimney while Chat paced back and forth. They were waiting for the police to call them in for assistance. A serious break-in had occurred and while it seemed this wasn’t the work of Hawk Moth, they wanted to help in any way they could.

“Is something bothering you?” she asked, watching him turn on his heel for the fifteenth time that evening.

“My lady, I know this happened a while ago, but I have a question,” he said. “You said something about a kiss after we took down Dark Cupid.” Oh. That. Marinette sighed, hugging her sides more. He had a right to know, even if talking about it made her feel uncomfortable.

“Yeah, that. Look, I didn’t want to do it, but I figured the one way to break the spell was to kiss you, and -”

“You kissed me?! Argh, it’s just my luck I don’t remember!” he moaned, pulling at his hair. It would have been funny to Marinette if he hadn’t looked so distraught. He turned to her, a dead serious look on his face. “Was it good?” And of course he managed to hit the head of the problem. She didn’t want to admit it, but that kiss was amazing. The soft feel as his lips pressed against hers made her heart flutter and her body melt into nothing but bliss. If she was being truly honest with herself, she’d die to have another kiss from him. But that was out of the question. There was no need to make her relationship with him complicated and more importantly, her heart belonged to Adrien. She loved him, and no amount of Chat Noir’s kisses could change that.

Marinette knew she should lie to Chat and tell him it was awful; who knew how much admitting he was a good kisser would inflate his already huge ego? But part of her, a that was selfish and lacked any self-control, begged her to tell the truth in hopes she’d get another kiss.

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GOT7 Reacting to seeing you with a Close Guy Friend

A/N: Hey! I’m back once again… The school year is ending for me with four more days left, really nervous tbh but excited for a fresh new start, you know? Also, if you guys know, I have down this scenario but for a different group so I thought it would be pretty cool to do it for GOT7. Anyway, enjoy!


So, I feel like Mark is pretty chill, he’s not really the kind of guy to get jealous. Today was probably a day where he was a little more sensitive and felt the need to be around you, only to see your guy friend around you. He would be patting your back as you would be smiling back, talking from afar. Mark won’t burst at him but he’ll walk up to the two of you. 

“Sorry, can I have Y/N right now– or the whole day?” Mark would ask but before he could answer, you would already be stolen by Mark who had his arm wrapped around your waist securely, speed walking away. 


I can definitely see JB being alike to Mark but a bit more protective. He’s a pretty calm guy who doesn’t mind acting crazy around you but sometimes he’s not having a great day. When he sees you with your guy friend, talking together, one on one, he would feel the burning jealousy right away and would not let go of the feeling. He would “coincidentally” walk past you guys and when you see him you would stare at him as you would call his name. JB would look at you, hands in his pockets and say, 

“Oh, you were here too?” as if he had no clue. You would excuse yourself from your guy friend and go over to JB as you had a few things to discuss with him, causing JB’s day to be better as he gets to see you. 


I see Jackson as a more, crazy, 4D, amazing guy (the reason why you fell for him) who’d probably be a jealous type. I can see him stiffen whenever your guy friend is around and would always act a little more glum seeing him talk to you. One day, you were laughing at your guy friend’s joke as Jackson was about to walk up to you, his jealousy on a rise this time as he would quickly walk over. 

“Oh hey, Y/N, what’s so funny?” Jackson would ask, giving a fake smile as you noticed his uncomfortable smile. 

“Its this cheesy joke ____ made. You okay?” you would ask worriedly, poking his cheek as he would hug you while whispering something in your ear that caused you to asked your guy friend if you could leave. 

“I’m jealous~” Jackson would whisper, causing you to light up inside as you thought Jackson jealous was adorable. After leaving with Jackson, you would give him the limelight he wanted, not to mention that you loved giving him that light because he would make you feel loved just as much. 


He’s the most caring boyfriend anyone can ask for but I see him as in between someone who is the jealous type and someone who’s just not at all. You, JR., and your guy friend were hanging out together as you passed by him until your guy friend suddenly patted your head and hugged you goodbye. That would trigger JR. and he would feel quite jealous as he would say, “Group hug!” and hug you and your guy friend, causing you and him to stop hugging. When your guy friend left, JR. couldn’t help but say something about what happened. 

“Don’t let other guys hug you, I know you love me more but still~” Jr. would whine, causing you to smile from his protectiveness. 

“Definitely, it won’t happen again~” you would reply as you would kiss his cheek while he was pouting, causing him to deflate his cheeks and smile at you, ruffling your hair. 


I see Youngjae as someone who is more on the jealous side rather than normal. If your guy friend talks to you and was about to make contact with you like putting his arm around you playfully, that’s when Youngjae would step in. He would see your guy friend inching his arm around you as Youngjae would beat him to it, causing your guy friend to quickly put his arm back, causing Youngjae to smile in victory. You, slow, did not know what just happened as you leaned on Youngjae who was smiling brightly. 


So, I see Bambam as a jealous type, definitely something that doesn’t match with you + your guy friend. Whenever you were around your guy friend or your guy friend would walk with you and Bambam, Bambam could not help but pout in sadness. When one day you were ignoring Bambam because of your guy friend, he would quickly pull you away from him, walking off quickly from him, leaving both you and your guy friend shocked. You would quickly get off Bambam’s grasp as you question what was wrong with him. 

“I’m sorry… It’s just that, you and your guy friend– the two of you look like you were dating when we’re dating, it’s not fair~” Bambam would say, causing you to smile softly. 

“You could have just said that.” you would reply, putting your arm around him as he would then slowly smile back, the two of you walking together to who knows where. 


The same as Bambam, I see Yugyeom as a jealous type too. He seems to keep quiet when he’s jealous, not wanting to tell you since he was scared that you would be annoyed by that. When Yugyeom would not talk at all, whether you or your guy friend forced him to say something, you would excuse you and Yugyeom to privately talk. You would ask him what was wrong and that you were not going to move and he wasn’t either if he didn’t tell you since you were so worried. 

“I’m sorry. I’m– uh– j-jealous…” Yugyeom would say quietly, surprising you. 

“Really?” you would ask as Yugyeom would whisper a silent “yes” causing you to laugh, making him blush. 

“Yah, don’t laugh it’s not funny.” Yugyeom would say after seeing you clapping like a seal. 

“I’m sorry~ it’s just that I couldn’t tell you were jealous. I’ll make sure to stop making you feeling that, okay? Tell me anything.” you would reply, wiping a tear from your eye from laughing so much, kissing his cheek quickly before the two of you held hands together. 

lahainelesbian  asked:

el dorado by choker (for the song thingy)

(this has nothing to do with the lyrics and doesn’t really match with them i’m just doing it based off of the beat) the scene in a coming of age film where the main character and another boy who the main character has a crush on are abt to jump into a lake but the main character is scared and wants to back out so the other boy walks up to him and holds his face in his hands to reassure him and there’s a shallow depth of field as everything kinda slows down so the audience can take in this moment between the two boys

Once in a Lifetime - Oneshot

Chris Evans/Reader

A little scenario that wouldn’t leave my head after a discussion with annedeadly after she described her dream of me getting married to Chris, and obviously I can wish, right?! Very fluffy and snuggly and no smut at all, which makes a change! Enjoy.


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orphan benders au;

for prolethean because of this incredible post that just wouldn’t stop haunting me ???

Beyond the fur-lined hollow of her hood, Rachel’s smile is a brutal slash of red. Looking at her, Delphine’s skin warms despite the cold. It is she who pauses then, rooted fast. Her legs are leaden and something in her warns, inexplicably, of a coming danger. 

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