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Hitched (3/10)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 4 // ch. 5 // ch. 6 // ch. 7 // ch. 8 // ch. 9 // ch. 10 // epilogue

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The loud purr of the engine woke her this time. Emma opened her eyes to see light streaming through the windshield below. There was a little crick in her neck, and she stretched as far as she could, yawning. Then she shimmied around and dropped down into the main area of the cab. Jones was once again nowhere to be seen, but it was a bright, sunny morning, the sun reflecting off the snow lying on the berm of the road and the wet asphalt.

Emma had finished restoring the fold-down bed to its upright and locked position (Like a plane tray table, she thought with amusement), and was pulling on her boots when she saw Jones emerge from the store again. There was a thermos in his hand and a bag suspended over his left arm. He was grinning widely and shaking his head.

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SNK Harness Tutorial

Well hey there. Axel here, hopefully you’ll find this tutorial easy to work with so you can actually put the hellish harness together. It’s pretty descriptive, and I only have okay-ish quality photos, but it should be enough.
I would recommend that you don’t put any make-up on before doing this as it tends to be tough and hard work with all the twisting and pulling and sorting.
When I was doing this (unfortunately) I was rather sloppy so I apologise if things look a little uneven or a tad messy.
Now, on with the blood, sweat and tears.

To start off with, you are going to need the leg pieces, these are the ones with the diamond shape and elastic.
For now, I’d recommend sitting down as they tend to fall easily.

As you might of noticed, the elastic is twisted, but if you let it twist on its own after trying to straighten the ends out, you’ll get a loop like this.

Which your foot will go through like this, the elastic, keep in mind, goes in front of the shin.

When it’s all pulled up, the long straps should face outwards and away from the leg as so.
Also, there is a diamond shape, your knee should be in the middle of this.

Repeat again on the other leg and you should end up something like this.

Next are the thigh straps.

You are going to want them around mid thigh, maybe a little higher, the square shape should be on the outside of your leg and the straps want to be over the top whilst the buckles want to go under your thigh.

Buckle them up, make sure they’re tight and snug because they slip easily, some people safety pin them as an extra precaution to their cosplay to keep them in place. The buckle should be on the inside and the straps can be held down with the loops provided.

Again, repeat on the other leg, if you keep your legs somewhat close together, you can get them to be as symmetrical as possible.

Now, you’ll want to take the strap from the leg bit and take the one from the front. Weave it under the thigh straps as shown and pull upwards.

Then you can take the back strap from the same leg bit, bring it around outwards and weave it over the other strap but still under the thigh straps as shown, again, pull tight.

Repeat on the other leg and you should end up with something like this. My thigh straps fell loose at this point and I had to re-tighten them.

Now you should have these little loopy straps. Yes, lots of straps…

If you noticed, there is stitching where the loop is made, this wants to be facing inside, so against your leg, when you slide it on in the next step.

Now, you’ll want to slide one of the looped straps onto the leg strap that is now facing back and around your butt.
Make sure the looped strap is facing upwards when you slide it on, you can then let this drop to lower down the leg strap that’s free as it can easily fall off.

Again, repeat the same procedure on the opposite leg.

Congratulations, you’ve sorted out the leg part! Hopefully you’re still sat down as, again, they can easily slip.

Now onto the body harness. I send you guys good luck.

Now, if yours has come completely unclipped and unhooked when you get it or have it. Here are a few things you can do before you actually have to put it on.
It’s a little fiddly, but easier than doing it when it’s behind you and you can’t see what you’re doing. Here, the strap that goes through the back plate, on each side, should be looped through the buckle, this is by going under the first strip, over the bridge and back under again, leave this fairly loose as you can tighten it to fit later.

Okay, next are these little back plates, but for now, because I don’t know the correct name, I just call them the wings. For now, you guys will have to get used to my random terminology.

So, with these wings, what you’ll want to do is make sure that when you put all the straps in place is that the side which doesn’t have the bands across is facing outward and all this minor complexity is facing against your back when you put it on. All you do is take the two long straps, slot them through the top band then slot it diagonally into the lower band with both straps, this leaves them crossed over like so.

Next is the belt.
If you take the buckle and make it seem as though you are wearing the harness, you’ll see that there will be a horseshoe shaped buckle from the main harness, with the one closets to the buckle, you loop it through with the under-over-under like before. It usually is a little bit small, but pull on it and it should be fine and go through.
Make sure when you do this, that it is around the right place as when you will put it on. This step can also be done whilst wearing the harness.

When you put it on, it should look like this. Somewhat.

And this is the back. To get the wings upward a bit to your middle back, all you just pull the straps outward that are through it and it should raise.

Now, you can finally start buckling stuff together. So, to start, buckle the chest, it doesn’t have to be tight, just snug.

Again, you can use the loose straps from the back plate and pull them to tighten to fit.

Now you can thread your belt through your trouser belt loops. But only the ones before the middle one at the back.

Like this.

Now time for the diamond that isn’t actually a diamond but I call it that anyway.

And you just slide it on like so.

You want it placed as central as you can.

Now you can slot the belt through the rest of the loops, but remember you still have the other horseshoe buckle.
Make sure it’s pretty much symmetrical to the other in placement, as in, if it’s before/after the belt loop near the front, and pull it upwards, again, normally it’s a little difficult as the belt it larger that the buckle, but give it a pull.

Then over the bridge in the middle and back under the buckle, and pull.

Again, try and make them as symmetrical as you can.
Sorry for all the repetition.

If you have an overhang like this, don’t worry, just leave it be for now.

Next lot is pockets.
As you’ll notice, there’s two slits, one in each fold and there is a large square, middle square and small rectangle that make up these pockets.

You have to put these pockets on your sides, close to your hips or nearly on them. The big square is on top and that fold rests on the top of the belt.

You’ll want them something like this position wise.

Tricky part starts around now.
You take one of the front straps from your leg piece and bring it up across your front like so.

Next you’ll want to take the back strap which went through the wings. Make sure its the one that would be able to match up to the leg strap you just took. There should be a buckle on the back strap, if not, just weave it through like the others were.

Making sure that the buckle is a little ways up the back strap, weave the leg strap over the back strap in the buckle, keeping the buckle in the pocket whilst you do so is a good idea too. Pulling the ends of both straps to tighten if necessary.
Standing up for this part would be best too.

Once you’ve done both sides, you’ll have the familiar criss-cross.
My thigh straps had slipped again in this which is why the cross is too wide, so keep them little thigh straps up!

The back should look something like this too. If you have someone with you, they can sort out things from the back too make it look better and less wonky.

Next you’re going to take a back leg strap, keeping the loop strap low with this as you don’t want it going through the diamond-not-so-diamond.

Now what you do, is take the leg strap, push it through the closest diagonal slit so the strap is then under the diamond, then pull it out of the opposite vertical slit like shown.

Then weave that strap into the buckle in the pocket with the others. It will be tight and if it slips just pull the ends of the straps to tighten them again or pull the buckle back into place. It can be pretty messy in the pocket but it isn’t visible when completed.

When done on the other side, you should have the criss-cross again. The straps should not go under your butt by the way, kind of across it.

Now remember the looped straps, pull them up the back leg strap until you can pull it through the bottom slit in the pocket like so.

Then bring down the buckled strap (the one that’s next to the horseshoe buckle strap) and pull that through the top slit.

Then you just weave the looped strap through the buckle and pull to tighten.

Again, do it on the opposite side too.
Mine’s a little messy, the buckle with the leg straps and back strap should be nearly under the looped buckles.

If you still have that overhang of the belt, just push it through the belt loop and place it across the pocket, also to tidy up, bend any overhanging straps into the pocket so they don’t just flop out.

Then just snap the pockets shut with all the straps secure and hidden!

Hard work huh. And to take it off you just kina do it all in reverse. But you can keep the buckles on the back straps with the wings on and the horseshoe buckle near the belt buckle attached to the harness to make things easier next time.

Ah, you see that little flap from the strap that goes through the back plate, to hide it you can just tuck it under itself.

If you have any questions about this tutorial or any part of the process, just drop me an ask or fan mail and I will try and answer as best as I can.

For and inspired by Rosa

Harry Styles, professional nanny, is unprepared for the challenges his newest client’s family has in store for him. Nick’s daughter great and so is her father- in fact, they’re everything he’s ever wanted. Good thing they seem to feel the same. 

A.R. 1985

1985 was a singular year for Indigo Girls. We settled on a name after using our last names for a couple of years. The story goes that we had an important gig coming up, opening for a big artist at one of Atlanta’s best clubs, The Moonshadow Saloon. I had been working on getting a gig there for a long time, back in those days a lot of the music clubs would use local acts to open for National artists, so we would talk to the clubs and find out who was coming to town and pester them for opening band slots. Persistence paid off, we opened for a handful of bands at The Moonshadow and at Center Stage, ranging from Lloyd Cole and the Commotions to Suzanne Vega.  I don’t recall what band this first show was with, I just know it was a huge victory to get the gig. We were trying to come up with a proper band name before we played the “big gig,” our first gig opening for a national act. I was thumbing through the dictionary for ideas and was struck by the word “Indigo.” It was a significant Southern crop, fraught with the brutality of slavery, deadly working conditions, and international trade debacles, but I was young and liked the color blue, and we were spending a lot of weekends playing in Charleston, SC, an Indigo farming center, so I think something about it appealed to me. Subconsciously, I might have been going for some subversion here, with such a dark underbelly to an innocent word, but I certainly didn’t have the historical or moral maturity to play this angle right. On the surface, we didn’t consciously attach that much significance to it, but just thought it sounded cool.  I talked to Emily on the phone during her summer stint as a camp counselor and she seemed to like the idea and thought the alliteration of the word “Girls” would work well with it. Of course, at the time, we had no plans to be 50 years old and still strumming away…so we just settled on the name and moved on.

 That year at Emory University was fruitful for us. We had gigs on campus and at clubs around town and were traveling regularly to play out of town on the weekends. We had started playing a significant number of our own songs and were trying to focus on becoming an “original music band.” We had a long-standing gig at a bar on the edge of campus called The Dugout. It was a hangout for professors, students and locals, with beer pitcher specials, eats, and sports playing on big screen TV’s. They also had a good stage and were set up well for local bands to come in and play for the college kids. We made it our home for a while and not only played there, but I for one, spent most of my free time there as well. I’d study for a while at the library, head down to The Dugout, and then head back to the library-it was good life. At this point, I lived in a cool one-bedroom at the University Apartments, behind Lullwater Park near campus. My Mom and Dad, who met when they were in school at Emory had lived there after they first got married while he was finishing medical school. I always liked walking by their old street and thinking about them.

 Emily and I were now venturing into making proper recordings-sometimes at studios and sometimes capturing live shows. At the time, the D.I.Y. movement was alive and well, and bands in Atlanta were releasing their music on cassette tapes, ether giving them away or selling them at shows. If folks heard us play, we wanted them to go home with some of our music in hand, so we decided to make a tape of our originals and a few of our favorite covers. A friend we met on the music scene, Dorn Dutton really liked our music and helped us out by recording some of our shows there. We had also done some recording at an Atlanta studio called Web IV Studio. The studio was a big deal in the South, but still accessible to us, which was one of the coolest things about growing up on the Atlanta music scene-the accessibility factor was high in our town and gave us a chance to garner real experience. (Web IV was the original name of a publishing company set up by well-known Atlanta producer, Bert Berns –the name was derived from the names of his partners Gerry Wexler (W), Ahmet Ertegun (E), Berns (B) and Neshui Ertegun (IV). When Bert Berns died in 1967, his widow bought a studio on Faulkner Road in Atlanta and named it Web IV Recording Studio. It thrived in the 70’s and 80’s and was one of the most important studios in the South.) We made a bunch of recordings at Web IV, engineered by Tommy Cooper,  and used some of them along with live recordings from The Dugout for our first cassette release, a little tape we called Blue Food-a name that for better or worse, was true to form for us. There were 12 originals and 3 cover tunes. We made cassette copies of Blue Food at home and created the cover from a photo shoot proof sheet, using the old cut and paste technique. I haven’t heard that cassette in a long time, but I noticed there are a couple of Saliers / Ray co-written songs on it, which is pretty funny since I don’t remember writing them or what they sound like, so I’ll be digging that tape out for sure.

 Around the same time we made Blue food, we made our very first 7-inch record! We took the strongest song from our Web IV Studio recordings, “Crazy Game” and made a vinyl single out of it, with a dark maternal dirge called “Everybody’s Waiting for Someone to Come Home,” as the B-side. Both Blue Food and “Crazy Game” came out in 1985, under the name J.Ellis Records-a name that paid homage to our mentor and high school English teacher Ellis Loyd. The Blue Food tape had more music on it, but the single was a bigger deal and we considered it our first official recording. My Dad loaned us a couple thousand bucks for the project. The record was pressed close by at Georgia Record Pressing, which was such an inspiring process to me that I got a job there later, and worked off and on in the summer and between gigs. We sold the “Crazy Game” 7-inch at the campus bookstore and consigned it to record stores around town, it was our very first foray into the business of selling records.