the sligh brothers


Here are some pictures Andy and I took from Anime Expo 2013. We went all four days from July 4 -7 and met a lot of fantastic people in a lot of fantastic costumes! The guitar I made is functional, so it goes without saying that Andy and I sang to a myriad attendees while we were there, haha.

These events are a lot of fun! If you ever plan to attend any anime or comic conventions, know that we’ll probably be there too, so if you want to meet up with us just let us know :)

To anyone we met at the convention who sees this: feel free to message us, we’d love to hear back from you!

If you see yourself in any of these pictures, let me know so I can tag you :)


-Jordan Sligh


The Sligh Brothers, Thursday, Sept. 19 at the Canoga Park art walk.

Another energetic and fun performance as usual! We totally did all nine songs in 45 minutes, I couldn’t believe it :o And I think it’s the best we’ve sounded so far. We’ll keep on practicing and the next show will be even better!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to see us play :D It was so much fun getting to talk to you all!!