the slicks

im so bitter when my sets of Wrench get 100 notes in a day and my Marcus stuff is lucky to hit 50 over like 3 days??? i see yall………. cmon… Marcus is literally the protag of wd2. the player character… im so tired…………………………….

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Written with the prompt “I’m in a bookshop and I really need that book can you get it for me??? Wait you’ve read that book? let’s have an in depth conversation about it.” 

Newt x reader

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The slick cobblestones slipped under foot as you hurried your way to the rickety almost crumbling library, in the light drizzle that often hung around diagon alley. Hopping up the shallow stone steps, and into the cosy warm library, the comforting scent of old books filling your nostrils as you ran your fingers gently over the spines of the precious books, the heels of your shoes tip tapping on the worn stone floor, as you made your way to the familiar herbology section.

You scanned the shelves, looking for the book that you needed for your research.

You strained your neck, looking to the higher shelves, with a sigh you spotted the acid green leather of the cover. On your very tip toes you reached up, your fingers a breath away from grazing the well-thumbed tomb of information.

“can I get that for you?’ a soft voice asked, as you turned, you found that the owner of the voices was rather handsome in his unusualness. With windswept auburn curls hanging in beautiful sea green eyes, freckles stood stark against his pale skin, one in particular drew your attention, it sat comfortably at the corner of his full lips.

You could feel your cheeks heating up, as you cleared your throat realising that you were staring at this kind stranger. “yes please, if it’s not too much trouble,’  you mumbled a little embarrassed by having to ask for help from a stranger, ‘it’s not a bother’ the gentleman reassured, as he easily grabbed the book that stood high above your head.

He passed the book to you, with a lopsided smile, his long fingers just brushing against your own. A light blush spread across his cheeks , ‘I’ve read that book a few times, was there something in particular that you wanted to find?’ that smile that you found oh so enchanting never leaving his lips.


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Timeless AU || Garcia Flynn was the person who pulled Lucy Preston out of the river when her car spun out.

“…When I was a sophomore in college, I was ready to abandon the whole history thing. I was driving to my mom’s house to tell her that I was dropping out of school to join a band, and I’m going over the whole speech in my mind, don’t notice the oil slick on the road, spin out right into the river. The car started filling up with water so fast. The car shut down, the doors wouldn’t open, and I’m thinking, ‘This is it.’ Someone happened by and pulled me out. But, ever since then, I have always put myself in situations that I could control.”

The Tightrope

Eleven’s eyes shot open, but other than that she was unable to move. There was a violent pounding in her head and all she wanted to do was curl into a ball and wait for it to dissipate, but she was paralyzed.

With heaving breaths she attempted attempted to take in her surroundings, but the only thing she could sense in the blackness was the hard ground beneath her, slick with cold water that numbed her fingertips and a stench similar to that of rotting flesh lying stagnant in the air. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

She shuddered, suddenly realizing where she was; The In-Between.

But how? She thought to herself. The last thing she remembers is Mike leaning against the science room cabinets, hot tears streaming down his cheeks before she said goodbye and turned back to The Demogorgon. The look of complete anguish and hurt in her friend’s eyes would be sure to haunt her, but she knew it was for the best. To keep them safe. Unfortunately, her fragmented memories couldn’t explain anything that happened after that.

She wanted nothing more than to call out for him, but her throat was raw from screaming and subconsciously she knew it wouldn’t matter. He couldn’t hear her. He was the acrobat and she was the flea, stuck in the threads of the tightrope.

She wondered how long she had been trapped here like this. The blood that had flowed from her nose and ears from using her powers had crusted over. Caked onto her skin in an unforgiving manor. There was no concept of time in this realm and she had returned Mike’s watch to him before getting into the bath earlier that day. Was it still that day?

She tried once again to sit up, hoping her inability to do so earlier was just a trick The In-Between was playing on her, but it wasn’t. She couldn’t even move her fingers. The only things that seemed to be free were her eyes and mouth. So she tried once more to observe her surroundings the best she could in a place that had no light or shadows. A place that just was.

Fortunately, despite it’s scent seeming to linger somewhere in the air, there was no sight of the monster she had seemed to defeat. This realization led to a loosening in her muscles, hoping that it was gone for good. Her friends would finally be safe from the monster she had unleashed. They would be safe from her.

But then she felt it…. an ache in her gut as if all the misery she had felt in her life was suddenly living inside her stomach. She wanted to double over and vomit. Anything to get the feeling out. But all she could do was lie there and choke back the cries that caught in her throat as she thought about what she sacrificed herself for, realizing she may never see the boys or Hawkins ever again.

Still too exhausted to even consider using her powers to help her up, she let a single, solitary tear slide down her cheek before slipping into unconsciousness.

So I know this is just a one-shot, but would you guys be interested in reading more of this? I have some ideas on the direction I could to take this story but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or if I should. Shoot me comments or suggestions if you want!

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This is one of my best animatics yet! And of COURSE it’s from my band AU!

For anyone who doesn’t know this AU Nick is a slick college student and lead singer of a small town band Tiny Hoarder who haven’t had the best luck. BUT THEN, fresh from the farm, comes Judy Hopps, a sweet innocent straight A student with the voice of an angel.

So of COURSE I borrowed the voice of the angelic @creativemultitasker who’s my singing voice headcannon for the Bun Bun. Go check out her covers they’re amazing.

Son of a Bitch (You Ain't Slick PT 3)

Alexander x Reader
Word Count: 2053

Part 1 Part 2

“The Ring,” John said excitedly, “I vote for The Ring!”

You rolled your eyes; “No,” you groaned, “I want to watch the movie, too, and if we watch The Ring, I’m not watching. We all know it,” you sighed, letting your shoulders slump.

“I vote for The Ring, too,” Alexander piped up, as if you hadn’t even said a word.

You sighed; “Angelica?” You asked hopefully. “Moana or The Ring?” You asked, looking at her expectantly; she was your last hope. The woman could bring all of these boys to their knees with her confidence alone; you knew she could get them to change their minds.

But she didn’t; she bit her lip, and that was all the answer you needed. Groaning, you flopped onto the couch, beside Lafayette. “I hate you all,” you declared, dramatically. “After all I’ve done for you?” You spat, pursing your lips.

Alexander scoffed, throwing a throw pillow at you. “Maybe too much,” he muttered from the couch opposite to you and Laf.

You narrowed your eyes at him and put the pillow he had hit you with in your lap, cuddling it as you leaned against Lafayette, sinking into his side.

“It is okay, mon amie,” he said comfortingly wrapping his arm around your shoulders, rubbing his hand up and down, “We can not want to watch it together.”

You smiled up at him before shaking your head; “Thanks, Laf,” you grinned.

“So that’s a yes to The Ring?” John asked, exasperated, as he already began setting up the movie.

“It’s an ‘I guess so,’” you answered; “Angie, can you throw me that blanket?” You asked, gesturing vaguely to the blanket sitting on the table close to Alexander.

Immediately, Alex shook his head; “No,” he said quickly, “I was going to use it,” he explained shortly, as he grabbed the blanket, letting it engulf his body.

You sighed; “You only want it because I wanted it,” you hissed, narrowing your eyes as he got cozy underneath that damned blanket. “And I need it more than you do; you love watching scary movies!”

“What’s my love for horror got to do with my need for a blanket, Y/N,” he asked, quirking an annoying eyebrow.

You pursed your lips; “They provide comfort, Alexander,” you argued, “And you, my friend, do not need comfort more than I do.”

Alex raised his eyebrows; “Looks like you’ve got more than enough comfort, Y/N,” he said, annoyingly smoothly, letting his eyes flicker to Lafayette before landing back on you.

You rolled your eyes, “You’re such a child,” you muttered, turning your attention to the TV, where previews were beginning to play.

“You two need to grow up,” Angelica sighed, throwing you the blanket she was planning on using, instead taking half of Alex’s. “This has been going on for over a week, you guys have got to get over it,” she groaned.

“Oui,” Lafayette agreed, running his hand up and down your shoulder, “I’ve never seen you and Hamilton fight before; what’s going on?”

Before either you or Alexander could respond, the front door swung open, hurriedly, “Hey guys, sorry I’m late,” Emma said as she entered the house, flinging off her shoes and jacket before joining you in the living room.

“Hey,” Angie greeted her, “It’s just about to start.”

You sighed and sunk deeper into Laf’s side, hiding yourself with the blanket throughout the entire movie. You and Alexander made awkward eye contact sporadically throughout the film; out of spite, you looked away as soon as it happened. You couldn’t believe he was capable of making you this frustrated; now you knew how Thomas felt.

Hours later, when the movie finally finished, you were the first to stand; “I propose a sleepover,” you declared, looking at Angelica expectantly, waiting for her to second your proposal.

Before she could, though, Alexander also stood; “Of course you do,” he said sassily, making you clench your jaw.

“Okay,” you spat, completely tired of his antics, “You listen here you little son of a—“

“Okay, that’s enough,” Angelica groaned as she stood, looking at you like a disappointed mother would, “You two need to work this out. I’m sick and tired of you two fighting all the time! Do you have any idea how annoying it is?”

Lafayette and John both nodded their heads in agreement, while Emma just looked at the group of you, confused.

“Yes,” Lafayette agreed, “What is going on anyway?” He asked for the second time that evening.

You sighed, and Alexander looked away from you, instead he seemingly found interest in his toes.

“Now,” Angelica demanded, pointing towards her bedroom. “Go on, go on,” she swatted you two into the room, “And I don’t want to hear any yelling,” he said, “Got it?”

You groaned, but nodded your head. “Angelica,” you began, but were immediately hushed.

“You two used to be so close,” she said, “And you’ve barely looked at each other all week, and when you do, you argue. Y/N, you don’t argue with anyone! I mean, Alexander, I get, but you? You two need to figure this out,” she commanded, opening her bedroom door and pushing the pair of you in before shutting it closed.

Sighing, you turned to face Alexander. He sat on the edge of Angelica’s bed, looking up at you, expectantly.

“You were going to call me a son of a bitch,” he stated factually, looking at you, completely emotionless.

You sighed, taking a seat beside him. “Are you implying that you don’t deserve it?” You questioned, looking at the wall directly in front of you, in order to avoid looking at Alex. He was doing the same thing.

“No, I definitely deserve it,” he said nonchalantly as he shrugged his shoulders; “A bit different when you say it, though.”

You looked at him briefly, out of the corner of your eye, only to see him staring at the wall. You did, too. “Why’s that?” You asked, despite your better judgement.

He shrugged again, “I don’t know; you’re not really one to call somebody a ‘son of a bitch.’ Very off brand for you,” he reasoned.

“Oh,” you responded, refusing to acknowledge the sinking of your stomach, “That’s… That makes sense.”



“Truce?” He asked, finally looking at you, his brows furrowed.

You sighed; “Only if you promise to stay in your lane.”

“Only if you promise to stay in YOUR lane,” he tested you, raising his brows.

You rolled your eyes; “I AM in my lane, Alex—“

He cut you off, nearly immediately, “You’re definitely in a million lanes, none of which are your own,” he argued; he stuck up his pointer finger, “Emma’s,” he stuck up another, “Angelica’s,” he stuck up a third, “Laf—“

“Oh get over yourself,” you groaned, “I’m not in Lafayette’s lane!”

“I think I heard my name,” Lafayette said innocently from the living room, where the others sat trying to make out anything that they could; Angelica forbid them from eavesdropping, so they were having to make do. But being an entire room away from the argument was proving to be difficult.

“Yeah,” John confirmed, nodding his head, “Definitely heard a Lafayette… What was the context though?” He asked, cocking his head. “What did you do?”

“I did not do anything!” He exclaimed quickly, defending himself; he looked over to Angelica; “Did I?”

Alexander rolled his eyes, “Listen—“

“I don’t have to listen to you!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands up in exasperation. “Why do you seem to think that I have to listen to you?”

“WELL JUST DO IT!” He cried, completely fed up with you, “Just this once!”

You sighed, crossing your arms over your chest; “No,” you said, calming yourself down; Angelica said no yelling, after all. “I know what you’re going to say—take care of yourself, stop trying to fix everybody else, eat a full meal, drink your eight cups of water,” you recited, using your best Alexander impression.

“I don’t sound like that,” he retorted.

“You’re kidding,” you replied, “I did that PERFECTLY. I sound more like you than you do; I’m basically you, Alexander.”

“My voice isn’t that high—look, it doesn’t matter,” he said, shaking his head to clear his thoughts, “That wasn’t what I was going to say,” he sighed, calming himself down, “I’m just worried about you, and I think you keep getting so defensive because you know I’m right, but you don’t want to accept it. And I’m trying to puzzle that part out, but you’re a hell of a closed off person when you want to be, Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes, but he just kept on going.

“I think you’re so used to giving, you’ve forgotten how to receive,” he declared, very determinedly, “And I think you can’t admit that I’m right, because I’m trying to take care of you—I’m not even trying to care of you!” He corrected himself quickly, “I just hinted at it, briefly, and you were running away like a bat out of hell! And odds are, you’re going to keep running until you push me away entirely—“

You shook your head, “That’s ridiculous, Alexander, I—“

“You’re doing it right now!” He exclaimed, “Y/N, I don’t have some sort of hidden agenda that I don’t want you knowing about. I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to upset you, I just want to make sure you’re okay. You’ve barely taken any time for yourself recently, why is that?”

You sighed, sitting back down on the bed; “I just… I’m just busy. I’m just busy, Alex,” you muttered under your breath.

“You’re making yourself busy, purposefully,” he stated, “Why?”

You rolled your eyes, “I didn’t realize I was under trial,” you mumbled, avoiding all eye contact with Alex by looking around Angelica’s room.

“You’re doing it again,” he deadpanned, making you sigh.

“I don’t know!” You exclaimed, flinging your arms up in infuriation, “It just happened! I didn’t plan it; I don’t have some ‘hidden agenda’ of HURTING MYSELF,” you groaned, hoping that using his own words against him would have some sort of effect, “Which is something EVERYBODY seems to think that I wanna do! I don’t! I’m not trying to be self-destructive, so if you could all just kindly fuck off, that would be great,” you groaned bitterly.

Alexander rolled his eyes; “You definitely don’t like feeling things,” he affirmed.

You clenched your hands in frustration—Angie said no yelling. “Listen, Alex,” you began with a sigh, standing back up, “This isn’t your problem. So if we could just drop it and go back to being friends, that would be—“

“What if I don’t want to go back to being just friends, Y/N,” he asked, still incredibly frustrated with you.

Your eyes shot to look at him once again; “Alexander. That could be interpreted in two very different ways, and if you’re about to—“

He shook his head, not letting you finish your sentence before grabbing your waist and pulling you against him. You were about to say, if he was going to kiss you, he better think twice about it, but once his lips connected with yours, you didn’t have it in you to push him away. Instead, you just let him hold you against him, let him kiss you. He was much more gentle than you thought he would be; he was just raising his voice with you, but now he was holding you like you could break at any moment, like you were made of glass, like you were a piece of treasure. His lips moved softly against yours, giving you the chance to move away, but you didn’t want to. Once he knew that, he brought more urgency into the kiss, moving his lips more roughly against yours, holding your closer against him.

When the knock came loudly from the door, you both pulled away abruptly, your eyes wide.

“Did you guys work it out, or are you still being children?” Angelica asked from behind the door.
You shared a worried look with Alexander; what could you say?

“We worked it out,” Alex answered, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets.

You let out a soft sigh; that was ten dollars you were never getting back.

buttercupmistymoon  asked:

29., Spones :)

Sweat - Spones

It doesn’t happen quite right the first time. It’s too careful, their hands and lips reserved and incredulous.

The second time is too fast, because they still can’t believe it, and they rush to the end because they heard somewhere that jaded and naïve don’t go together.

The third time is just right though. They look at each other brazenly and smile while they figure out how to move their bodies together, over and over, until they’re tired limbs and sweat-slicked skin. They lie afterwards and laugh because they’ve never listened anyway, and everything they are is fucking perfect together.

imagine being so insecure and delusional u send slick shots on ANON but the irony is ur so much of a coward u click anon so u can have confidence to say what u say….yet u wouldnt say that shit off anon directly @ing me would u???…. Yall are givingme SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT i get so embarrassed for a scary bitch

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I LOVE LIESE-L AND YOUR OMEGAVERSE FICS SO MUCH!! It's so hot and I just UGH YES! But I've only ever seen it with you guys, so could you pretty please explain knotting&slick, things like that? Because I'm a very confused adult haha

Alphas have a “knot” at the base of their dicks, which during “knotting” (intercourse) they push into their partner and it is very pleasurable for them and locks them with their partner while the… semen… comes out. 

Omegas are able to take knots. Omega males can get pregnant (there is no mpreg in this fic) during their heat. Omega males have self lubricating assholes that make knotting much easier. Think of how a vagina gets wet when aroused, only for a male omega its their booty hole. That’s the slick.

This pic (credit to @breannadolly) is a pretty helpful diagram


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My thing with this whole Seth redemption arc is right before Triple H turned on him he was making fun of how Roman got suspended where even Dean had to say people make mistakes… Then right after that they had Roman and Seth team up like Seth ain’t say slick shit out his mouth before hand… So no I don’t buy this whole redemption arc… Seth is getting the same treatment he dished out and if Seth did it once he do it again but maybe it’s just me…