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A Sleep Study

Its five in the fucking morning, but why not write a fic about a much better version of my awake perdicament.

I just wanna let Y'all know that I read all of your tags, every single one, and I really like them, so please tag as much as you want.

Anyway, this one’s pretty short but here you go.

Its four in the morning when Derek wakes up to soft contented huffs of warm air against his neck. He doesn’t remember letting Stiles sleep in his bed, probably because what he does remember includes sticking the little shit on the couch where he belongs.

More than likely, the boy wriggled himself into Derek’s space long after the wolf had fallen asleep, entered REM, and begun to dream. It surprised Derek endlessly that he could sleep so comatose with Stiles wandering around his personal space, sometimes even loudly. Anyone else could crack at the joints around him when they walked and stir him awake. He supposed that’s what trust felt like.

Really, he should kick the teen out of his damn bed. Push him away, tell him to fuck off, and stop letting him frequent his loft so often if this is what he was going to do. But, as he lay on his side and stare down at the sleeping form of the offender, he just can’t bring himself to do it.

Stiles is curled sweetly into his chest, nose pressed into his collar bones, sending furls of his breath in every which direction. His hands grip loosely at the nearest fabric they can find, the left taking hold of the sheets, and his right fingers tangled in Derek’s own sweats. He’s be sleep warm, but as usual, his hands are cold.

Derek thinks the boy’s hair is getting a little long, if the way it sticks up in every direction is any indication. He can’t help but run his fingers through it carefully, wondering for what must be the dozenth time how its always so soft. The sent of the sweet chamomile shampoo he uses assaults his nose when he does, and he inhales it deeply. He’s sure he hated it before, his sensitive nose almost always preferring a person’s natural scent, but now it’s comforting in a way he can’t quite put his finger on.

Stiles makes a little sound if contentment in his sleep, so Derek repeats the motion a few times, until he snuggles up closer, jamming his face right into the crook of Derek’s neck.

He resigns himself to counting the moles he can see peaking out from under Stiles shirt, which has ridden up to his waist, since he’s not tired enough to sleep, but too sleepy to get up. He realizes, only after he’s pressed his palm into the soft skin of Stiles’ back and started to rub, that it’s actually his shirt. Not even a clean one, but the one he’d taken off and tossed on the floor before he went to sleep.

He grins toothily to himself at the image of Stiles finding it and tugging it on unabashedly. Likes its not just about the strangest thing in the world to pick up someone’s dirty laundry and just put it on. He supposes if they were lovers it would be normal, but as they are now it makes him itch to tease. Stiles has obviously picked up the need to scent mark himself from the rest of the pack, probably unknowingly, and it’s stupidly cute that this is how he chooses to do it.

He wonders idly when the things Stiles stopped being ridiculously aggravating, and started being cute. He fondly remembers a time when something like this would have him slamming the kid’s head into his steering wheel.

Now though, his violent urges have been replaced with the urge to pet, and rub, and maybe even kiss. He sternly tells his intrusive thoughts to knock it off and let him sleep, but all he gets in return for his efforts is Stiles’ wriggling around and somehow ending up pressed even close to him in his new position.

He pushes himself back and away, not to escape, but because he wants to continue watching the boy sleep. He keeps an arm around Stiles waist, and uses the thumb of his free hand to trace over his face. Thickly lashed Eyelids, turned up nose, soft pink lips, each feature perfect in its own right.

He’s only a little surprised when Stiles chooses to flutter awake just then, all the moving and touching having been pushing it after all.

He blinks sleepily up at Derek, and Derek, undeterred, continues to have his fill of the boy’s pretty face. This should the part where he pushes Stiles onto the floor and goes back to sleep, but instead he leans forward and presses his lips against the pair he’d just been thumbing.

If Stiles is surprised, he’s too half asleep to show it, and after a few more gentle kisses, he scootches closer with a soft smile and returns the treatment enthusiastically, as if they’ve done this a thousand times. Though they haven’t , Derek decides a discussion about this new development can wait until the late morning.

It’s five in the morning when Derek drifts back to sleep, Stiles held tightly to his chest, blissfully warm and sated.

Based on this prompt I did a while back 

Normally, they’d be up roughly at the same time. Maybe with a 10 minute difference but that’s always time enough for Dex, who was generally the one who woke up first. Today was no different. He slowly opened his eyes, basking on the warmth and relishing in the feel of his naked skin pressed up against Nursey’s, their legs tangled and the sheets pooling by their hips. Supporting himself on one arm, he rose and turn slightly to watch the slow rise and fall of Nursey’s chest. It always fascinated him how enamored he was of that breathing and the heartbeat beneath it. 

Gently, he leaned down, brushing a kiss on Nursey’s temple, then, he continued down, stopping a second or two on the other’s lips, pressing slightly before going further down by the column of his warm neck, following the strong pulse there. Dex felt a slight jump beneath his lips, heard the small hitch in the other’s breathing and knew that Nursey was awake, a quick and furtive glance proving him right but, he also knew the other would pretend he wasn’t so he continued to trail his path slowly until he reached Nursey’s chest, nuzzling it a bit before stopping right on top of where he could feel and hear that heartbeat. There, he pressed a final kiss, loving and stronger than the previous two, more of a thank you than anything else.

A thank you for last night and the ones before, for all the bickering and chirping, for all those times they got each other’s backs, for spending all those precious moments together, for all the love they shared but especially, a thank you to Nursey and that heart for being alive and staying by his side all these years. With a contented sigh, Dex laid his head at that same spot and soon he felt Nursey’s hand caressing his hair. 

They will have to leave bed soon, real life being something unavoidable but, for these few minutes, they could pretend they could be able to stay like this for as long as they wanted.

To the Next Thousand

This is a gift ficlet to my dearest friend andavs who just hit 1k followers. If you aren’t following her, you should be because she’s the best! And this fic is because I know she likes sterek and arguments.

Basics: Sterek, FLUFFY FLUFF, (a little crack-ish but mostly just FLUFF)


They are on the phone, in a heated debate about whether or  not they should bother continuing Sleepy  Hollow (Derek argues the show makes no sense, Stiles argues that’s what makes it brilliant) when Stiles suddenly shouts “WE DID IT!” and then hangs up.

Derek is left staring at his phone, wondering what the hell just happened.

Given that that had been the state of his life for almost three years now, he’s not that concerned at first. He puts the phone down and expects Stiles to call back in a few minutes. That’s about how long it usually takes for Stiles to realize that whatever has gotten him distracted has caused him to hang up on his boyfriend.

But then ten minutes pass and then fifteen and Derek starts to feel a bit… well, not concerned but…

He calls Stiles. Stiles doesn’t answer. Derek frowns.

What if Stiles had yelled “We’re finished!” instead of “We did it”? Derek didn’t think that they had been arguing all that seriously but Stiles could be passionate about his TV shows and-

His body doesn’t sag in relief when he hears the telltale scrape and sputter of Stiles’ Jeep pulling up to his apartment building. It doesn’t. But he does relax slightly.

Though it’s only to tense back up again when Stiles bursts into his loft a moment later, a pile of papers in his hands, his eyes holding the kind of familiar manic energy that Derek had come to assume means “Disaster!”

“Derek!” Stiles calls, as if Derek isn’t already rising from the couch to rush over. “Derek! We did it!”

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Week 2 Round Up Post

Hello everyone! It’s been another smashingly successful week here at TW Glompfest, so it must be time for another round up post!

Week 1 Round Up Post, June 1-7


Derek’s New Friend by @annoyinglycute. Derek & kitten for @geobrarian.


10:12 a.m. by @lvkeskvwalkers. Malia/Kira for @swaglee.

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In Case of Bitter, Add a Little Sugar by @ghost-of-erica-reyes. Boyd/Erica for Anon.

Gay Chicken by @screaming-towards-apotheosis. Chris/Peter for @snarry4ever.

Maybe, This Time by @sleepy-skittled. Derek/Deaton for @arotrash.

(Hello) Is It You I’m Looking For? by @poetry-protest-pornography. Jackson/Stiles for @dreamy25.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by @inell. Jackson/Stiles for @distant-teenagers.

It Feels Right by @whatthehellisahoechlin. Derek/Stiles/Parrish for Anon.

Ain’t Nobody Fresher Than This Motherfucking Clique by @zouisprideflag. Derek/Stiles for Anon.

Breathe Me In (And Let Me Stay) by @nevergooutofstiles. Derek/Stiles for @ladyhawke72.

The Duke and His Mate by @thatworldinverted. Derek/Stiles for @pinkimpalarules.

Good Neighbors by @mynuet. Derek/Stiles for @fruit-of-my-hoechloins.

Hearts On Fire by @liebevita. Derek/Stiles for @kittylovessterek.

I Could Be by @froggydarren. Derek/Stiles for Anon.

My Best Decision (Has Yet To Be Made) by @apolloandellipses. Derek/Stiles for @wanderingthroughwonder.

Raising a White Flag by @hazelandglasz. Derek/Stiles for @spikeluv84.

Sexy Time by @themadkatter13. Derek/Stiles for Anon.

Trip and Fall by @shadyquiet. Derek/Stiles for @shadowfang.

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Am I In love With My  Best Friends Brother-Derek Luh Imagine Part 1

A/N: Please message me if you guys want a part 2 because I already have a few ideas so please let me know what you think.

Description: Your Delany’s best friend and roommate and currently Derek is living with you guys cause he is trying to find a new apartment after getting kicked out of his last one, you and him have always had a little chemistry but you would never do anything about it because your best friend hurt you by dating your brother and then cheating on him your not a cheat but you would never do anything to ruin your friendship with Delany!   

I slam the door behind me and run upstairs and fling Delany’s door open “Girl I just got asked to do a Calvin Klein Shoot” “oh my fucking gosh that’s fucking great news” “I know girl but I’m so out of breath from running upstairs” “girl I fell you” we both start laughing when a sleepy Derek opens the door “gosh guys really I was trying to sleep” “well it is like 3pm” Delany sassed back “alright but why were you making that much noise anyway” as he slumps himself on the bed “oh I got asked to model for Calvin Klein” “wow really like underwear?” “Yes Derek now stop being creepy to y/n and leave” I laugh “hey I wasn’t being creepy I just didn’t know that your body must be fire they don’t just let skinny model for them” “what’s that supposed to me” I say slightly offended “no no not like that like you must have a big but and chest which I can tell when you wear jeans you have” “oh my gosh Derek stop hitting on my best friend and roommate” “well technically she’s my roommate too” “no your just crashing here until you find a new place” “fine whatever” he puts his hands up in defence

“I’m going to go get some food, you guys want anything?” “Yeah we both will” “what do you guys want?” “whatever I don’t mind” I say “alright D what you want?” “I’ll have the same as y/n” “alright see you girls in a bit” Derek leaves the room and shuts the door “sorry about Derek he can be so annoying” “don’t worry about D I’m used to being hit on and used to annoying brothers” we both burst out laughing

 "what are we doing tonight though cause I can’t be bothered to go out" “I know I feel you but Derek is having the crew as he calls it round” “we could just be out of the way in the hot tub have a real girly night like wine and face masks” “sounds like a plan” Delany agrees. Derek enters the house with food in his hands “Delany Y/N foods down here” he shouts upstairs we both come down the stairs grab our food and start to eat “oh my gosh this tastes so good” “I thought you’d like it” “yeah it’s so good” “Delany what are you two doing Tonight” “having a girly night in” “alright but the crew will be here” “yeah it’s fine we are just going to be in the hot tub” “alright they will be here in a couple of hours” “alright” Derek walks upstairs and I find myself watching him until I can’t anymore “oi y/n hello” I shake my head “sorry what were you saying” “nothing but …… You like Derek don’t you” “no why would you say that” “cause the way you flirt with each other” “it’s just fun Delany don’t worry I know how it feels for your best friend to like your brother I get it, I don’t so let’s go start this girls night” “alright but honestly I don’t mind you’d be cute together” she says as we are walking upstairs

 "who would be cute with who" Derek says emerging from the spare room he’s staying in “no one” I say quickly “yeah stop listening to my conversations” Delany snapped as she walked into her room and I walked into mine the doorbell rang it must’ve been Derek’s friends so we both left it as we got changed into bikini and throw on a Victoria robe and walk downstairs and outside picking up a bottle of wine from the kitchen on the way out we both get in and pour a glass and just start chatting about pointless gossip when I realised we were out of wine

 "I’ll go grab another bottle" I hop out of the hot tub and quickly walk inside and open the slide door to the kitchen I open the cupboard and realised that it had none in so I tried to reach the back up cupboard just as I was trying I felt a hand on my lower back “I got it” “thanks Derek” “don’t slip your feet will be wet” “hahaha thanks Derek” “everyone’s about to go to the club do you and Delany want to come” “uh no it’s fine we both didn’t really want to go out tonight” “oh alright see you later then” “yeah have a good night”

I walk out with the wine “what took you so long” “your brother wanted to know if we wanted to go out I said no” “oh my gosh did he stare at you” “no I think he was trying not to look” we both started laughing “he likes oh it’s obvious” “shut up Delany”

*Few hours later*

Me and Delany had both gone up to bed, I was asleep when I hear my door Creek open “hey y/n” I hear Derek whisper “hey Derek” “I’m just to let you know I’m back” “alright did I really need to know that at” I turn around to my phone “4 am” “no I don’t know why I told you” he chuckles some reason I get I sudden urge and pull him towards me “you want cuddles” “of course baby” he climbs in my bed , what was I doing “goodnight y/n sleep well baby” “night Derek” I place my head on his chest as my leg wraps around his he places a kiss on my head and we both drift off to sleep.


Author: stilinskisparkles

Summary: September, 2009

Hi Stiles, it’s Derek. Derek Hale, from space camp. I’m writing this in English because my teacher Ms Grady said I had to write about my summer, but I spent my summer with you, so I decided to write to you, instead.

Please write back. Love from Derek.

Info: 8k | Mature | Childhood Friends, Pen pals

Notes: This is just a cuteness overload. Dumb boys in love give me life. -C

Sneak Peek:

“Oh, fuck you!”

Stiles socks him on the arm, turns to hoist his bag up onto his shoulder. “You aregonna miss me, whatever you say.”

“I won’t miss your snoring.”

“Well, I’m not exactly gonna miss you talking in your sleep,” Stiles flutters his eyes, mimics Derek’s sleepy mumblings before Derek launches forward and punches his arm, making his bag slip.

“Ouch! Fucker.”