the sleep of sorrow and the dream of joy

PART 2/2 


  • “ i gave my hand for you to hold ”
  • “ we were so alive ”
  • “ i never thought i’d hear these words ”
  • “ you could not find your way back ”
  • “ you were long gone ”
  • “ your ego swallowed you ”


  • “ never ever knew that this could be my reality ”
  • “ we’ll never let this die ”
  • “ i will follow you ”
  • “ there’s no need for dreaming ”
  • “ woe is me ”
  • “ you let me in ”
  • “ i know we’re not made for sorrow ”


  • “ i was just barely holding on ”
  • “ i thought to sleep the day away ”
  • “ i take comfort in your way ”
  • “ your presence gives me joy ”
  • “ we find a light down any road we take ”
  • “ i was trying to keep up ”


  • “ don’t wake me up tonight ”
  • “ i’ll be dreaming of you, if that’s alright ”
  • “ i like you better in my sleep ”
  • “ lovin’ is easy to do ”
  • “ i haven’t got a clue ”
  • “ i wake up to find nothing there ”
  • “ i’d tell you this but you already don’t care ”
  • “ we could have been it ”


  • “ there you go ”
  • “ you’ve been up and down ”
  • “ you’ve been low ”
  • “ you’ve been flying so high ”
  • “ don’t shun it all ”
  • “ no need to hide ”
  • “ you made it through ”


  • “ we always made it work ”
  • “ mama said she’d always keep us warm ”
  • “ bought my first keys at fifteen ”
  • “ don’t ever lose sight ”
  • “ we all lift each other up ”
  • “ love is strong enough ”

anonymous asked:

Hey I don't know if you've already done this but could you pretty please rec some fics with infidelity between draco and harry, if you know any? I'm always a slut for angst and make up sex. :D

Infidelity isn’t something i read often, but i can rec,

Blueprints for a Dream by Frayach (24k)
Harry breaks Draco’s heart, but that doesn’t mean Draco’s going to let him go without a fight.

Better Left Dead by calrissian18 (6k)
A love story and a half.

Says the Magpie to the Morning (Sorrow Take Your Own Advice) by @femmequixotic (15k)
It’s terribly bad form, sleeping with your ex when you’re still half in love with the bastard.

Let’s Dance To Joy Division by @femmequixotic (12k)
Let the love tear us apart, I’ve found a cure for a broken heart…

A Broken but Happy Sound by thusspakekate (7k)
Sometimes we do terrible things for no reason. Other times, we have terrible reasons.

He Dreams in Monochrome by Furiosity (5k)
The line between love and possession is so vague that no one knows where it cuts deepest.

A Rose In the Garden by Kedavranox (3k)
Draco faces the consequences.

Unkissed Kisses and Songs Never Sung by @femmequixotic (12k)
I sit silently in the shadows, staring at the tiny, pulsing ball of light that tells me my Harry’s still alive.

There are also these with perceived infidelity, but it ends up not being true,

Packing the Flat by marguerite_26 (6k)
Months after their explosive break-up, Draco insists Harry return to their flat to remove his belongings.

Fall to Grace by cylsus (5k)
It’s been three weeks since Harry and Draco broke up. Clearly, they should want nothing to do with each other, but being Auror partners makes that just a tad bit difficult.

And I Know the Spark by Firethesound (15k)
All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Still Burning - Suga (BTS Scenario)

Requested by anon

suga scenario where your both idols but break up becaus ARMYs were sending u death threats, and u been harassed lately and when u were doing a practice run with your band for comeback stage you fainted(infront of fans too) angst then fluff please :3

(sorry for taking so long with this!)

characters: you x Suga

genre: angst/fluff

rating: E

word count: 2,892



The world in front of you was warm and romantic, yet something inside of you felt so tormenting and you knew you had to let it out.

You know what’s been going on lately, don’t you?

With all of my fans?

You made a small sigh, “yeah… that… I don’t know how much longer I can hang onto this, onto us. They’ve..” you scoffed, “they’ve started to get even more out of control, giving me death threats and telling me to go and kill myself and–” you couldn’t hold back your tears any longer and let them drop free onto your warm face.

Yoongi said nothing and only held you to himself, letting you cry into his chest and wetting his favorite shirt you bought him as his ears heard disappointment and his heart felt brokenness.

I’m just so scared Yoongi, I don’t know what to do anymore.

He only replied back with silence, keeping you close to him as he kissed your head with comfort.

You didn’t understand why his fans were so reckless with your well-being; you were already barely getting enough sleep from staying up at night, stressing at how they harass via social media. Now they were telling you that you weren’t worth anything? That you were just using Suga only for publicity?

You don’t love him! I love him more than you do!

Why did it have to be a competition for the love of your life?

The longer you laid against Yoongi’s chest, the more you felt his heartbeat relax you. You always hated it when you cried, especially in front of your boyfriend.

I.. I can’t do this anymore..

Suga held you up by the arms and looked deeply at your quivering body, “what do you mean?

I.. I don’t know.. I can’t take this pain anymore.

_____, you’re better than this. You don’t need to listen to those kinds of people. If they were really my fans then they wouldn’t treat you like this.

That’s not going to stop them, you know that.

Finally, you looked up at your dear love and prayed to the heavens that this pain would end.

I…” you sighed a shaky and heavy breath, “I think we should break up..”

_____, no. We shouldn’t. We don’t have to.

I can’t eat or sleep anymore Yoongi! I don’t remember the last time I really smiled ever since those kinds of people came into my life. One time when I was at the store alone, a couple of fans started throwing things at me and said that you didn’t really love me.

Who are they to tell you how I feel? They don’t know me like that, they don’t know us like that. They’re just a bunch of liars don’t you see?” he sighed loudly, ‘we don’t need to break up _____. We can do this.

What else can we do Yoongi?! I’ve been getting gifts from your fans that are really just weapons when I open them up. I don’t trust anyone anymore, I can’t. Please.. Min Yoongi. Please end things with me. I can’t suffer like this any longer.

He pulled you in for another hug, holding you tight, never wanting to let you go. He then cupped your face and kissed you lovingly. When he looked up at your empty expression, tears were running down his eyes as his voice began to break, “I will still love you no matter what happens.

And that’s the day your world fell apart.


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A little Shakespeare music for his birthday

To celebrate the Bard’s birthday I am sharing my first Shakespeare playlist, a mix of spoken word, Elizabethan songwriting and contemporary score. The Spotify link is HERE, and here’s what you will find on it…

1.  Judi Dench – ‘These Are The Forgeries…’ from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Judi brings her husky authority to Titania’s speech grieving the feud with Oberon and the disarray it leaves behind in nature.
2.  Julian Bream – Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard by John Dowland
400-year-old classical guitar ode to Good Queen Bess.
3. Choeur de Chambre de Namur – Ingressus: Cantate Dominum
Uplifting church horns from Rogier, under-appreciated Flemish composer and almost exact contemporary of Shakespeare.
4.  Dame Janet Baker/Martin Isepp/Ambrose Gauntlett/Douglas Whittaker – ‘Where the bee sucks…’
Ariel’s poem from The Tempest set to a spritely pastoral theme with Dame Janet’s impossibly precise phrasing bouncing about like the magical bee itself.
5.  Jordi Savall – Lachrimae Antiquae by John Dowland
Neither are teares shed always in sorrow but sometime in joy and gladnesse” wrote Dowland in the 1604 dedication for his lute and violin delight.
6.  Benjamin Britten: A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Act 2 - “On the Ground, Sleep Sound
The dream begins in Britten’s opera, premiered in 1960 and musically looted ever since.
7.  David Munrow –Madrigal (Di novo é giunto)
This list would be incomplete without a madrigal, this one is a twenty-first century creation from music historian and musician David Munrow for lute.
8.  I Fagiolini – Extraliturgical Motet: In ecclesiis by Giovanni Gabrieli
A grand early-Baroque finale piece written for an Italian holy festival in the last years of Shakespeare’s life.
9.  Carlo Gesualdo – O Vos Omnes
‘O all you who walk by on the road, pay attention and see if there be any sorrow like my sorrow…’ Beautiful five-voice responsory written the year Elizabeth died, but Catholic of course, so no more mourning for her here…
10.  Hespèrion XX, Jordi Savall – Paavin Of Albarti (Alberti)
A ‘consort’ or ensemble piece that may have soundtracked all manner of art and machinations from Shakespeare’s royal court…
11.  Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – Othello, Op. 79: II. Children’s Intermezzo
More British opera, a piece by our greatest black composer on Shakespeare’s noble Moor.
12.Provofiev/London Symphony Orchestra/André Previn – Romeo and Juliet, Op.64, Act I: Dance of the Knights
Originally considered too difficult to choreograph, here is the bombastic soundtrack to the Capulet’s Ball you know and love from the great Russian ballet, a triumphant version from the LSO and André Previn.
13.  Nick Ingman – The End  (Instrumental) from Shakespeare In Love
Sad sad closing piece from an Oscar-winning score. ‘You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die…’
14.  Paul Rogers – John of Gaunt’s Death Speech from Richard II
‘This little world, this precious stone, set in a silver sea…’ John’s goodbye, and tribute to England, from a master Shakespearean, to see us out.

Lost Letters - Four

|| Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight

TXF |MSR | Revival - Post Home Again | Angst | PG | 4/8

The skeleton staff in the evidence lab smell strongly of eggnogg when Mulder rushes in. It takes him twice as long as normal to explain to them what he needs, to authorise the necessary paperwork, and that delay costs him a crucial ten minutes. By the time he reaches the parking lot at Our Lady of Sorrows, there is no sign of Scully’s car, her departure confirmed by the sister in charge of the pediatric wing when he rushes in to be sure. Mulder sags a little against the desk and as he does he catches sight of her familiar handwriting, looping easily across a patient chart, anchoring her to this place, to this world, reminding him that though she may be lost in the greater sense, Scully is still real, still within reach. A few minutes ago she signed that sheet, stood at this desk rotating one ankle at a time after ten hours on her feet. Scully had breathed this hospital air, and that realisation is enough to banish the ghostly version of her that has been chasing Mulder since Bill’s call.

There is still much to fear and more to do but the knot of worry in Mulder’s chest loosens enough that he leaves the hospital at a brisk walk instead of a desperate run.

The beltway traffic provides more space, time in which Mulder realises that arriving at Scully’s work and demanding she eat a sandwich in front of him would likely only have pushed her further away. Helping Scully is about as easy as cutting down brambles, rush in unprepared and you are more likely to end up with a fistful of thorns than recover what once flourished underneath.

He’s come up with half a plan when he arrives outside her apartment for a second time. He can use an almost truth, tell her Bill called, let her deception slide and offer to take her for dinner, no blame, no explanations just time, company and maybe a step towards healing.

But her car is not parked outside and the doorman shakes his head when Mulder approaches.

The knot begins to tighten again as he belts up fast enough for the nylon to burn his neck and heads to the only other place he can imagine her going.

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The novelist’s happy discovery was to think of substituting for those opaque sections, impenetrable by the human spirit, their equivalent in immaterial sections, things, that is, which the spirit can assimilate to itself. After which it matters not that the actions, the feelings of this new order of creatures appear to us in the guise of truth, since we have made them our own, since it is in ourselves that they are happening, that they are holding in thrall, while we turn over, feverishly, the pages of the book, our quickened breath and staring eyes. And once the novelist has brought us to that state, in which, as in all purely mental states, every emotion is multiplied ten-fold, into which his book comes to disturb us as might a dream, but a dream more lucid, and of a more lasting impression than those which come to us in sleep; why, then, for the space of an hour he sets free within us all the joys and sorrows in the world, a few of which, only, we should have to spend years of our actual life in getting to know, and the keenest, the most intense of which would never have been revealed to us because the slow course of their development stops our perception of them.
—  Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way

what do you think you live for?

I live in and for the idea that the person I am, and the things I will do will affect someone else in a real way. 

whats your favorite month? 

I honestly couldn’t pick one. 

if you could go straight/gay/like someone you wouldn’t normally think of liking, who would it be (famous person)? 

Interesting, hmmm. I rather fancy Rebecca Hall.

perfect day?

Writing, reading, bon fire, cooking dinner beside my mother, a night surround by people (or a person) who make(s) me laugh and smile, and I make them laugh and smile as well. Dancing. Running around yipping, shouting and reciting playful phrases, dialogue or proverbs. 

who would you want to play you in your biographical movie?

Greta Gerwig

what was your most treasured memory?

I have many. Many many many. 

do you cry easily/often?

Yes, I am very much susceptible to shedding tears of joy and sorrow. 

if you could only save one thing in your house/life what would it be?

My pets. 

do you believe in the supernatural? 

I believe in the supremely fantastic. 

do you have a lot of dreams when you sleep?

Not of late. 

..whats the worst thing you ever done?

well, I wouldn’t very well tell you. 

whats your favorite condiment? 


have you ever been in love? tell me about one of the times.

No. Maybe. Probably. Yes, but it was the type of love that exists only so long as you don’t look at reality. 

would you ever date someone a lot older/younger than you?

I’ve dated 12 years my senior. And only 2 years my junior. 

whats the craziest story thats happened to you?

I have several, if you ever buy me a drink, I’ll share one. 

who is your favorite family member/friend?

Now that’s just not fair. No, wait. Cooper, my parent’s Jack Russell. Yes. Him. 

have you ever gotten into a fist fight?

Yes. I punched my sister in the chin when I was a child and then promptly burst into tears. However, I have been tempted to throw a punch since then, and I wouldn’t have cried. 

which would you choose if you had to choose between joining the army, navy or air force? 

Air Force

what are your alter egos like?

A little rougher around the edges. 

have you ever known someone that you really thought you could marry?

No. Not in the realistic “I’m going to grow old and take care of you, sickness and health” way or the “I can spend the rest of my life loving you and only you” way. 

do you fall for people easily?

No. I stumble a bit, then right myself. Fall? Nope. It takes a bit. 

How did you get one of your scars? 

Baking bread. 

fav flavor ice cream?

I haven’t ever had ice cream. Nor will I. 

tell me about a crush past or present?

I have a pretty big crush on @thecountryfucker. But, who doesn’t?