the sleep of reason produces nightmares

Thank You, Lovelies

Bless each and every one of you for 2,000 lovelies. This is a glorious, splendid occasion, and together we have reached another grand milestone.

I have been looking over so many artists’ pieces they have dedicated to me, stories they have written, jokes they have made, just overall posts that for some reason have been made in my honor. I am shocked that inspiration and dedication has been produced simply because of the words I say and how nasty I can become.

I am joyous to see this climb. I am joyous to see you on this journey with me. Thank you, for everything.

As always, Sleep With Nightmares of Me.


The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

a little picture I have
right above my bed
to remind me after I struggle to sleep
that my nightmares must leave in the morning

sunlight dispels the images
my destructive mind leaves behind
but most importantly
it exposes the darker corners
to find her smile
yet again

my sunshine is gone
so now the night will go on
and honestly
I will enjoy the quiet for a little while
while reason takes its rest


Energy: Receptive

Planet: Venus

Elements: Water, Akasha

Deities: Isis, Venus, the Great Mother

Associated metals: Silver, copper

Powers: Healing, regulating menstruation, agriculture, protection, peace, wisdom

Magical uses: In ancient times, red coral was a gift from the deities. It was found on beaches throughout the world, but most often in Italy. To be powerful in magic, ancient people used coral that hadn’t been worked on by human hands; that is it wasn’t polished, ground, cut or carved. Because coral was thought to be alive (as it once was), people believed that any processing done to it would “kill” the magical energies within it. This isn’t absolutely true today, but one belief is still current- if a piece of coral used in magic breaks for any reason, it has lost its power and a new piece must be obtained. Return the broken pieces to the ocean.

Coral comes from two Greek words meaning “daughter of the sea.” Italian women used to wear it near the groin to regulate the menstrual flow, recognizing the link between coral, the sea, the Moon, and their cycles. The coral, usually red was believed to grow pale during the flow, then grow brighter afterwards.  It could have been used to predict their periods. Coral used for these purposed were carefully hidden from the eyes of men, for, if seen by men, it lost all its magic power.

Coral is still used in magic today. When worn as to be plainly visible, it is a protective amulet. It is used against “the evil eye, demons, furies, succubi, incubi, and phantasma” among other ills. It guards against accidents, acts of violence, poison, theft, possession, and sterility, the last especially in women. 

Coral us worn to effect inner changes. It dispels foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, murderous thoughts, panic and nightmares. It confers reason, prudence, courage, and wisdom upon its bearer. Placed beneath the pillow, it produces peaceful sleep by driving away disturbing dreams.

Coral has been used in magic relating to children for thousands of year. If presented as a gift to a child, it ensures their future health.

Infants wear a coral pendant or beads to ease the pain of cutting teeth. It was also used in rattles to guard children. Place a piece of coral in a child’s room to magically protect him or her. 

A special use of coral was popular in ancient Egypt and Greece. powdered coral was mixed with seed and sown or scattered over newly planted fields. This protected the growing crops from inclement weather an insects. Coral was also hung on fruit trees to increase their yield. 

In healing, red coral was used to cure indigestion, all pains in the digestive tract, eye complaints, and to staunch blood. Also, red coral when worn, had the power to alert its wearer of ill health by paling in color. 

Coral is used as a house luck-attractant. Take a piece of coral and touch it to every door, window, and wall in the house while moving in a clockwise direction. Then put it in a place of prominence and let it do its magic. 

It also has associations with love. Coral earrings were worn by women in ancient Rome to attract men. Powdered coral was used in sixteenth-century Venusian incense, and red or pink candles ringed with pieces of coral are burned to draw love.

Because of its associations with the sea, coral is also worn as a protectant while sailing or traveling over water, and guards boats against shipwreck. It is also sometimes worn as a protection against shark attack.

(All information retrieved from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)