the slaughter games

  • Ray: Okay, listen carefully. All we have to do is stay quiet and sneak past them. No smashing or murdering.
  • Zack: But how can I-
  • Ray: No
  • Zack: but murdering is-
  • Ray: No
  • Zack: but-
  • Ray: For everything in gods name, just stay quiet and don't kill anyone.
  • Zack: *smirks* but aren't I your go-
  • Ray: Finish that sentence and I will personally drag you to Cathy's floor.
  • Zack: *shuts up in 3 seconds flat*
Random Satsuten Thoughts

• Who wrote the graffiti on B6? Did Gray go and take pictures of where Zack used to hang out so that he could accurately recreate it?

• What would’ve happened if B4 ran out of space? Would they have dug the oldest corpses up and gotten rid of them?


• Why did Cathy treat her traps like they were a Gameshow? Was she just being a mocking bitch, or did she have some sort of Deep Web Red Room set up?

• Where the hell did Cathy and Eddie come from? What are their stories? How many people have each of them killed?

• Where the hell did Gray get hallucinogenic gas strong enough to cause DEADLY hallucinations?! Did he make it? Did Danny?

• What happens to Ray if the giant snake catches her? I mean, it’s just a hallucination….is it brain death? Heart Stoppage? WHAT IS IT?!

• How the hell is Danny so freakishly durable? I get that he took measures to save himself the first time, but holy shit…..

• What sodas was Zack drinking? Where’d they come from? Was he allowed to make snack runs? Did he pay for them? Where’d he get the money if he paid? Did Gray have an allowance system set up? Did Gray bring them on request? Was Gray the Best Adoptive Dad?

Zack enjoyed leaning on Rachel, not in the emotional sense but in the physical one. Sure it started off small, he would put his head on hers no force really behind it.

Yet something seem to give inside of him one day. She could be minding her own business, folding clothes or fixing something. And he’d come up behind her and drape himself on her. Of course when she was standing he wouldn’t put his full weight on her. He knew her knees would buckle like a plastic bottle being run over by a car.

But really it was those days where he caught her reading a book in their living room. And a odd sense of calm would come over him, which made skin crawl. Those feeling lead to these intrusive acts. Maybe he wanted her undivided attention. Although he though to highly of himself to be that shallow. But that hadn’t stopped him, from approaching Rachel on the couch. Shoving past the book, to lean on her, she crumpled with ease as he pressed his head gently into her stomach. Sitting his stomach and lower half long ways across the old sofa they owned. She wouldn’t be able to move even if she wanted too.

She must have heard him approaching. Because the book she was once reading didn’t clatter to ground, losing the page she was reading. But instead had been gently placed on the coffee table beside them. His head rested in her lap and she only shifted slightly. Ice cold fingers began making their way into his hair. He grunted and pressed into the touch. He couldn’t see her face and he didn’t really care. He knew she found some type of enjoyment running her fingers through his hair. Occasionally getting stuck in knots that she would gently pull apart. Her hands would stray to his face, he had long ago allowed her to loosen the bandages around his neck and chin. At first just the idea of her seeing any part of his face without the bandages put him in a bad mood. Even at one point, he would have tighten his grip around her wrist. Stoping her insisted petting, grumble something before getting up.

But now even though she had never seen his face 100%. She could feel the coarse, rough almost lumpy plastic skin. It was worse around his neck than his face. She would gently trail her fingers along his face. She could see his dark complected skin. Brown flesh that lead to his wild eyes. He could feel the hesitation in her hand as she pulled the bandage from under one of his eyes. He opened his eye to look at her. A sea of black stared up at sky blues. He narrowed his eye at her which looked more like squinting.

“Your very warm,” she spoke up, her hesitation seem to disappear as she continued her petting. He rolled his eye, he could have easily answered back with a “And your really cold.” But he would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it.

There was something about these silent moments between them. That reminded him of the interrogation room back when he had turned himself over to the police. In an act of desperation to save Ray. The room was only truly quiet when the two officers left. He remember all the question they asked him. Did he know just how many people he killed. An when they realized they weren’t getting anywhere. Trying​ to guilt him with his past victims, they brought up Ray. Using a tone of voice that implied things that never happen. He was a lot of things but he wasn’t a rapist, nor had he ever force her to do anything. He had felt unbelievable anger build inside of him and that when the cops knew they had won their little game.

Every little thing afterwards got under his skin, the things they would say. Seem almost racially-charged, they could call him a beast and technically they wouldn’t be incorrect. He hadn’t realized what was happening at the time, he still didn’t understand it later. Not that he cared really, but they seem to try and put him in a category. That they knew damn well he didn’t fit. Not with the shooting or beating, he was on a whole other level above that. A true monster, and they were trying to racial profile that.

Thinking back on it, it was kinda laughable. Of course they did have a point. Zack reached up and touched Rays face. Their skin color was different, which meant the news reacted differently. He wonder if Ray had seen any of the news papers. Disgusting nonsense from a bumbling police force.

With a huff, he willed himself to stop thinking about it, as he brushed his bandage knuckles across Ray cheek. That when he noticed something was a little off. His hair was a lot looser than it was before. He could feel the cool air caressing his left cheek. He blinked and reached up to touch his face. An in his deep thought Ray had loosed more of his bandage. He looked at Ray who didn’t have a bit of guilt on her face. She didn’t even act like it wasn’t her fault.

“I’m going to strangle the fucking air out of you.” A light threat, but all it did was cause Rays eyes to widen a fraction.

“Finally?” She asked her head turned side ways. Her eyes had changed from back then, they held something. Maybe it was life but then he would have killed her weeks ago, hell years ago when he took her from the hospital. He couldn’t figure it out, leading to his frustration and her words just killing his blood lust. He became agitated, and he could swear he felt like she enjoyed watching his annoyed jitters until he turned on her.

“Argh! I’m gonna fuckin smother you!” He attack her, if you could even call it that. He had gotten on his knees and went to encase her in his hoodie/body. Trying to smother her and really it ended up being more of a bear hug than anything else.

“Watch cha looking so smug for, are you fucking laughing!?” Agitation clear in his voice, everything had devolved into this childish fight that wasn’t really a fight.

(I haven’t written anything for a while for this pair so I thought eh why the hell not. Plus i have never been more happy to see that Zack is cannonly brown or black which ever you wanna call it! So writing coded black Zack is my new life now.)

me: did u guys know i love b-

my friends: YES we KNOW we know u love borderlands 

me: … it’s just like on the surface it’s just a first person shooter thats filled with memes with some tedious monsters u gotta kill but then you realize that u feel for so many of the characters and like u wanna hate handsome jack because he’s the villain but he believes he’s doing whats right and he’s funny he makes jokes while killing people and you realize that in some ways youre no better than him. in the game we slaughter so many people and we find joy out of it and then we rob them and then jack says we’re the bad guys which we dont have a blank slate and are wanted for murder/arson/cannibalism like things arent perfect in this world whatsover ,,, but theres lgbt+ characters and characters with disabilities and different races and it’s not a joke, theres no jokes at the expensive of that the jokes are from handsome jack shutting us down for being murderers which we are ,, like in this fucked up world of borderlands at least it has some decency to treat minorities as people in some sense which is more than u can say for the real world which is real fucked up i mean of course the games arent perfect but even in the pre-sequel the playable characters are an even ratio gender and one of the females is poc and the other is queer like holy heck this game is great and filled with memes and it’s crazy and not serious yet still made me cry a few times and theres so much i wanna say and i jusyt wowie