the slap is so fake

these writers have tried so damn hard to make me like Trikru but it only seems to make me more eager to get rid of them

Title: Every Single Little Piece of Me
Author: cbsnforeverandalways/iwalkalone258 [ao3]
Character(s): Barry Allen, Iris West
Category: Romance
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1477
Chapter(s): 1 of 1
Summary: She sighs into the kiss, her arms twisting around his neck to bring him closer; always to bring him closer. There’s electricity zapping through his veins and when he kisses her like this she can feel it in hers too.

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Into The Trollmarket

This Trollhunter!Strickler fic series thing is inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter.

-The First (along with @changepherrox’s art that inspired it)
-A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships
-Let Our Powers Combine!

(Also there has been more absolutely wonderful art by Changepherrox HERE and HERE please check them out)

In this fic: Blinky is cornered by Vendel and comes up with a really thin excuse as to why the Trollhunter hasn’t been seen in Heartstone Trollmarket yet.

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anonymous asked:

👀👀 what's the tea regarding the d*grassi cast you don't like. i always knew there was something off about a few of them but receipts or like legit reasons are hard to come by.

spencer tweeted support for johnny depp the day that the abuse allegations came out. he never apologized and blocked people for calling him out. amir defended spencer, but amir apologized and came to me personally to express how mistaken he was. 

a while ago, ricardo liked an instagram video of a man beating a woman up because she slapped him or something. 

soma is so fake woke lol. she’s always going off about veganism and how important it is, but then she like uses blood imagery in her album art. and then she was going off about how aquariums are wrong even though she’d just went to one like a month before.

nikki tweeted this when kanye went to a mental hospital. it’s incredibly ableist and undermines mental health tbh. 

god, it’s been years but andre got exposed for saying the n word and making disgusting rape jokes. i don’t think he ever apologized.

lyle and olivia made a music video in a graveyard

an anon came to me and accused parham of rape. you can take that as you like. 

richard still stans chris brown and tweeted about it recently but of course deleted them lmao 

my friend gina was kicked out of her house and tweeted about it for days. there was some drama and a fan tweeted that they sent ehren nudes in exchange for unfollowing gina. even though he knew what she was going through. amanda did the same thing, minus the nudes, and unfollowed my friend jess as well. 

everyone else in the cast is fine as far as i know. 

koifuu  asked:

oh my god that was perfect!! can i request the small and affectionate s/o roasting their bullies, but for rei, aoba, wataru, and izumi?? thank you!! 💕💕💖💟❤ you're my favorite enstars imagine blog!! love you! 💘

aaaah we’re so glad to be your favorite !!!!!!! love you too ♥ ♥ i see you a lot in our inbox and it feels so nice to see the same people often !! here you go, part 3 of the small s/o roasting bullies !! and don’t worry, i’m working on your matchup too ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Rei :

  • Going out with Rei isn’t exactly the most relaxing activity you could have. Should you take him out during the day, he’ll essentially behave like a vampire on the brink of death. Besides, he doesn’t exactly go unnoticed : he’s tall and he has eccentric looks and mannerisms…
  • You absolutely love him for who he is, but sometimes you forget he’s a bit… unusual. People often stare, but they generally don’t do anything more, and that’s for the best. You don’t think you’d take it lightly if they did anything to your boyfriend…
  • That one day was different. You were out with Rei on a date, enjoying yourself and laughing happily at his every joke and comment. He was holding your hand on the café’s table, and everything was going perfectly well. Until you heard what the group of guys seated behind you were saying.
  • They were making fun of your boyfriend, and pretty loudly at that. They didn’t seem to care if any of you could hear them, laughing and mocking Rei’s looks and habits. You were wondering if you had to intervene, but Rei looked as relaxed as usual. Maybe he didn’t hear them… ? You kept the conversation going, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
  • But the rude assholes behind you were talking much louder now, frequently looking at you to check if any of you were mad yet. Rei was acting as though nothing happened. As suave as ever… You had just decided to follow his lead when they started insulting your boyfriend, and your resolve snapped.
  • You got up and started roasting them, furious they’d make fun of your boyfriend just because he looks eccentric. They got quiet all of a sudden and just stared at you. They definitely weren’t expecting the sweet person their victim was on a date with to start insulting them…
  • People were starting to stare, but you didn’t care : you kept going, slapping the rude bullies with the truth. They were making fun of your boyfriend, huh ? Well, maybe that was because he was kind and sweet enough to actually have a date. Very much unlike a certain group of rude assholes, who couldn’t help but make people feel bad about themselves just because they’re jealous.
  • Rei just observed you the entire time, smirking lightly. He looked pretty unfazed about the whole thing, but gently put his hand on your arm when he noticed a waiter was coming your way. “That’s quite enough”, he said audibly, and all the customers who were looking your way turned back.
  • Turns out the waiter had seen the entire thing and came to apologize for the rude guys’ behavior, explaining they were regulars here and they often did that. He arranged to have them out of the café and got you free cake as an apology !
  • Rei didn’t exactly comment on what you did, but he was looking at you proudly for the entire day. He was about to deal with the situation himself, actually, but was really happy you stood up for him. It just showed you care about him, and that’s not exactly an unpleasant situation…

Wataru :

  • Dating Wataru is essentially an emotional roller coaster. You never how he’s going to react or what’s going to happen, because he’s always surprising you with reactions you wouldn’t have thought of. But hey, that’s why you love him !
  • He’s always doing great things and getting invited here or there. Of course, since you’re dating him, he always takes you along ! This one time, he was joining other theater clubs in the region for a joint practice. They were planning to have a big performance together, using the fact that idols would be part of it as an advantage !
  • Wataru was pretty excited about the situation, not only because he’d be spreading the word about Yumenosaki Academy, but also simply because it sounded fun ! He spent a lot of time working on the script for the performance with some other theater club leaders, and you knew for sure he was pretty happy when the day of the joint training finally came.
  • And yet you got disappointed pretty quickly. Most of the students were nice, but there was another club president there, and he was bullying absolutely everyone : his own underclassmen, the other people here… Tomoya was completely unsuited to theater, according to him, and he even found faults in Hokuto’s perfect performance ! But of course, Wataru wouldn’t let him ruin his fun…
  • Your boyfriend started to arrange for funny “accidents” or mishaps to happen every single time the annoying guy was bullying someone. A live chicken would come out of nowhere to attack him, a part of the set would fall right on him, his trousers would rip right when he was on stage… The only problem was, with Wataru’s flamboyant behavior, the other guy quickly understood he was the one making all that happen.
  • He started humiliating Wataru in front of everyone, apparently delighted at the thought that everyone would see it. But you wouldn’t take it : he ruined your boyfriend’s fun and now he was trying to ruin his reputation ? He’d better be ready to taste your wrath !
  • The entire room fell silent when you got up on stage and slapped him. Mind you, it was a real, actual slap, not the fake ones Wataru was so fond of. You started defending your boyfriend and roasting the bully in front of everyone, not even letting him interrupt you. Only once you deemed he had enough did you stop to take time to breathe.
  • That’s when everyone started to applaud you. The bully was so angry he left on the spot, and everyone was so relieved you and Wataru had stood up to him ! Wataru just winked at you to thank you for your impromptu reaction, and quickly went back on stage to replace the bully as the new head of the project.
  • You suspect Wataru greatly enjoyed the situation : he saw you flying right as his rescue, after all ! And there’s nothing he loves more than when you surprise him. He’s keeping that in the back of his mind and you can be sure he’ll try to repay the favor someday, preferably when you’re least expecting it !

Tsumugi :

  • Since your boyfriend is the Library Committee chairman, he often spends after-class hours in the library, watching over the room and making sure no one makes a fuss. You took the habit to stay with him there and spend nice, peaceful afternoons, quietly reading or studying by his side.
  • Usually, the two of you almost have the entire library for yourselves : it’s not like the school’s main focus is on academics… Sometimes a few people come, but either they’re just looking for a book in particular or they want a quiet place to study. Or nap, sometimes. As long as they’re not making noise, Tsumugi generally lets them do as they please.
  • One day, you were reading along with Tsumugi, resting against him when you heard sudden noise and agitation coming from a corner of the room. Your boyfriend was about to get up and investigate, but the offenders quickly got quiet, so you just smiled at him and kept reading.
  • But soon enough, it became apparent that they had no intention of keeping quiet. They were laughing and shouting, and this time Tsumugi decided to go and tell them off. You went with him, holding his hand in yours : you know he has a peaceful personality and hates conflict…
  • Tsumugi gently explained they were disrupting everyone else’s concentration and that the library was a place of calm and study. The group of students, however, didn’t look like the type to like calm or study at all. It looked to you as if they just wanted a warm place to hang out after classes. It wasn’t the first time a situation like that happened, and you were trusting your boyfriend to resolve it peacefully.
  • Except the guys had other plans. They started picking on Tsumugi, asking what he’d do if they just refused to comply. Your boyfriend started to stutter, visibly nervous about that confrontation. They kept going, this time making fun of him, insulting him and even stealing his glasses. When they got up and started to push him around, you couldn’t help but step up.
  • You’d been hiding behind Tsumugi the entire time, so they didn’t really pay attention to you, but now that you were walking up to them and roasting them, they sure noticed you. A few of them even got quiet. You made sure to put them back in their place, yanking your boyfriend’s glasses from the hands of the guy who was playing with them. Everyone in the library was looking at you, and the dudes were obviously uncomfortable with that outcome.
  • Eventually, as they noticed everyone was staring at them in disapproval, they just left. Besides, you didn’t seem like you’d make things easy for them. You just stood there, hands on your hips, as you watched them leave the library. You only went back to where you were sitting when you were sure they wouldn’t be coming back.
  • Tsumugi was very flustered about the whole situation and thanked you at least a million times, stating he didn’t know what he’d be doing without you. You’re just glad you were here to help your boyfriend out, especially when you know he’s so kind and gentle to people…

Izumi :

  • With that personality of his, it’s no wonder Izumi gets into trouble sometimes. And yet you came to love his arrogant side too ! You love every single part of him, after all, and this one is no exception !
  • Izumi gets a lot of modelling jobs and is fairly well-known in the industry, and he always brings you along. Maybe it’s because you’ve been working as his producer, or because you date him, or just because he wants to keep an eye on you at all times ? You don’t quite know… It’s also possible that he just wants to show off in front of you. That boy, really…
  • You’ve been in a lot of sets, with a lot of different photographers and themes, and yet you don’t think you’re ever going to get tired of watching Izumi modelling. He’s so goddamn perfect in front of a camera ! Well, he’s always perfect actually, but still ! It’s always a pleasure for the eyes. You can’t exactly say the people who work with him are as delighted as you however…
  • One day, he got asked to model together with another guy. They didn’t specify who it was going to be, but you faintly knew Izumi wouldn’t be pleased regardless. On the day of the photoshoot, it became clear that you had underestimated the situation : it turned out that the guy in question was one of Izumi’s rivals. You asked your boyfriend to try and be as professional as he could, but he told you he had no intention to lose to his rival.
  • Izumi was being as abrasive as ever, and the other guy sure didn’t like that. During breaks or inbetween shoots, he’d belittle Izumi and insult him. Your boyfriend pointedly ignored him, but you felt your own patience being tested.
  • When he followed Izumi in his lodge to make fun of you instead, claiming you were so tame and Izumi really was tasteless, you knew Izumi’s berserk button had been pushed. Out of nowhere, he started rushing to the guy and tried hitting him, and that’s the moment you chose to intervene.
  • Pushing your boyfriend behind you, you started roasting the guy, telling him that belittling Izumi wasn’t going to make up for his own lack of talent. He tried to talk back but you cut him off and didn’t stop until you deemed he had enough.
  • He went away soon enough, glaring at you. That was not a fight he wanted to get into : you were two against him, and two fiery opponents at that. You asked if Izumi was okay, and it took all of his composure not to snap at you, instead remarking you didn’t have to intervene and he could have managed well enough on his own.
  • Izumi was very protective during the rest of the day though, making sure you were doing fine and everyone was being nice to you. He didn’t really tell you, but you just know he’s worried about you. Even though he appreciates you standing up to him and preventing him to do things he might regret later, he really wants to protect you and avoid you being in such situations in the first place. Given how you’re also very protective of him, the two of you are a very well-matched couple…

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College life with shawn?

college life with shawn would include:

  • “we need a study break”
  • “Shawn, we just started”
  • passing each other on the way to classes, giving each other goofy faces or wide smiles
  • you not noticing shawn at first because you’re texting or choosing a song on your phone so he goes out of his way to scream in your face, “HI Y/N” which scares you half to death but you’re met with a beautiful smile that you can’t stay mad at
  • spending nights watching college sports teams with one another. you’d only go because Shawn invited you, but honestly ?? you were getting hyped too
  • baseball cap shawn
  • beanie shawn
  • university sweatshirt/hoodie shawn
  • messy hair and sweatpants from being up until 4am typing a paper shawn
  • “Solid C!” chants at 3AM when the two of you have been studying for so long that the material is not sticking anymore, so you slap-happily fake enthusiasm about settling
  • “guess who got an A…” song along with the infamous salsa hips
  • “good grades are important, y/n, we need to study.” 
  • “wanna go to a party instead?”
  • “don’t have to ask me twice” 
  • Shawn throwing a pencil at you to get your attention in the library, which you threaten to take away if he doesn’t get himself together
  • going to parties together and being each other’s designated party buddies
  • beer pong/flip cup with Shawn
  • Shawn drinking straight out of a keg
  • Shawn getting touchy when he’s slammed drunk
  • you bringing him back to his dorm, trying to balance his lanky yet lean build that was flopping around like a noodle
  • him finally asking you on a first date: a trip to the nearest park with some pb & j sandwiches and whatever cheap food he could afford
  • you bringing him back to his dorm after he calls you drunk, giggling at all the dumb stuff that flies out of his mouth, some of which are notes he memorized for tomorrow’s test.
  • “you’re the best, y/n. i’m going to marry you.” 
  • “you’re drunk, shawn. i’ll see you tomorrow.”

send me blurbs?

hey i also wrote a smut

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Hi! Can I request scenarios about mingyu having honeymoon with his new wife in Akita, Japan. I just watching SVT OFD in Japan and thought how fun if mingyu have honeymoon there with his wife hahahha thank you :) just make it if u have free time ;) smut or not is okay :)

this request is so old I’m sorry rip

Word Count: 932

Genre: Fluff

The sun shone through the window of your hotel room awaking you from your gentle slumber. Sitting up in the unfamiliar bed, memories from previous days came back to you and you smiled. You were now Mrs. Kim, and your beloved ex-boyfriend was now your husband, Mr. Kim Mingyu.

The thought and memories of what had happened in the time span of three months gave you butterflies. And now, here you were in Akita, Japan, on your honeymoon.

Sitting up on the bed, you looked around for your husband. “Mingyu?” You called his name couple of times.Getting off the bed, you ran towards the robe sitting on the chair. Quickly throwing it on, you sat back down, wondering where Mingyu would have gone so early in the morning.

After a minute or two, you got back up from the chair and walked around the honeymoon suite. Still searching for your husband who seemed to have run off somewhere. “Mingyu? Mr. Kim Mingyu? Where have you gone you little snot boy?” You joked, knowing that somehow, Mingyu would pop up like he always had.

Mrs. Kim,” he called sweetly. “I’m in the bedroom. And I am not a little snot boy,” you could almost hear him pouting, but nevertheless now that you knew where he was you ran to him.

“Mingyu!” You gushed, seeing that he was standing in the doorway, posing playfully like a model. “Stop being so extra,” you laughed, slapping his arm. He winced in fake pain and you apologized, feeling sorry for hitting him harder than you thought you were going to.

He gathered your hands in his, cupping them in between you as he maneuvered your positions, practically pushing you up against the wall as he looked down on you. “So, Mrs. Kim,” he began with a toothy and pure smile. “What would you like to do on our first day in Akita?”

“Hmm, how about going to Senshu Park later? I heard it’s beautiful there in the fall.” You suggested, a childlike smile forming. You looked up into Mingyu’s eyes sincerely, knowing well that he was about to burst.

Three, two… “why are you so cute?” He whined, pulling away from you and hitting his back against the opened bathroom door behind him. “Why do you have to look at me like that? It’s so cute,” he cringed. “Gahh, if I was smarter I would’ve asked you to marry me earlier so I could see that adorable face every morning when I wake up.”

You laughed as he over-exaggerated, he kept curling his fingers and holding his head in his hands, hiding his eyes from looking at you. “Aww, I can’t look you’re too cute. I don’t wanna die just yet,” he fanboyed jokingly.

Mingyu~” you whined in reply. “Come on, we gotta get ready. We made reservations for that one restaurant.”

With the nod of his head, he stopped fanboying and walked closer to you. Holding your face in his hands, he squeezed your cheeks and smiled. “You’re so cute, I love you” he said bluntly, the look of love sincere in his eyes. Giving you a peck on the lips, he grabbed a towel and stalked off to the bathroom. “Don’t take forever!” He warned playfully.

“I should say the same to you,” you replied, giving him a wink before you walked into the master bathroom, locking the door behind you.

 After washing up and getting dressed, you joined Mingyu in the living room where he had been patiently waiting for you to get done. “Alright, I’m ready.” Grabbing his arm, you helped him up from the sunken couch. “You ready to go eat?”

 “Yep, let’s go.” He held out his hand for you, waiting patiently for you to take it. And when you took it, he was overjoyed, turning into a blushing mess once more. You lead him into the hallway, remembering to check if you had the hotel keycard. Once confirmed, Mingyu closed the door and grabbed onto your hand once more, giving a loving look as he brought your hand up to his lips and placed a gentle kiss upon it.

 You headed over to the restaurant with a few problems. Mingyu’s slight knowledge of the Japanese language coming into handy when you got lost for a bit. Upon arriving at the cafe styled restaurant, you jumped up onto the empty porch, disregarding the steps that Mingyu had used boringly. 

“Hey Mingyu,” you spoke mischievously, you quickly gathered snow that covered the pots and threw it at Mingyu as he turned towards you, laughing childishly as you began to run from what you had just done.

 “(Y/n)!” He called as soon as you did, whining as he wiped some of the snow off of his clothes and face. Going over to one of the other pots, he gathered a handful of fallen snow as well and ran after you, ready to chuck it at you.

 He waited expertly until you grew tired and bent over, catching your breath as you called time out. However, with an almost equal mischievous look, he aimed and threw. The snowball hit you in the shoulder, the snow spreading and getting all over your face and clothes.

 You both laughed as you looked at your snow covered face. Walking over to you slowly, Mingyu gently brought his hands up to your face and wiped away the snow you had missed before. “Come on, we’re gonna be late for our reservation,” he laughed, taking your hand in his once more as he lead you to the restaurant.

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Okay, first off, who does Rebecca think she is? Does she really think she can slap Kaia like that? And why is Teddy just standing with his mouth open, catching flies, watching this whole thing go down? How dare she call Thalia a bastard! So, my question is, why hasn't Kaia slapped the fake, cheap lighter off of this women? Why hasn't she been slapped in general?

Rebecca is a nasty piece of work, spoiled and manipulative, she likes to get her way and doesn’t care who she hurts or what she says to get it. Teddy is standing there because he knows Kaia is about to handle it streets style… meaning he doesn’t have to put his hands on Rebecca himself  - Her punch in the throat is coming LMFAO 

text → babe
  • Grant: Okay so maybe it is because you make out with me whenever but...Tyler tends to do things to piss me off for no reason, so.
  • Grant: How about no slapping in general, real or fake? I'd rather you kiss my face than slap it. :)
So I need to just say a few things and it may be ramblings but here goes....


A few things:


Dear god thank you. they are so beautiful i could cry. yes the sexy times were so hot i thought i was going to combust but it was other moments that were much more poignant to me. WEARING HIS NAVY T SHIRT. This right here was breathtaking. They were so beautiful and comfortable and at ease with each other. Even holding hands when she is on the phone. YESSSSSSSSSSS.

Their lovers quarrel in the oval. I just loved the fact that they just went for it and Liz and David were like ermmmm….

“I want you” - Truman balcony this is so so so fricking important i cant. She is fighting for them, she wants to fix them so they can be great together. It was such an intense scene. I feel like Fitz needed to be brought down to that level to realise what they needed. Liv obviously saw it with the princess and the parallels were second to none. But this was so important and it made me so happy. The old Olivia would have run away and chosen to ignore the problems, she is facing them because she wants to be with him and grow with him. THIS IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT PEOPLE. Obviously Sally Langston has to go shit all over them and it will be tough for them but she is willing to fight, and so is he.

They made me so mushy this episode, i thought my heart would burst.


I felt sorry for her, I really did. A part of me cant wait for Liv and Abby to talk about girlie stuff together but this is all so new for Olivia and she needs time to just be “them” (her and fitz) and i get that. Abby looked pissed at the end, but I think it is more to do with the fact that it makes her look incompetent in front of other staff. She knows Olivia, she knew inside that something wasn’t right there. They’ll work things out.

I always have time for Abby, out of all the gladiators, im always here for her. She will have a very interesting role this season with her ties to the WH and her loyalty and friendship to Liv. Itll be interesting and I am excited to see where it goes.

Fitz (& Mellie)

This should probably mentioned with the Olitz stuff but I like to think that Olivia doesn’t have to fall within their drama and it is their mess on their own. FITZ SERVED HER AND DID IT SO BRILLIANTLY. I wanted to slap Mellie’s pathetic fake “i regret what i did face” the minute I saw it. Fitz didn’t take her shit either. This Mutually Assured Destruction thing is interesting, its good. Fitz knows Mellie wants power more than anything and she may not go without a fight but when you’re as obtuse as Mellie is, it is easy to predict where she’ll go with this.  In Fitz’s eyes he has nothing to lose with his Presidency, he has ticked all the boxes and now he has the one thing that will finally make him the happiest man in the world.. He is still willing to go to the ends of the earth for her… BUT…this divorce is not about Olivia and that’s what is so important as well. She was not involved at all. She is just his light and air and life.

I loved how EVERYONE shot Mellie down this episode. Seeing her crumble and realise that she has fucked everyone around brought me slight happiness. She had it coming. Do i think it will change the way she behaves? No. When a spoiled little brat doesn’t get her way, she throws a temper tantrum until things happen…. just this time, the things she wants to happen wont. 


Quinn - It was nice to see you, but nothing really happened. She comes when Olivia needs and thats it. I don’t know where they’re going to go with Quinn this season but she was just a pleasant addition this week. Not offensive, just there.

Huck - That scene with Olivia was great, they do have GREAT scenes together. The thing is with Huck is its still the same shit and I get that he will never be a normal person but he is still in this B613 bubble and everyone else has moved on. Olivia needs to know what he did but I also think she’s is past it. She wants the truth so she can help him. I also LOVED how she had to point out that she is not able to change the person. She had to remind Huck, for her sanity, that it is NOT ON HER to fix him. THAT WAS BIG FOR OLIVIA AS WELL.

(Side Note: Livvie still hasnt been home cos that couch cushion is missing and shes been preoccupied).

FISH FACE (JAKE for the slow people) - It was a blessing not see you on my screen for 99% of the episode and the 10 seconds you did appear you still manage to stand there like a wooden spoon. Seriously, awards for the worst acting ever have to go to Scott Foley. Even I could have done better. But that’s where they’re putting him. Huck’s babysitter. So he’s gone from being Olivia’s babysitter/stalker to Huck’s babysitter… at least we know what he is good for. This is where the B613 will never fully disappear because Jake Ballard is around and he has to be kept relevant and Huck will never not be B613. I’d be happy to see them both go, maybe not Huck as much cos he is good for Olivia at times. But ye. FISH FACE. Keep your appearances to 10 second cameos and we will be ok - within limits..

Random Thoughts

Lizzie - I smell her shit from a mile off. As soon as she realised Olivia was influencing Fitz and was around she was planning. It is obviously her who leaked all that shit to Sally, tell me if you think otherwise.

Cyrus - I would’ve thought initially that he leaked the shit to Sally, but he wants back in the White House and he wouldn’t have access to all those images. He wants back on Fitz’s side. Shonda could pull a 180 and have him be the leak after all once he is back in business, cos lets face it i dont think Cyrus is going anywhere.

Could it be Joke? another way to keep him relevant?

FINALLY - DID THIS PRINCESS STORY LINE NOT SCREAM OUT TO PEOPLE “PRINCESS DIANA CONSIPRACY” - Maybe it is me as a British person but that is what i thought as soon as I saw the tunnel and camera men - “The peoples princess” ??? COME ONE- ANYONE ELSE?

Remember that time when Elena set herself on fire to get away from Kai

Remember that time when Elena staked Stefan for being an asshole

Remember that time when Elena slapped Damon because he was so nonchalant about Bonnie’s (fake) death

Remember that time when Elena attacked the guy that she saw drugging a girl’s drink

Remember that time when Elena traveled to a prison world to save Bonnie

Remember that time when Elena let herself be sacrificed to save all of her friends

And yet everyone reduces her character to being a self-centered brat

No More Goodbyes

For opalskylovedivine. I hope it’s all you wanted and more!

Molly wrapped her thick scarf around her face one more time, burrowing deeper into the warm wool as the bitter Scandinavian wind battered her from all sides. She didn’t terribly mind the cold, used to London’s harsh weather, and the beautiful country shimmering a pearly white all around her begged to be enjoyed.

Treading carefully, she made her way out of town and toward the small river that wound down the valley before dipping into the ocean. Already the sun was setting, casting deep reds and hues of blue across the snow-covered mountains that rose around her and stars were beginning to sparkle over their peaks.

By the time she reached the bridge over the river, the sun had set and the moon had taken over, shedding its soft light over the rippling water.

Leaning on the railing, Molly stared out over the bay. The lights from the village shimmered in the night and she sighed wistfully. It truly was a beautiful place and she enjoyed every moment she spent there. But deep in her heart, in the place she locked away, a quiet yearning for home pulled to her when the silence was overwhelming.

Her thoughts so consumed with home this night, she didn’t hear the sound of footsteps coming closer until a familiar voice interrupted her thoughts.


Molly gasped and spun around to see a man standing at the foot of the bridge. Though his face was shrouded in darkness, her heart immediately knew who he was.

‘Sherlock,’ she breathed.

Garbed in his black coat, his dark silhouette stood out starkly from the moonlit snow. ‘You left without saying good-bye.’

His deep, familiar baritone warmed her down to her toes. Her breathing quickened as he walked across the bridge, the snow crunching under his feet punctuating the telling silence. He stopped just out of arm’s reach.

‘You never gave me the chance,’ she replied, wrapping her arms around her waist and staring up at him, letting him see the hurt and fear his silence and his almost-exile had caused.

Shame flashed across his face in the moonlight and he turned his head away for a moment.

‘Are you intending to return to London?’

Molly looked down at her hands, pinching the pink wool of her gloves as she tried to find the words. ‘When my assignment is over.’

She could practically hear the puzzle pieces falling into place in his mind, one by one. Assignment, pathologist, Norway, undercover, government-related, rogue MI5 branch, body part smuggling. Connection:


She nodded. ‘We have all the evidence we need. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for Mycroft to send in his men.’

‘So you’re free. Free to come home.’

Molly looked up at him. Had she imagined the tinge of child-like hopefulness in his voice? ‘I… suppose.’

His throat convulsed as he swallowed deeply and stepped closer. ‘Do you want to stay?’

‘What is there for me in London?’ She whispered.

He hesitated for just a moment. ‘Me.’



She blinked at him in numb surprise. He knew she understood what he meant, it was just a matter of believing it. ‘Why?’

He tilted his head in question.

‘Why would I return for you?’

His mouth opened, then shut. A frown appeared between his brows, as though he had not considered the idea that she would want a reason.

‘You know how I feel, how I’ve always felt,’ she stated strongly, though her heart was racing. ‘And you’ve never given me any hope for anything more than a friendship, if drugs and slaps and fake relationships can be considered a healthy friendship. So if you want me to go back to London, tell me now, why should I return for you?

‘Because I need you!’ He blurted.

She stepped back in surprise at his outburst.

He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, schooling his features into a blank mask once more. ‘I couldn’t do it.’

‘Couldn’t do what?’ She breathed.

‘Be without you. I needed you, constantly. My mind… it started looking at the world and finding connections to you. A woman’s bright pink scarf, long brown hair, the dismembered corpses … everything reminded me of you. And of your absence.’

Hope burned steadily in her heart, kindled by the frustrated passion in his voice.

‘I need you, Molly. You are my constant, my voice of reason. You have broken into my Mind Palace and wreaked havoc with your sentiment and love, yet I do not want to lock you away, because I…’

He trailed off nervously, his eyes darting left and right as though afraid to hold her gaze. She moved closer until there was almost nothing between them. ‘Yes?’ She whispered, her eyes wide and hopeful.

He took a deep breath. ‘Because I love you.’

The words were nearly lost in the hum of the night, so softly were they spoken. Molly closed her eyes and let them sink into her heart, memorizing the sound and feel of the words she’d so longed to hear.

A smile began to spread across her face and she opened her eyes to find him staring down at her, his hands on her waist.

‘I love you, too,’ she whispered and trailed her hands up his arms. His body shuddered under her touch and she felt a swooping sensation in her stomach at the thought that she had that effect on him. The moonlight danced across the sharp angles of his face and her breath caught at the faint scar that now ran along left temple down in a curve that ended just above his cupid’s bow lips.

Without thinking twice, she pulled off her glove and lifted her hand to trace the scar. His eyes fluttered closed at her light touch and he subtly turned into her hand. Before she could pull back, his own gloved hand reached up and caught her wrist.

She gasped softly.

His eyes flashed open and she felt her stomach tumble at the intensity in his gaze. Tenderly, he tilted his head and pressed his lips to her palm, sending sparks along her arm directly to her heart, setting every nerve ablaze with life.

‘No more goodbyes?’ He whispered against her skin.

She swallowed deeply, her eyes wide as she looked up at him. His face was lined with every emotion he’d locked inside: fear, hope, uncertainty… and love.

‘Only hellos,’ she whispered.

He smiled softly down at her. ‘Hello.’

She smiled and, lifting herself up onto her toes, pulled him in for a deep kiss, telling him ‘hello’ in her own way.

Soooo I showed my friend this picture and she decided to scream “LILITH!” In the middle of class….and then one person in my class says “KILL HER SAM”, and so my friend slaps me, I fake die, and then another person laughs and says In a really demonic voice: “The final seal has been opened”

(Late) Pll100 Gif Reaction

Alison telling Aria she was talking to one of her dad’s flunkies in the car:

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Toby answering the call from Jenna after telling Spencer to close the door on toxic people:

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The girls walking into school and the background song:

External image

Spencer’s mom coming to get her because they’re leaving Peter:

Having Veronica say she and Peter had an understanding to never involve the kids in their mess:

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Aria saying she hopes Hanna finds a hobby and Emily has a carefree year when she tells them she’s going to see Jenna:

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Aria leaving as soon as she see’s Jenna crying:

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Jenna crying (presumably because of Shana):

External image

The sympathy I feel for the people Alison bullied:

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External image

Spanna scene (“You were the first person I thought of because I remember how hard it was for you when your dad left.”):

External image

“Those kisses weren’t just for practice”:

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Caleb’s back:

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Drunk Hanna:

Mona and Ali slap fest:

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So Lucas made up his girlfriend, Jenna (probably) fake cried, and Sydney is on the team and invited Em out to keep the girls busy:

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Ali lying again:

Hanna admitting she got drunk because of Caleb:

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When I realized Ezria would be back together again:

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If Alison is using Em:

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Mona filming what Ali said and cutting it to make it look like only Ali slapped her:

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Spencer telling Toby what’s going on and I Don’t Deserve You playing in the background:

External image

Caleb being the first to point out why Hanna dyed her hair:

The Ali-Caleb look:

External image

Hanna asking if Emison are a thing:

The couples holding hands:

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When they reveal the name to be Bethany Young

External image
But then realizing where this could go storyline wise:

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Whatever flew through the window:

External image

The girls get texts from A:

The episode as a whole with all the couples, Ali vs. Mona, Mona’s Army, the surprise at the end, and everything making it an awesome 100th ep.:

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So, AU no one wanted, pt. 2

Once upon a time, there was one grumpyass baby
His name is Kageyama Tobio
lil Tobes has THE shittiest personality
And he has wrinkles from frowning and pouting by the time he turns 5 or something
so one of his caretaker gave him a teddy bear to carry around, right
and it’s p cute
but then
the bear started to talk

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