the slammin' salmon

The Slammin' Salmon Review

By: Joshua “You know what ten grand feels like in your pocket? It feels like a third cock” Richey

Comedies based on the behind the scenes workings of restaurants are nothing new. The subject matter itself lends itself very nicely to the genre. Over the last thirty years, we’ve had some of the funniest, most highly remembered scenes take place in restaurants. Movies like Funny Farm with the “Lamb Fry” scene, The Meaning of Life and its ‘Projectile Vomiting” scene, and Waiting with its “Don’t fuck with the People who handle your Food” scene. All of these scenes rely on this over the top, grotesque style to initiate laughs, which begs the question: can a comedy take place in a restaurant and not have to rely on “what’s wrong with the food?” gags? After watching Slammin’ Salmon, I can say without any hesitation that the answer is yes. 

A short tempered former heavyweight champion boxer – and now owner of a Miami based seafood restaurant called The Slammin’ Salmon – Cleon (Michael Clarke Duncan) loses a bet with a Japanese businessman. Having just spent most of his money on moon real estate, Cleon demands that the staff of The Slammin’ Salmon do $20,000 worth of business that night so he can pay his debt, despite the fact that the restaurants best night up until then was only half of that. The Salmon’s staff, which includes the Broken Lizard cast as well as Cobie Smulders (Robin from How I Met Your Mother), must do everything in their power to get as much money as they can from the customers. Cleon announces that the waiter with the least amount of money earned will have their ribs broken; the winner on the other hand will receive $10,000. Don’t worry. The film acknowledges that the reward makes no sense given that Cleon needs to make $20,000. 

Let’s get this out of the way. Slammin’ Salmon is the latest offering from Broken Lizard. Broken Lizard are the folks behind several of my favorite movies: Super Troopers, Club Dread and Beer Fest. So I should disclose that I went into this movie wanting to love it. But I also think that since I went into it with those lofty expectations and didn’t walk away disappointed, that alone speaks for the quality of this film. 

While it’s not as good as their other films, I think that it speaks volumes that Broken Lizards most mediocre film is still more entertaining than most of the comedies that I’ve seen in the last few years. It’s not going to have you laughing as much as Super Troopers did, but there are still 2-3 really great scenes in this film. 

I give Broken Lizard The Slammin’ Salmon 3 fish heads out of 5.


365 Day Movie Challenge: April 24, 2012

Movie: The Slammin’ Salmon (2009)

Director: Kevin Heffernan

Starring: Michael Clarke Duncan, Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan,

Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Cobie Smulders, and April Bowlby

Plot: A restaurant owner sets a prize of $10,000 for whichever waiter makes the most money in one night.

Review: I wanted to find a hidden jem. What I found was a hidden turd. This really isn’t a good movie at all. It might be worse than the last movie I watched. It tries to be Office Space but ends up a notch above the American Pie sequels. Yep. That’s about where this belongs. Down with them. The jokes are almost as unfunny. And the acting almost as bad. 

If only the cameo appearances (among them Jim Rash, Will Forte, and Olivia Munn) were the leads instead, this could’ve been a much better movie. 

Oh, but Cobie Smulders was good. And, I’m just kind of realizing… she’s damn sexy. Ok, that is all.

Grade: F