the skyyyyy

Jason flying above the canoe lake in CHB : I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYYYY!

Percy shooting out of the water on a a hurricane : I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKYYYYY

Leo surfing on a flying table : I THINK ABOUT IT EVERY NIGHT AND DAYYYY

Nico summoning a tower of skeletons standing on top of each other : SPREAD MY WINGS AND FLY AWAYYY

Hazel creating a skyscraper of gold : I BELIEVE I CAN SOARRR

Piper flies past on a pegasus : I SEE ME RUNNING THROUGH THAT OPEN DOORRR

Frank screeches as a hawk : EEEE EEEE EEEEE E E EEEEEEEEE

All of them together : I BELIEVEI CAN FLYYYYYYYYYY

Chiron and Annabeth slowly retreat into the Big House


“my determined voiiiice… will clear a pathway through the skyyyyy~!”

the inevitable flame-war resulted in Undyne’s house burning to the ground. a-freaking-gain. 


fanfic writers, amirite??? 8D

“We’re walking through the aiiiiir, we’re floating through the midnight skyyyyy”

I was really tempted to go with another Nightmare Before Christmas icon again this year, but I opted to go with a different holiday special/movie instead. after thinking about all the different Christmas stuff I used to watch as a kid, I settled on one I remember first seeing when I was really young, and now make sure to watch it every year around December.

The MBTI Types on a Roller Coaster

ESTP: Has forced everyone to go on the roller coaster, is amused by the fear of others

ENTP: Is screaming “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY, I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKYYYYY” at the top of their lungs

ENTJ: Singing along with ENTP while trying (and succeeding) to hide internal fear

INTP: Whispers “gotta go fast” at the highest drop

ESTJ: Is amused at everyone’s fear, trying not to laugh at ENTP, ENTJ, and INTP vast knowledge of memes to use in this situation  

ENFP: Screaming random facts about cats while trying (and failing) to hide fear

ISTP: Just went on because the ESTP promised them food if they went on

ESFP: Just went on to impress ESTP, is secretly (or not so secretly) terrified

ESFJ: Is encouraging ESFP to not be terrified, is terrified

ISFJ: Encouraging ESFJ to not be terrified, is terrified

ISFP: Thinking about how the views from the top of the coaster would make a great picture

INTJ: Is trying to figure out exactly how the roller coaster works

ISTJ: Checking off “ride a roller coaster” on list, is probably bored

INFP: Is concerned by the fear of others, enjoys the pretty views

ENFJ: Is screaming and holding on for dear life on whoever is sitting next to them

INFJ: Is thinking about how the roller coaster is a metaphor for their life

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I love my shooting star milk babe

“Oh crap oh crap oooh crap why do I always end up falling from the skyyyyy!’ From a break in time space a purple haired girl was spit out rather violently as she continued to fall to the ground. “And I don’t think I will get this lucky an fall on someone this time around Noooo!”