the sky's beginning to bruise


So I got this request and I loved it so much I just couldn’t resist writing it! 

You twirl your pencil between your fingers listening to your history teacher give a horribly uninteresting lesson on the history of Georgia. Usually you loved history, you found it fascinating and fun to learn about but your senior year couldn’t of been going by any slower. With this history teacher and the distraction of strange feelings for the local ‘bad boy’ things weren’t exactly going as planned. 

Something hits the back of your head and you turn around raising your eyebrow at the one and only Daryl Dixon. You frown at him as he hands you a note. You regretfully take it and slide back into your proper position. 

The note reads in sloppy writing, ‘Your head is in the way.’

You shake your head and crumble up the piece of paper in your small hands.You turn around and throw the piece of paper at his face, he chuckles knowing he has gotten the best of you. 

Mr. Hayworth’s voice booms out over the classroom, “May I as what’s is going on Miss Y/L/N?” He takes an angry tone.

You slowly turn in your seat and plaster a fake smile on your face. “Sorry Mr.Hayworth.”

He shakes his head and goes back to the whiteboard. You bite your lip and try to focus on his monotone voice. Daryl throws something at your head once more and you slam your hands down against the desk.

You turn around to him and yell, “Dixon I swear!”

Daryl begins to crack up at your reddening face. He brings his hands up in the air and shakes his head. God he was one ass of a boy, why on earth did he have to be so cute.

“One more outburst like that and you will find yourself in a bad situation.” Mr.Hayworth scolds, the whole class turning to look at you.

You sigh and throw you head back trying not to have an outburst. You sit in the awkward silence for the rest of the period with Daryl chuckling behind you. 

The bell rings and you clap your hands together in front of you and grab all of your books rushing out of the classroom. Since your car was out of gas you had to walk to school this morning, meaning you would have to walk home. This wasn’t all bad, having some time to clear you head is always nice.

You walk down the old sidewalk happily holding the books tightly too your chest. For a moment you felt a bit content and happy, that’s until it started to rain. You look up at the grey sky and shake you head, lucky you.

“God be damned.” You pull up your hood up and hunch over trying to protect your books. In moments you are already drenched and your books are becoming quite water damaged. You hear the rumble of a truck and you look to your side to see Daryl slowly driving along side you. 

You shake you head and look back down, trying to walk away. He revs his engine and continues along side of you.

“So? How wet are you?” He yells rolling down the window.

You look up at the car window, “Haha, real funny Dixon.” You purse your lips and stare at the cocky handsome boy.

“Hey, why don’t I take ya’ home. We’re going in the same place anyways.” He offers shouting over the falling rain. 

You tilt your head to the side and sarcastically laugh. “No way in holly hell would I get in your car.” With that you continue on your very wet path. 

Large pieces of hail begin to fall from the sky practically bruising your arms. You take a loud sigh and give in to the temptation of a warm car. You sit down on a towel in which Daryl had already laid out for you.You throw your books onto the floorboard and lean back against the seat crossing your arms.

“I knew you’d give into all this Dixon.” He laughs driving forward.

You smack his arm, “We’re not gonna’ talk.” You watch as Daryl drives right past yours and his street. “Daryl you missed our street.” 

He slightly turns his head and raises an eyebrow, “We gon’ take a small detour.” He grins at you. 

You throw you head back against the seat knowing that you should of never trusted him to take you home. You close your eyes and wait the rest of the drive. 

About 15 minutes past when you feel the car park. You open one eye and notice you’re on a strip of land parked by an old restaurant. ‘Billy Bears’ 

You look at Daryl, “What are we doing?” 

He shakes his head, “Damn, I thought you would remember. When we were little, and friends, your mom use to take us here for sundae’s every Saturday.” 

You look back at the place and it clicks in your mind, sweet memories come back to you. “Oh, wow. I remember. Damn, we would have some fun.” You turn and give Daryl a small smirk, “Thanks Dixon.” 

He nods to you, “Ain’t no thing chicken wing.” He winks as he opens his car door hoping out on the muddy ground.

This was super fun to write I hope you like it.(: 


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Dean/Cas fic: in the midst i think of you, and how it used to be (1.2k)

reunion fic: 1.2k, set somewhere between 9x18 and 9x19.

This is entirely deanhugchester’s fault.


They cross paths again in Bartlesville, just over the Oklahoma line. Monday’s Examiner-Enterprise had reported strange deaths in the area, the kind of strange Sam had thought might be a lead on Abaddon or Crowley; Cas had apparently thought it might be a lead on Metatron or Gadreel, and now they’re standing in the parking lot of a cheap motel behind a Biggerson’s, listening to the trucks rattle down US 60. It is almost evening, the sky beginning to bruise above their heads, pink and prairie gold.

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