the sky's a little messed up


Inspired by conversations about rainy days, kisses on noses, and an ask received in the midst of writing it about H making you finish so hard you cry. It’s a bit sloppy at parts, but hopefully it goes unnoticed. Enjoy. x

“We should drive,” you’d told him as you looked up at the sky. Half of it was a clear blue but the other half was covered in a dark, billowing mess that promised rain.

“We’ll be fine,” Harry had promised you with the jingle of his keys as he’d locked up his door. “A little rain never hurt anybody, right?”

You, of course, hate to say you were right.

What had started out as a casual stroll and joint running of some errands is ending up as an unexpected shower for the pair of you. That cloud in the sky has been threatening to burst all day, and it finally has – with big, fat drops that are the size of coins and that leave the pavement dotted with wet and dry at first until wet overwhelms before you can blink.

“Harry!” He’s left you with his bag as well as yours and he’s sprinting ahead of you on his long legs, giving you no choice but to wobble unevenly after him as fast as you can.

“M’openin’ the door!” he bellows back at you as he abandons you, feet slamming against the soaking wet ground. You shriek when a splash hits your leg and you grimace at the knowledge that it’s dirty street water soaking into your jeans. When you finally catch up, Harry’s paused outside the door of his house, fumbling with his keys, before finally he slides one in and his front door swings open. There’s a piercing chime and he hurries to shut the security system down while you step in behind him and shut the door, dropping both your bag and his by the door and slamming your hands over your ears.

You’ll never be used to the sound.

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Promises to Keep

changkyun x reader

angst x fluff

615 words 

anon nymph wished – 64. “If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything” Sliiightly angsty with Changkyun, please? :’)

Thank you anonnie for your wish! I could have gone so angsty with this but I do hope that this is the ‘sliiight’ that you asked for ^^ lol! Enjoy!!


#64 If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything.

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# justice for fearless platinum edition

  • jump then fall down the stairs to my death this song is so good
  • untouchable literally transports you to a distant diamond sky yaknow
  • forever & always (piano version) (PIANO VERSION)
  • come in with the rain a nostalgic lyrical gem w a hint of that Country Girl ‘Jesus Is Our Savior’ Twang
  • superstar talk about the pot calling the kettle black in the cutest way

Feet on the ground, eyes on the sky
Watch me take off and fly

If Ladybug got wings, she’d probably mess up with them at first a little coughcoughalotcough but her determination to master them would get her through.  Sometimes declarations of imminent success aren’t for jeering spectators (because the only one really jeering at her is Hawkmoth, let’s be real), but for yourself.

Anyhoot, I hope y’all like it!  *^_^*

the way he moves; part 2

authors note: read part one here;

It was around 11:30 pm and the stars lit up the sky outside, taking your breath away. There must’ve been someone smoking nearby because as soon as you walked into the hotel hallways, you smelled cigarettes. You scrunched up your nose and gagged a little, trying not to inhale the scent. It was quiet, and not many people were around. The patterns on the carpet of the floors were messing with your tired eyes as you walked up to Shawn’s door. You always hated that he was always in some hotel, in a different place. He was constantly moving, and it stressed you out. You had about three days to make things right with Shawn before he left your state and went off to live his dream.

All you remembered from the last time you saw him, was slamming the door, and screaming something along the lines of “fuck you” or anything that was filled with anger, you just don’t exactly remember what the last thing he said to you was. After the talk you had with your best friend though, you knew you had to listen this time. You promised yourself that this time, you would remember what he said even if you didn’t want to.

So here you were, knocking on Shawn’s hotel room door, anxiously waiting for him to answer. His Jeep was outside so he had to be here. You heard noise from inside, and it sounded like he was making his way to the door. Your heart was racing and your face was probably bright red. You were nervous, scared to see him again. Would he yell at you? Would he see you and then shut the door in your face? After waiting for a good three minutes or so, the door finally opened. He was wearing his grey t-shirt with some black pants. Nothing out of the ordinary. Although normally, at this time of night Shawn would usually be in basketball shorts or something, getting ready to go to bed. But now he looked like he was ready to go somewhere.

“I’m sorry.” Was all you said at first, very softly, but loud enough so he could hear you. Loud enough with emotion, so he could feel you too. You wanted to make sure he knew that you were actually sorry. He stood there for a minute before shaking his head and walking past you out into the hall closing the door behind him.

"Shawn?” You asked, confused at what the hell he was doing. You were right about him getting ready to leave somewhere. But where?

"Shawn where are you going?” You asked in confusion but he ignored you. He kept walking, and as you watched him, you realized he was only wearing a t-shirt and if he planned on going anywhere outside he was going to need a sweatshirt. It was chilly outside. You weren’t sure exactly where he was going but it looked like he was heading towards the elevator downstairs, and there wasn’t much down there other than the door that lead outside to the parking lot. At least that’s what you thought. He pushed the elevator button as you kept saying his name, and he continued to ignore you. Soon enough, you were alone with him in this elevator, about ready to cry because of how he was acting.

"I know I wasn’t the nicest person before okay? I didn’t listen to you, and I should have, and I’m sorry. But I’m ready to listen to you now, I promise.” You said your voice cracking. He smiled and stared straight ahead, until the elevator door opened. As he continued to ignore you, you thought about what you just said to him, about how you didn’t listen to him. Was he giving you the silent treatment to show you how it felt? You chewed on your lip as you thought about this, you understood it and maybe you deserved it. But you were apologizing now, and he should’ve stopped ignoring you a while ago. Right? Eventually you were outside, walking towards Shawn’s car.

"Take this please.” You said taking off your jacket, and handing it to him. You had a sweater underneath and you didn’t really need it. It was actually your brothers jacket too, so it would look fine on Shawn. You could never find a women’s jacket that fit you right, so one day you decided to steal your brothers and he never said anything about it so you’ve been using it ever since.

Shawn kept walking ignoring everything you said and did, and opened the door of his Jeep, getting in.

"SHAWN PETER RAUL.” You yelled this time, and forcefully grabbed the car door, and holding it back so Shawn couldn’t close it.

"know I didn’t listen to you before okay? I get it. I know how it feels now. But this is stupid, I said I was sorry and you aren’t even telling me if you accept my apology or not. We both know I’m a screw up of a girlfriend okay? And if you wanna leave then go ahead, but you could at least say something to me first!” There were tears running down your red cheeks, and your nose was just as red too. The wind blew your hair into your face and you tried hard to control your emotions. You were on the verge of screaming at Shawn, but you didn’t.

"You’re not a screw up baby” Shawn finally spoke up and you lost it. You threw your jacket at him only to have it land in his face and then on the ground.

"Then stop treating me like I am one.” You sniffled, and Shawn picked up the jacket before walking over to you and putting it around your shoulders. You watched carefully at how he moved, like you always did. His hands were now on your face, and he used his thumb to get those stupid tears of yours out of the way. His eyes were focused on you, and his hands on your face were cold. You tried hard not to think about the way he moved but he wasn’t saying anything so there was nothing else you could think about. You spoke up, trying to snap yourself out of your own thoughts.

"Please put on my jacket, you feel so cold.”

He laughed a little before meeting his lips with yours. He was slow and gentle like always, and his cold hands woke you up. He pulled away and then kissed the side of your head.

"I know it’s really late but I haven’t eaten all day, and I was gunna go get some dinner and I heard about this cool place that’s open 24 hours and not to far from here. But then you showed up.” Shawn said simply.

"Sorry.” You didn’t know what else to say.

"It’s okay. I’m glad you did, because I didn’t really wanna eat alone. And I’m glad you passed my test. It was really hard to ignore you though, I’ll be honest.” Shawn was laughing now, and you didn’t know if you should laugh too or be upset at him for giving you a “test.” So you just rolled your eyes and said, “Very funny.”

"You meant it though?” Shawn was serious now and he took the jacket around your shoulders and put it on himself. Finally.

"Mean what?”

"You’re actually gunna listen to me?” Shawn looked at you with his pretty brown eyes and your heart was melting slowly. You loved this boy and you felt like you didn’t deserve him and it crushed you to know that you ever didn’t listen to what he had to say. The wind was strong, and it felt like it was pulling you away from him.

"Of course I’ll listen Shawn. I’m sorry I didn’t before.”

"Don’t be sorry. If we’re being honest, sometimes I don’t listen to you either.” Shawn said tilting his head.

"Really?” You raised your eyebrows, at this confession he just made.

Shawn put his arm around you, and pulled you closer to him before saying, “It gets hard listening to you, when I get so easily lost in the way you move.”

Old Sidemen GTA Aesthetics

Josh saying “Oh my god.” When Vik laughs so hard he squeaks and you can practically hear him folding over in his chair. Ethan cheering himself on. When “Evil Tobi” was a thing. Simon saying “hey buddy” in his Optimus Ron voice. When JJ pulls off something crazy and ends up winning the race. Harry driving into easily avoidable things like buildings. When Simon and Vik work together instead of blowing each other up. Ethan’s giggles. When the race starts with them falling from the sky and everyone goes “uhhhh……..” Ethan and Vik being blaze boys together. When the banter is so strong that all of them are in on it. When the vehicles used to be so sporadic that one person could be in a monster truck and another could be in a tractor. When they find glitches and spend entire episodes laughing over them. When free roam meant them running around and doing pointless shit. Vik’s little laughs when he messes up simple stuff. “Turtusing.” “Why did we let Harry drive?” “Why the fuck do I have stars?” When they all stop racing to do something silly. Josh and Ethan’s weird insults. When the race becomes difficult for them and they all end up working together without realizing it. Tobi and Vik’s goofy banter that the rest of the group doesn’t understand. When Vik starts talking and just says whatever comes to mind. “‘Elmet boy origins!” “BARRELS!” Unexpected trains. “Vaguely yellow gang.” Moist wet waves. The electricity barbs. JJ saying “fucks sake.”


@nerdy-cait05 wrote some too!! Go check out her blog she’s awesome

-I agree that he’s red/green color blind
-he has to focus on little details of each lion so he can tell them apart in other ways than by color
-“Keith can you hand me the screwdriver with the red handle? Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. Keith it’s the only one you haven’t tried.”
-sometimes he asks Shiro what colors things are on new planets, just because he can’t tell if they’re supposed to be that weird brown color or if there’s actually a bright red sky here??
-I’m a slut for bff’s Keith and Pidge so Keith would definitely hang out with Pidge and ask her what color random objects are and ask her to describe colors too
-Sometimes he would mess up the colors of lions during missions and he felt really bad about it so Coran would definitely ask Hunk and Pidge to make little adjustments to their lions (and Keith’s) to make it easier to tell them apart

Also I’m Klance trash so here you go
-Lance actually doesn’t even notice that Keith is colorblind until they start dating? And once Keith mentions it in the middle of the conversation, it just sorta hits him like “ooooooooooooooooh that makes so much sense now???”
-so Lance is happy to describe colors for Keith all the time
-Lance also understands Keith’s weird 80s jacket now because I’m sorry but that bright red is just obnoxious

How to Write Poetry
  • Come up with a theme for your poem. Every poem has a purpose. If you can sum up your theme in ten words, your poem is going nowhere.
  • Don’t start at the beginning. Just write what comes to mind and get the order down later.
  • Come up with lists of good rhymes that you want to use before you actually start.
  • Write.
  • Delete everything you just wrote.
  • It will take six drafts before you’re finally pleased with the framework of what you wrote. At least.
  • Use imagery and metaphors, but don’t make them corny.
  • Don’t mix them up into a giant mess, either. One metaphor at a time.
  • Do not describe eyes as looking like “the ocean” or “the sky” or “chocolate” or “brown circles with little black dots in them” or “a forest” or “cold”. What do eyes even look like when they’re cold?
  • Avoid cliches in general.
  • Delete ¾ths of what you’ve written. Not all of it. We aren’t shooting for perfection here, after all.
  • Your rhymes don’t all have to be at the end. Rhyme in the middle, like eminem and twenty one pilots.
  • You’re writing a song without music. If it’s boring, you aren’t doing it right.
  • Replace some words with better words.
  • Do not compare your work to anyone else’s, or you’ll spend another six hours on this creative sinkhole of despair.
  • You are done when you feel proud of your work. 
  • Look at it a day later and fix all of your mistakes.
  • You’re done. Stop. No more of this.
  • l̶̵̼͍͉̱͚e̵̠͔̜̹͎̫͙͜a̛̤͚̳ͅv̢̱́e҉͈̝̠̳̪͚ ̢̺̜̪͈̲̪̜t̸̬̭̫͉̬͘ͅͅh̦̜̤̙̙i̛҉̮̭͈̗̝s̶̢̺͎̟̞̙̹͇͈ ̸̪̜̱h̷͇̥͙͚̺͟e̡͔͇̘̣̜͢l̳̻̙͇͍͘l̴̷̖̯̯͔̮̻̞͞ͅ ̴͕͕̱̳̱̜͈̲͢w͍̬̱̺̰͍̫͎ͅh̷͔̩̝͡i̴̭͇̺͜ĺ̻̣e͎̫̘̺͇̥̩̳ ̢̗̼̦̲͎̥̮y͠҉͎̦͎̭ó̸̭̬̺̣̫͙͔ͅu҉̞͓̱̝́ ̞̜̜̤̲͞ͅś͖̘͚͘t͜҉͓̲i̧͙̳̼̩̻͚̗͇l̷̛̫̖̩̣̗͍͔͢l̪͟ ̭͇̳c̟̲͔͇͚̕ͅa̴̮̯̳͓̝̥̫̟ń̨̖̲͍͎̙͓̲͜
  • the best waiter to ever exist?????
  • like he isn’t just going to completely disregard you and appear as though he has far better things to do
  • no he’s going to go out of his way to make sure you have the best experience of your  l i f e
  • the restaurant he works at has increased their business so so much since he started working for them
  • like they get so maNY CUSTOMERS
  • lots of them are regulars but some new ones stop by and hope with everything they have that they’ll get him as their waiter
  • he works in a more casual-style place, like it’s not super fancy but it’s certainly not just a random grimy restaurant
  • so he tries to dress relatively nicely!!!!!!
  • think button-up t-shirts (a nice sky blue color) or t-shirts with simple colors!!!!!!
  • has a little apron with a notepad for orders (and lowkey some extra candies for the kids)
  • likes to scribble everything down bc he doesn’t want to mess any orders up and wants to be 100% sure
  • probably internally panics when there’s something wrong with an order
  • it’s never his fault but he feels like it is and he just gets so flustered and apologetic and cute
  • the customers always love him
  • there’s just no way they can’t
  • even the most guarded, cold person will somehow find themselves liking him a lot
  • he’s just always moving and doing something??????
  • like he comes in a little early so he can clean up any messes (and sometimes buys the other staff meals bc he knows that they can get really busy and wouldn’t have time to eat otherwise)
  • is always bubbly and happy and just generally lightens the mood
  • it’s hard to be frustrated and angsty when there’s a literal ray of sunshine around
  • he doesn’t really step into arguments all that often but it’s just his prESENCE
  • like the chef and a waiter could be fighting in the back but ten walks in and the mood just immediately lifts
  • he’s just the best thing that has ever happened to this restaurant
  • and plus it’s where he met you so it really is the best thing
  • you weren’t even at one of his tables??????
  • like you were just out for dinner with one of your friends and everything was normal
  • just a casual night out, nothing terribly special
  • and he was waiting tables and bustling around and generally being a busy little noodle
  • except he watched as a waitress tripped and flung a legit entire bowl of soup into your face as she passed by
  • the noise that came out of his throat was inhuman
  • you were just sitting there, and the bowl fell on the ground and shattered and you were covered in scorching soup and it was generally embarrassing + unpleasant for you
  • and ten
  • being the ultimate waiter
  • rushes over faster than the waitress could
  • and is just like “oh mY GOD OH MY GOD I’M SO SO SORRY COME WITH ME”
  • and you’re like “!!!! no it’s ok i’m ok!!!!!”
  • but it’s too late bc he is pulling you into the back and already has a towel
  • he keeps apologizing and being all flustered and blushy and adorable and you’re like omg omg the waiter is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen?????
  • but anyways he’s helping you get the soup off and he’s partially blushing bc he thinks you’re really cute too and it’s just a giant mess but at least it’s a cute one
  • and once you’re officially clean again he smiles and you swear that he’s more brilliant than anything you’ve ever seen
  • and he’s like “hey dinner is on me!!!!! i’m sorry about this again,,,”
  • and you’re like “no no it’s really ok!!!!!!!”
  • so you part ways and you’re both like damn i should have just asked them out or something why am i like this
  • but you eat dinner with your friend and it’s a good night and just as you’re leaving ten frantically sprints after you and he’s just like “waIT”
  • and you turn and you’re like “????? ye s?”
  • and he grins and he may look kind of confident but unfortunately he’s blushing too hard to pull that off completely but he messes up and he’s just like
  • “can i buy you dinner again?????? together????? a date???????”
  • and he’s just so stuttery and cute and there’s no way that you would ever say no

“Oh god, I’m a mess, really.” she sighed.

“Yes, yes you are,” he replied, “You tend to spill yourself all over the place, leaving parts of yourself, a little bit here and there. You are never the calm before storm, for you alone are the storm.”

“But my love, you are not just any mess. You are like the stars, that’s randomly placed on a dark sky, lighting up everything that is around you. You lit up the darkest part in my life, and adore me dearly with your every parts. Believe me, I can never get enough of your chaotic way of loving.”

“You are a chaos,” he smiled,

“My beautiful chaos.”

—  L.W. // Forgotten Words #12 // Havoc love

like….there’s something so soothing about having a randomly generated, finite world to explore. with limited surface space you end up with a huge fucking mess of meteor craters and impromptu boss fight arenas and at first it’s kind of a bummer how much you’ve trashed the place but the longer you play the more it becomes like, a visual record of your journey from a squishy little kid in wooden armor to a mythical hero with an 18 foot vertical leap and a sword you got by personally ripping god out of the sky and murdering him

Moriarty & Moran headcanons
  • Moriarty was Moran’s pre-army tutor; that’s how they met.
  • They kept up correspondence throughout Moran’s army career.
  • Moriarty taught Moran chess; Moran taught Moriarty whist.
    • Neither of them actually play against each other ever because they know they’ll lose; Moriarty’s too good at chess and Moran is too good at cards even when he isn’t cheating.
    • Which he would sometimes do to mess with Moriarty.
  • Moran is constantly dragging Moriarty into situations; Moriarty is constantly wondering why he lets him do it.
  • Moriarty always gives Moran something for his birthday and for Christmas; Moran tries hard to give Moriarty gifts he’ll appreciate, but Moriarty is frustratingly stubborn about helping him out in that regard.
  • Moran teases Moriarty a lot. Moriarty puts up with it like he’s the mom friend or something.
  • And Moriarty is the mom friend, actually. “Have you gotten enough sleep? Wire me when you get there. Don’t do that; it’s bad for you.”
  • Moran insists that Moriarty doesn’t enjoy life as much as he ought to. Moriarty retorts that he enjoys life just fine. It’s an ongoing philosophical debate (between an extrovert and an introvert).
  • Moriarty does have one weapon against Moran: leprechaun tales. He will slip into his real Irish accent and bring up various encounters with the Little People that he’s actually heard, some from people whose honesty he trusts. Moran just stares at him and declares that he’s making these stories up. And no, he doesn’t want to hear any more, thank you!
Impression on Breath of the Wild Link
  • before E3 during the long waiting: ... what a precious cinnamon roll... he looks like he would be a gentle child like Sky Link...
  • after watching everything he can do by Nintendo Tree House: This is a rebellious little shit that is waken by mysterious voice to save Hyrule but he will scale through the snowy mountains naked, set forest on fire, threaten old man with weapons, mess with dangerous explosives and blow up shits, COOK.
Canon and AU-Canon Divergence Fics

Someone compiled this list of some of the great Clexa works of fiction and I wanted to share it with you all incase y’all haven’t read them yet. Some are really long but oh so good.
this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) - ofc this one

Pump mud through my veins - AU in which Clarke fell down from the sky by herself five years before the Ark comes crashing down.

Entwined - t’s been months since Clarke returned from Polis, a broken and shattered mess. Bellamy has been pining after her for some time, trying desperately to make amends, but she can’t bring herself to open her heart up to anybody else. One day, he tries a little too hard, causing her to push him away completely, running from her problems and straight into a pair of familiar green eyes. It can’t be. Can it?

Love remember me (sweetly and tenderly) - some loves live beyond the grave

Move on me - The first time Lexa meets Clarke those are not their names

Within Me An Invincible Summer - Clarke spends the winter resenting Lexa. But seasons change, and so do people.

Found love in Polis - Things are peaceful on the ground and Clarke’s mom and friends are going to visit her in Polis for a much needed break away from Arkadia. The only thing is they don’t know about her relationship with Lexa and she wants to let them know how much the brunette means to her.

high as a kite - Lexa gets injured and doesn’t react very well to the medication. Raven stands as witness to it all and Clarke just gets to deal with it.

I Am Heda - Clarke had expected to see many new and wonderful things on Earth. But nothing could’ve possibly prepared her for meeting the Heda of the Twelve Clans. A creature so powerful, so strange, so beautiful, that just the sight of her stole Clarke’s breath away.

Clarke of the Sky People - Clarke starts to realise that all roads lead to Polis… Or do they lead to Lexa?

Rebirthed Kings and Queens - When it’s over – when the sounds of guns and bombs and swords and spears have faded into the screams of their victims – they find themselves standing on the battlefield, breathing in the smoke and the vaporized blood and watching the sunlight filtering through the trees. Mount Weather has been cracked wide open, its prisoners released and its jailers made prisoner, and all that remains is for the victors to collect the spoils.

Strong in the broken places - Post 2x16. Clarke is still trying to reconcile slaughter and survival when she’s caught up in the middle of grounder civil war and taken for prisoner. And among her captors is the last person she wants to see.

It doesn’t have to be weakness - Post S2 Finale multi-chapter fic.

Human - Clarke is too late to warn Lexa and the other Commanders about the missile. This is the aftermath of 2x12

i’m breathing fire into dust (love’s a luxury, surviving’s a must) - clexa on their journey to Polis

Two into One - Lexa never accepted the Mountain Men’s alliance. Instead she fought side by side with Clarke and got injured. Clarke takes her to the healing pond to heal. A merger is discussed for the unity of the clans. What happens next?

Love on the Ground - Clarke comes to Polis to kill Lexa and stays because it’s the path of least resistance, or at least that’s what she tells herself.

The World Has No Right to My Heart - Lexa has been watching Clarke since the fall of the mountain and does everything in her power to convince her to come to Polis.

Up through the ashes I’ll raise - Two years after the mountain, Lexa is dying on a river bank.

What If - Just a fun little exercise to see what might happen if Lexa is stuck in a time loop, forced to relive the pauna day over and over again.

Adding some of the ones I like.
Banishment- OMG it’s so fuckin good I can’t put into words. This shit is so intense and brilliantly written. 

Holon- Anya is back from vacation and is tasked with finding Clarke post mount Weather. She’s also the number one Clexa stan.

Unbroken- My personal favorite. There’s a bunch of twists and turns but there’s that one twist which had me punching a wall and then cursing. Like bitch I didn’t see that shit coming and I still don’t fuckin know how I didn’t figure it out.

May You Remember- Lexa is a fuckin bandit post COL and only has three memories from her past life. She kicks ass and steals to give to the poor.

Add some of your favorite. I’m looking for some that I haven’t read yet.

@bxmbsxaway || Plotted Thing

     He hasn’t been able to get much sleep, not able to rest with his second among enemy territory. His nerves are a jumbled mess as he waits at the exchange point. He won’t be able to settle down until he lays his eyes on her. Knows she is safe and alive as promised. It feels like hours before Skaikru show up. Roan pushes the Sky boy forward a little, not taking his eyes off of Monroe as she walks towards him. The two captives meet in the middle, passing each other. He reaches out a hand to grip her shoulder once she’s in reach, eyes running up and down her before his gaze shifts to look at the Skaikru.  Yu ait? ” 

Infinite reactions : The pick up lines he uses on you

Sunggyu :  Do you have a band aid? Cause I scrapped my knees falling for you.

Woohyun :  Are you a vampire? Cause you looked a little thirsty when you looked at me.

Sungyeol : My friends bet I can’t talk to the prettiest girl. Wanna use their money to buy drinks?

Sungjong : (Take a photo of You) I want to show my mom what my next girlfriend looks like.

Dongwoo : Your smile lit up the room, so I just had to come over.

Hoya : You really shouldn’t wear makeup. You’re messing with perfection.  

Myungsoo : You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… is in love with me.

In the middle of a night.
Chara watches around the sky, and waits for someone to open the door.

Fanart for @underlineau

(by the way, I know I kinda messed up. I guess?)


Awwww!! This is precious! Poor little Chara! The shading looks good! And the line art is pretty nice as well! I like the way you’ve done the hair too! Thank you for the fanart!

* Tem!Frisk jumps out of a coin jar and shakes spare change out of one sleeve, and then love out of the other at you!