the sky is wonderful

random ass thought

there’s something really comforting in knowing that the video game industry is still as embarrassing and silly as it’s always been. I finished that 20 minute video about mass effect andromeda by crowbcat and for some reason, it just made me really happy.

people act like these mess ups are new, and I will admit that they can be very large mess ups(no man’s sky being a kinda recent example) but I wonder when everyone will realize that the video game industry in general is still very new in relation to other entertainment, and this shit is still going to happen a lot.

I think that’s why I find comfort in it. people have always been laughing at stuff like ME:A and other various major video games that fall on their faces. Stuff like E3 or the game awards have always had lots of stupid and embarrassing moments. don’t forget the awkward faces of these events like Todd Howard, Major Nelson or Geoff Keighley(random examples), who just kinda embody the faceless entity that is “video games”.

the video game industry is still a baby (or an annoying toddler), and even though video games themselves are always getting better and improving, there’s still so much about it that’s a huge joke.

it’s like watching your old high school get larger and improve after you graduate, but when you go back to visit it still has the same old dysfunctional staff and awkward-looking students you remember it having

(granted I haven’t been around for the 90s video game craze, but from what I can tell it’s still the same old video game industry)


You are beautiful, beautiful like the sky. You say you aren’t, though, you deny your beauty…you say you are imperfect. The sky is imperfect too, though, I tell you. The sky is full of stars that glitter beautifully, that fill the night sky with wonder. Stars aren’t like scars you tell me, but I refuse to believe that. I know you are beautiful, I know it with all my heart.

I was gazing at the stars each night, wondering who else is staring at the night sky. Every night is the same. 

She was gazing at the stars, wanting to touch them. All she ever wanted is for her wishes to be granted.

I looked at the wide city before me. She did the same. Our eyes locked.

All these nights I was wondering, she was just around the corner. I brought myself to know her, shy as I was. I was ready for anything. But I didn’t expect her tears. She cried on my chest, releasing the words she wanted to spill for a long time.

I listened. She talked. I assured her. She doubted. I hugged her. She resisted. I wiped her tears. She sobbed. I soothed her. She finally relented.

We talked for hours, staring at the night sky. We were both strangers. But we connected. I am just an average alchemist while she is the moon whom the wolf admired. Until now I am trying to reach her. Yes, I only see her at night but it was enough.



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