the sky is very clean

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Dear Tundra, What do you think of the other dragon species?

Oh, Tundra love all kind of dragon! So much difference and beauty, sometimes tundraheart feel as if it cannot bear it.

Faefriends remind tundra of butterfly, or of leaf! Sometimes both, for nature is vast and multifarious in its form. Faefriend make very good sound, nice sound, and faeclaws best for groom!

Imperifriends remind tundra of rivers, or of some kites tundra see when on holiday in Windswept Plateau! Imperifriend very long, very good for bathing in sun, and when tundra put ear to imperifriend chest, tundra swear it is like the ocean!

Guardfriends very noble of profile, very strong of jaw! Tundra is remind of ancient artifacts tundra see as a puffling. Guardfriend make very good bathtime friend — they come from Sea, after all!

Mirrorfriends are fierce friends! Very good at puzzles. More good at hide and-seek. Have many eyes for gazing! Mirrorfriends run very fast also, very good at for chase and race. And always have so many friends!

Pearlfriends very stately, very pretty of wing and scale! Have very shiny pearl. Tundra always want to touch pearl, because it is so pretty, but tundra have learned it is important to respect boundary of friend! Pearlfriends know many things of other dragon, always good for keeping up with news of friend both far and near.

Coatfriends always very warm! Sometimes in colour too. Tundra think of tasty fruit or beautiful flower. Tundra not always sure what coatfriend say, but tundra know what they say come from heart! And that is all that matter to tundra. Coatfriend make very good napping friend, for they are almost same size as tundra, and very warm!

Ridgefriends are very big dragon! Tundra sometimes like to perch on ridgenose, and see very far afield. Tundra have best friend that is ridgefriend! Very astute businessdragon. Tundra always glad ridgefriend
speak up, so tundra not miss a word!

Noodlefriends have such zoom and speed! Always on go. Very long too! Much talent in aerial acrobatics. Tundra can watch figure-eight procession forever! So good at decorating even tiniest part of lair too.

Snapfriends have so much story to tell! Very good for leaning on when storm blow also. Very good for company when walk also! Many snapfriend tundra know also excellent taste in salad. Many strawberry shared between friend.

Skyfriends so much like bird! Very glide across sky with noble purpose and very preen wing with purpose of clean. Elegant claw much good for backscratch! Also good for moving of chess piece.

Clawfriends also like bird tundra think, but much different bird! Bird of many leaps and runs! Tundra always much impress by clawfriend landspeed and clawfriend speed of hop. Tundra has on good authority that feather from clawfriend head writes best poetry.