the sky can be the most captivating thing

she is shining so bright
like the moon at night
eyes are twinkling
like the stars in the sky
her soul is a galaxy
where you can see the
darkness of space
undescribeable things
are hidden inside her mind
she was a lady who has
the most captivating smile
she was a diamond flower
who became wild
—  diamond flower // 8:46

Picture yourself on a train in a station, with plasticine porters with looking glass ties. Suddenly someone is there at the turn style, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes”

Infinite colours of lovers

Unwrapping beneath the covers

Little stars, an assortment galore

Hearts and diamonds, amass to adore

Through chaos I see an eye shine

Is it yours? Or could it be mine?

And although mine are now both squinting

It’s still possible to see they are glinting

My hands are now twisting and turning

Inside my imagination is burning

Look closer you can see inside

From you my thoughts I can’t hide

Unfolding shapes of passion and lust

Heart fighting to escape my full bust

I’m lost in the most pleasant dream

Where things are exactly as they seem