the skullman


i remember watching skullman solely because it had hikari no machi as an OP, and then becoming genuinely invested in the series and biting my fist because i loved hayato so fucking much

point being: i really wanna rewatch it, because it’s a cool fucking anime and it has the coolest OP ever as a bonus

I went to my very first MAGFest this year cosplaying Metal Man and I had an absolute blast at the Megaman photoshoot! And the icing on the cake was when Team Skull joined our photoshoot at the last second with Dr. Wily and Skull Man! Thank you for that, you’ve brought a big smile to my face. <3 



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Okay, you all knew it was only a matter of time before I show off some robot master action.  It’s Skullman from one of my favorites in the classic series, Megaman 4.  Robot masters also get backgrounds as special treatment :3.  I based it on my Metalman gif I did a few months back, where I animate the same poses as their NES game.  Plus he gets to show off his spooky Skull Barrier weapon.