the sketch looked better dont look at me

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

“I’ve missed you”

its been like 4982748923 years since i was drawing stuff, so yeah. I actually dont want to post my drawings because what i do most of the time for now is only for practice and i wanna improve, but i kinda like how this came out.

i am not sure if the outlines already look decent, and i wish my coloring skills where actually good so i am afraid to color it haha :’^)

ALSO i’ve drawn Sergeis new outfit for the first time :)))))

diary entry

Sigh. I was worried this would happen.

The last chapter of Home is going egregiously slow. I was planning on having 30 drawings done by now. I have exactly 7. I haven’t touched it in 2 weeks. The burden of 50 impending drawings is starting to weigh on me.

The last chapter is designed around the drawings, meaning that each picture is vital to wrapping up the story - I could cut some, but it would leave less of an impact. The major problem is that I was ready to graduate onto book!Home months ago, and now that I’ve started indulging in research/artwork, it’s hard to revert back to fic!Home. The longer I draw out fic!Home, the more it will hinder my progress with the novel.

Rest assured, fic!Home will be completed. I’m just not sure if I should stick to my original plan and force myself to paint into the New Year, or if I should revise things for an ending that’s good instead of really good.

Where Natalie tries to do a sexy hair flip and whips herself in the face with her own hair. Bonus judgemental satan. Characters belong to @orange-plum and the comic can be found at @thisiskindagross


It’s images like these that are part of the reason why most of the  time I dont like coloring my stuff. Sometimes they look better in their sketched or lineart(ed) form rather than in color (I also changed the woman’s jaw slightly and eye placement which is probably another reason it looks different to me…)…I probably could color them better if I practiced digital painting but that kind of thing has never been up my alley or of interest to be really honest…Usually I only color just to have the color scheme. Anywho these two “happy” people are my elezen’s (Ellerierre Arislaunde) parents. To the left is the goofy but smart clothes maker, and the right a professional lancer/dragoon in the Ishgardian military. Though for those who are wondering, Ellerierre’s hair, which is now black, is blonde but she changed it because the color clashed with her tan that she had gotten last year. =P


rip sans

Based on this video (x). Tell me this hasn’t happened at least once when it snowed heavily in Snowdin