the sketch always looks better

The hottest dad in Konoha

Scene from single dads au (universe that lives happily in my brain) where Iruka “adopts” Naruto a bit earlier and Kakashi is obligated to take Uchiha brat for a walk from time to time.

Oh, and bonus Kakashi, because obviously I had to

As you can see I’m trying to practice coloring, emphasis on trying


A sequel thanks to @cosmogonalley and those nice tags

However I am sorry for the crappy doodles in the end…


alright so i’m not too satisfied with this and the sketch looked so much better and similar to the original expressions but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

anyway here’s my attempt at a screencap redraw of my fave conspiracy theorists

anonymous asked:

um, hi! First, I'd like to say that your art is amazing, really. And I'd like to thank you for being so nice and helping us poor newbies with the tutorials and all, most artists have no patience for such things. Could you make a tutorial or link me to something about sketch-to-lineart process? My sketch always looks better than when I clean the lines up, quite inconvenient. Any tips on why the heck it happens? I also tried to go directly to painting instead of lineart, it didn't work. thanks! xx

thanks so much for the kind words! heres a quick explanation of how I line from a sketch.

After every step, I turn down the opacity and draw over it (for example I turn down the opacity of the skeleton sketch and draw a rough sketch over, then I delete the skeleton layer and turn down opacity of the rough sketch, this way its more clean and easier to see my lines)

I find lining quite tedious when you copy every exact line from your sketch so instead I do a very rough sketch. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it shouldn’t be a sketch that takes a lot of time, but enough for you to know where to draw. When I do line, I sort of experiment with how the line/feature should look.

Command/Ctrl + Z will become your best friend

(so will the eraser tool)

When you draw long strokes, flick with your wrist a little bit. Move with your whole arm if you need to (usually when youre zoomed in). (I don’t like to line when I’m zoomed in to my sketch because then I’d need to make even longer strokes which is a bigger risk of a shaky line)

I tried making a video on how I line but my laptop couldn’t take it, sorry :(

Try this youtube video: it’s pretty much how I do it except I skip the second step, once I have the ‘basic’ sketch I just go straight into lining. Unlike this video, I recommend turning down opacity before you start lining because it makes it so much easier for you to see what your line art looks like.

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2 & 7

2: Who is your favorite character to draw?

A: Dio. He’s one of them anyway. Idk i just really like the idea of a fab guy that’s evil and buff . Also he makes me mad but im talking about looks ok

7: Do you prefer Sketching, outlining , or coloring?

A: tbh i really prefer sketching BC it’s messy but it always looks better than my outline. Also i like coloring . Blending is fun ok