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Zootopia Story: The Moment

It’s been about a year since the events of Zootopia.  Judy and Nick are ears-deep in a grueling case.  At wits end, they discover that support is closer than they think.

A short story about the unexpected moment when everything shifts, and friendship deepens into something beyond.

“More tea, Carrots?”

Judy took a deep breath and brought a paw up to her face.  Pinching the bridge of her nose, she pressed her small claws into the corners of her eyes.  It felt good. She’d been staring at the papers strewn out on the table in front of her for what felt like an eternity.  Even with her eyes closed, she could still see them. “Yes, please,” she said after a moment, reaching out with her other paw towards the sound of the voice. As she felt a mug press into her palm she opened her eyes.  Nick stood before her, a little smile curling up one side of his muzzle. “Cheers,” he said, clanking the edge of his mug lightly against hers.  The strong scent of the blueberry tea he preferred briefly filled the air as he turned theatrically and strode over to the other side of the conference room they’d commandeered.  

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