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"Definitely not a hobby" Its a Lifestyle........

LOVE: Having a love for something can shortly fade away But in lifestyles you do it till it kills you, It becomes apart of you and who you are often times people underestimate the power of passion and needing to be respected or having a place to belong your space, a secure feeling that strong bound.

Respect The Wood story By The Sk8 Doctor

Some people roller skate for fun and pleasure or just a chances to get out with friends or family, To do something on the weekend a celebration or perhapes a kids birthday party. In all roller skating is a wonderful way to execirse and stay fit but for many of us its much more. You properly wont be able to pronounce their names and know why they have them. This Lifestyle of skating is far from the once in awhile outing you and your friends may in bark on this is a culture where people have this increable talent to skate on 8 wheels some only use 2 but the thing you see us do well take your breath away and can hurt you if you tried them alone. (Respect The Wood) thats why its not hard for this wood stars. most of them having raised in roller rink so its a natural gift they have. You cant understand how someone could have that much control, balance and consentration to pull of the moves and style that these people create to a rythem of a beat. Style Skating is a more than a hobby its a passion for a drugs its a habbit, and when it hooks you, your not going to shack it off. This is a true love between the soul of your feet and the beat of your heart, You can not live with out it. This love takes place on the wood (Meet Me on The Wood) this relationship starts when your wheels meet the wood and connect like a piece to a puzzle. You can not stand in the way of this forces that draws the perfect picture. Only a pure soul that is open can master these styles you have to put fear in its place to not enter inside you. Falling is far from your thoughts only the motion of the people is what you see the sounds from the music that can be felt in your heart a the glide in your stride can feel you up with this high that generate sweat that flows like a river its roller skating a hearts joy the pleasure tearsure that we seek to be unique and understood.

Skates + wood + music = Me!  There is potency here and more to explore in this world of roller skating the clubs, groups there skates, limited edition skates, skate music, art, skate names the party at midnight meaning behind the party theme name, skating styles from city to state its a culture inside and outside the rink that is protected by its lifestyle and community. Rentals are not permitted but welcome but  it must be earn. This is a very expensive lifestyle, skaters pay thousand of dollars to wear the right skates  customize there skates and to skate a rinks as well travel to skate events all over the USA and world.

This what we do!

Skate Life is a lifestyle we belong to is coast to coast SK8FAM come together from miles apart to reunite on a weekly, monlty & yearly events, terms like “I would but is my skate night” is taken very serious to the way we feel about skating. Nothing gets  in the way of my skate night, this is understood by a skaters family love ones and those out side of the skate community.  Sk8 City is  what every city your from your skate style is what you represent when your out on the floor if its just yourself thats what you do, its your swag. We skate so many ways there are many style in skating some folks from different parts of Ohio call it Striding in Cleveland its the Shelve, you got Detroit Slide, Snapping in Baltimore in Chicago they call there style  JB after James Brown its a real funky style and you have to really be flexible  to do it. DC got  thier  own style called Slow walking, Philly got a Fast Backwards skate and so much more that what Sk8 City is all about showing of your style while represent where you are from we take this very serious and the music must fit the style of skating there do so Skate Music & Skate Dj’s conduct and asent the night on the wood aka the floor not any kind of DJ can engineer  a skate session you got to have the right flow and pitch for the music to play for real skaters who love to Trio and Trans skate. which is notice world wide as a favorite for skaters across the globe. this story has so many verbal to it the life of a skaters not like any other we come from all walks of life creed and color. I never knew one of my fellow skaters was a lawyer for over 15 years we never talked about work it was always the wood. We can talk for hours about how skating, so its not hard to let that part of a conversation get away.  Skate life its not a hobby, Its our lifestyle.

to be continued……..  

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The Sk8 Doctor

Part #2 Skate Life: By The Sk8 Doctor

Skating is my lifestyle this is not a hobby. This is real work and dedication.

Balance and concentration is what divided us from being average from others plus a whole lot of soul……. 

This is second nature for us you got to be born to skate practice practice makes perfect but for true style skaters its in the D.N.A. its a way of life for skaters we love our skates family we don’t ask for much just a good clean floor and some great music. Skating is my life I started skating in my moms basement Detroit wheels was the rink I first started roller skating in a Northland was like the mecca for me cause it was such a big rink and all those who had skills went to the land its always been a battle over who the best from the east or the west of Detroit in the old days it was the older skaters who skated at the Arcadia (downtown) which had burn down along time ago arena skate rink on the west  side guys 

Rockin Ronnie, Bill Butler, Frenado, Lil B, Russel Minks, Charles Haywood these guys past there skills on so many to make up the kings of skating in Detroit. All of us have a story like this from New York to South of London you got great tales about the legion  of the rinks who just skate off pure talent like sports these guys are the history of style skating dance skating with soul. The music back then was in tone to the people we make skate music now so we can do so much more on 8 wheels. This lifestyle is so real for us we can talk about roller skating all night. I seen people roller skate on 2 wheels and even sometimes one, thats not practice thats a skill it would take you years to dance on one wheel, let along 8. The style that have come up from state to state are crazy I can’t  put no other word on it to explain what you see us do sometimes its just like poetry in motion.

This a very sick love affair  that I have with my skates I have 20 pair of custom roller skates I made them all from Marui Alligator shoes to Michael Jordan’s on skates I love the match up my skate tee shirts with my skates or dress up with them I don’t play when its my skate night this thing of skating very strong with us I know skaters that are 80 years old still coming out and could skate circle around anybody. This is the life of skaters, we roll to the wheels fall off, Skate life is motivation I love to skate I don’t know what else I would do if I did not skate. There to many roll rink in the U.S. That are own by people who don’t skate or really share the same feeling about the wood, So its hard for us to get or music played our style respected and more we need more people who are in to skating and not just the money. There is a lot of money to be made in skating if the owner would get into it. But dollars don’t make sense and skaters don’t  either so we have this battle with the rinks to get our voice herd. So as you can see skating has its dark side to it. There are many stories like this all over the country. I don’t understand why people don’t invest in rinks any more most of the rinks are poorly ran and don’t keep them clean for the true skaters kids rule everything. Kids don’t care about how the floor is there just there for fun and fun only a meeting with classmates and friends, where we as style skaters want a good clean floor well maintain and keep up. We take care of our skates and pay a great deal of money for them  like $700 to sometimes a $1200.00 dollars so why not keep the floor nice and neat. These question and more never get answers or talk about because we don’t won’t to loose the one adult session we have with the owner so its a battle that will never be won so we put together our own party but the floor is still and issue  most of will clean it our self were some won’t thats the day struggle we go through to be the best we can be on the wood

to be continued….


October has been National Roller Skating Month since President Reagan declared it in 1983. During the month of October individuals, instructors and rink members of the (RSA) remind families that safe fitness and fun activities are right around the corner at the local roller skating center. So Go out and Skate today……..